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The Parasite

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Author Topic: The Parasite  (Read 204 times)
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« on: June 01, 2012, 09:51:23 pm »

Wonderful. While I'm at it, let's get another chapter up.

Chapter 2
The Chocolate Milk

As I sipped the cold brown liquid, I felt refreshed and continued chewing my gum. I love chocolate milk.

I walked back into my lab, in the process of taking my lab coat off to feel more casual.

“Alright guys, have the generals briefed you already?” I asked, then giggled a little bit. How did I become in charge?

They all nodded, so I continued.

“Alright, I need penicillin, sodium, silicon, calcium, and potassium. Come on people, lets move it!”

I walked over to Hunter while the other scientists were occupied. I pushed my sleeves up when I got close. He was in the middle of directing the engineers on how to build this. They had come completely unprepared when building a miniature structure. The engineers came with wrenches, and screwdrivers, some with hardhats.  Ugh…

Hunter hadn’t noticed me, so when he turned around after he finished, he ran right into me. I caught him and he apologized.

“Isn’t this crazy?” He asked with a huge grin on his face.

“Sure, Hunter. I came to ask how the antidote was going to work, it is a machine after all. I don’t really see how…” I looked at the list General Caster gave me. “Penicillin, a drug that gets rid of bacteria, I just don’t see how that would help destroy a machine.” I asked.

He lost his grin, and it turned into a warm smile. “Do it like you used to, not by the book. Really, what’s gotten into you? You’ve been a little less… chipper than usual.”


“Well this was never how I had imagined discovering aliens. I always imagined little green men. This is potentially catastrophic.” I told him. “ But you are right, I should make the antidote against the law.”

“Well then you should get to work.” Hunter said, motioning behind me to the eager scientists waiting with penicillin and silicon.

“Oh boy, Alright guys, return that stuff, get me some carbon fiber, aluminum, a discharge, two automaton disruptors and another glass of chocolate milk. Come on people, let’s go, for real this time!”

The scientists eagerness slowly decreased over the next hours. Almost like an hourglass, sand being the eagerness, slowly turning into wasted time.

Nearly every experiment was a failure. The subject still tried to kill the agent. The only difference was that the agent had full body armor on. Even if they were unarmed civilians, they were dangerous.

The next day, one scientist had stayed overnight. She had perfected Theo’s picture into a sculpture. She realized that it couldn’t be a machine that goes inside the victim, as, how would they get it inside? They had to use a sound.

This scientist, Kira Bent, discovered that the parasite finds it’s way to the stem of the brain, so it would have to be disrupted from the ear.

She created a sound, so… disruptive, that the average human could not hear it, but it would short out the parasite.  In the morning Theo came in to realize Kira’s work.

He found that she had made a breakthrough, and tried it out on the patient.

It worked.
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"If the brain was simple, we could understand it, but we would be so simple, we couldn't."

-Albert Einstien
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