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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 1354 times)
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« Reply #45 on: June 02, 2012, 07:24:01 pm »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 2: Longing, Part 4: Peachy

The small group slowly walked south. They walked very slowly from pain and fear, so their trip that would have taken about 2 hours was made to 5. By the time they left in late afternoon, they arrived to Dungan's air drop by Seven O' Clock at night. Silver steadily shook Dungan's hand before walking up to the small seat inside the helicopter, sitting down, and immediately falling asleep. The rest went inside the helicopter and did the same. Dungan was confused, but he signaled to the pilot to fly the helicopter back to base. The pilot gave a thumbs up and started up the helicopter. One minute later, he started flying the helicopter toward the base. Silver started dreaming. He had more memories coming back up to haunt him. Before the first day he remembered. In the canyon. The girl who was shot, some sort of...evil thing. He woke up and started panting and breathing heavily.

The pilot called over to him. "You OK, man?"

Silver looked over at the pilot and gave a casual thumbs up. "Peachy. Just peachy.", he called back toward the pilot.

About 10 minutes later they all landed on the roof. Right when the bottom of the helicopter touched the bottom of the helipad on the roof and powered down, it caved in. The whole roof fell before them. 40 of the 80 floors were missing. Just holes. The helicopter fell and spun in a almost endless free fall. Everyone woke up and started screaming.

"ASH, SILVER, POWER UP!!!", Ion yelled out

"GOT IT!!", Silver yelled out.

A surge of energy went through Ash. "READY!"

They all unbuckled from their Seat Belts and walked toward the edge of the helicopter. They surged with energy and blasts of Green, Red, and Blue energy came from their hands. They were slowing down the copter. Their blue, green, and red eyes glowed. They were the brightest thing that was seen. Their eyes left streaks of their individual colors all the way down that they fell. They were slowing it down. But barely. Ion knew that he had to stop it. He fell down 19 more floors, and hovered down the last one. He saw that it was falling faster. He made a large blue shield in the shape of an octagon and waited for the helicopter to fall on it. He was going to catch it.

Meanwhile, Silver and Ash were summoning all of their power to get this thing to hover somehow. They used all of their strength and sent two large pillars from each of their hands. The two green and red pillars hit the blue shield and slowed the chopper down. It was going down the floors slower and slower. After about 10 minutes, the chopper was 10 floors from the shield and was completely slowed down by now. They started easing up on their energy blasts and were going down at a simple speed. Ion had the helicopter landed easily on his shield and made sure that it was completely safe. Once the helicopter landed safely, they made a check of everyone to see if anyone was injured. Of course Ash and Silver were untouched because of their healing powers, but Ion had a small cut on his arm and Alexandria had one on her face. Ion's cut was a long cut that run up half of his arm. Alexandria's was fairly small and was on her cheek. Alexandria's though was bleeding more. Ion's was barely bleeding.

"Wait.", said Alexandria. "What about the pilot?"

They all ran toward him and saw two large black spears had been skewered straight through him. One through his head, the other through his heart. They were long spears with poisoned tips. He was killed before he could be poisoned. They all were shocked. The spears were leaking of black, dark essence. A one that was all to familiar. Silver tried to examine the spear, but right as he touched it, it disappeared into thin air. Silver saw this and smashed the bottom of the helicopter. What ever threw the spears at the pilot was trying to hit Silver. The spinning of the helicopter just made the thrower his the wrong target. He could tell by the holes in the man's body and the way the spears were placed inside of the pilot. They entered him at an angle, signifying that the spear thrower had a specific target, and the spinning threw it off. Otherwise, the thrower would not have used two spears. They both hit fatal areas. No one would throw two spears at one person if one already killed him. He knew that they were after him because he was right next to the pilot when he was stopping the helicopter from falling. Silver looked up and roared as loud as he could.

They then heard a large explosion from right under them. They knew that another floor was falling. Ion grabbed Alexandria and surged from energy from right under his feet. He started to float in fear of the ground completely collapsing. Ash and Silver jumped up and surged with energy. They smashed through the floor with red and green aura. The whole floor collapsed. Ion and Alexandria hovered down very slowly while Silver and Ash took the large rubble off of themselves.

They slowly looked around and saw piles of dead bodies and black, dark essence almost splattered like paint everywhere. Whatever was destroying these floors was a strong, dark, evil spirit. And not only was it still around, It was after Silver.
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