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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 1353 times)
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« Reply #45 on: June 07, 2012, 08:19:41 pm »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 2: Longing, Part 5: The Same

Silver looked around slowly with his glowing red eyes. His claws very slowly started getting longer. They were dark grey and razor sharp. Ash slowly lifted up his large metal claymore. He held it with a tight grip, ready for anything. Ion's hands glowed a light blueish color. He was ready to zap, electrify, and blast anything in his path. Alexandria carefully took her wooded bow from her back and stroked the red string carefully with her index finger and thumb. She then carefully took out a metal bow with a firey tip, sharp as a knife blade, and glowing red. They all surveyed the room very carefully.

Silver took one step forward. The echo of his footstep rang throughout the empty, evacuated floor. Suddenly, a sharp, black spear pierced halfway through Silver's torso. It almost went through his whole torso, all the way to the ground. They all slowly turned their heads, reading their skills, weapons, and powers. They were scared to see what threw that spear.

A black as night figure stood no more than two destroyed floors above them. It's eyes had no pupils. It showed a bright yellow that radiated throughout the whole building. Silver started at it in horror. The thing jumped down about 3 yards in front of them with a smirk that Silver felt he needed to wipe off of it's face.

"It's still alive huh?", said Ash.

Silver looked back at him confused. "You know what that thing is?"

Ash nodded and sighed. "It's your clone. Created from the demon inside of you."

Silver looked at the thing and knew it was true. It looked like Silver in every way. Except the fact that that thing was a dark clone made of pure evil and hatred. The thing looked at them and was about to strike.

The thing dashed over to Ion and smashed him into the wall. The others only saw a large streak of black before Ion was smashed into the wall. He fell down and was on his knees. Ash looked at Ion being hurt and was furious. He dashed over to the clone and slashed him. The clone fell down and felt the cut. The clone gritted it's teeth and took Ash by the head. Silver tried to run over to rescue Ash, but it was too late. The clone smashed Ash's head into the pavement and a loud crash sent Silver back. The clone then went over to Alexandria and threw her near Ion. She his the wall with a crash and fell down hard. Ion went over to her and lifted her head and carefully put her head on his lap. He brushed her hair back carefully and sighed. He was praying she would live.

Silver started clashing with the clone. He bashed it in the face, and it smashed him back. All of their blows were equal. The clone suddenly dropped after 7 fierce blows. Silver was confused. It was bleeding harshly from the cut that Ash caused. Silver smirked and dashed over to the clone. It punched Silver back into the wall with massive force that would have killed any man. But not Silver. Silver just got back up and started dashing at it again. He knew that the clone could not heal. Enough force and he could kill it. The clone got up and they started clashing again. After 10 more fierce blows, they stopped and looked at each other.

The clone smirked and said, "We are the same."

"I'll never be anything like you! Ever.", Silver replied angrily

The two clashed more. Alexandria looked at Ion and coughed up blood. Ion was scared that she was dying. He loved her, even through he barely knew her. Alexandria touched Ion's face and said, "Help me brother." Ion nodded and Alexandria's hand dropped. Ion listened for a heartbeat and hear one. He sighed in relief. She would live.  He knew that he had to kill the clone and save Silver. Ion slowly placed the unconscious Alexandria down and kissed her on the head very gently. He was going to kill it. Silver kept clashing with the clone until they were hand in hand forcing each other down to the ground. The clone had the upper hand. It was slowly forcing Silver to crash through every single floor. Suddenly, both the clone's arms came off.

Ion stood there with both of his arm swords with black blood on it. He sliced off the clone's arms. Silver, who was holding the clone's now dismembered arms, was shocked. The arms then disappeared in thin air. Ion stood over the clone, who was now on it's knees, whispering pleas to live. Ion stood in front of it and made a sword out of energy. Ion looked at Silver and Silver nodded. He knew what Ion was saying. He was saying that Ion wanted to kill the clone himself. Ion took the sword, took a strong swing back, and sliced the sword as hard as he could. The clone stood on its knees, motionless. The head of the clone then fell off spewing the black blood everywhere. The clone's headless body dropped with it. Silver and Ion stood over the clone. They had beaten it.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared from the clone's dead body. They both saw it and their jaws dropped open. Silver ran toward the light with tears rolling down his face. He felt as if what he was seeing was a dream, but it was sweet reality.
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