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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 984 times)
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« on: May 24, 2012, 08:23:18 pm »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1: Knowing, Part 4: Come Again?

Silver and Ion cheesed it. They ran for a long time and jumped off the cliff. Silver looked back and realized something. He needed to find out what Ion knew about him. He dropped 20 feet and landed on his feet and broke his legs. He looked at them and snapped them back into place. Ion hovered to the ground. He was unharmed. They ran for about two more miles before seeing a cave. They went into the cave and hid. The militia was searching the whole forest that they were hiding in. Ion and Silver decided to make themselves comfortable. They got some wood and sticks when the militia was distracted. Ion snapped his fingers and the spark from the energy lit the fire. They were silent for a long time. Ion was staring at Silver.

"What kind of name is Silver?", he asked

"What kind of name is Ion?"

"One of someone who can't control himself. And yours?"

"I don't know. Why don't you tell me of all the things you know about me."

"I was bluffing back there. I know very little about you. Tell me what you know about yourself, and i can fill in some of the blanks."

"Well, I was a only child...."

"Wrong.", Ion interrupted

"What?", asked Silver confused "I remember that I was adopted. I was a only child."

"No. You shouldn't remember this. You have a demigod sister."

"Come again?", Silver asked

"You have a sister that is part god, part human."

"Gods don't exist."

"Yes they do. Now, your dad married you mom. After a few years, your dad didn't love your mom. He found comfort in a new woman. Artemas. The Greek Goddess of The Wild. She went by the human name Ashley. He slept with her and she got pregnant. Around that time, he found out that he actually loved your mom and made you. Artemas was consumed with jealousy and killed your dad. Your mom gave you to a orphanage in fear that she would be killed. Your sister was born a life of a demigod. She learned how to use a bow, and how to use it well. She knows how to kill 20 men easy. I knew her. She was really nice, and i liked her. The agency told her about you 2 years ago, just after the incident you found yourself in with the dead girl. She dedicated her life to finding you. If you really want to know where she is, her best friend is a guy named Alshary Sharpshoot. He is in a similar situation as you when it comes to being special. He is quick, wields a claymore, and can heal like you. But he is weak. We can find him, and find her once we get out of this. He lives in a small village where he is treated like a god. He can fight and win against everyone. He is very arrogant. We need to find him, get him with us, and find your sister. We need her to be with us. We need both of them on this team. They both have their strengths, and weaknesses, but we need them."

Silver was taking alot in. He had a sister, and everything he thought was thrown out the window in a matter of two minutes. He heard the militia leaving and got up. "Where do we go?", he asked

"North. The village is hidden. We need to get in as quickly and quietly as possible to find Sharpshoot."

Silver was dedicated to finding his sister. She would know all he didn't. He needed to find her.

My sister had been begging me to put her in the story, so i did. HAPPY NOW?!
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