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(I feel like a geek!) Make a pokemon gym!

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Author Topic: (I feel like a geek!) Make a pokemon gym!  (Read 117 times)
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« on: March 13, 2011, 05:33:35 pm »

So, I go Black a week ago... and I'm in a mood for it...
So I decided to make some gyms... thingamajig.

Gym Leader:
Description: This is Striaton city's for an example- Triple Trouble!


Trainers: beginning-"         " You're Win-"           "

Gym leader:beginning-"                                     " First hit-"             "   Last Pokemon-"                        "  Defeat-"                            "


Please use already made pokemon... don't make ur own...

Gym Leader: Winston
Description: A boy with sky-high dreams
Type: Flying

Puzzle:You must go around a small labyrinth with wind currents taking you over gorge like areas.

Pilot Cameron:
Beginning-"Hey, lets test if you can make it to the top!"
Pokemon: Drifloon (female) lvl 8- Astonish, Attract, Acrobatics
              Rufflet (male) lvl 9- Peck, Fury Attack, Work Up
Defeat-"You knocked me down to the bottom!"

Shopper Jamie:
Beginning-"Watch my pokemon fly!"
Pokemon: Taillow (female) lvl 9- Quick Attack, Peck, Pluck, Focus Energy
              Rufflet (male) lvl 10- Fury Attack, Swagger, Wing Attack, Tackle
              Rufflet (male) lvl 9- Swagger, Work Up, Double Team, Rock Smash
Defeat- "Aw, they can't any more"

           = Moves to watch out for
Gym leader:Winston
beginning-"Hello, I see you are for a battle?" "Very well, I'm Winston. Master of Air, are you ready for a defeat?"
First Hit- "Ah, those attacks lift me up"
Pokemon: Rufflet (male) lvl 12- Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Swagger, Pluck
              Drifloon (male) lvl 11- Thief, Acrobatics, Gust, Psych Up
              Taillow (female) lvl 11-Attract,Swagger, Peck, Focus Energy
Last Pokemon- "Gosh, I never saw such aerodynamic moves."
Defeat- "Amazing! I have seen many trainers but never have I see such amazing detail and precision!" "You seemed to have planned every move, So I present to you the Breezy Badge" Obtained Breezy badge! "This will make all pokemon up to level 20 obey you! I also will give you this TM." obtained TM40 Aerial Ace "Aerial Ace is a really cool move that can hit non-adjacent pokemon in Triple Battles!"

Badge:Breezy Badge
City: Dreflod City

Woo! That took FOREVER!
(Do not insult this! I'm getting bored Jeez)

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« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2011, 04:33:59 pm »

Heres a hint on my next one.............................................
Her name is Loren and her strongest pokemon has R,O,G,E,N,L,A in its name. In fact those are its only letters!
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« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2011, 04:45:18 pm »

Gym Leader: Loren
Description: The gal with a sturdy spirit!

Puzzle: You must go around in this path and face trainers in front of large crystals. When you defeat one, they knock it down to create a bridge. Quartz decorates the edges!

Black Belt Ty
Beginning- "I've spent years of meditating for this moment!"
Pokemon: Roggenrola lvl 14- Rock Blast, Harden, Smack Down, Swagger
              Aron lvl 15- Metal Claw, Mud Slap, Double Team, Rock Polish
Defeat- "All that meditating for THIS?!"

Miner Webster
Beginning- "In the mines, you can't find pokemon. Only Soot!"
Pokemon: Aron lvl 15- Mud Slap, Tackle, Rock Polish, Metal Claw
              Dwebble (male) lvl 15- Smack Down, Faint Attack, Attract, Rest
              Roggenrola lvl 14- Headbutt, Smack Down, Swagger, Toxic
Defeat- "You won because soot's in my eye"

Miner Eddie
Beginning- "This is a short battle, I can tell!"
Pokemon: Aron lvl 14- Hone Claws, Stomp, Rock Slide, Facade
              Aron lvl 14- Sandstorm, Mud slap, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide

Gym leader:
Beginning- " Oh, Hi! My name is Loren! I am the gym leader here, so watch out. I keep my eyes on jewels but when I battle, my eyes are on the prize!"
Pokemon: Dwebble lvl 15- Faint Attack, Smack Down, Protect, Dig
              Dwebble lvl 15- Smack Down, Rock blast, Poison Jab, Round
              Roggenrola lvl 16- Rock Blast, Smack Down, Stone Edge, Dig
First Hit- "Ooh, this is just like when I lost my ruby!"     
Last Pokemon- "My confidence is as strong as a diamond!"
Defeat-"Wow! That was amazing! You're strategy..." "It was like finding a diamond the size as yourself!" "I applaud you're victory by giving you this," Obtained to Jewel Badge "That is the Jewel Badge! All pokemon up to level 30 will listen to you without question!" "You're rock-hard  performance aslo deserves a TM!" Obtained TM23 Smack Down "Smack Down is a move that gives all pokemon that are Flying type or has Levitate extra damage!" "The next gym is up ahead, you should test it out!"

