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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 1002 times)
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« on: May 22, 2012, 08:42:24 pm »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1: Learning, Part 2: Knowing

Silver was on a flight to a small town in Virginia. He looked down from a helicopter and saw a small house he was supposed to break into. He was supposed too find Ion, and fight him at all costs. Dungan said he was a real threat and they could help him. He believed them. He was helped when he totaled a entire city three years ago. He looked up and took a deep breath. He jumped from the plane with no parachute. He knew nothing bad would happen to him. He surged with energy and crashed into the building at full speed. He slowly got up and saw the house was totaled. He looked around only to find a boy charging up a energy blast. Silver saw that far too late. The blast was hurled straight at him and he smashed through five more buildings. The boy in the house was Ion. And he was peeved off. He walked casually out of the house and saw a streetlight. He touched it and absorbed all of it's power. He laughed as he surged with energy.

He looked at Silver and said, "You're finished!" He started charging up a large energy blast.

Silver got up from the buildings without a scratch. He saw his jacket had a rip. He saw this and looked at Ion. He casually said, "Oh hell no!" He ran up to Ion and punched him with all of his force. Ion stopped charging the ball. He spit out blood and was sent across the town. He was scratched and had a broken arm. But luck was on his side. He saw a car pass by and absorbed it's energy and he healed from his wounds. Silver jumped to where Ion was and landed with a red energy crash. He made claws and looked at Ion with red as blood eyes. Ion looked at him back with blue as lightning eyes. They were opposites at that moment. Silver looked at Ion confused and fell to his knees with his brain aching. He remembered something. Or someone. It looked walked, and seemed just like him. It was a dark him. Who was it? He looked back up and roared with rage. Whenever he remembered something, it brought back a new power. He surged with energy. Ion looked shocked. Silver was radiating with aura. Ion made bombs out of energy, and so did Silver. They were the same in some ways. Ion looked like he was worried. He was out matched. He charged up energy and tried his best to do something with his wrists. He looked at Silver as knew that he had it together. Ion had been training with his powers, but never knew his full potential. He charges up as much energy as he could and made swords out of his wrists. He looked pleased. He charged at Silver and slashed him a few times and stabbed him. Silver kicked Ion with the force of 10 wild bulls and he flew back. Ion landed a mile away and got up shaking. He smirked and looked at Silver.

"So what they said about you is true. You don't remember anything."

"What are you talking about?", Silver asked

"You destroyed that whole town, killed thousands of demons, saw your dark half, and you can't remember a thing about it, can you?"

Silver was confused. He did all of those things? He couldn't have. He was weak. He got angry at these lies. "LIAR!!" He surges with energy, grew fangs, and grew longer claws. He felt pain when this happened.

"Start knowing, Silver! Ask that 'Agency' what you really are! Your a freak! Just like me!", Ion said while charging up energy.

Silver roared and yelled, "BRING IT MCGRATH!!"

The two charged at each other with all of their force, sending shock waves of blue and red energy with every clash. They hit one another a few times before charging up all of their energy into one fist. They both yelled and swung at each other. They hit each others fist and clashed. They were both sent back for miles from that clash. One was on the top of Virginia, another at the bottom. Dungan saw it all and sighed. "Bring them both in for debriefing. This is gonna be a long few days."

The McGrath thing is a reference to the popular video game series inFAMOUS on the PS3.
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