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Fusion Mayhem!

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Author Topic: Fusion Mayhem!  (Read 1985 times)
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« Reply #330 on: December 16, 2012, 03:31:26 am »

  Fusion Mayhem
            Chapter 2
                        New Propaganda
                                  Scene 7
-The group had been walking for approximately 32 hours. It was around 12 PM-

Sharpshoot: -Sharpshoot was covered in bandages and bruises, in a comedic fashion- Are we almost there yet.

Freeangel: We should arrive in about 2 hours.

-Sharpshoot noticed less trees and vegetation and more people around-

Soapy: You look amazed kid, Haven't you ever seen this many people around in one spot?

Sharpshoot: No, I can't say I have. I mean, the town square never gets this much people.  

Soapy: I guess you've never been to the Big City then.

Sharpshoot: Well, I have. But I was too young, don't remember it to be honest.

Soapy: It's nothing but technology and tall buildings.

Sharpshoot: How big is it?

Soapy: Well, seeing as how the Big City is one of the few major capitals left in the world, it is humongous. I mean, the mile radius alone is around 200 miles wide.

Sharpshoot: Wait. Miles. I think Abasi taught me about those. Wow, that's pretty big then. Do they separate the city in any way? You know, so people don't get lost.

Soapy: Well, of course they do.  There are 14 sectors in the city. The main sector is Sector S. Home of the Silver Building, or what's the government. The main square is there.

Sharpshoot: So what are we doing anyway?

-Sparklebird was still silent and refused to talk to anyone with the exception of Freeangel-

Freeangel: We're planning on creating our own group of combatants to begin dispatching Fusion's minnions around the country. However, that's not the only thing we came to see.

Sharpshoot: What else?

Soapy: Some of the city people have actually become Fusion's followers. They're being tricked into it by some sort of propaganda the minnions have been spreading around the city.

-Sharpshoot was shocked to hear what he had just heard-

Sharpshoot: People? Into Fusion? How is this possible?

Sparklebird: ...That's what we're going to investigate. Haven't you been paying attention?

Sharpshoot: Hey why are you even mad at me? You know, your face doesn't look cute with that rugged angry expression.

-Sparklebird calmed down a little-

Sparklebird: Whatever!

Sharpshoot: Why are you blu- Huh?

-Sharpshoot heard the screams of a woman-

Sharpshoot: What is that?

-The group ran into the source of the screaming. A large crowd was surrounding the commotion-

-A woman's husband had been knocked out cold by a large, well-built man with some kind of metal covering both of his large fists-

?: Sorry ma'am. Your husband got in my way. I simply wanted the paper.

-The large man took the last newspaper from the knocked out husband-

?: Now, if anybody else has something to say to me, say it now. Or I'll be on my way.

Sharpshoot: HEY!

-The man turned around to see the small Sharpshoot calling to him-

?: What do you want to say, kid? I don't want to have to hurt you.

Sharpshoot: What's the big idea? You can't take people's stuff like that.

?: Look kid. I need the paper.

Sharpshoot: Yeah so what? So you just take it?

?: Yeah. What are you going to do about, kiddo?

Sharpshoot: I'll show you what I'm going to about it.

Soapy: Hey kid, don't. Leave the man be. We can't call attention to ourselves like that.

?: Listen to your babysitter kid. I have bigger fish to fry. Huh?

-The man noticed Freeangel-

?: Well well well, if it isn't little Kali. Haven't seen you for a very longtime.

Freenagel: Steel Cold Bruce...what are you doing here?

Bruce: Just going to the Big City, why you askin'?

Freeangel: I haven't forgotten about what you did to us.

Bruce: You're still holding that grudge. Whatever. Keep livin' in the past if ya want.

-Bruce was retreating with the newspaper in his hand-

Sharpshoot: HYYYYYAAAAAGGH! -Sharpshoot jumped at Bruce with his fist ready to punch him-

Bruce: -Bruce turned around to look- Hmph. -Bruce countered back with a very hard punch directly at Sharpshoot's gut. The intensity of the attack was strong enough to make Sharpshoot cough blood and send him flying into a large rock formation several feet back. The impact was loud and Sharpshoot's impact on the rocks was even louder-

Sparklebird: Ash!

-Sparklebird ran to see if Ash was ok-

Bruce: Heh. Stick to babysittin', Kali. That kid has way too much spunk for his own good.

-Bruce walked off into the distance-

Freeangel: Grrrr.... -Freenagel was clenching her fist- We're not wasting anymore time. Natchios, go and retrieve them.

Soapy: Your wish is my command. -Soapy ran off to Sharpshoot's location-

-Freenagel approached the woman-

Freeangel: ...Sorry about your husband. Here. -Alice gave the woman a copy of the newspaper she had bought earlier- Take care.

-Soapy came back with Sparklebird. He also had Ash on his back-

Soapy: I know It's not my business, but what was that all about.

Freeangel: Nothing.

Soapy: You know, there's still a lot we don't know about you, Alice.

Freenagel: I could say the same about you.

Soapy: Fair enough.

-The group walked toward the big city, with the crowd watching them from afar-

                                         SCENE 7 END

  Fusion Mayhem!
             Chapter 2
                           New Propaganda
                                              Scene 8

-The group is currently entering the Big City, following Sharpshoot's defeat at the hands of Bruce-

Soapy: Ok, we're here!

Freeangel: Guys, get ready. We'll be in the entrance any time now.

