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Slim Bebop: A Fusion Fall Story

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Author Topic: Slim Bebop: A Fusion Fall Story  (Read 675 times)
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« on: April 18, 2010, 02:53:51 pm »

Here is a portion of a fan-fiction I have been working on for several months now. Please enjoy, and if you feel so inclined, please leave behind comments. As always, best wishes. Grin

Disclaimer: I would like to go ahead and point out that I do not own the rights to any of the material contained in this fan-fiction. All names, logos, affiliated companies, etc. are owned by their respective creators. I own nothing. I do not wish to make a dime off of any of this. This is just a fan-fiction made by a fan, for fans.

The high tech clock tower of Downtown City Point let out twelve long, dull, sonorous tones. The giant digital clock clicked and flashed, now reading 12:00 midnight. Things were pretty quiet around downtown this time of night. Most of the Cartoonetwork Universe soldiers had returned to the Sector V Relief Center. Most of the relief shelters were full to capacity tonight, except for one. It was the Downtown Hospital, giant, dilapidated relief shelter the size of the Chrysler building for lost or wounded soldiers who were unlucky to get stranded downtown. The building may have had the title of “Hospital” but many soldiers knew it as the “Mausoleum”. Nobody wanted to go to the Downtown Hospital for any kind of medical assistance, wither it be emergency surgery, or the simple administration of a Fusion Matter vaccine, more commonly known as an FMV.
Some soldiers believed it was cursed, other thought it was haunted. This was mainly because more fatalities occurred in that hospital than out in the field fighting Fuse. The hospital was hopelessly outdated, and much of the emergency medical equipment was obsolete. Rusty saws and bloodied axes were the most humane ways to go about any sort of amputation, and the strongest anesthesia for miles was a hard blow to the noggin to knock you out. The staff wore old, raggedy, bloodied hospital smocks and was called sadistic and cynical, not caring wither their patients lived or died. The walls along the inside were crumbling, and several of the windows were shattered, or serving as real estate for steaming Fusion Pods. Most however, believed something much more sinister was at work inside that hospital.

Some believed that the Downtown Hospital was where Mandark Medicinal Inc. received test subjects for their highly illegal and underground gene-splicing experiments. Stories circulated about limbless or mortally wounded warriors being carted off on a rusted, ancient metal hospital bed and arrive at an underground testing facility to be injected and administered one dangerous toxin after another, just to see how they would respond. Other horrific stories were told of soldiers that lost an arm or a leg being hooked up to wires and stuffed in special fluid filled tanks in an attempt to re-grow lost appendages. People said that sometimes, the injured cells were given too much of the regeneration serum and hapless soldiers sprouted dozens of arms before falling into cardiac arrest.

Of course, the stories are all just stories. There is no proof that such a devious branch of Mandark Inc even exists. Regardless, people try and stay away from the Downtown hospital at all costs. Still, it was a relief center, and it needed someone to wait around in the dimly lit lobby, just in case some hapless soul came wondering in, looking for help. The staff worked in daily shifts, and there were to be two staff members in the lobby at all times. Tonight, the designated suckers were Barrel Roll, and Trigger Fengah. Trigger was a young man new to the staff. Barrel had been onboard as a hospice caretaker for several months, but had been demoted to secretary for tardiness. He had a habit of showing up to the room long after his client was dead. This didn’t sit too well with the clients’ family or friends, so he was demoted to keep what was left of the hospitals reputation intact. Trigger was being treated for a fusion matter infection in his bloodstream, but the pathogen was of a new breed, and the doctors and staff had little to no knowledge about it. In three weeks, Trigger would be dead. The effects of his illness were manifesting themselves quite frequently, and Trigger was prone to fits of hysteria and vomiting. He often carried an old, worn out bucket around his belt, just in case.

Barrel had become fast friends with Trigger, and would be sad to see him go in three weeks time. Trigger felt that since he was condemned to death, he shouldn’t have to face any consequences, so he and Barrel spent much of their time at work goofing off. He and Barrel spent much of their secretary work time slacking off, or playing chess on the old worn out chess board in the lobby. The pieces were wooden and bugs had eaten away at them, but it was all they had to keep boredom at bay. As they continued their game, they sat on the old couch and pulled lazily at the rotten upholstery. Trigger let out a yawn.

“‘Nuther slow night I see.”

Barrel nodded.

“Yeah, well what did you expect? You know what those idiot soldiers say about us…We’re like the crypt for them.”

Barrel stared idly at the ceiling fan.

“Well, if they’re gonna be so moody and apathetic about us, I say let them die. They’re a pack of morons to go out fighting anyhow.”

