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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 1376 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 28, 2012, 01:32:21 pm »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 2: Longing, Part 1: Explain It All

Alexandria was about to let go of the red string holding all 5 of the arrows sharply pointed at Silver's pale face. He was slightly sweating. She carefully aimed the wooded bow at Silver. The forest was quiet. Ash was fully frozen in the clear ice. He was struggling, but to no avail. His light green eyes slightly sparkled in the sun. He narrowed them on Alexandria. He was afraid of her. Her long curly and dark brown hair flailed around in the wind. The forest did not move. A person could hear a pin drop. The silence was broken by the loud sound of thunder. Alexandria stood up and put her bows away in a long wooden case with Greek symbols on it. She snapped her fingers and the ice that held Ash melted into water withing 2 seconds. Ash fell to the ground soaking wet. His green Egyptian clothing was damp and heavy. He panted for air. His neck had been constricted by the ice. Alexandria extended her hand to Silver. She was wearing some sort of special gloves, for they glowed with a mythical aura. Silver grabbed her hand and stood up. Silver then realized that he was taller than her. By about 3 inches. He didn't count his hair that was styled like fire. Alexandria then looked up at Silver with blue eyes.

She looked right into his sunglasses and said, "We don't have much time. You need to run."

Silver looked at Alexandria confused. "What are you talking about?", Silver asked

Alexandria took Silver's sunglasses right off of his face and snapped them into two pieces, revealing his red as blood eyes. Alexandria looked straight into them and said, "Use your eyes. They are your greatest weapon. They will lead you to the truth" She hugged him. "She is coming. She will deceive you in all ways. Remember this. I will protect you in all ways i can, brother"

Suddenly, a large yellow flash of lightning struck the ground. The ground set partly on fire. The ground shook and a girl with wavy pink hair in a pony tail, a flower dress, and and heels appeared before them. She smiled and looked at Silver. "Hi honey", she said.

"Mother of Zeus, she came sooner than i expected.", Alexandria said. She took out a firey red arrow and aimed it straight at the figure. "Don't believe a word she says, Silver!"

Silver had a confused look on his face. Ash summoned his claymore and went to Ion. Ash started to shake Ion awake. Ash had a feeling that they were going to have to fight this girl. As Ash tried to awake Ion, the girl drew closer. She slowly walked toward Silver. Alexandria shot her fire bow at the girl, but there was a strange, invisible, pink-like shield that surrounded the girl. The bow was easily crushed by the shield. She ignored it and slowly walked toward Silver. She was about 10 meters from Silver. Alexandria was stunned. She was stronger than expected. She continued to draw and shoot arrows at the girl, but to no avail. Ash then got Ion to wake up. Ion got up and saw the girl with pink hair. He recognized her immediately. He knew who she was and by the look of her, what she could do. Silver was standing there in shock. Ion charged up energy and shot as much electric energy ah he could muster. Ash drew his claymore and tried to slash at the figure. His large grey broadsword did not even scratch the figure.

The girl was 8 meters from Silver. Ash, Alexandria, and Ion knew that this was not working. All of their mythical powers and special skills did not even scratch her. Alexandria yelled to Silver. "DO SOMETHING!! RUN!!!" Silver shook his head and snapped out of it. He saw the girl and fell to his knees. He was recovering a memory. A large one. He began to have a massive headache. He put his hands on his head and closed his eyes tightly. He grew large, sharp fangs and roared with red energy. Alexandria knew that he was remembering something. "We need to give him time to recover his memory!!!", Alexandria said, shooting more arrows. Ash ran toward the girl and slashed as much as he could. Ion made twin blue energy swords on his wrists and started to slash at her as well. Silver's eyes were white as snow. His facial expressions were blank. His mind was racing with different memories. A kiss. A date. His eyes. A girl. He remembered a girl. He snapped out of it and saw the figure walking toward him. He rose and saw his friends fighting the girl. He remembered what Alexandria said and ran away.

The girl became furious. She swatted Ash and Ion away with the flick of the wrist. She saw Alexandria. She snapped her fingers and her pink nails glowed. She raised her hand and a large pink energy explosion knocked Alexandria back into a tree. She became unconscious. The girl vanished within two seconds. Silver kept running without looking back. He remembered the girl and had to run away.
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