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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 756 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 27, 2012, 02:02:50 pm »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1: Knowing, Part 6: The Time to Pray Is Now

SMACK!! Ash was slapped in the face, tied into a tree. Silver and Ion stood in front of him.

"Tied to a tree and hitting me. Shouldn't you take me on a first date first?", Ash asked

"Shut your mouth Sharpshoot. I want answers!", Silver exclaimed

"I can possibly give them to you. Come back in a few thousand years."

Silver grew claws and stabbed Ash in the heart. "I can kill you until you do. You might heal, but i can kill you a few thousand times until you comply."

Ash could heal, but he still felt pain. He was stabbed more and more until he smirked. "Torturing me won't help you."

"We'll soon see." Silver slashed at Ash for hours on end, but he did not break

"This isn't working.", said Ion "He heals and begs for more."

They then heard a faint wind and birds chirping. They looked around and saw nothing. Silver was ticked off as it. He didn't need to know that someone or something was trying to kill them.

"If that's who I think it is, the time to pray is now.", Ash said. "She will come after you like wild g...." Suddenly an arrow went through his hand.

"Oh god.", Ash said. "L-let me loose now!!"

"Why? What's wrong?", Ion asked

"S-s-she's here!! Let me loose and I will tell you all that i know!! Please!!"

Silver cut him loose and they ran deeper into the forest. They were chased by a flurry of arrows that were somehow full of explosives, fire, electricity, or ice. Silver was confused. Those arrows were enchanted.

About two miles in, the arrows stopped and they hid behind a tree, out of breath, and out of time.

"Tell us everything!!", Ion exclaimed.

"OK, OK.", Ash said. "Her name is Alexandria. She is technically Silver's sister. She is a demigod. She hunts down animals and humans like a wild dog. She is a expert tracker and knows how to use a bow."

"What about those arrows?", Silver asked "Those were not human."

"Smart man.", Ash replied. "Enchanted by wizards or something. Every arrow has a element in it. Very special. Very rare." Ash started to catch his breath. "Only a god could have the authority to commands wizards to do that."

They heard another wind and more chirping. They stood silent until a mysterious figure appeared before the three. They charged up as much energy as they could,

"Who are you?!", Silver exclaimed

"You should know brother!" The figure then proceeded to aim her bow at them "Now prepare to know who is the better killer!!!! I am the daughter of Artemis! Alexandria!" She then proceeded to shoot arrows at all of them. Ion blocked them with a shield he made out of electricity and absorbed the energy of the electric arrows. She used a fire one on his shield and it broke. She kicked him in the face and knocked him out. Ash charged up power and summoned a claymore toward him. He tried to slash at Alexandria, but she just jumped straight over him and shot him in the head with a ice arrow. He froze from the neck down. He was unable to move. Silver tried the same, but she kicked him into a tree and aimed all her mythical arrows at Silver. She was going to kill him. "Goodbye, Brother!!!", she exclaimed.

                                         End of Chapter 1
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