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August 12, 2022, 12:24:55 pm
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1  General Boards / RP's / Re: Star Wars The Old Republic RP on: August 09, 2022, 01:59:36 pm
/Daxter shook a head, placing a hand on Kovu's shoulder/

/Daxter/: We'll get the bags to her room. You two go and see Asa. We'll be by after to escort you back ok?

/Ruci beamed at his words before racing forward, wrapping her arma around his chest. The pets all lingered at his feet, some more welcoming than others. Daxter chuckled and gave a gentle pat to her back before stepping out of the way as she broke off and took off down the hall, Elara and the pets being dragged behind. Once the ladies were out of sight, he turned and helped pick up the bags/

/Daxter/: I'm gonna need you to be on your guard here. Ok?
2  General Boards / RP's / Re: Sci Fi RP REDUX on: August 09, 2022, 01:54:02 pm
/Netta rolled her eyes before calling to the guard, waving him away/

/Netta/: Ill stay with the boy. You go freshen up.

/The guard exchanging a glance with Will for a moment, though there was only relief in this development. With a nod, he took off with his friend back into the main confines of the village/

/Netta/: You seem to forget, I'm one of the counsel.
3  General Boards / RP's / Re: Sci Fi RP REDUX on: August 08, 2022, 08:11:36 pm
/Netta chuckled at the boy's words/

/Netta/: Believe it or not, you're not my main responsibility...and besides, I don't distrust you. Far from it actually. I see you as an ally. Maybe even a friend.

/She gestured to the wall/

/Netta/: I was going to do my rounds outside the borders. Want to come along?
4  General Boards / RP's / Re: Star Wars The Old Republic RP on: August 08, 2022, 08:07:08 pm
/Ruci beamed at the greeting, stepping forward to the female trooper. All three pets seemed excited to see the woman, their chaotic nature much more tame as they danced about her feet/

/Ruci/: i can't believe the Republic allowed this to happen...and the Jedis welcomed us. This is such an honor. I'm so...

/She paused her words, her eyes wide as her smile grew/

/Ruci/: Wait! Where is she? Where's Asa?!

/Daxter/: Ruce, you need to calm down...

/The captain stepped up next to Elara, his arms folded over his chest as he nodded to the two new arrivals/

/Daxter/: You remember our deal?

/Ruci pouted in place but nodded along all the same/

/Ruci/: I won't cause any trouble. I promise.
5  General Boards / RP's / Re: Realm RP on: August 08, 2022, 08:02:23 pm
OT: Le gasp! I'm still awake. Idk for how long but wanted to reply when I saw the notification!

/Aurora growled at the wizard before stepping forward into the swirling portal, her long whisps of hair tusseling in the winds that grew around them. She saved one final glance at the princess, a determined nod as her response before she ventured fully into the portal/

/Aurora/: Hurry up Wizard! I won't have the fates changed due to your lack of speed!
6  General Boards / RP's / Re: Sci Fi RP REDUX on: August 08, 2022, 12:43:50 pm
/Netta/: Ah, I thought I'd find you here.

/The alien who sponsored them stepped off the path towards where Will awaited, glancing knowingly at the guard who paid little mind before she turned back to Will with a smile/

/Netta/: Odd to find you alone here. Though I suppose there is likely your allies causing trouble elsewhere. I heard whispers that Harper had snuck off again. Midas will lose his marbles for sure.
7  General Boards / RP's / Re: Star Wars The Old Republic RP on: August 08, 2022, 12:37:00 pm
OT: i'm good with this! I finally have a new boss who's trying to finally get more bodies in my office so hopefully more free time where I'm not exhausted! *fingers crossed*

/Ruci's gaze darted around the halls, eager to take in as much as she could of this home of rich history
 Excitement radiated off her shoulders, the girl bouncing on her toes as she moved forward with her three leashed pets/

/Ruci/: It's extraodinary! I can't believe we are this lucky to biew this amazing place. There's got to be so much datacrons, artifacts, tech...gods you know how much could be hiding within these walls? I can't wait to see everything I can...if they'll allow me that is.
8  General Boards / RP's / Re: Realm RP on: August 08, 2022, 12:32:12 pm
OT: I think it builds to the drama of the plot for them to be not cohesive. Forces them to actually take a step back eventually and try and figure out how to mesh.

/Aurora eyed the portal, carefully shifting her gaze back to the boy/

/Aurora/: So he's the apprentice of someone successful. Yet hasn't accomplished the feat himself? Seems I have my work cut out for me.

/The half-elf bowed to the princess/

/Aurora/: i will not fail my mission.
9  General Boards / RP's / Re: Realm RP on: July 27, 2022, 06:13:05 pm
OT: There's probably tension across all races depending on deuds for land, etc. I know for Aurora, the elves feel they are superior while humans are stubborn and are set in their ways. It can be something we build on if you also have ideas.
10  General Boards / RP's / Re: Realm RP on: July 26, 2022, 08:03:33 am
AN: Ok I got it now! Jumping in!

