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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 1354 times)
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« Reply #45 on: June 11, 2012, 01:02:50 pm »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 3: Heart, Part 1: In this life...

Silver grabbed the figure with his strong hand and squeezed it tight. Watery tears streamed down his face. Ion grabbed Silver very suddenly and pulled him back. Silver let go of the hand just as a sword was just swung at his throat. It was just one small centimeter from slicing his head clean off. Silver moved back quickly with Ion to avoid every slash the figure sent at them. Silver grabbed the sword after ten furious slices and gripped it fiercely. He breathed in quickly and broke the sword clean in half. The figure stumbled back and dropped the broken sword.

"WHY?!", Silver screamed

"Silver, is that who I think it is?", asked Ion

The figure smirked and said, "What's wrong, sweetie?"

"SHUT UP!!", screamed Silver. He wasn't going to let her speak another word

"Calm down, man."

Silver roared with anger and power. "Why...Why her? She was so innocent!!!"

The figure stabbed walked up to Silver and stabbed him with a machete. Silver took out the machete quickly and he slammed the dark figure into the ground with the power of his demon.

The figure was unconscious. Silver went down to the figure and cried.

"WHY CHLOE?!?! WHY HER?!?!", Silver roared.

Ion put his hand on Silver's shoulder and closed his eyes. "She was being possessed by your clone, man."

Before Ion could finish comforting Silver, a dark explosion irrupted from the figure. Chloe screamed and opened her eyes. A tear came out as she said, "Silver, help me! Please!" Then a large pillar of smoke came out from Chloe's stomach. She screamed and became unconscious as the smoke began to materialize into a demon of some sorts. It was a large snake like figure that was black as night with yellow orb eyes that hissed with every 's' it said. Silver went over to Chloe and grabbed her with both arms. He put his hand to her chest and felt nothing.

"Who daressssss kill the demon of the one called Ssssssilver?", the snake hissed

Silver got up with Chloe in his arms. He felt no heartbeat and cried. He them placed her down slowly and exclaimed, "I AM!! THE REAL SILVER!!"

"Well then. You musssssst defeat me!! If you defeat me, you get your girlfriend back. What do you sssssssay?"

"BRING IT!!!!!", Silver exclaimed

Silver jumped up and punched the demon with as much force as he could muster. The Snake swatted him with his tail. Silver crashed into the far away wall with a large smash.

Ion ran over to Silver. "You can't fight him man!!"

"Leave me alone!!", Silver exclaimed as he jumped up and punched the Snake once more.

"You can't do it unless you have your motivation Silver!!", exclaimed Ion

"IF I KILL IT, I CAN BRING HER BACK!!!", screamed Silver

Silver grew his claws within two seconds and slashed at the demon with a flash of speed that no human could see with the naked eye. Silver crashed down and the snake fell down at the same time. Silver roared with almighty power and screamed. A large beam of energy came from his mouth as he screamed. He aimed it at the defeated Snake's body and the snake was obliterated by the red energy. Silver ran over to Chloe and felt nothing. He screamed one more with unrelenting power. Ion went over to Silver and punched him in the face.

"IT'S OVER SILVER!! SHE'S GONE!! SHE'S DEAD!!", Ion screamed

"SHUT UP!! SHE IS ALIVE!!!", Silver yelled

Just as they said that a large flash came from Chloe's body. She suddenly was transformed. Ion and Silver stopped yelling at each other and were shocked. Chloe was standing normally, but she was different than ever. Her clothes were exactly like Silver's in every way with different colors. The black jeans Silver had were blue on her, the red jacket Silver had was purple on Chloe, the dark Red sneakers Silver had were purple on Chloe, it all was the same except her clothes were purple. Her hair went from a dark black into a blonde color. Her eyes went from Hazel to a strange purple. Silver looked at this and was shocked. He felt like it all meant something. As soon as he was thinking, a drop of his blood fell to the floor. He looked at it and realized what everything meant.

It all made sense now. Everyone of their clothes and eye colors meant something. Silver's, Red, meant Rage and Bloodshed. Ion's, Blue, meant Electricity and Purity. Ash's, Green, meant Energy and Speed. Alexandria's, Dark Green, meant Flora and Fauna. Chloe's, Purple, meant Heart and Darkness. They all had different skills and personalities that made them different. Silver embraced Chloe after he realized this and they hugged each other for a long time.

"What happened?", Chloe asked

"Nothing.", Silver replied.

"Thanks. For whatever you did."

"My pleasure."

"I love you."

"I love you too. I am forever yours. In this life and the next."
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