Trigger raised an eyebrow. Barrel gave him an odd look.


Trigger turned away and moved his bishop.

“Oh, nothing…”

Barrel stuck up his nose.

“I can tell you are lying to me. What’s on your mind?”

Trigger rested his palm on his head. He shrugged.

“Oh...I dunno. I just was thinkn’…I’d kind of like to be a soilder, ya know?”

Barrel let out a laugh.

“Yeah, sure! That’s what they all say. Then they get out there, watch a few unlucky ones get their heads blown off, and then split. Their fear attracts the monsters like sweet nectar, and then they get their heads blown off.”

Barrel rotated his fingers in a circle.

“It’s called Natural Selection. The weak perish and the strong survive. That’s the way it’s been, and that’s the way it’s always gonna be. And our planet is probably next in line.”

Trigger raised his eyebrow and propped up his feet. They wafted in front of Dasher’s nose, who gently shoved them away.

“So, you think we’ll lose this war?”

“Aw, heck yes! Fuse is pumping out baddies faster than we can hire our heroes. It’s only a matter of time before he ups the ante’ a bit, and we all bite the big one.”

“And you’re so sure?”

Barrel nodded.

“Yup. See, I’ve been reading some of war novels. See here, war goes in several stages. First, we got ground combat. Then, comes air combat. The list goes on and on, but what always seems to cripple the warring nations in the end is germ warfare.”


Barrel nodded.

“Uh-huh. The Huns catapulted the corpses of their dead in an attempt to spread pestilence and disease amongst the ranks of the enemy. Of course, nowadays, we don’t have to go and wait around for some sucker to keel over from the ick. Now, with all our modern facilities and chemists, we can synthesize pathogens.”

Trigger looked confused.

“Well, if germ warfare is so powerful, why don’t we follow suit?”

Barrel chuckled. He moved his Rook several spaces.

“Yeah right! Dex. Labs is too soft to use a technique like that. Why sending out soldiers to die is anymore humane is beyond my comprehension, but then again, I’m not in charge of the war to begin with.”

Barrel’s eyes narrowed.

“But…I’m sure our buddy Fuse is not inhibited by moral fiber. It’s only a matter of time before he lets loose something worse than the plague. Who knows, maybe he’ll go and create an airborne pathogen of that virus that’s runn’ around in your bloodstream?”

Surprisingly, Trigger chuckled.

“Yup, that’ll be the day. Who knows? Maybe he already has? That’s probably how I got it!”

He turned towards the black sky outside the glassed in doors of the lobby.

“But…despite the risks, the bloodshed and the loss, don’t you think it may be kind of…thrilling?”

Barrel snorted.

“Well, if someone does happen to stroll through here tonight, why don’t you just ask them? But, if you ask me, I prefer my limbs firmly attached to my body…c’mon, let’s continue our game…”
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« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2010, 08:58:25 pm »

A very good amount of description as well as dialogue and the plot itself is something I would like to read more about :3 all-in-all a very good first portion :3 is it seperated into chapters??? where's more??? ALICE WANTS MOREEE! hehehe.
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Agent Gold Dasher
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« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2010, 02:53:18 pm »

Thank you very much for such a positive review Maka.  Cheesy

I'll try to add more, but I do not know if I will have time to edit the rest of what I have written. I'll give it my best though.
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Agent Gold Dasher
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« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2010, 06:04:22 pm »

Here is the next portion of the fiction. I aplogize for the belated update; I simply haven't had the time to sit down and edit the material properly. Please pardon the cliches. This fiction is pretty old, and could use some spit and polish. The support is appreciated.

The scene faded away. The sky was still as dark and starry as ever, and Planet Fusion pulsed in the darkness. But not all way as peaceful as it seemed, for on the ground, people were fighting their hearts out. A group of five fusion fighters wove in and out of the alleys of downtown blindly as they fled from their pursuers. They should have retired to Sector V hours ago, but missed their S.C.A.M.P.E.R. and were marooned. The group had been together for years, ever since the war started. They all trained at the academy together, and were all assigned to the same group. Although the war on Fuse was heating up, you would never find a group of better friends. They were all SACT Agents. As they sprinted through the back alleys of Downtown, with monsters hot on their heels, they scanned the area feverishly for a hiding spot. An old rundown convenience store, an old elementary school building, anything. A few of them spun around and shot at the monsters, but with lackluster results. A few of the monsters were felled, but only to be replaced by several more. One of the soldiers bit his lip, drawing blood.

