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The 86th issue of the Darklands Gazette!!!!

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Author Topic: The 86th issue of the Darklands Gazette!!!!  (Read 27 times)
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« on: September 18, 2011, 09:11:21 pm »

The 86th issue of the Darklands Gazette!!!!
The Darklands Gazette. The Darklands just got a lot darker, and is becoming bigger.
Welcome to our 86th  issue! We hope you enjoy this issue just like the last issues we’ve had. We have many great things for this week as we always do and we would like to thank all our readers for their support. - The Darklands Gazette news team


Our planet Earth by the Darklands Gazette staff
Have any good ideas on how to help the environment that hasn’t been mentioned before? We’d love to hear it! Just post it here or PM it to us.

Art Spotlight sign-ups by TurqoiseAngel
Hello everyone, we have a new spotlight category now, for art. There are probably many of you that would like to see your art featured in the Gazette. All you have to do is send me a PM that has direct links to your art or post the links on this thread and it will be posted in one of the Gazette’s weekly issues. Note that it must be appropriate and the art must have been created by you.

Writer’s Spotlight by Turquoiseangel
I’ve decided to feature another of Alice’s stories, I hope you enjoy!
Performing Dreams Chapter One
AN: And thus we continue on with this newest project of mine! I got to say after scribbling down that prologue I’ve fallen deeply in love with this story!!! *cheers* I honestly didn’t think I would love them as much as I do xD I can’t wait to get more involved with these characters and the plot that surrounds them!
I want to eventually have more depth to this story and its chapters but for now, I just want to make sure I get my ideas across. Someday soon I’ll work on all my edits for my stories but for now, let’s not just linger around! Without further adieu, the next installment!!! Enjoy!
*Chapter One*
Carnivalia rested on the island of Cremly, the land nestled within the Accualian Sea just off the shores of Lastelle in the kingdom of Bartors. Travelers used vessels as well as the Starlit Bridge to make their way to the island and enjoy the everlasting party that commenced at Carnivalia.
The island was constantly filled to the brim with guests starved for the entertainment that was granted to them by the performers within Cremly. There was something new breaking the surface nearly every week there; some of the most famous performers making their start within the rainbow tents towering upon the land.
And when the sun was high in the sky, those same performers were working their hardest to practice the acts that pleased so many guests.
“I finally made it!” Autumn Corson exclaimed, the autumn-colored curls fallen over her shoulders as she placed her suitcase down on the cobblestone path leading up to the Starlit Bridge. It took her a long time to convince her parents of this trip; however, the line she uttered about wishing to make her late uncle proud by making it as an act in Carnivalia was just the ticket she needed to start her journey. Now there she was, standing at the crossing towards greatness; all it took was a few more glorious steps forward. “Uncle Daniel; I’m here to prove I can make it! Just you wait and see; I’m going to make you proud to have me as a niece. I’m going to live out yours and my dream!”
Autumn blushed as she realized she was speaking out loud, a few passersby shifting uncomfortably as they gave her strange looks. The trim girl kicked at the stone beneath her feet as she fidgeted shyly in place, allowing the others to leave her vicinity before she stepped onto the bridge with one step. She paused and glanced at the railings in awe, the water below so clear and beautiful; it was truly like a dream.
“Uncle was so lucky to see this amazing sight every day,” Autumn whispered as she moved away from the railing, stumbling over her own feet as she fell backwards. She let out a gasp and prepared for impact, though she found herself in someone’s grasps. “Huh?”
Through panicked eyes, Autumn gazed up at her rescuer and let out a small gasp once more. The man looked quite annoyed at the girl and her shenanigans but he caught her in his arms all the same. His pale skin seemed to glow as he stood there, his silvery-blond hair grown long and tied into a braid which fell at his back. He was rather tall and not in any way scrawny, though he looked too elegant to be one of those rugged types. His surprisingly amethyst eyes glanced down into the girl’s teal orbs; his voice somewhat deep and causing a shiver down Autumn’s spine.
“You all right?” The man asked, though he didn’t seem too concerned about Autumn. If anything, he looked more annoyed than ever that he was wasting his precious time rescuing the damsel from her fall.
