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December 01, 2022, 06:10:37 pm
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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 1376 times)
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« on: May 23, 2012, 06:47:31 pm »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1, Learning, Part 3: Tell Me Something

Silver woke up in the headquarters. He rubbed his head. He crashed through 20 miles of houses and trees. He showed no emotions, but he was hurt. Alot. He went to the holding cells to find Ion. He was struggling in his prison. He was bound by his hands and legs. He slowly looked up and saw Silver.

"Thanks for imprisoning me, Jerk!", Ion exclaimed.

"Cut the crap Ion. What do you know about me?"

Ion smirked. "The question is, what don't I know about you."

Silver had no patience. "Tell me all you know."

"Hell no."

"I will kill you where you stand!"

"You think I believe that? You won't lay a finger on me or you won't learn anything."

Silver looked down and smashed the glass. "What will it take for you to tell me something? Anything."

"Tell me something. What do they want with me? I'm a guy who can't control his powers. I don't even know what I'm doing half the time."

"They want to make some sort of team. Pull us together for a common cause. To help others."

Ion smirked. "The Dynamic Duo or something?"

"I don't know."

Dungan walked in and saw the two talking. "Good, you two are together. You two are being sent to the militia. There is a drug lord there. We need you two to stop his shipment, and keep him from killing innocent people."

Silver knew that together they could make a difference. He looked at Ion, and Ion looked back at Silver. They both thought the same thing. No more running. No more fear. They both would fight for others. They both accepted the offer. They were on the first flight out. They saw the militia and they saw the shipment from the plane.

"You got a good sense of timing, Dungan.", Silver said.

"Shut up and jump.", Dungan replied.

Ion surged up energy and jumped out of the plane. He hovered down to the ground. Silver smirked and thought that that was the boring way of doing things. Silver jumped from the plane and used his energy to go down faster. He headed straight for the drug shipment. He regretted that. He slammed into the truck and it exploded. The drugs were sent everywhere. He was proud of that. But the whole village heard the explosion of the truck. Ion landed and hid in the bushes. He wasn't as hasty or hard headed as Silver. He thought things through. When he saw the militia running toward the truck, he knew their cover was blown. He sent out a shock-wave of energy throughout the forest. The militia were blown away. Silver ran toward the center and found Ion.

"Hey.", Silver said.

A thousand more militia members were headed for them with tanks, machine guns, and much more firepower. They saw that and knew that they screwed up. They needed to start learning what a team really was. Before it got them both killed. They ran away as fast as they could. Silver grew claws and saw two militia members. Silver stabbed them and took their guns. He needed to save energy. He threw one to Ion and took the other for himself. They were going to get out of the village the loud way.
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