“Resilient suckers! Why don’t you just die already?!”

He shot at the flood of Dynamite Mice as they raced onward. His bullet tore through the metal plating of one, striking its explosive innards. It exploded with a tremendous bang, felling many of its comrades. Adam looked around at the rest of his group. To his right was Slim, a very skinny SACT Agent with a black mullet and freckles. His hair was always greasy, and he often forgot to groom himself due to the constant fighting. To Adams left was Margaret, a soft spoken gentle girl. She had silvery hair that she kept in three pigtails, and a sharp nose and tan skin. Ironically, despite her gentle and earnest nature, she was the explosives expert of the group.

Behind Adam was Missy, Margaret’s older sister. In direct contrast to her sister’s quiet personality, Missy was a fire-cracker. Known to change her hair color weekly, Missy sported a bright bubble gum pink hair that she let flown in the wind. Missy loved her SACT outfit, even though it clashed something awful with her pink hair color. Missy proudly sported two Ice Pop Pistols. And bringing up the rear was Charlie, a plump little boy with a heart of gold. He didn’t move to fast, but could mow down enemies with gusto thanks to his many rockets. He often childishly chased after Missy, who kindly played along with Charlie’s kid-like shenanigans. He was even gentler than Margaret, and had a very, very long fuse that never blew. Charlie and Slim were best buds, and had saved it each other from death more times than they could count.

More and more Dynamite Mice closed in on the five agents, and the desperately tried to stay ahead of the pack. Adam then noticed someone was missing. As they rounded a fusion matter infested apartment complex, Adam called out.

“Yo, Charlie. Where’s Maximilian?!”

Charlie let out a terrible cry, tears streaming from his eye. Mucus dribbled out of his fat nose.

Adam called back.

“Charlie, where is Maximilian?!”

Still, Charlie didn’t answer. He just kept crying. Adam was getting nervous now.


Charlie burst into sobs.

“I’m sorry Adam! When we were forced to split up earlier…oh, it was horrible…poor Maximilian…he was…he was…HE WAS BLOWN TO BITS BY THE DYNAMITE MICE!”

Everyone hung their heads. They were all having the same grisly vision of Maximilians’ tiny body being blown apart.


Charlie let out a loud cry, like a whale.

“Oh…so terrible. Poor Max, bless his soul…he was so thoughtful…he let me run ahead of him…the last thing I saw were the mice piling on top of him, his little hand vanishing under the withering mass…one of the mice strapped itself to his back and detonated. The explosion must have taken out a whole block. I didn’t even hear the scream.”

Maximilian was the youngest of the group.

Slim narrowed his eyes and spat. His hands shook and he looked ready to bust.

“I’m gonna kill every last one of those blasted rats…and then I’m gonna find Max’s body…and give him a proper burial.”

Everyone else looked at their shoes. There was no point. What would be left of him?

“We...can’t do anything for him now…we need to just keep moving…and keep his memory alive.”

Everyone nodded.

Missy shot out her hand.

“Look! An old drug store! I bet it has food and medicine and everything! We can take shelter there!”

Everyone sped up, except for Charlie, who was running out of breath. As they drew nearer to the store, they saw the Rainbow Monkey sale sign flicker on and off. They were just a few yards away now.

“Book it! We’ve got to get inside!”

Adam was the first inside. He flung open the door with Slim right behind him. They barreled into one another and fell down, careening into a shelf of potato chips. Margaret was next, followed by Missy, who turned around and fired several shots from her duel pistols before sticking her tongue out at the mice. Everyone was inside except Charlie. His face was turning red, and his beefy legs were slowing down. The mice were nearly crushing him. Slim got to his feet and flung open the door.


Charlie flung his arms wildly and screamed.


Missy followed suit.

“You can do it buddy! You’re almost there-

Adam rushed up and stood by her side.

“What’s going on?!”

He grabbed Missy and shook her.


Missy burst into tears and pointed a quivering finger out the door. Adam moaned. Slim punched the wall. Margaret stood in the corner, speechless. It was a horrible sight. One of the mice leapt up and took a big chunk of flesh out of Charlie’s leg. He howled in pain and fell down onto the hard cement, mere inches away from the drug store. The mice were on him in seconds.


Missy buried her face in her hands.

“C’mon Charlie…you can make it…”

Amazingly, Charlie managed to make his way to his feet he lumbered towards the door. Slim gasped. The mice were following him. If the door wasn’t shut, the vermin would flood the drug store. They would all be killed.

Slim bit his thumb and beat his head.

Charlie wasn’t making much progress. The mice were right behind them. Any second now, they would be inside.