“O-Oh, yes!” Autumn cried out as she panicked once more, trying to spin out of the man’s grasps and only finding herself sprawled on the ground below while the man gawked at her attempts of escape. “Owwie…”
“You idiot, I caught you specifically so that your little self wouldn’t end up on the ground and you just toss away my kindness,” the man grumbled, a frown evident on his lips as he turned heel towards Carnivalia. “Whatever, see if I help you next time.”
The auburn-haired girl whimpered as she plucked herself from the ground, her eyes flowing her rescuer in interest while she steadied herself onto her feet. Though she found his attitude quite distasteful, she was pleased with his attempts at keeping her from taking a fall.
“Hey, one moment,” Autumn called out to the man as she charged after him, the annoyed look returning to his face as he turned to face her once more. “I didn’t get to thank you yet! Wait for me!”
There seemed to be a low growl forming in the man’s throat yet he remained in his place, allowing Autumn to skip up to his side and take a slight bow. The girl smiled up to him as she began to speak to him, the man allowing her to make peace.
“Thank you very much, sir,” Autumn expressed with a warm smile. “You really helped me in a bind and I appreciate it fully.”
“It wasn’t anything special; no thanks needed,” the man mumbled, a look of shock painted on his face as he glanced down to a certain shiny accessory chained around the girl’s neck. His amethyst eyes locked onto the silver ring in question, Autumn noticing the stare and quickly reaching up to her neck to take the ring in her grasps. “Where did you get that ring?”
“It was my uncle’s,” Autumn retorted as she clasped the ring tightly in hand. “Well, I just wanted to say thank you again for your help. If you excuse me…”
Feeling the man’s uncomfortable stare on her back, Autumn lifted her suitcase up and dashed over the Starlit bridge towards Cremly; her thoughts of becoming a performer plagued by the man’s attention to the ring. If only she knew his name; however, she wasn’t willing to come to a halt and ask the man. She was much too wary for that…
The man stood alone on the bridge in question, his eyes remaining locked on the slender figure dwindling off in the distance. His hands were clutched into fists at his sides as he mumbled to himself, preparing for his next move.
“So she’s Daniel’s niece?” The man questioned with a smirk. “Interesting; she was not what I expected at all. But what’s she doing here with the ring? This is going to cause me some problems.”
Taking a step forward, the man began to follow after the girl towards Cremly; he had to protect that ring no matter what.
Autumn took strides down the stadium seating, her eyes sparkling like jewels as she watched the acrobats practice under the big top. She slid her suitcase down underneath her seat before plopping down and watching the performance in awe.
The ten acrobats moved and danced with such brilliance, two trapeze artists flying through the air flawlessly. Their efforts made the act look easy and smooth; Autumn wishing she could someday do something as spectacular as that in front of an audience.
“Excuse me; but are you supposed to be here?”
Autumn tensed at the deep voice sounding behind her, the girl glanced back at a rugged man standing behind her. His glare was intense on the girl as she squeaked in surprise, Autumn leaping to her feet as she bowed.
“I’m sorry; I was just trying to see where I would go to try out for the Carnivalia,” Autumn explained to the man, continuing to babble apologies as she bowed. “I shouldn’t have snuck into the tent like this; if you could just tell me where I would go, I’ll go ahead there.”
“Try out?” The man chuckled as he questioned the girl. “What do you mean? You’re here to try out; are you really serious? We don’t just allow anyone to try out for Carnivalia. You should go on home to your parents, little one.”
The auburn-haired girl gasped at the man’s reply, nearly stumbling backwards in shock. She should have known that things wouldn’t be as simple as stepping into Cremly and being accepted amongst the ranks; however, for some reason Autumn truly believed that her confidence would make the impossible possible.
“But-but I have come all this way from Frayos; I’m sure that you all won’t be disappointed so please tell me where I have to go,” Autumn urged on, desperate to get herself a step in the door. “Please, this is my dream; it’s my uncle’s dream!”
“I don’t care who’s dream it is, you can’t just co-,” the brawny man went silent as he caught a glimpse of the ring hanging around the girl’s neck, his chocolate brown locks falling over his crystal blue eyes as he stood there in shock. He recognized that ring anywhere; it belonged to the late Daniel Corson. Her uncle; this young girl was the niece of Daniel Corson. “Wait a minute; are you Autumn Corson?”
Autumn blinked at her name being spoken, her teal orbs staring at the shabby man before her. There was something about this tanned-skin man that screamed familiarity in her mind; yet, she was not sure where she had seen him before.