Badge: Jewel Badge
City: Minophint City

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« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2011, 07:01:42 pm »

okay takin' a break from this and telling you how I would get to these gyms.
Juret Town- Home Town, you can choose from the Sinnoh and Hoenn Starters here.

O= easy to find S=Sometimes come D=Rarely come X=Almost never some
Rt.1- This route has few trainers but a few pokemon to catch: Lillipup O, Geodude D, Taillow O, Snover (winter only) S, Jigglypuff S, Teddiursa O.
You can find a Potion next to the Werolin exit. There is a escape rope behind the long treeway near Werolin exit.

Werolin Town- This is where you are introduced to pokemon centers and recieve pokeballs. You are previously taught how catch pokemon on Rt.1. You can receive TM21 Frustration in the house to the left of PKMN Center. The girl with a Geodude behind her will give it to you.

Rt.2- A route that twist south. Some trainers are here, along with some pokemon. Tyrouge=X, Miccino=O, Hoothoot=O, Cinccino=D, Pichu=S.
If you beat PKMN Breeder Michelle, she'll give a Cheri Berry. Lass Rachel gives you two Oran berries.

Dreflod City- A bustling city with many people who love the Pokemon Musicals held here unfortunately, you cannot participate until after the second gym leader, Loren. The gym leader here is Winston, Master of Air! In this city you can get an Antidote from the man in front of the fountain. You can also trade a Pichu (found in Rt.2) that is level 8 or over and receive a level 10 Yanma. If you go to the large house in its large pit, you can find a person who gives you a soda pop if you show him a pokemon that knows Aerial Ace. You can get Aerial Ace after beating Winston.

Rt.3/Dreflod River- Rt.3 is a small grassy route with only 2 trainers on it, Shopper Madi and Younster Greg. It goes over Dreflod river, and on this you can only find Seels and Frillishes. In the grass there are: Scraggy= X, Pichu= S, Foongus= O, Sewaddle=D, Lillipup= O, Teddiursa= S, Deerling= X.

Dread Lake
Only Psychics and Black belts are around here, which have some ghost type pokemon. You only go on the west edge to get to your next destination. On the lake you'll find- Frillish= O, Carvahna= O, Tynamo =S. In the grass on the north and south sides hold- Yamask= D, Duskull= S, Shuppet=S, Banette= X, Pawniard=S, Audino=D.

Minophint City (Min-oh-fint)
In here there is the Battle Alley, a long alley in between the house wih the blue flowers and the house with the green flowers. In it there are roughnecks and youngsters. If you defeat Big Boss Kevin at the end you get three Potions. The house with the two girls in front of houses a boy with TM47 Low Sweep when you battle his Scraggy, Fearow, and Litwick in a rotation battle. If you beat him and you finish the main story you face his Scrafty, Emolga, Noctowl and Lampent in a Triple battle, so when on of his pokemon faints he sends out Lampent. The gym leader here is Loren. Also in the PKMN Center you can get a Rare candy if you show thold lady a pokemon that knows the move Blizzard and Rest. It has to have BOTH moves.
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« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2011, 06:59:25 pm »

Rt. 4- This is the first coastal route. You will go along a sand path, facing hikers and shoppers. At the end Roughneck Friday will try to battle you. Use Cut near the right of Hiker Timothy. You can get a Carbos and go trough the forested path to find another Carbos!

Gym Leader: Cole
Description: Flaming trials await!

Puzzle: You must go around volcanoes and lava spurts, fighting trainers. When you reach the top you must get launched in to the top and land onto a ledge. To get back to the start, there is a small volcano-like lump and it will launch you back to very beginning!

Clerk ♀ Irene:
Beginning: "My passion for pokemon burns brightly!"
               Litwick lvl 19- Fire Spin, Will-o-wisp, Flame Charge, Astonish
               Ponyta lvl 20- Stomp, Flame Wheel, Echoed Voice, Ember
Defeat: "You still haven't doused my though"

Baker Tina:
Beginning: "Victory smells delish!"
               Ponyta lvl 19- Ember, Tackle, Wild Charge, Will-O-Wisp
               Heatmor lvl 20- Lick, Incinerate, Sunny Day, Solarbeam
               Heatmor lvl 19- Solarbeam, Aerial Ace, Double Team, Fire Spin
Defeat: "Yet defeat smells like burning fish..."

Clerk ♂ Vincent
Beginning: "Gotta hurry with this battle okay?"
               Litwick lvl 20- Flame Charge, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Flame Burst
               Litwick lvl 20- Ember, Flame Charge, Endure, Trick Room
Defeat: "Whoa! Not that fast!"