Slim made a split second decision. With a yell of anguish, he ran at the door, and shoved Adam away. As he fell, Adam cried out.

“Slim, what are you doing?! STOP!”

Slim griped the door. He was crying.

“Oh Charlie…FORGIVE ME!!!!”


Slim slammed the door shut and locked it. Charlie let out a terrible scream. They all heard desperate scratching at the door, followed by the sound of human flesh being torn apart. Some blood began to seep into the drug store from under the locked door. Then they heard a terrible wheeze, like hot, stagnant air being belched forth from a great mouth. It was at this moment, Missy lost her composure; she fell to the dirty floor, and vomited.

“Didja hear it? They…they bit his throat!”

She undulated across the floor in anguish.

They all looked at Slim in horror. Slim cried and slumped to the floor. He fell into the fetal position and rocked back and forth. He was shaking all over.

Adam lunged at Slim and grabbed him by the throat. Slim let out a gasp for air as he was swung about. Adam was furious.


Adam threw Slim into the rack of assorted salty snacks. He skidded across the grimy drugstore floor and came to a stop. “Eduardo” branch potato chips were strewn everywhere. They were Charlie’s favorite snack.

Slim slowly got to his feet, still crying. Adam rushed in to clobber him, but Margaret stepped in front of him. She held out her arms in a wide ark. Adam stopped, still fuming.

“Margaret move it! I need a word with-“

“Adam, just shut up alright! Slim just saved our lives! My life, Missy’s life, and your life!”

Adam stopped. He looked terribly befuddled.

“What do you mean?!”

Missy stood up. She was shaking. She let out a sniffle.

“It’s true…Slim did save us…there was no way Charlie would have made it here in time…if Slim hadn’t shut the door, we would have been over run with Dynamite Mice…they would have killed us all…”

Adam’s fury broke again. To everyone’s surprise, he grabbed Margaret and shook her.

“Yeah? Well, we all know that, but do you think Charlie knew that?! Just ask your self this. What do you think his last thoughts were?! I bet I know.”

Adam turned angrily to Slim.


Adam collapsed on the floor and sobbed.

“Poor Charlie…poor gentle, peaceful, loving Charlie…”

Adam shook his fist in the air, which he followed up with a string of profuse swearing.

Margaret looked at the floor.

“Adam…don’t blame yourself…it could have been any of us…”

Adam pressed his fingers together to show the distance between Charlie and the door.

“But he was so close. Another few inches and he would have made it…and then we would all be here…snacking on some chips merrily before we made our next move…”

“No…Maximilian would still be...”

Adam snapped back.

“You know what I mean!”

Everyone was silent, save Slim’s sobbing in the corner, and Adam’s heavy breathing.

“I’m...I’m...I’m so sorry Charlie…please forgive me…”
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« Reply #4 on: May 14, 2010, 06:42:50 pm »

Mann, this is some nice writing you got here Dasher :3 I'm super excited to see you have such talent in writing ^_^ a few little tweaks here and there and this draft would be practically perfect ^_- And I do like that it isn't sugar-coated goodness. There's some tragic scenes here and that gives the story a nice array of emotions. I enjoyed reading this portion and can not wait for more ^_^
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Agent Gold Dasher
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« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2010, 07:13:33 pm »

Thank you Makastar. As always, your heartfelt praise is very much apprecaited. I will continue to edit the material I have, and post when ready. Smiley
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« Reply #6 on: July 03, 2010, 01:04:17 pm »

Goodness, I didn't realize how long it had been since I updated. D:

I need to pay better attention. Please forgive me tardiness.


Chapter 3: Someone set us up the bombs!

Margaret went over to him and gave him a gentle pat.

After several tense minutes, Adam spoke.

“So…what do we do now?”

“I dunno. The mice have the drug store surrounded. We can’t run out the back door…we’ll be rat food in seconds…and the front door is of course no dice…”

Missy sat at the bar and banged her head on the table.

“I’m stumped.”

There was small rustling noise coming from behind the snacks.

Missy sat up, surprised to hear the noise.

As if cued, the rustling noise could be heard once again.

“Oh gracious, I hope that noise isn’t the rats…”

Adam got up.

“You heard it too?”

Missy nodded.

For a third time, the two were surprised to hear the strange noise of unknown origin.

“There it is again!”

They both listened closely, and saw Margaret fidgeting with her bag from behind the snack rack.

“Sis, what are you doing?”

Margaret was sticking together several pieces of wire.

“I’ve come up with a way to get ourselves out of the drug store…”

“Well, we’re all ears.”

