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News: /looks at Ultra/ Boy am I glad he's frozen in there and that we're out here and that he's the admin and we're frozen out here and that we're in there and I just remembered that we're out here but what I wanna know is where's the owner.
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Fusion Mayhem!

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Author Topic: Fusion Mayhem!  (Read 2026 times)
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« Reply #225 on: July 17, 2011, 12:34:17 am »


              Fusion Mayhem
                        Chapter 2
                                   New Propaganda!
                                                   Scene 1

-Alarm clock rings at 6 in the morning-

Sharpshoot: *yawn* Time for some shirtless morning training! But first...

-Ash ran to a different room in his house, where Sparklebird was recovering-

Sharpshoot: Snoozing like a baby! Recover soon, ok girl?

-After eating his breakfast cooked to him by Tesse, Sharpshoot started thinking as he was doing his fanservice shirtless training-

Sharpshoot: If I'm not exactly who I thought I was, does that not make me a human being? That can't be. I mean, I look like one, I talk like one, and I certainly smell like one in the morning...-

Sharpshoot: HIIIIYAAAAH! -Sharpshoot smashed a wooden plank with his fist- Alright! -Ash kept thinking to himself. He knew something about human leaders, dictators, activists, races, nations. He even knew something about religions-

Sharpshoot: I mean c'mon! But if what Tesse said is true, then I should be able to do some pretty amazing things. If I really am all that special, then what am I still doing here? Hank can survive out here by himself with Tesse, but why am I still here? Am I waiting for Abasi to come back? I don't even know if she's alive! I want to leave and help the people around deal with Fusion's attacks and minnions. A lot people die each day because of that sadistic and presumably-ugly jerk! I need to leave as soon as I can! I need to explore what I am capable of. If I really am the last of my kind, then I better use my potential to it's fullest, but not here.

-Sharpshoot focused his emotions into one punch, and slammed his fist into the ground, creating a small energy sphere surrounding him, which destroyed half the soil he was standing on-

Sharpshoot: Wow. That was pretty flamboyant. I wonder if I can do it again...

-Sharpshoot focused, and after about a minute, his fist started glowing a light green color-

Erm...am  supposed to be worried about this? -Sharpshoot moved his fist around the air like a wand, noticing that the energy followed his every move- I wonder if I can do, THIS! -Sharpshoot swung his hand fast and very hard, creating a small energy ball that crashed into a tree, leaving a hole in it-

Sharpshoot: Alright! -Sharpshoot cheered and swung his fist straight up into the air, which fired a beam, and drained all of Sharpshoot's energy-

Sharpshoot: I need to need to control this... -Ash collapsed on the grass, extremely tired- I'm the most tired I've been in my entire life, and from firing a beam, which wasn't even that big! Heck, it looked incredibly anorexic!

-Subconsciously, Sharpshoot started napping, and eventually fell into a deep sleep-


Hank: How did you think the boy took the news?

Tesse: I think he was a little ecstatic, and a little shocked. I don't think we need to worry much. He's a smart kid, he'll deal with this on his own.

Hank: Yes, he is a very smart kid. I am sure he'll have no trouble with this sudden news.

Tesse: But at the same time, he's very naive, and he's a bit of a smart-mouth. Even garrulous at times.

Hank: Well, he might have a harder time in making new friends but he has the qualities of a warrior!

Tesse: Do you think, he could be able to stop Fusion?

Hank: That boy is something. One day he will have the courage and the power to put an end to that madman. He's going to mature into something special.

Tesse: Gee, you really think so Hank?

Hank: Yes yes. The boy will be a champ!

-Suddenly a mysterious stranger breaks into through the window-

Hank: Hey boddy, what is  the big idea?

Huh?: I'm just gonna need the girl. You know, the shiny one.

Tesse: She's not here!

Hank: I'll tell you what, if you can take a punch, I'll tell you all the information you need, sound good comrade?

Huh?: Wait, what are you...-The mysterious stranger is then punched out the window he came through-

Huh?: That reminds of m'lady @_@

Hank: Huh? I guess you're not weak after all. The girl is at the next door neighbor house.

Huh?: But there's no  house next to yours in any direction?

Hank: It is a town bonus. No noisy neighbors for a couple of blocks. A block to us is what you kids call a "mile".

Huh?: Well, that was eye-opening- -The mysterious stranger flew off in his rocket boots-

Hank: A pair of those things would not support an olympian like me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~In the skies

Huh?: Where could Sparklebird be? Well, I see a house and a shirtless little kid laying on the grass. Should be easy enough to get information from him.

-The mysterious stranger flies down, and grabs Sharpshoot, taking him to the skies-

Huh?: Black hair...effeminate green outfit. He must be that Sharpshoot kid Sparklebird's crazy about.


Huh?: Hyegh...morning breath...

: ...huh? Where am I?

Huh?: Hey kid, I need some answers

Sharpshoot: Whaa?

Huh?: I see, he's still half asleep. Hey kid, you're about 70 feet up in the air, and if you don't wanna be dropped to your death, you better tell me where Sparklebird is.

Sharpshoot: Whaa?

Huh?: I'm not joking.

Sharpshoot: Whaa?

Huh?:... -The mysterious stranger let go of Sharpshoot, and let him fall to which he thought, was his demise-

   Scene 1 End.

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