Clerk ♂ Marco
Beginning: "I'm hoping to surprise you!"
              Houndour lvl 20- Bite, Payback, Flam Charge, Howl
              Ponyta lvl 19- Charm, Will-O-Wisp, Flame Wheel, Swagger
Defeat: "Well, you certainly surprised me!"

Gym leader:Cole
Beginning- "You! Are you you here for a fiery gym battle? I'm Cole, my specialty is Fire types. Water types can't even cool me down! So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!"
Pokemon: Heatmor lvl 22- Fury Swipes, Sunny Day, Taunt, Flamethrower
              Houndour lvl 20- Flame Charge, Ember, Thief, Fire Blast
              Litwick lvl 20- Confuse Ray, Flame Charge, Night Shade, Energy Ball

First Hit: "Huh, if that's how you want to play it..."
Last Pokemon: "I's impossible to douse my flames! Give up now!"
Defeat: "That was truly amazing!!!!!!!!" "Your friend ship between your pokemon tell me you are ready for any challenge! Including mine!" "I must congratulate you by giving you your badge!" Obtained Flame Badge "So... I want to meat up with later in Steam Cave" "But first let me give another prize!" Obtained TM43 Flam Charge "Flame Charge raises your speed if you get a succesful hit on your opponent! You better thank me, and meet me at Steam Cave!"

Badge: Flame Badge
City: Kinker City

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« Reply #5 on: March 18, 2011, 03:06:18 pm »

Steam Cave
This is a large cave with pipes around its edges. hey call it Steam cave because of it's steamy pipes. Many trainers like Ace Trainer Tyra and Worker Jim are here. You also can find some pokemon here! Klink=O, Magnemite=O, Dugtrio=D, Diglett=S, Tynamo= O.
Strongest Trainer: Ace Trainer Tyra
Pokemon- Jolteon lvl 22: Thunder
              Snover lvl 21: Ingrain
Cole is here and waits for you, this is the first time you meet Team Dusk and their leader Gravial. Their beliefs are that pokemon should only belong to those who know how to handle them. You battle Gravial also in a double battle with one of his Novices.
Cole has a lvl 23 Heatmor and lvl 20 Ponyta bothe with the same moves.
Gravial and Team Dusk Novice (in order):
Houndour lvl 23: Roar, Flame Charge, Torment, Flamethrower
Joltik lvl 21: Venoshock, Bug bite, Charge beam, Toxic
Roselia lvl 22: Toxic, Grass Knot, Spikes, Rest
Vullaby lvl 22: Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Peck, Fly

Rickety Bridge:
A long bridge over a huge gorge. It shakes a lot, but thankfully there are no pokemon battles here. When you leave you can make it to the next city. Make sure to talk to everyone on there because one of the people here gives you HM03 Strength. She's part of the HM family. Herman, her brother gave you HM06 Cut in Minophint City. Hiedi, herself, says their last name is Manchester. She has four other siblings; Hendrick, Hellen, Hunter, and Holly.
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« Reply #6 on: March 18, 2011, 04:47:23 pm »

Rt. 5
This is a route with a small forest line, it has mostly lasses and Policemen. On the water you can find: Goldeen= O, Seel= S, Tympole= O. There is also some pokemon in the grass too- Timburr= D, Pansage= O, Panpour= O, Pansear= O, Fearow= S, Nosepass= X.
Strongest trainer: Lass Rita
Pokemon- Nuzleaf lvl 24:  Fake Out, Growl, Energy Ball, Grass Knot
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« Reply #7 on: March 20, 2011, 03:21:57 pm »

Gym Leader: Serenity
Description: The link to past and future!
Type: Psychic

Puzzle: you must go through a series of mirrors and false mirrors. Some trainers may be only reflection to trick to going into the wrong way.

Psychic Oscar
Beginning- "I see you battling me! Let's battle, then!"
Pokemon: Kirlia lvl 26- Magical Leaf, Confusion, Calm Mind, Psyshock
              Swoobat lvl 27- Safegaurd, Heart Stamp, Gust, Rain Dance
Defeat- "Whoa! I jus saw you beating me!"

Psychic Belle
Beginning- "Battles are magical, too!"
              Swoobat lvl 27- Acrobatics, Calm Mind, Assurance, Embargo
              Slowpoke lvl 27- Rain Dance, Dive, Disable, Psychic
              Slowpoke lvl 26- Psyshock, Ice Beam, Water Gun, Light Screen
Defeat- "See? Did you feel the magic?!"

Scientist (female) Wilma
Beginning- "I know that this battle will be good!"
               Kirlia lvl 26- Lucky Chant, Torment, Thunderbolt, Substitute
               Munna lvl 27- Synchronize, Psyshock, Protect, Telekinesis
Defeat- "Agh! Not more for me though..."

