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Fusion Mayhem!

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Author Topic: Fusion Mayhem!  (Read 2026 times)
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« Reply #255 on: September 04, 2012, 01:27:30 am »

 Fusion Mayhem
           Chapter 2
                       New Propaganda
                                        Scene 3

-Sharpshoot had to deal with Soapy's constant presence in the house-

Soapy: And for the record, I came up with these boots myself.


Soapy: Just trying to make small talk kid.

Sharpshoot: You're not very good at it.

Soapy: Meh. I can only talk to the ladies, not males who look like them.

Sharpshoot: My rage is building.

Soapy: Yeah that's nice.

-Sparklebird came out of her room, feeling better since last night, which was the same night of the day of Sharpshoot's and Soapy's little scuffle.-

Sharpshoot: Zoey! How are you feeling today?

Sparklebird: Pretty good now. I think I'm ready to get back.

Sharpshoot: We can't. Look outside.

-It was raining lightly outside, but the rain made trees burn. This wasn't ordinary rain, this was acid rain-

Sharpshoot: I don't know what that's doing there. This has never happened before!

Sparklebird: Wow...I guess I can stay here for another day...

Sharpshoot: I thought you liked it here though.

Sparklebird: Yes, but I only have one change of armor and there's no way I can wash it out there.

Sharpshoot: You can wear one of my big shirts if you want.

Sparklebird: I'd need more than a shirt. But hey, don't worry. I don't mind wearing dirty armor for a day.

Sharpshoot: Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Soapy: Hey, I have a question for you kid.

Sharpshoot: What is it?

Soapy: Why isn't the rain tearing through the house?

Sharpshoot: Huh...that never occurred to me before. I don't even what kind of rain this is.

Soapy: Hmm..maybe I could. If could just get a sample of it. Say kid...you can heal right?

Sharpshoot: Yeah, why?

-and in a single blur, Sharpshoot was swiftly kicked out of his own home into the pouring rain outside-


Soapy: It's Nat-chios.

Sharpshoot: Whatever!

Soapy: Here, catch. -Sharpshoot caught a petri dish in his hand-

Soapy: Fill that about .25%

Sparklebird: Why did you kick him instead of asking for him to go outside?

Soapy: Because he destroyed two of my babies.

Sparklebird:...your boots?

Soapy: Yeah, When you spend so much time developing a dangerous weapon, you can't help but to adopt it.

That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Soapy: Quiet and fill the dish.

-Sharpshoot reluctantly filled the dish-

Sharpshoot: Ok, I'm coming back in now.

-Sharpshoot re-entered his home-

Sharpshoot: Now find out what that is while I go rinse this stuff off, it's killing me. It's funny because it's true.

Sparklebird: Ha...yeah!

Sharpshoot: Why does no one think I'm funny?

-Sharpshoot went upstairs-

Soapy: Interesting... -Soapy was observing the liquid in his strange machine-

Soapy: This is mineral glydocine.

Sparklebird: Really?

Soapy: This stuff is literally skin cancer. Which brings me to raise a new question, what are these houses made out of?

Sparklebird: Looks like bricks, straw, and cement. But the roof has these weird rhymestones.

Soapy: Yeah...I heard about this on my trip to the Big City last week. Some homes carry these to fend of Fusio-

Sparklebird: WHAAT?

Soapy: Ok, we have to get out of here, and we have to do it now.

Sparklebird: I can't believe there are more of his here minnions already!

-Suddenly, Sharpshoot came dressed with a towel on his head. He sees his friends' expressions-

Sharpshoot: Oh come on guys! This is a legitimate way to dry your head without a hair dryer.

Sparklebird: Alshary! Fusion's minnions are causing this weird rain!

Soapy: A mineral glydocine rain to be exact.

What the heck is that?

Soapy: A synthetic element, mixed with minerals be a weapon.

Sharpshoot: So, you're saying Fusion is trying to kill me with a little bit of acid rain?

-Suddenly, something big shook the ground. A biological monster with half a head and a round body with tentacles in its place for arms and legs rose from the ground-

Soapy: Eh, not just that.

-But alas, a purple light was emitted from within the monster as it slowly got bigger until it exploded, revealing a purple female warrior, who seemed to be unaffected by the rain-

-The warrior made her way to the house-

?: Do you know how long I have been looking for you both?

Sharpshoot: Wow. Who is she!

-Sharpshoot was putting all of his attention on the unknown female warrior, even had a bit of a blush going on. Sparklebird showed a bit of jealously at the fact-

Sparklebird: Alice...Ash? You cannot be serious!

?: Is this that kid you can't stop talking about, Zoey? I'm Alice Freeangel. Nice to meet you.


Freeangel: Eh?

                    SCENE 3 END

 Fusion Mayhem
          Chapter 2
                      New Propaganda
                            Scene 4

-Sparklebird could not believe her eyes, Sharpshoot was completely baffled by Freeangel's presence.-

Sharpshoot: I'm, I'm, I'm-

Sparklebird: A buffoon.

