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Let's Make Waves - An Avatar: The Last Airbender Drabble

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Author Topic: Let's Make Waves - An Avatar: The Last Airbender Drabble  (Read 82 times)
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« on: March 29, 2011, 09:15:04 am »

AN: I posted this story on my blog and figured I would also post it here since its from the Avatar the Last Airbender RP! ^_^

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender nor do I own Tahna. That character belongs to Jamie Canyon :3 She’s letting me borrow her for this little fanfiction I wrote today as a gift ^_^ Enjoy!

The two lemurs scampered around their master’s body as Ariana laid out upon the sand of the beach, the salty breeze sending a smile on the girl’s face as she dozed off in the sun. She had grown used to Zanook and Sizun’s pestering and was able to sleep through all their shenanigans now, however when she felt one dash away she knew it had to be the later of the two.

“Sizun, you’re being too curious for your own good again,” Ariana mumbled as she soaked in the sun, her eyes remaining closed as Zanook’s body cuddled up beside her. The airbender remained there until something loomed above her, blocking her warmth and leaving her in a darkened shadow. “Huh?”

“Look at you being lazy out here,” the voice giggled from above as Ariana’s hazel eyes fluttered open, staring into two blue ones from above. “I was wondering where you disappeared to. You’ve been quiet ever since that fight with Rufio. I wanted to make sure you were ok.”

The airbender smiled warmly at the girl above her, giggling as a lemur peered out from the waterbender’s shoulder with his own little smirk.

“I’m all right, honest,” Ariana pushed herself up onto her elbows, gazing towards the rolling waves of the water. “There’s no need to worry about little ol’ me anyway. You guys should be thinking up a good plan to get us to the Earth nation without being seen by the enemy ships.”

“The plans are already made,” Tahna said as she came to the airbender’s side, sliding down onto the sand next to her. The two lemurs both chose their prospective lap to climb into and cooed at the close presence of the girls. “Ariana, you’d tell me right if you were upset. I mean…I want us to be really great friends but…sometimes I feel that you like to keep everything bottled up. All these fights you have with Rufio…every single one of them gets worse and afterwards you have this look of hurt…like his words cut through you like a blade.”

“I don’t take anything that idiot says seriously, Tahna,” Ariana began to counter.

“You say that but I’ve seen the looks you give and they are so heartbreaking,” Tahna interrupted before blushing, her gaze falling to the lemur curled up in her lap. “I’m sorry, none of this is my place. I should have just held my tongue.”

The airbender gazed at Tahna beside her, noticing the waterbenders pout as she played with the lemur in her lap. Ariana sighed as she glanced over, her eyes showing her guilt before she scooted closer to the water bender and patted her on the shoulder.

“No, I really appreciate the concern Tahna. You are my best friend out here in our crazy world and I feel like I haven’t given you proof of that yet,” Ariana gave a smile to the girl before continuing. “I don’t know what it is about that firebender but…I don’t like it when he gets so angry with me and leaves my side. I do enjoy our bouts, we’re constantly picking on each other and giving each other attention. But then when we fight like we did earlier…he says such hurtful things and I don’t know how to react to them.”

“Really?” Tahna blinked up at the airbender, smiling over at her in appreciation. “Wow, Ariana, do you think you like the firebender?”

“Wha…no! Why would you even suggest that!” Ariana response was quick as her cheeks burned red, the water bender giggling beside her. “Let’s just drop it! I’m fine, like I said before. I just wanted some nice quiet time on the beach is all!”

The two of them sat in silence once more, watching the waves roll back and forth. Tahna followed the waves with her eyes, reading their patterns and wishing to aid them in their movements.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to see a water bender move the waves at their own will,” Ariana suddenly burst out, smiling over at Tahna. “Are you able to move them?”

“Well, I suppose I could,” Tahna blushed at the attention, pushing herself to her feet as the lemur in her lap rolled down onto the sand in interest. “I’m not that good at it myself. I can never seem to time it out right and the waves become crossed while they roll in and out.”

“Maybe the breeze itself screws you up,” Ariana mentioned, slipping to her feet as well as Zanook clung to her shoulder. “Tell ya what. We’ll do it together. I’ll control the breeze and you control the waves.”

Tahna paused for a moment before nodding with a smile, getting into her stance along with the airbender. The two of them paused for a moment before steadying their breaths, beginning to push their hands forward and them pulling them back towards their chest. The area went completely calm around them as the waves began to follow their movements, the breeze above it obeying the bender’s will as well.

Blue eyes filled with happiness as Tahna could see the waves moving completely at her will, rolling in and out as they flowed over the two’s bare feet. The lemurs both scurried into the water and followed the waves back and forth, pleased with what the girls were achieving.

“I did it!” Tahna cheered beside Ariana, happily leaping about in the water. “I mean, we did it! We did it Ariana!”

“No doubt in my mind,” Ariana smirked and hugged the water bender, the two of them enjoying their moment of bonding. The waves continued to roll around as the lemurs played amongst their feet, the sun beaming down from above.

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