Adam looked over to Slim, who was still shaking in the corner mumbling to himself.

“Yo, Slim, c’here will ya?”

Slim nervously got to his feet and joined the others, who had formed a circle around Margaret.

“So…what your big plan, sis?”

Margaret didn’t look up from her work. She wetted her thumb to help slide the wires better.

“Simple. We need to get out of here right?”

Everyone nodded.

“But we can’t because of the mice, correct?”

Once again, they all nodded.

“Then we need to get rid of the mice. And I figure the quickest and most effective way to do that is...”

Margaret held up a black little ball.

“Blow them all up.”

Missy clapped.

“Brilliant sissy!”

Margaret blushed.

“I have more than enough explosives to fire this place up like a roman candle. I figure we just need to place all of the bombs in my kit all over the drug store. Then you three make a break for it out the back door. I will stay in here and let the mice in through the front, ensuring they all get inside…”

Adam and Slim exchanged nervous looks. They knew where this was going. Missy screamed.

“No way sis! You’ll be killed!”

Margaret gave a grim nod.

“You all have a better idea?”

No one spoke.

“I didn’t think so. It’s the only way. These bombs can’t be remotely detonated. The battery in the remote detonator is much too low. If I try and set them off in the escape, the signal won’t reach the bombs. We’ll all get eaten alive.”

Missy’s lower lip quivered.

“But…but...but why does it have to be you sis?”

Missy embraced her sister.

“I can’t lose you!”

“Well…I suppose I don’t have to be the one to detonate them. All it will take is the press of this button.”

Margaret showed them the remote detonator.

Everyone was quiet. Finally, Slim spoke up.

“Whenever…whenever Charlie and I couldn’t decide on who got the last dessert in the mess hall back at the SACT academy…we…we always…drew straws…”

Adam snapped.

“You want us to **** with our lives?!”

Slim snapped back.

“No Adam, I want us to be smart with our lives. If we all draw straws, we will each have a fair chance of escape.”

They were quiet as the idea sunk in. Margaret broke the silence.

“I say go for it. Slim’s right. Unless anyone has a coin on them we can flip, drawing straws is the only way to be fair.”

Missy nodded sadly. She didn’t like the idea of losing anyone else to begin with.

Adam sighed.

“Fine. Straws it is.”

He got up and pointed at each one of them.

“But we’ll do it after we set the bombs. We can use that time…to…talk…”

They all grabbed bombs from Margaret’s pack.

“This will be our last job as a foursome….”
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« Reply #7 on: July 06, 2010, 08:43:11 am »

Comes down to a game of chance, who will be the one to lose their life next I wonder? :3 GOSH THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING FIC! I can't wait for the next chappie ^^
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« Reply #8 on: July 08, 2010, 09:05:40 am »

Wait...what is that over the horizon? Why, thar blows the next chapter!


Chapter 4: This ain't a scene...it's a gosh darn gambling!

The four heroes finally placed the last of the bombs. A total of 40 small explosives lined the inner walls of the drug store. The four soldiers stood in the middle, all sweating and fidgeting. Slim had taken four straws and cut off the end of one of them. He then put them in an old worn out coffee can and shook them around. He closed his eyes and pulled out all four straws. He held them in his fist. Slim addressed his friends.

“Alright. It’s time. Each of you draws a straw. The person with the shortest straw stays here to set off the bombs. Agreed?”

Everyone nodded glumly. Slim sighed.

“Adam, if you would do the honors…”

Adam reached out a trembling hand and quickly pulled out one of the straws. Slim nodded.

“Good. Now Missy, you do the same.”

Missy drew a straw. Her hand shook even more than Adam’s.

Slim turned to Margaret.

“You’re up next Margaret.”

Margaret pulled one of the straws. She was very calm.

“And the last one is mine.”

They each had their eyes glued to their straw, their life line.

“Alright…everyone compare straws.”

Everyone held out their hand.

Margaret had the shortest. She would be the one to set off the bombs.

Missy cried out and flung her arms around her sister, embracing her.

“NO! NO, NO, NO, NO!”

Margaret gently pulled her sister away. She grinned grimly.

“It’s only natural. I’m the explosive expert after all. It must be destiny that I set them off.”

Missy wailed.

“But it’s not my destiny to be without my sis!”

Missy turned to Slim and jumped on him. He fell to the floor, horrified. Missy grabbed him and gently beat on his chest.

“You rigged the straws didn’t you? You knew Margaret wanted to set them off to begin with! This is all just a set up! A big hoax! It’s not fair, it’s not fair!”