/At the mention, a figure stepped fully out of the shadows, her armor sparkling under the flare of firelight from the hearth. Her blue orbs narrowed their gaze on the newcomer, arms folded effortlessly across her chest despite the gear as she took in her assigned companion. Sheathed at her back a sword's hilt peeked over her shoulder, itching for action/

/Aurora/: This is the one who'll be making the jump?
11  General Boards / RP's / Re: Realm RP on: July 25, 2022, 09:27:51 am
AN: Here we go! I'm probably gonna build on everyone's bios as we go but here's a good base for each of the characters I have.

Name: Aurora
Race: Half-Elf
Appearance: pale skin, pointed ears, long blond hair, scarred armor, blue eyes
Bio: Aurora is a half-elf born of a human mother and elven father. Her father is of nobility in his tribe and her mother a princess of her kingdom. After their communion in secret, the two were forced to separate by their families and into their projected lives. Her mother died while she was young and the family was quick to try and hide the halfbreed from sight. Eventually the elves allowed the child to return to their home, though Aurora always felt no one thought she belonged. She struggles to form a meaningful bond with her father who is pained to see the mother in his daughter's gaze. Aurora grows up trying to build up her strength and skills to become something that others will be proud of and finally accept her.

Name: Briar
Race: Human
Appearance: Light brown hair/wavy/assymetrical haircut, typically wears loose pants with track shoes and crop tops or hoodies
Bio: A dance student who recently moved in with her brother in the city to keep him company aka keep themselves out of trouble...she recently made friends with some troublemakers that have kept her on her toes. Strongwilled and talented, she also has learned some skills on parkour thanks to her troublesome friends. Despite all that, she is kind to a fault and will stick up for those she cares about no matter what.

Name: Dylan
Race: Human
Appearance: dark brown/wavy hair, typically dressed in an oversized peacoat, dress shirts, and slacks. He has a prosthetic leg he tends to hide from view from his time in the military.
Bio: Smart and slighty awkward with other humans (lol), since his injury and discharge, Dylan has been working to become a full time professor and finishing his time at university. He recently took in his sister as she pursues her dancing, trying to ensure she keeps out of trouble though he is certain its also so she can make sure he is ok through his adjustments back into society. He is working to get a service dog to help with his ptsd and recovery. One day he finds a book in his research that talks of magic and fantasy and then...something crazy happens...

AN: Give me a bit to read through your initial start and I'll add my continuation shortly!
12  General Boards / RP's / Re: Star Wars The Old Republic RP on: July 25, 2022, 08:58:22 am
OT: Oh that'd be interesting! I would say lets not have Rex abduct Asa...at least not yet, I feel like we may go into a loop with the story if that happens right now. Maybe we could have him stumble into their sights on his own mission and force their hand. I do like Asahi maybe leaning more into light, maybe the sith battle giving her more trust. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my wild boy since I don't want him to get killed off lol - at least not yet. Plus he needs a lot of help XD
13  General Boards / RP's / Re: Sci Fi RP REDUX on: July 25, 2022, 08:54:36 am
/At that moment, Harper had been scurrying away with a grin, taking in all the sights she could before someone inevitably dragged her back to the tent again. Kai was doing a good job of keeping their alien guard focused on him...their constant bickering growing more and more amusing than worrisome nowadays. The two of them seemed to be in a dance of stubbornness that one may mistake for growing respect...she wasn't too sure honestly. Whatever kept them from not killing each other while her friends healed was fine with her, as well as the welcome distractions from being forced to remain cooped up all day/

/She soon came up to one of her favorite spots, a group of tinkering aliens all working hard on developing tools they needed for the upcoming combat. At the helm of the group was a very brawny female alien with orangish red skin and scars littering her arms and fingers. Even as she tried to mask her approach, the alien remarked without even lifting her head/

/Darga/: Spying again, little human?

/Harper groaned and stepped out into the open. Though a few glanced in her direction with surprise, the aliens themselves seemed more nonchalant as of late to these humans antics/

/Harper/: Not spying. Observing! I'm just admiring your skills Darga!

/The alien rolled her eyes as nodded for the other to approach, Harper welcoming the gesture to take a seat next to her/

/Darga/: I bet they'll notice you gone in five hums.

/Harper rolled her eyes as she picked up some of the heavy branches and wires and began to follow the steps she observed from Darga/

/Harper/: They have better things to do than hunt me down. Besides, I want to help.

/Darga chuckled under her breath, a hand lifting up to ruffle the girl's hair/

/Darga/: Truly a strange human indeed.

/Harper/: It's not strange to want to help others...at least it shouldn't be.

/Darga/: Little human, I agree with that. Now hold, you're doing it all wrong.

/Darga then lowered her own work to help guide Harper's hands, the human lighting up at the assistance. They hadn't been with the village long but already Harper learned so much and was melding with the locals, becoming a team. It was nice. She only hoped Will was also staying out of trouble.../
14  General Boards / RP's / Re: Sci Fi RP REDUX on: July 12, 2022, 03:46:03 pm
/Nathan could feel the pain throughout his body...and yet he couldn't bring himself to allow himself to fall behind any more/

/Nathan/: Give me two days. We need everyone ready to go for that moment.
15  General Boards / RP's / Re: Star Wars The Old Republic RP on: July 12, 2022, 03:44:37 pm
OT: I'm down for that. We can swing attack to aid in Ruci joining the jedis for protection even? Thoughts? Or i can just rush that point with the council and have her allowed.
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