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Wind Only Fans the Flames - An Ariana/Rufio One-Shot

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Author Topic: Wind Only Fans the Flames - An Ariana/Rufio One-Shot  (Read 94 times)
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« on: March 29, 2011, 09:18:08 am »

AN: Another drabble I wrote on the Avatar: The Last Airbender RP! I posted it on my blog and figured I should also post it here. ^_^

Disclaimer: The original concept of Avatar the Last Air bender is in no way, shape or form owned by myself. I simply created these characters for Role plays in the world of Avatar and I wished to write a little more about them. Thus I decided to write a few one-shots featuring my characters. Hope you guys enjoy!

The large mass of the flying bison let out a grumble as Dokan touched down for the night, him landing in a meadow dowsed in moonlight. The excited air bender cheered as she floated down from the creature, gracefully dancing amongst the flowers with the breeze flowing around her. Ariana smiled warmly at their home for the night, two flighty creatures gliding over to her and landing on her shoulders.

“What do you think? Zanook? Sizun? Do you guys approve of our new place?” The air bender asked her silly pets, enjoying their moment of peace to its fullest.

“I hate it…”

Cold eyes glared from the large beast nestled in the grass as Rufio leapt down from Dokan’s saddle, his intense gaze sending chills down Ariana’s spine. Her two lemurs squeaked in protest and hid behind their master, fearful of what the fire bender would do since he was upset.

“Hate it?” Ariana repeated as she kept her stance, following the approaching fire bender with her eyes. “Why do you hate it so much? You hated it when you were told to sleep while riding Dokan so we landed and now you’re saying you hate this place too?”

“It’s nothing but a grassy meadow out in the open,” Rufio retorted as he snuffed beside the air bender, her eyes still searching for a better answer. “Do you ever use that brain of yours? What if we are attacked? Grass catches fire easily so I’m powerless here unless I want to kill us in the process of protecting us.”

“With friends like you, who needs enemies,” Ariana giggled at her words though Rufio was less than amused. “I highly doubt anyone will attack us out here. And besides, we could easily just hop back on Dokan and escape right? So no worries; just enjoy the scenery and take in that fresh air.”

“You’re an idiot, you know that,” Rufio sneered as he retreated back to the bison, pulling himself up onto the saddle while nodding for the girl to follow suit. “We’re leaving.”

“No we’re not,” Ariana pouted in place, her lemurs peeking out from behind her. “And don’t call me stupid!”

“We’re allies of the Avatar and you of all people are at the top of that man’s capture list!” Rufio snapped back. “You’re acting like an idiot if you don’t even acknowledge that we might be attacked in a wide open space like this! Now come on!”

“But…” Ariana continued her pout as she held her stance. “I rarely get to have such wonderful scenery around me. It’s always rocky cliffs, icy glaciers or stormy clouds. I want to take in the fresh air and laze about in an open field of flowers. Might we stay for just a little while?”

“Do you honestly not listen to a word I say?” Rufio’s tone grew louder as he leapt from the saddle once more, stomping through the grass until he was toe-to-toe with his companion. “I said we’re going! We’re in an open field filled with grass. Grass catches fire almost immediately. Therefore, if we were attacked and I used my fire bending, we’d scorch the place and most likely burn to death.”

“I’ll just use my air bending and put out the flames then.”

“This isn’t a single candle on a window sill, we’re talking a huge field with layers of grass on top of each other,” Rufio argued. “The wind you bend would do nothing but fan the flames, spreading them quickly around us until we die.”

Ariana’s eyes were wide in shock as she stood there, Zanook and Sizun finally dashing away to find Dokan’s protection from the shouting male of the group. The air bender blushed with embarrassment as her eyes fell to her feet, the fire bender waiting for her words.

“So like the wind fans the flames in this field, I am fanning your flaming temper by asking you?” The girl questioned shyly, Rufio raising his eyebrow in interest. He hadn’t thought of it that way but it was true, their argument was just like the fire in the field.

“Yeah, now come on,” Rufio prepared to turn heel when he noticed the girl’s slouched shoulders begin to quake, no doubt meaning Ariana was tearing up. “Seriously? What are you cryin’ for?”

“I just wanted to spend a few moments here in such a nice setting. We never get to have moments like this since the Avatar was found out,” Ariana mumbled softly, wiping away her tears before they could cascade down her cheeks. “I guess I was just being selfish. I’m sorry…you’re right, it would be stupid. Let’s go…”

Rufio’s dark eyes kept on the girl’s body as he sighed, knowing that her tears were not something he enjoyed. Sure, he liked to pick on her and scold her but it was all just playful to him. When Ariana cried, it was almost heartbreaking for him.

“Fine…” Rufio grumbled as he pushed past Ariana, taking a few steps before collapsing in the grass and glaring up at the sky. “Just five minutes, all right?!

The air bender stood in shock for a moment, eyes wide as her blush deepened. Before she could even begin to understand his reasoning, Ariana’s smile grew large and she skipped to Rufio’s side and collapsed with him.

“So I put out your flames with my pestering after all?”

“You cheated with your tears so it doesn’t count,” Rufio rolled his eyes as the two of them gazed up at the stars, their hands joined together. “Water is after all the flame’s greatest enemy.”

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