Missy turned to face her sister, tears streaming down her face.

“But...but Margaret…”

“Stop being selfish! Slim didn’t rig the straws. It was a fair ****. It could have been any of us! And besides…”

Margaret hugged her sister. She spoke very softly.

“I don’t want the last memories I have of my big sis to be her yelling and fussing. You’re a big girl, you’ll be fine. Just make sure you reach the Downtown Hospital in one piece.”

Missy buried her face in her hands and cried.

“Oh Margaret…please don’t do this…”

Margaret made her way to the center of the room. She reached for the detonator.

Missy snapped. She shot her hand into her pocket and drew out one of her pistols. To everyone’s horror, she jammed the barrel under her chin; she was going to threaten them with suicide.

“Draw straws again! Do it! MY sis isn’t going to be the one to set ‘em off, you understand?!”

Everyone stared at her in horror, mouths agape.

“What?! You don’t think I’ll do it? Just try me! If you don’t start drawing straws by the time I count to three, I’ll pull the trigger!”

Her threats elicited no response. Of the agents left, Missy was the last person anyone would expect to be willing to go to such extremes. Missy was growing more and more anxious. Why hadn’t her threats worked? The boys showed no signs of drawing the straws again. Perhaps if she raised the stakes a little bit…

Missy shot a shaky hand into her other pocket and withdrew her second pistol. This time, she aimed the barrel at the door; if she didn’t get what she wanted, not only would she kill herself, but everyone else too. With both of her eyes whizzing in their sockets, she raised her voice in dismay once again.

“See this? Maybe now you’ll get my message! Run the lottery again, as many times as it takes until my little sister isn’t the one to set off the bombs! If you don’t, I’ll kill everyone here!”

Desperate, Slim tried to calm her down. He lowered his voice and addressed her like an adult talks to a spoiled child.

“Missy…easy now…listen to me. You are not talking sense…if you blow off that door, you’ll kill us sure, but you’ll also kill Margaret too…you want to save her right?”

Slim’s question was answered with a gunshot. Luckily, Missy’s hand was so rocked with tremors, the bullet missed Slim’s head by quite a bit.

“Blah, blah, blah! Shut up Slim! You are as annoying as ever!”

Missy jabbed a shaky finger at both Slim and Adam.

“Oy, you two are the men of this group, right? Well, start acting like men and take one for the ladies here!”

Adam cut in.

“Ask us if we care! You know that in the SACT, gender doesn’t make any difference at all. We are all equals. Don’t go playing the chivalry card you cowar-“

Missy fired another shot into the air. Adam slowly retreated.

“Crazy dame…”

To everyone’s surprise, Slim tried again; only this time, his tactics were different.

“Alright Missy, you’ve made her point…Adam and I will do the manly thing that manly men do and draw straws…again…”

Slim curled his index finger, summoning Adam to his side. Margaret proceeded to try and calm her irate sister down. When Adam got to Slim, he was fuming.
“What are you doing man?! We don’t need to go through with this…”

“We aren’t…I lied. I think I know how to get out of here without…anymore incidents…”

Adam leaned in closer and hushed his voice.

“If it will get us out of here, I’m game for just about anything…”

Slim nodded.

“Good…alright, we’ll do as she says and re-do the lotto, but I want you to purposely drop your straw so that it rolls toward Missy…”

“What good will that do?”

“Bear with me. When that happens, I want you to go and reach to pick it up, but when you get close enough...hmm…so can I put this without sounding…well…like a pervert…I want you to grab her and embrace her…”

Adam twitched.

“You want me to what now?”

“You heard me. I want you to wrap your arms around her when you get close enough…”


“Oh, quick playing dumb Adam. You’re one of the best looking guys in the SACT. She’ll probably be pleasantly surprised. Just give her hug, and when she loses her composure, give her a swift chop to the neck. Lights out.”

Adam rubbed his chin thoughtfully. He was starting to like the idea himself. Missy wasn’t that bad looking either. Adam stopped back down and lowered his voice.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll do it. Just make sure that crazy dame doesn’t go and shot me, will ya?”

Slim smirked.

“I doubt that will be an issue. The way she is now, she couldn’t hit the bright side of a barn…”

Both boys shook hands and Slim withdrew the straws from his pocket.

“OK now Missy…see? Adam and I are going to draw straws again…alright?”

Missy nodded aggressively.

“You’d better!”


The ritual began once more.


“Adam, you klutz! You’d better go get that straw…”

Just as planned, Adam’s straw rolled downhill and right toward Missy. She picked it up and held it out.