“I am,” Autumn stated, the man suddenly perking up as he smiled at the girl. “Have we met before?”
“The last time I saw you, you were a tiny little thing no bigger than a shrubbery,” the man’s laughter seemed to boom as he spoke. “Daniel was rather fond of you; he often spoke about his time back in Frayos with his precious little niece and helping you train to be able to join the Carnivalia.”
“We’ve met then?” Autumn asked again, trying to place a name with the face.
“Heh, it has been quite a while so I’m not surprised you don’t remember me,” the man said as he placed his large hand on the girl’s head, ruffling her auburn curls as she giggled. “My name’s Lincoln; I’m one of the performers here at Carnivalia. I also helped your uncle with his creatures.”
“Lincoln?” Autumn repeated with a smile forming at her lips. “I remember you; you were always with my uncle when I came here to see the performances. You were one of the acrobats?”
“I’m a little bit of a free spirit,” Lincoln explained with a smile; he was pleased to be remembered. “I often changed up my abilities for different acts; I enjoy learning new things and testing my limits around the clock.”
Autumn was impressed with the man’s words, smiling warmly as she recalled being a young girl here at Carnivalia. Daniel and Lincoln would often fawn over the small child as she attempted to take on the role of tamer. The girl would always be so pleased when the creature would do as she commanded, which caused Daniel and Lincoln to toss her in the air in celebration of her efforts.
That was so long ago and yet Lincoln hardly seemed to change at all; he was a little rough on his features from the wear and tear of the job but for the most part he was still the same strong figure from Autumn’s past.
“So, you actually came here to join the ranks of the Carnivalia cast?” Lincoln’s question broke the girl from her thoughts; Autumn gazing up at him as she nodded. “You do realize that even if you are a legacy, you can’t just walk in here and decide to join. There’s a long process to getting out there in front of an audience; you haven’t even had an audition yet.”
“I know that it’s not going to be easy,” Autumn admitted. “However, I’m not going to give up at the first road-block; I’m here to follow my dream and I’m going to do whatever it takes.”
“I commend you on your efforts,” Lincoln expressed with a smile; the man patting the girl’s shoulder as he continued. “So, what’s your talent you’ll want to share with the Carnivalia? What type of a performer are you? What act would you like to be a part of? I want to know everything.”
When Lincoln was met with only silence and a hesitant smile from the girl across from him, the rugged man suddenly became uncertain and studied the girl’s eyes. Despite the confidence she displayed, Autumn’s eyes were dubious as well; Lincoln understood what had occurred.
“You came here without even thinking about talent or performances, didn’t you?” Lincoln asked in a sullen tone.
“I didn’t really forget; it was more of I thought I would be able to display some little techniques and then be accepted in some sort of training program or something like that,” Autumn explained. “Was I wrong?”
“Absolutely,” Lincoln said with a groan. “Autumn, my dear, I trust you realize how strong our talents are with Carnivalia; some of these performers have been working for nearly fifty years in the trade. Amateurs, though we encourage their stride for excellence, aren’t welcomed out amongst our stages. It’s nothing personal; they even feature some nights where they bring out youth and amateurs to dance around with the performers here. However, Carnivalia is built on perfection; you need to work on your trade before you can audition.”
Autumn felt her heart sink ever so slightly at the man’s words, disheartened with the news of her future with Carnivalia ending before it even began. She had nothing of worth to show off to the leaders of Carnivalia; all she had was her dream and her clever words. She had minimal acrobatic skills; what in the world could she possibly do?
“Maybe I could interview for a job and work my way into the show?” Autumn whispered, her teal eyes gazing at Lincoln desperate for a small glimmer of hope.
Lincoln blinked at the question, easing himself down into one of the chairs in the stands. Autumn also retreated into one of the seats, placing her suitcase down once more. The tanned man fidgeted in place as he thought over the request; it was really not for him to say if anyone would hire her for any job on Cremly. However, there was always the possibility that she could offer some form of skill that was needed. Maybe, just maybe, there was a place for the auburn-haired girl amongst them.
“I tell you what; I’ll see if I can get you an interview with the boss,” Lincoln suggested with a smirk. “For the meantime, where are you staying?”