Psychic Billy
Beginning- "The future tells me that I will win!"
             Musharna lvl 27- Zen Headbutt, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power (Grass), Reflect
Defeat- "Or maybe it was just me..."

Gym leader: Serenity
Beginning- "So you got it right... Bye!" "Oh, are you here for a battle? I was telling Loren and Winston about that Team Dusk that Cole told me about..." "So, are you up for the challenge?!" "I hope you're good because I can't STAND being bored. So, ready or not! Here I come!"
Pokemon- Kirlia lvl 27- Telekinesis, Psychic, Teleport, Magical Leaf
              Musharna lvl 29- Future Sight, Telekinesis, Yawn, Swift
              Swoobat lvl 27- Heart Stamp, Gust, Roost, Telekinesis
First Hit- "Woo! that move lifts my heart!"
Last Pokemon- "You may think you have me beat, but it's only just begun!"
Defeat- "Nice job, that sure was a workout!" "You make me think back when all I had was a Munna... good times." "Oh you'll need your badge, too!" Obtained Unity Badge "Now, pokemon up to level 50 will listen to you!" "I decided to give you this, too!" Obtained TM19 Telekinesis "Telekinesis makes the target immune to ground type moves but makes all other moves hit the target without fail! Like it?" "Well, see ya 'round! I gotta leave!"

Badge: Unity Badge
City: Eneres City

Eneres City: This is a large metropolitan city, with large house and buisnesses. The man near the pokemon center will give you a King's Rock if you show him a pokemon that "Goes in sand and is small with black around it's eyes" (Sandile). He will also ask, after you show him a Sandile, for a pokemon that "Is always a boy and has blades on its arms" (Gallade). Talk to the little girl on the small bridge to hear about the Gym leader. She says "I heard the gym leader here knows every gym leader around. In fact I heard her talking with Winston from Dreflod city not 10 minutes ago!". Also a boy named Hunter will give you HM01 Surf. He is the Oldest of the HM family. Then Hellen, then Hiedi, then Herman, then Holly, and finally Hendrick. You can only get it after defeating Serenity.

Rt. 5- This is a watery route with a few trainers and a small variety of Pokemon. Watchog= D, Krabby= O, Kingler= S, Staryu= O (summer only), Deerling= O, Sneasel= X.
Strongest Trainer: Twins Olivia and Camille
Pokemon- Weavile lvl 26: Night Slash
              Weavile lvl 26: Blizzard
You also meet Serenity at the end of it. She talks a bit then all of a sudden a lady walks through. Serenity gets all angry at her. The lady is actually a park of Team Dusk! You must battle her yourself through, because Serenity must battle the novices!
Team Dusk Pro Twila
Weavile lvl 28: Hyper Beam, Ice Punch, Hone Claws, Ice Beam
Galvantula lvl 28: Electroweb, Volt Switch, Thunder Wave, Bug Bite
Scollipede lvl 30: Venoshock, Swagger, Earthquake, X-scissor

Serenity thanks you and rushes back to the city. Twila stays and gets angry and leaves. Leaving behind a note that reads "Dear Gravial, we have found three of the sixteen plates. The Dread, Insect, and Meadow plates. Soon both of them with awaken and every part of hem will bow down to the name of Team Dusk! ~Twila           P.S. We're still getting donuts,right?  

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« Reply #8 on: March 24, 2011, 05:03:25 pm »

News update!
Random facts of what I've updated...
-So far, a lot of the Team dusk trainers have Joltiks and Galvantulas. This is supposed to be for now. Scollipedes and Mandibuzzes will be later on. The common pokemon for Novices is Roselias and soon, the rare Galvantulas.

- The citys all have been crazy names except for Eneres city. It's just Serene backwards
   -I did that because the gym leader here is Serenity.

-This fact is in Kinker city .On the left side of the pokemon center, there is a boy with a Yamask next to him. He'll say he's been looking for a Zorua, if you have a Zorua in your party... the Yamask turns into a Zorua!
   - This is the second time a Zorua has been disguised as something, the first is in Pokemon Black and White.

- A sign next to Rickety Bridge says that there are homes in the cliffs on this canyon place. If you beat Cole you can go into the highest one by sliding down towards its ledge. The man gives you a Max Revive and tells you to take the elevator in the back room. In the kitchen there is an elevator that takes you next to the Eneres City entrance.

- Youngster Zeke on route 4 has a Klink, Mawile, and a Magnemite. This is the only time a youngster specializes in a type other than Normal. In this case it is steel.
      - Lass Pat also specializes in a type. She is on Rt. 2, but the place is off limits because she is past water. She has a Tyrouge and a Meditite.
              - In Steam Cave, Battle Girl Willa has the same pokemon.

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