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News: /looks at Ultra/ Boy am I glad he's frozen in there and that we're out here and that he's the admin and we're frozen out here and that we're in there and I just remembered that we're out here but what I wanna know is where's the owner.
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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 1376 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 26, 2012, 11:37:04 am »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1: Knowing, Part 5: Well, Well

Ion and Silver headed north. They walked for hours. They were trying to find out where this Sharpshoot guy was. They walked and walked found a large wall. It did not lead to a actual village. It lead to a underground tunnel. The tunnel lead to a secret city underground. A secret civilization. They entered and went through the long tunnel route. There was a arena where one buy stood fighting all who said they wanted a good fight. They should have said they wanted a good beating. He beat them all. Silver saw the boy and knew that it was Ash Sharpshoot.

"That's him, isn't it?", Silver asked

"Sure is.", replied Ion. "He will know where she is."

Silver walked up to the arena. Ash was standing at the edge asking for more challengers.

"Who's next? You guys want the championship, then beat the champion!", Ash exclaimed

"I will fight you next.", said Silver as he stepped into the ring.

Ash smirked and looked at Silver. Silver was about 5 years younger than Ash. Ash had beaten full grown men 10 times Silver's size.

"Tell you what kid.", Ash said. "The out of ring disqualifications won't count. If i hit you too hard, tell me. And to make it easier, i won't use my hands."

The whole audience laughed. Silver knew Ash was trying to humiliate him. He laughed and said, "Good for you." Ash put his hands behind his back, thinking this would be very easy. Silver's eyes turned red and aura radiated around him. Ash looked shocked. He knew that this was not good.

Silver punched Ash with all his might and Ash was sent to the ground with a laud crash. Ash was cut in many places. He healed instantly. Ash kicked Silver to the ceiling. Silver had a rock through his torso, but fell and healed also. Ash and Silver could both heal. This would not turn out well. They both jumped at each other and clashed with red and green aura. They both had powers. Ash quickly jumped on Silver's back and kicked him to the ground. Silver grabbed Ash by the leg and smashed him into that giant arena, destroying it. The entire city was cheering Silver on. They thought that the champion would finally be defeated. They were a civilization who resorted to fighting and death to resolve problems. Their champion was hated by all. They thought that they would now have a new and better one.

Silver and Ash jumped to different corners of the destroyed arena. Ash smiled and said, "Well, Well. If it isn't the brother of Alexandria himself. In the flesh too. I thought you died, and so did she. She always hated you, man." Ash was trying to get Silver to believe lies. So he could have his chance to strike.


"Why would i tell you lies? I knew your sister for two years.", he said as he ran over to Silver and kicked him into the ground. "She told me everything." Ash continued to kick Silver into the ground.

Silver looked up and his eyes turned white. He roared with enormous power. He sent out shock waves of energy throughout the whole city. Ash looked down and sighed. "She really was telling the truth. He has that demon inside of him." Silver smashed Ash into the ground and beat on him repeatedly. Silver looked down at Ash and saw he looked unharmed, but was unconscious. He won the fight. The red aura died down and he picked Ash up. He started to walk out of the city. He was going to find out everything about his sister. Starting with Ash.
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