“Quit messing around! Take the coco thing and get a move on!”

Adam shook his head in a goofy manner and playfully stuck out his tongue.

The young man began to make his way over to retrieve the straw. Behind him, eyeing him carefully, Slim gnawed on his lip.

“C’mon Adam…we need you to really milk this if we wanna get out of here with our rears intact…

Missy too was keeping an eye on Adam. Her pistol held shakily in her hand, she traced Adam’s movements. He was getting closer now. It was time for him to make his move. He whispered under his breath.


Adam changed his stance. He flipped his hair, and narrowed his eyes. The effect was instant; Missy flushed and began to shake even more.

“Wh-what are you up to…don’t play games with me…”

Adam stepped up the charm and began to unbutton his jacket, revealing his bare chest, chiseled and rock hard. Missy’s face turned bright red and her jaw dropped. Missy had fallen for the pretty boy, hook, line, and sinker; and Adam knew it. Now it was time to put the hook in her. He lowered his voice, and spoke very softly.

“C’mon tuts…don’t say things like that…”

Adam had successfully approached the frenzied Missy. He tenderly placed his hand on her hip, and lowered to her eye level. Using his other hand, he gingerly raised her chin to his face. Margaret was just as confused as Missy. Slim whispered under his breath.

“Almost there Adam…now…reel her in!”

Adam flashed Missy a quick half smile and kissed her in the cheek. Her pistol fell to the floor; she had been defeated. Too surprised to say anything at all, Missy twitched and babbled.


Adam drew her closer and pressed her face against his chest. He whispered in her ear.

“Hush tuts…I want you to listen to me closely…I have a favor to ask you…please…do this for me…”

Missy continued to whimper with excitement and surprise. Eyes shimmering, she looked back at Adam.

“Y-y-yes…? What is it?”

Adam gently took a step backwards. He exhaled deeply.



Adam drew his fist backwards, and shot it forward like a train, slugging Missy across the face. The poor girl was sent flying and crashed into one of the bar stools, only to flip over and slam into wall with a surprising amount of force. Missy slumped to the floor; knock out.

Slim’s jaw dropped.

“A little…overkill…don’t you think? I said knock her out…but…geez Adam…I think you just KO’d a chick…”

Adam, not the least bit worried, swaggered back.

“Screw chilvalry...I have a mean right hook. Besides, the crazy dame had it coming."

Slim turned apologetically to Margaret, who looked like she had just been slugged herself.

“I apologize Margaret. It looked like the only way to calm her down. I would have waited, but look….”

Slim pointed at the windows. The Dynamite Mice were through waiting. They began bashing into the windows.

“Had she kept that up, we never would have gotten out in time.”

Margaret nodded.

“Can’t be helped. I would have done the same thing.”

Adam helped load Missy’s unconscious body onto Slim’s back.

“Do you…maybe want to say anything else….?”

Margaret slowly made her way over and hugged her sister one last time.

“Not really. Just make sure you all get out safely.

Margaret picked up the detonator.

“You will have about 45 seconds to get as far away from the drug store as possible. I’ll count. Once the time expires, I’ll pull the trigger.”

Adam stepped forward.

“We won’t forget what you’ve done for us Margaret. I’ll be sure to notify the SACT executives of your heroics. You will be remembered well.”

Both Slim and Adam stepped forth to shake her hand.

Margaret then reached into her sister’s pocket and pulled out one of her Ice Pop Pistols.

Adam looked confused.

“What’s that for?”

“I’ll need a way to let the mice in once you’re gone. I’ll just have to shoot the door open.”

She pointed to the back door.

“C’mon. You three better go. It won’t be long before the mice break down the door.”

Adam and Slim (who was holding Missy) made their way to the back door and opened it.

“And remember. You got 45 seconds. Make the most of it.”

They nodded.

Both boys gave Margaret a thumbs up.

“Good luck Margaret. And…so long, space cowgirl…”

And with that, they busted out the back door and ran as fast as they could across the street.

Margaret looked at the pistol in her left hand and the detonator in her right.

“Well…it’s time to go.”

Margaret aimed carefully at the front door and fired. The bullet exploded into a spray of flavored ice. Margaret made her way to the top of the cupboards as the Dynamite Mice flooded in. They were desperately clawing at the walls, trying to take a bite out of her flesh. Only 12 seconds remained. One of the mice tackled the cupboard, knocking Margaret off. She fell and crumpled onto the floor. The mice were on her like glue. As her body slowly vanished under the withering vermin, her delicate hand was held high above their heads, the trigger grasped firmly in her fist.