-The quartette reached the entrance, where they were inspected and eventually let in-

Freeangel: Our meeting hall is in the center of Sector S. It's  secret so don't go around casually mentioning it. -Freeangel had said all of this to Sharpshoot via whispering in his ear-

Soapy: Shh. We're here now.

-The group entered an abandoned building near a warehouse, in an alley. They were greeted by other fighters, all itching to defeat Fusion-

-A blonde, well-built man wearing armor painted in cammo spoke up as soon as the quartette entered the building.

Tony: He guys, shut up! Ms. Freeangel is here!

Freeangel: No need to call me that Tony. My name is Alice. I've told you before.

Soapy: Guys, we have a new recruit.

Sharpshoot: Hiya!

-Sharpshoot greeted all the people in the building-

Tony: Hey, name's Tony, what's yours?

Sharpshoot: Alshary Sharpshoot, but you can call me Ash.

Tony: Alright, Ash. Come on, I'll introduce you to everyone.

Tony: This here's Sabat.

Sabat: Hey. -Sabat was an older man, his right eye was missing and wore a black eye patch to conceal the injury. He had a 5 o' clock shadow, a long brown ponytail, and was smoking a rather large cigar-

Tony: And this here's Shawna.

Shawna: Hey cutie. -Shawna was a busty woman in her late 20s. She had a mole in her right cheek and had a long head of blonde hair-

Sparklebird: Don't call him that, Shawna!

Shawna: Relax a bit Zoey. I'm just saying hi.

Sparklebird: You better be!

Tony: Oh...so you're THAT guy...

Sparklebird: Tony...

Tony: Nevermind, nevermind. Here, I'll keep introducing you.

Tito: Who's this loser?

Sharpshoot: What was that?

Tito: I said, who's this lo-

Tony: Already picking a fight with the new guy, Tito? Chill man.

Tito: He doesn't look like a fighter.

Tony: Haven't you learned by now to not judge a book by it's cover?

Tito: Tch. Just stating my first impressions. -Tito was a tall, thin but built man about Soapy's age. He had a ridiculous spiky hairdo and strawberry blond hair. He wore a white suit with  blue tie. Why you ask? "Tito: Because I can".-

Tony: There's more of us, but I'll let Alice speak for now.

Freeangel: Thank you Tony. Now, do I have your attention?

Tony: Yep.

Freeangel: Good. As you all know, people have begun to support Fusion and his army. I do not think this is something people  are actually doing because they are aware of what they're bargaining for. So, we have traced the source of it now. Fusion is imposing a propaganda for the people of the Big City. He has chosen a non-violent way to gain supporters, and it seems to be working. I'm going to need someone to accompany Soapy and I to one of these presentations, to know exactly what Fusion is saying to gain said supporters. This is an undercover mission, so I don't want you tagging along Tito. Stealth isn't your strong suit.

Tito: Tch. Whatever.

Sharpshoot: Think I could go?

Soapy: You're a bit too new for this one. Let someone else handle it.

Sparklebird: Plus, you're just as bad as Tito when it comes to this sort of thing.

Sharpshoot: Just how bad is Tito?

Tito: Hey, stop namedropping me already, unless you people want to eat boot!

Freeangel: Hey, pay attention! Sabat, you're off too. You're a very distinctive figure. So that leaves either Zoey, Shawna, or Tony.

Tony: I'll pass on this one.

Sparklebird: I'll go.

Tony: Are you sure Zoey?  Shawna could do it instead.

Shawna: Yeah, let me do it. Or do you want me to be the one to keep the new cutie company...

-Sparklebird paused for a bit-

Sparklebird: Ok, fine. You can take it.

Sharpshoot: Anyone else hear that?

Soapy: Hear what?

-Suddenly, a window broke and a grenade entered the building-


-All of the fighters jumped back and covered themselves from the explosion-

Sharpshoot: Hey, who's doing that!

-Sharpshoot jumped out the window-

Sharpshoot: Show yourself!

?: So the rumors are true...

Sharpshoot: Who the hell are you?

?: I'm not with Fusion, but I am from a concerned party. I can't believe I'm standing in front of the last member of the Sharpshoot clan.

Sharpshoot: I said, who the hell are you?!

?: Kal's the name. Anyway, I must leave you now. I have to report back to my superiors.

-Sharpshoot jumped and punched Kal, but it turned out to be an illusion. Kal was gone-

Freenagel: Alshary!

Sharpshoot: Huh? Did you see that? Some weird guy who claims he's not with Fusion tried to kill us.

Soapy: We know, ok. They're from another group. We don't really get along.

Sharpshoot: So you're not only fighting Fusion, you're also fighting each other?

Soapy: It's a bit more complicated than that.

Sharpshoot: I don't get it! Why is it more complicated? Why can't someone just tell me!

Freeangel: Now's not the time for that. We need to stop them. They're going to ruin everything!

Sharpshoot: Huh? What?

Tony: They're going to attack the big presentation tonight! They don't know what they're doing!

Sharpshoot: But why? How do you know?

Tony: That grenade had a very powerful sleep aura. They planned to knock us out cold for a very long time. Enough time to carry out their plan.

Freeangel: Now we have to find them and put a stop to them before they ruin the whole plan!

Sparklebird: What are we waiting for then?

Freeangel: Follow me. That Kal guy left a very traceable path of energy.

-Freeangel's group of fighters ventured out into a dark part of town-

                                                                                               SCENE 8 END

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