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Silver: Legacy

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Author Topic: Silver: Legacy  (Read 1002 times)
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« on: May 21, 2012, 08:04:38 pm »

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1: Learning, Part 1: Any Plans?

There were rapid footsteps. There were gunshots heard round the village. Two boys were being chased by the army. One of them was using energy blast, the other was shooting a gun. They were running for their dear lives.

"Can ya keep up?", said the one on the left

"Worry about yourself.", said the other smirking

"What do you plan we do here?", asked the one on the left

"No idea.", said the other

"Got any more blasts?"

"Too tired out dude."

"Any plans?"

The one on the left looked to a ledge and smirked. He had a plan. "Just the usual one. Get ready!", he said.

The other knew just what he was thinking. They both jumped off the ledge, dodging the bullets and gunfire. They saw a lake and took their opportunity. The one on the left couldn't believe that in two short weeks, he was dodging the army, gunfire, and jumping off the ledge with a guy who shot energy out of his hands. He reflected and thought, "How did it come to this?"

Two Weeks Earlier

The boy arrived at a HQ for special services. His name was Silver. He entered the building and saw Agent Dungan. He had met him a week ago. The Agent shook Silver's hand and took him into a room with a giant screen.

"How are you son?", The agent asked

"Cut the crap Dungan. You fly me out first moment you can, pay for my trip and ride, and offer me 100 grand up front? What's the deal?"

"I see your well. I'll cut to the chase. We need you to apprehend a boy named 'Ion.'"

"What kind of name is Ion?", Silver asked

"The one of this individual.", said Dungan who turned on footage of a boy destroying a whole city.

Silver got up and turned serious. The dude had skill. He barley knew any of his powers. Ion was blocking all of the military bullets with a shield and blasting them. After about two minutes of destroying everything, he casually walked away. Silver smashed his first against the table and broke it in half. He went over to Dungan and lifted him into the air.

"What is he?!" Silver demanded answers. He was told that no one else had powers. He was told he was alone. He felt like he was the only Mutant, Cursed, or Special thing out there.

"He is a energy being. A EMP went off in his town when we needed to take down some planes that were going rogue. It was during a Lightning Storm. He was right next to the bomb. Lightning struck it and it blew up in his face. He became a energy being. He can absorb, implament, and use all energy except human energy.", Dungan replied.

Silver let Dungan down and grew fangs. He looked at Dungan, who could see his red eyes through his black as night sunglasses. Silver was not pleased with having to kill another person who was like him.

Dungan extended his hand and asked, "Will you help us?"

Silver swatted his hand away. "Forget it. I won't kill him."

Dungan laughed. "We don't want you to kill him. We need him brought back here. Alive. You two are going to make a team for us. You two are going to help people. Your team will soon grow, and you will protect us from the supernatural."

Silver was confused. "What like Superheroes or something?"

"You could say like that. But for now, it will only be you two."

Silver nodded and said, "I'm in." He liked the fact that he wasn't alone. He could have some people who felt his pain. He could protect others with his curse. And he would do anything to prove it.
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