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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 984 times)
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« Reply #30 on: May 29, 2012, 06:49:29 pm »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 2: Longing, Part 2: Lies

Silver ran for at least a mile. He constantly heard the ringing of screams of pain. A small infant baby crying for it's mother. A cry for help. He ran and reached a cave. He stopped suddenly. He heard soft footsteps in the leaves behind him. He slowly turned around and saw the figure with pink hair and a flower dress. She smiled and looked at him with green eyes. Silver looked at her with hate.

"What's wrong sweetie?", she said with a strange smile

"Go away!", Silver said with anger in his heart

"Don't talk to me like that!", she snapped back

"Make me!!", he roared "Your not my mother!!"

The figure walked slowly to him and he stepped back quickly.

"Honey, I am."

"LIES!", Silver roared with anger. He lost his mother years ago and wanted to hear no more of it. He knew his mother like the back of his hand. "My real mom had a birthmark on her right cheek. She had one inch longer of hair. She dyed her hair a darker shade of pink. And she loved me for who I am!!"

She walked toward Silver and touched his face with a pale, pinkish hand. There was a dark flash of energy being emitted from the figure's hand. The figure chuckled slightly and dark as night aura started pouring from her hands into Silver's forehead. She was poring memories into him. Fake memories that made him believe that she was really his mother. Silver's eyes turned a snow white and his facial expression was blank. After two minutes of the dark aura flowing into Silver's mind, he fell over into her arms. His legs gave up on him.

"Honey, are you OK?", she said. She smirked with an evil, hateful chuckle. Her lime green eyes turned yellow, like a snake's. She was changing.

Silver looked up and said. "Yeah." He smiled and showed his sharp fangs. He took the figure and smashed her into the ground, forcing the dead leaves to break under the force. The forest stood silent at that moment. The woman was shocked. The birds few away in distress and Silver stood tall with his eyes closed. He smirked and opened his devilish eyes. He then looked at her with his evil eyes. "You think that will work? My demon spirit inside of me won't let you do that little trick. You can't break me!! You can't save me even if you tried!! I've stood in the darkness of my soul and heart for long enough! I've been waiting all this time for my mother to come back to me!! And You are not her!! You are everything she is not!!" He grew longer, sharper fangs and looked straight at his mother with spinning red pupils. They were making some sort of symbol.

The figure was shaking. Silver kicked her to the ground even harder with his sneakers. They were stained with blood now. He knew that it had worked. She would not just let him kick her. She would have moved or fought back. He knew that he was hypnotizing her with his spinning pupils. His red eyes did not move. The blackness inside did. They formed a ancient pattern. And that pattern told lies. He convinced her into thinking that he was some sort of demon who was invincible. A feared one. One who controlled all the rest with a Iron fist. She started backing up from Silver. She was scared for her life. In her mind, he was the great and feared demon. He yelled in a demonic voice, "I'VE CONTROLLED THE WORLD, ONE PERSON AT A TIME!!" He knew that was what she feared. She actually believed that Silver could control the world, and her with it.

He lunged at the figure with great speed. The leaves under his feet crumbled and were swept away in the wind when he ran. He grew claws and grinned a evil smile with white, sharp fangs. His claws were long, sharp, and as grey as metal. They left a red trail of aura behind them with each movement they made. He closed his evil eyes and took a big sigh. He opened them for a quick second and he slashed at the figure with speed no one could see. The only thing that was seen was a large red flash. He was on one knee. There was a great wind and then silence swept throughout the forest. He grinned a large grin. There was blood dripping from his claws. The figure was sitting up Indian style. Her expression was blank.A tear came from her eye. Suddenly, blood gushed from her neck. Her head fell off and her body with it. Silver had conquered his worst fear. His mother. His teeth went back to normal and his pupils stopped spinning. His claws went back to hands.

He rose from his one knee and took out a necklace that was hidden under his jacket. It was a silver heart with a blood stain on it. He opened it and there were two pictures. It was of him and his mother. There was a blood stain on the picture of his mother. He ripped it off and tossed it on the dead body. He started to walk away when he stopped. He looked back and saw his mother. He whispered, "I'm sorry." A watery tear came down slowly from his eye and dripped down his face. It quickly hit the ground. The only sound that was heard in that silent forest was the sound of that tear dropping. He walked away from the body with a thing greater than victory. He had gotten closure.
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