“Staying?” Autumn blinked at the question, another hesitant smile forming on her lips. “I haven’t really thought about that yet.”
Lincoln gawked at the girl before letting out an exasperated sigh, holding out his hand to the girl in question.
“You’re exactly like your uncle; you rush into things before fully grasping all that is entailed,” Lincoln mumbled. “Come on kiddo; you’re going to be staying with me. I’ll let the boss know you’re here; but first, let’s go home.”
Autumn did not have a chance to argue before Lincoln had taken her hand and dragged her out of the big top towards the houses lining the beach beyond Carnivalia in Cremly. Lincoln’s home was positioned at the farthest end of the beach, his land rather large considering his stables lined within its yard. The girl smiled slightly at this; realizing that this also used to be the home of her uncle.
“Make yourself at home, kiddo,” Lincoln addressed, leading the girl up the path to his home and pulling her inside. Autumn was impressed with how warm and inviting the house was; the colors there were bright and the furniture looked so comfortable. Artwork hung along the walls that weren’t replaced with bookshelves filled to the brim with literature. It seemed quite sophisticated for a performer who was living on his own. “How do you like it? This was your uncle and my bachelor pad.”
“It’s quite the space for just you,” Autumn said with a smile. “I like it very much.”
“That’s good to know,” Lincoln smirked at the girl’s comment. “There’s a guest room for yourself towards the back. There’s a great view of the ocean from your new room.”
“Really?” She exclaimed; the auburn-haired girl nearly jumped out of her skin with excitement at the news. Autumn bolted past Lincoln down the hallway until she came to a room towards the back of the house. She let out a gasp as she skidded to a stop at the door, her eyes glowing as she observed the contents of the room.
It had the necessary furniture needed for a young girl; it had a bed, a walk-in closet, a vanity, a dresser and room for the necessary provisions. There were two windows and a door on the opposite wall, leading out to a balcony that looked out beyond the ocean. Autumn felt her heart skip a beat at her new home, skipping out onto the balcony and taking in a whiff of the salty sea air.
“This is amazing,” Autumn expressed; leaning against the railing while Lincoln strolled into her room with a smile. “I love this place! Thank you so much for letting me stay here.”
“It’s the least I could do,” Lincoln said simply. “You’re the niece to my best friend; you’re practically family to me. I’m honored to have you staying here with us.”
The two of them smiled between each other and lingered in the moment for a good while, the two of them finally breaking from their thoughts as a knock could be heard from the front door. Lincoln looked behind him with a questionable stare before stepped down the hall and towards the door, opening it up to a familiar figure.
Autumn nearly gasped at the amethyst eyes gazing past Lincoln over towards her, the silver-haired man standing in the doorway with a smirk painted on his face. Lincoln seemed to have a shocked look on his face, though he addressed the man with familiarity.
“Pry, you’re here and not within the confines of Bartors’ highest prison; though to be honest I’m not all that shocked,” Lincoln said with a sigh. “You’re even in that human form of yours that you despise so much; mind telling me what you’re doing here?”
Autumn blinked at the man’s name; she knew she heard it somewhere before. She listened carefully to Lincoln’s words and tensed at the mention of a human form. Was this man…a beast?
“I came across a girl on my way through here and she happens to have the ring I had in my possession after the storm,” Pry answered. “I’ve come here to get that into my possession; unfortunately it’s been accepted by a little kid related to the old man.”
“You mean Autumn?” Lincoln asked, glancing back towards the guest room. Autumn’s eyes were wide with confusion as he let out a sigh, waving her over to them. “Come over here, please…”
Autumn gulped and stepped forward, her eyes remaining latched on the newcomer. She was puzzled as to where she had heard the name Pry before; she knew he had something to do with her uncle but who was this man.
“Um-I-I don’t understand what’s going on,” Autumn stuttered while the men chuckled beside her. “Who are you?”
“Autumn, you’re witness to one of the greatest creatures in our entire world,” Lincoln explained, placing a hand on her shoulder as he nodded towards the newcomer. “Autumn, this is Pry; he is the one who saved the ring from the storm that night your uncle disappeared.”
“He did?” Autumn blinked at the older man’s words. “How is that possible? They told me that the one who saved the ring was a uni-unic-.”
“I see you’re already starting to figure it out,” Pry sneered at the girl’s shocked expression painted across her face. “I’m Pry and I’m a unicorn.”
*Chapter One End*

