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Fusion Mayhem!

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Author Topic: Fusion Mayhem!  (Read 3355 times)
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« Reply #375 on: March 17, 2015, 04:23:07 pm »

Fusion Mayhem
Chapter 3 "Street Dreams"
Scene 1

-Steel Kold Bruce, as is his name apparently, sits in a chair, restrained and bound by ropes made out of some metallic alloy, the only thing possibly capable of holding Bruce captive. On his cell, he arches his head down because he is knocked out cold, courtesy of Shawna's energy leaching trick.-

-Alshary Sharpshoot watches him from the other side of the glass, his face pressed against it. He's frowning because Bruce has, not once, but twice now easily dispatched him with no effort at all. -

Sharpshoot: What the heck makes you so much better than me anyway? You don't even have a weapon -he mutters to himself-

Bruce is still out cold though.

-Sparklebird stands behind Sharpshoot, who is more worried about what Soapy, Alice, and Shawna will come across in the meeting-.

Sparklebird: You buffoon! Forget about him already! Think about our friends instead! They could be in trouble!

-Sharpshoot turned back around to look at Sparklebird. She was referring, of course, to Alice, Soapy, and Shawna. The 3 of them undercover, in one of those "Fusion PTSA meetings". Sharpshoot's childlike way of thinking kept him mostly focused on Steel Kold Bruce, however.-

Sharpshoot (muttering): I'll get you the third time you see, third times the charm.  -he presses his face against the window-

-Sparklebird is visibly irritated, and surrounds her left fist with turquoise. She slams the back of Sharpshoot's head and he screams in pain. An anime style bump appears on his head, sprouting from the exact spot struck by Sparklebird.-

Sharpshoot: Owww! What'd I do now?

Sparklebird: Have you been listening to anything I've been saying? Seriously?

Sharpshoot's look is dumbfounded.

Sharpshoot: huaah? Oh, nope. Not at all!

Sparklebird: Our friends!

Sharpshoot: eh, your friends. I haven't known them for very long technically.

-The look on Sparklebird's face receives even more rage-

Sparklebird: Now is not the time to be funny! Why aren't you worried?

Sharpshoot: Have you seen how strong that Alice lady is? She can totally kick everyone's butt!

Sparklebird: True, I guess...but I still worry. What if they just have someone stronger?

Tito: You're talking as if she were going to a gladiator fight, when she's just going to some town meeting, dumb kid.

Tony: Tito, be nicer! But I'm sure that they'll be fine Zoey. Shawna is there. She can detect any funny business.

Sharpshoot: Shawna is that robust lady right?

Sparklebird: Robust? You pervert, you're not supposed to ogle women!

Sharpshoot: goggle? what? Hey ow-

-Sparklebird attacked Sharpshoot, leaving him with yet another bump on his head, atop of the old-

Sharpshoot: Owww

Tito: If I were you kid, I'd look for a different honey.

Sparklebird: Shut up Tito!

Tito: Oh yeah? What if I don't? You gonna throw some cheap jewelry at me?

-A spark appears in Sparklebird and she comically creates a giant hammer made from turquoise. She slams it down on Tito, twice. It then breaks, leaving Tito face down-

Tito: Owww...

Tony: Eh, I better not say anything.

Sharpshoot: That was so cool! You made a gigantic hammer! Can you do it again? Please? Please?

Sparklebird (blushing): Okay...

-Sabat watched this from the corner, amused at the situation. His mind did longer on Alice, Soapy, Shawna, and the mission, however...-

-We now turn to Downtown Big City, a more... sinister looking alleyway. Alice, Soapy, and Shawna walked casually, ignoring any sights that might be on them. Apart from Soapy and Shawna's overly eccentric getups, Alice stood out the less. She wore a simple outfit that consisted of ocean blue jeans and a tight shirt with horizontal pink stripes that exposed some of her impressively toned abdomen. Kind of an unusual thing for Alice to wear, yes, but that was the point.-

-On the other hand we have Soapy, who is dressed in a designer jacket with a cammo pattern and so ripped punk jeans. He also rocked a green Mohawk over his bald cap. Talk about overkill.-

-Then Shawna...Shawna just looked like a hippie to be honest. She wore a long pink and red dress with random flower patterns that showed off none of her curvy figure, and then  her eccentric rainbow wig made her look like a parakeet. To top it off, she wore the most ridiculous purple shades imaginable.-
-Soapy, who stood behind Alice, simply observed her lower back, exposed by her shirt. Her jeans were tight as well obviously.-

Soapy: you know Alice, that outfit of yours is very distracting.

Alice: Yeah, I'm wearing the distracting get up.

Shawna: you mind telling me why you're pitching a tent?

Soapy; what are you implying?

Alice: Nevermind that. We're here. Shut it.

-Alice and her comrades casually strut into the meeting room, closing the door behind them.-

       -Scene 1 End-

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