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Fusion Mayhem!

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Author Topic: Fusion Mayhem!  (Read 3290 times)
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« Reply #30 on: November 26, 2010, 11:13:02 pm »

"Fusion Mayhem!" Chapter 1: Alpha , Part 1
In this chapter...
Alshary Sharpshoot (Debut),Sparklebird (Debut),Minnions(Debut),Therese (Debut),Hank (Debut), Abasi (Debut via mention)

-In a scene of a forest, a young boy wearing a green Egyptian-like costume is seen running around the woods, as he is running he unsheathes a claymore with a green emerald encrusted near the tip of the sword, he attacks a log, successfully cutting it in half.-

Alshary: Yeah! I got it! -throws claymore at bullseye in the tree- That's another! -Suddenly, a log attached to a rope comes charging at Alshary[/color]- Huh? -dodges with a facile backflip- Now, if I can finish the last drill this time... - Four wooden spikes are shot at Alshary- Here goes... -Dodges the first and second wooden spikes with 2 sidesteps, the third one by jumping away from it, but is left vulnerable for the fourth one- Oh no! -Quickly unsheathes claymore and blocks spike- Aww, I didn't finish!

Sparklebird: *giggles*

Alshary: What's so funny?

Sparklebird: Your not very good your own drills are you? I though you were a gonner when you were left vulnerable for that fourth spike, but you do have good reflexes! You still need a lot of work though!

Alshary: And I suppose you can do better?

Sparklebird: Maybe I could, if I tried. After all, I used to be in the military.

Alshary: Yeah, you military kids are very elite... -notices the sky turning red- Oh no! I'm gonna miss dinner! -sprints over to Therese and Hank's house-

Sparklebird: Um, kay? -shouts- I'll see you later!

~~~~~~~~~Inside the house

Therese: Whoah! Calm down! I can't handle much excitement right now you know -pats her own stomach, as she is pregnant-

Alshary: I'm very great full that you guys have offered to cook dinner for every night.

Therese: You could stay at our home too!

Alshary: Thank you Tesse, but I won't leave my house, even if I'm the only one living there... -looks down- I wish I knew where Abasi was...She was the closest thing I have had to a mother.

Therese: Cheer up kiddo! I made you your favorite! -serves Alshary his favorite food, Chicken and Mashed potatoes with 2 biscuits-

Alshary: Thank you Tesse! Is Hank coming? Or is he still working on that crib for your baby?

Therese Still out working on that crib. Trying to prove to be a great husband, but if he keeps building everything for our baby a that pace he won't even have any energy to hold her!

Alshary: Oh... -looking outside via window-

Therese: Why are you looking outside kiddo? Are thinking about that girl that always visits you when you're training?

Alshary: Wha? NO! No no no no. Why would I be? Heheheh... -blushing-

Therese: *giggles* Young romance is so cute!

Alshary: Romance? I barely know her! Why would I like her? I have reason to in the slightest! -uneasy, continues to eat food-

                                       Scene 1 End

Chapter 1: Alpha, Scene 2

-After his dinner, Alshary rushed out into the woods in search of Hank-

Alshary: Hank! Hello? Where are you! Tessa is getting lonely...TESSE IS GOING INTO LABOR!...It didn't work!

Sparklebird: Gross...Who's going into labor?

Alshary: Nobody, it's just a method I always use to make Hank come back inside, but it didn't work.

Sparklebird: Isn't he that guy the one who always chops down trees for wood?

Alshary: Yeah, him! With the beard! He is my idol next to Skyler Shiver♥.

Sparklebird: That kid who sings like a woman?


Sparklebird: You tell me to shut up one more I'm gonna have to porcupine spikes right into your throat! -hears something rustling in the bushes- What could that be?

Alshary: Hank! Is that you? TESSE IS IN LABOR!

Sparklebird: That is still gross.

-the bushes keep rustling-

Alshary: Maybe it's a koala!

Sparklebird: If Koala's lived here in Setylia...

(Setylia is the fictional state which the story is taking place on now).

Alshary: Wait a minute, why would Hank be rustling in the bushes?

-starts to notice the sky getting a lot darker-

Alshary: Let me guess, that is not Hank.

Sparklebird: You're right. -shoots a piece of turquoise which is generated from her limbs. History behind her powers  is unknown-

Minnion: Gah! Right in the eye!

Alshary: I knew this would happen one day! I knew that one day Fusion was going to find this town which is supposed to be well hidden in the woods! But luckily, I have prepared for such a moment -unsheathes claymore-

Sparklebird: More are going to pop up right now.

-The Minnion is suddenly joined by more Minnions-

Sparklebird: Called it.

Minnion: I am the great bounty hunter Razalo! I am as quick as the wind and will use it as weapon to cut you limb from limb!

Alshary: A fish? With a mohawk? And a leather jacket?

Minnion: I am a basilisk! Now prepare to be cut!

- the wind starts to get rough-

Sparklebird: My friends were anticipating you guys too Wink

-creates an armor from her turquoise-

Alshary: You have diamonds? Yay...All I have is a sword...

Minnions: DIE!

-a streak of nearly invisible wind is launched at Alshary-

Alshary: Alright Ashy, we've been practicing this...

-dodges the first streak with a sidestep, the second with another sidestep, the third one with a flip-

Alshary: Here goes... -dodges the fourth one with a cartwheel-

Minnion: Grr...time to use our razor sharps fins!

Alshary: What?!

-2 minnions dash towards Alshary at a jet-fast speed-

Alshary: Oh no! -dodges attacks, barely-

Minnion: throughout the galaxy, I'm knowing as the "Blinding Razor"!

Sparklebird: There are 9 of you, and countless amounts of my turquoise. Hmmm... -shoots turquoise out from all sides-

Minnion: Thank you kid, you made defeating  you all the more easier...

Sparklebird: Huh?

-A piece of turquoise manages to reach Alshary, who quickly blocks it with his claymore, but is left vulnerable-

Minnion: This is it! -Streaks of air are launched at Alshary-

Sparklebird: NOOOOO!

-the streaks of air cut through Alshary-

                               Scene 2 End

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