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« Reply #9 on: July 09, 2010, 10:21:02 am »

New installment says "Hi!"  Tongue

Chapter 5: Less fun than a Barrel Full of Whinning

Back at the Downtown Hospital, Barrel and Trigger continued their game of chess. Barrel bit his thumb angrily. Trigger had him backed up against the wall. All of his strongest pieces were gone. He was only left with one rook and half dozen pawns.

Trigger smiled smugly.

“You give up? Face it, I’ve got you out strategized.”

Barrel shook his head.

“Nope. No way. I’ll find a way to win.”

He made his move.

Trigger responded by shimming his queen across the board.

Trigger sat back triumphantly.


Barrel stared at the board in awe. He hung his head in defeat.

Trigger made his way over to the wall and took his finger nail and etched in a tally mark.

“And that makes 17 wins to your…”

“17 losses…”

Dasher sighed. Then his body began to shake.

“Trigger, you feel that?”

“Huh? Feel what-WHOA NOW!”

Trigger lost his balance and fell to the floor.


Suddenly, the lobby began to shake out of control. Trigger latched onto the desk. Several of the bulbs burst, and windows shattered. Chunks of ceiling insulation fell like lead balloons and crashed into the already pitted floor. Several cracks opened up in the floor. One of the computers exploded.


Trigger rushed to the glassed in door and pressed his face against it.

“WHOA! Look at that!”

Barrel rushed to the window, swaying with the shaking ground. It felt like the whole earth was having a seizure. When he finally stumbled over to the door, his mouth dropped.


They were both staring at a giant fireball that seemed to have come out of no where. It was way downtown, but the flashes and shockwaves shook the windows and the floor like an earthquake. After several tense seconds, it stopped, and the fireball subsided. Only a plume of black smoke could be seen rising in the distance.

Barrel and Trigger slowly poked their heads up.

“What was that all about?”

Barrel shook his head.

“Search me. But whatever it was-OH SHOOT MAN, THE TREMORS RUINIED OUR GAME!”

He was right. The chess board was lying in splinters across the lobby. All the old worn out game pieces were strewn everywhere. Dasher sprinted over to what was left of the board and tried to stick the pieces together.

“Slippn’ rippn’ dang fang barga-ding dong! Look at this mess….”

Barrel desperately tried to stick the pieces back together.

“It’s hopeless Trigger. It’s been smashed to a million and a half pieces. We might as well look for a new chess-Trigger, what ‘cha lookn’ at?”

Trigger was still eyeing the plume of smoke.

“C’mon Trigger. Get the lead out.”

Barrel walked over to Trigger and snapped his fingers to try and snap Trigger out of his trance.

“Hey, earth to Trigger. Wake up.”

Trigger blinked a few times. He pointed at the smoke.

“The smoke…isn’t there a drug store or something down that way?”

Barrel nodded.

“Yeah. Why?”

Trigger rubbed his chin. He went back to the old couch and sat down.


Barrel glared at the smoke.

“I bet I know what that fuss was all about. It was probably some fool soldier showing off his emergency flares. coco must have used too much gun powder or something. He probably blew himself up. Can you believe Dex Labs is now outfitting them with explosives? Morons…”

He flopped down in a chair with a spinning axis. With his left foot, Barrel spun himself around.

“Ya know Trig, the reason we be loosn’ the war is because of a bunch of incompetent soldiers. Those coco are the worst. They think they’re so cool, with their 2X4 technology and their “Nano’s” but they are just a bunch of over hyped freaks. “

Barrel stuck his thumb over his shoulders in the direction of the explosion.

“And that is what I’m talkn’ about. Some fool solider playin’ ‘round with explosives. coco probably went and blew himself up. I tell ya, if I was out there, I’d do a much better job. And I bet they are all a bunch of cowards who would leave their comrades behind the second danger showed up. Selfish jerks don’t even know the meaning of the word “sacrifice”.”

He rolled up a piece of paper angrily and tossed it at a trash can. He missed terribly.

“I say let them burn.”

He crossed his arms defiantly.

Trigger rolled his eyes.

“Sheesh, what a sourpuss…”
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« Reply #10 on: October 29, 2010, 03:57:59 pm »

when is the next chapter its been months
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« Reply #11 on: November 03, 2010, 01:29:12 pm »

I'm sure you're busy with school and such as of late, just wondering if there's a new chappie coming out soon ^_^ I miss the story!
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« Reply #12 on: November 28, 2010, 02:35:27 pm »

Dasher will pull through. i mean i should know. im his best freind.
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