Mobile Suit of the Week by SFreedom
9/12/11RX-78-2 Gundam
This Mobile suit(or MS for short) is the very first Gundam to start the franchise in the 43 episodes anime which aired in 1979.The weapons on this legendary Gundam are

60mm Vulcan Cannon-The Vulcan cannons were 60mm chain guns stored on the sides of the Gundam's head. Having the greatest rate of fire of all the Gundam's weapons these are primarily used to ward off advancing enemies, shoot down missiles, or hit other fast moving targets.

Beam Rifle-A revolutionary weapon for its time, the Beam Rifle is the primary weapon used by the Gundam. Making use of the Federations E-cap (or "energy capacitor") technology, the rifle uses charged concentrations of mega-particles as ammunition.

Beam Saber-The Gundam is the first ever mobile suit in it's time to use a beam-oriented weapon in melee
combat. The sabers are stored on the backpack, and can be optionally combined to form the Gundam Javelin, a large pole with a three pronged beam at the end.

Gundam Hammer-A rather unusual weapon, the Gundam Hammer was essentially a large spiked ball attached to a chain. It was used to give the Gundam a ranged melee weapon.

Hyper Bazooka-large rocket launcher it could fire several 380mm missiles to attack targets at long range. While very powerful the Hyper Bazooka had a slow rate of fire and fairly little of ammunition.

This mobile suit also had
Core Block System-
The initial idea of the Core Fighter was as a form of escape if the Gundam were to be destroyed, allowing the irreplaceable data collected by the learning computer and the pilot to escape from a replaceable machine. Another idea was that the Core Fighter could be launched into the field as a support fighter, and the A and B blocks could be delivered by another vehicle if needed for a mid-air conversion into a mobile suit.

Learning computer system-A critical component of the Gundam's success in combat, the Learning Computer System was similar to a modern day black box. It recorded the data from each of the Gundam's battles for further use.

Re-entry coolant system-
The re-entry system is used for only emergencies when the Gundam is falling to Earth and has no chance of reaching its carrier. The coolant system acts as a large heat-resistant film which lowers the Gundam's temperature when descending to Earth.

Remember... these are just for fun! Don't take any horoscope seriously unless the reading was made 100% for you and only you! *please stay tuned for the next set of horoscopes *

Advice column by VivaAlecto
Need some help or advice on a problem you have and don’t know who to turn to? Just post your problem here or if you prefer you can send it by PM to VivaAlecto. She will post her response in the following issue of the Gazette or PM you back.

Item Spotlight by TurqoiseAngel
This week we’ll be featuring the Stone Sword of the Undead! This Ultra rare level 23 melee weapon is dropped by Oil Ogres, if you are looking for this sword, don’t give up if you don’t get it after a while, one of the ogres should drop it sooner or later.

The story of the Fusion Fighters- A Fusionfall fan-fiction by razorfang
*Sorry guys but I'm having tech problems so I can't make the next issue. I know you guys are dying to know what happens but don't worry I'll try hard to get it out by the next issue. And it will be long!*

GKND Sign-up by TurqoiseAngel
The GKND is still up and going, but we would like some more members to join us to do fun things in Fusion Fall. We explore areas, go on missions, and make friends in our group. To Sign up, just leave your IGN, your level and what numbuh you’d like to be. Check the last page to see if the numbuh you want is still available. Here’s the link to our thread: http://greenmaw.com/forums/thread.php?threadID=33&page=5
We also have a separate website:

Riddles: Last week’s riddle was answered correctly by skilletfan and Mr. Dubstep!
This week’s riddle: Why are Dalmatians so bad at hide and seek?

Question of the week by the Darklands Gazette team
Q of the week: Who is your favorite nano so far?

What do you like best about the new update? By TurqoiseAngel
TOM at City Station-4
Van Kleiss nano-4
Wrath nano-2
TOM armor being sold-2

Thank you for reading this week’s issue of the Darklands Gazette!! The Forum name of whoever got it right first in all four websites will be posted next week.
Any questions and comments can be left here, you can reach us at our website, or you can PM us here. Thank You! Website link: http://darklandsgazette.yolasite.com/

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"C'est décidée, je m'en vais. J'ai laissé mon enfance en été. Perdue dans l'hiver.  Le froid est pour moi le prix de la liberté. Quand on prend de la hauteur tout semble insignifiant. La tristesse, l'angoisse et la peur m'ont quittée depuis longtemps."

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Because there always spotted?
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« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2011, 08:43:27 pm »

Yes, you're right Mega. ^^
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Haven't read the Gazette's 101st issue?

"C'est décidée, je m'en vais. J'ai laissé mon enfance en été. Perdue dans l'hiver.  Le froid est pour moi le prix de la liberté. Quand on prend de la hauteur tout semble insignifiant. La tristesse, l'angoisse et la peur m'ont quittée depuis longtemps."
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« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2011, 09:00:28 am »

Lol, I know I promised the new chapters of Cyber Paradise and Misfit Players last week; something came up and I didn't finish it until today Tongue Working on edits, CP will be up first. I'll probably hold off on MP until tomorrow or Friday ^_^
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« Reply #5 on: September 24, 2011, 12:36:31 am »

Cool, I'll try to read it tomorrow. Smiley
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Haven't read the Gazette's 101st issue?

"C'est décidée, je m'en vais. J'ai laissé mon enfance en été. Perdue dans l'hiver.  Le froid est pour moi le prix de la liberté. Quand on prend de la hauteur tout semble insignifiant. La tristesse, l'angoisse et la peur m'ont quittée depuis longtemps."
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