Sharpshoot: Sure.


Soapy: Sorry kid, she's mine.

-Sparklebird furiously left the room-

Sharpshoot: You're so cool...

Freeangel: Alshary Sharpshoot right?

-Sharpshoot nodded with his mouth open-

Sharpshoot: Can you teach me that? What you just did to destroy that monster in one hit? It was so cool!

Soapy: Pardon me?

-It appears that Sharpshoot's attention isn't on Freeangel herself, but on her powers-

Sharpshoot: I wish I was as strong as that.

Soapy: Wow. You're some kind of stupid, kid. I'll go get Zoey.

Freenagel: So...nice house you have here. Very clean, very decorated...will you please stop looking at me like that? It's creepy!



-Soapy and a calmed-down Sparklebird arrived to see Sharpshoot spazzing out over Freenagel's attacking prowess-

Soapy: See, what did I tell you?

Sparklebird: ...yay Alice! You're here!

Sharpshoot: I'm sorry, where are my manners? Would you like to have something to drink?

Soapy: Hey you never offered me any-

Sharpshoot: Shhh. I'm talking to the strong lady here, not you.

Freenagel: Sure. Water would be fine.

Sharpshoot: On it!

-Sharpshoot ran for the kitchen-

Freeangel: What do you see in him, Zoey?

Sparklebird: What? Who? Me? Nothing. He's nothing to me.

Freeangel: Riiight. Listen, we need to head out.

Soapy: Where to?

Freenagel: The Big City. We need to start our Resistance Procedure guys.

Sparklebird: Right now? With all of this rain?

Freengel: Afraid so. Don't worry though, I have just the thing for it.

-Freenagel handed Soapy and Sparklebird each a rhymestone-

Freeangel: Just stick that on any compartment of your armor. So, Zoey. You better start saying goodbye to your friend so we can leave.

Sparklebird: ...Alice.

Freeangel: Yeah?

Sparklebird: I think he may want to come with us.

Freeangel: Really?

Sparklebird: Yes. This is the thing he's waited for his entire life. He wants to leave Setylia and help the rest of the world against Fusion! Please let him, it would mean a lot to me.

Freenagel: Hmmm...Alright then. We need all the help we can get anyway.

-Sharpshoot emerged from the kitchen with a glass of water-

Sharpshoot: Here you go, um, strong lady!

Freenagel: Please, call me Alice.

Sharpshoot: Right! So, will you teach me now?

Freeangel: I have a better idea. How would you like to come with us? Outside of Setylia?

Sharpshoot: ...I'd love to!

Soapy: Aww jeez...

Sparklebird: Thank you so much Alice!

Freenagel: Heh heh, your welcome Zoey.

Alright then. We will head back and meet you here around dawn, how's that sound?

Sharpshoot: Sounds great! Thank you, Alice.

Freenagel: Don't sweat it kid!

-Sharpshoot's friends left the house, all except for Sparklebird-

Sparklebird: You know, I'm really glad you're coming.

Sharpshoot: Uh, ye-yeah. Me too.

Sparklebird: I'll see you tomorrow then. Take care!

-Sparklebird waved goodbye as she left the house-

-Sharpshoot was ecstatic. He would finally live his life-long dream of helping those in the war against Fusion. That night, he could not sleep. For once in his life, he had something greater to live for-

Sharpshoot: I can't believe it. I finally get to set out on my journey. -Sharpshoot turned his attention to a framed photo of Abasi-

Sharpshoot: If only you were still here...I know, I'll find you!  I'll find out exactly where you are and bring you home where you belong. I promise.

-Sharpshoot finally dozed off and slept like a baby that night. He got up so early that he had enough time to pack up and say good bye and thanks to Hank and Tesse-

Tesse: Can you believe it, Hank? He's all grown up now!

Hank: Oh stop it Tesse! You're going to make an olympian cry.

-Sharpshoot waved goodbye and waited outside his home-

Sharpshoot: I can't wait!

-But the happiness would not last, as a strange woman was watching Sharpshoot through the grass-

?: This little boy won't know what hit him...

-The woman started to make her way to Sharpshoot, who was distracted by his own happiness-

Sharpshoot: I owe it all to Zoey. Oh how I think I might actually love that gi- huh?

-Sharpshoot could hear foot steps-

Sharpshoot: Hmmm...something's not right around here.

-Suddenly a sword slashed at Sharpshoot, who managed to dodge it in time-

Sharpshoot: Huh? -But there was no one behind him. Who could have been making that sword move-

?: What's the matter boy? Can't see me?

-Small knives were thrown at Sharpshoot, who skillfully dodged every single one-

?: Over here. -Sharpshoot turned to see nothing-

?: Or perhaps here. -This time, a trap was triggered, one that exploded. But once again, Sharpshoot managed to dodge it-

Sharpshoot: I don't know who you are, but if you want me, you're going to have to take me by force! Now show yourself!

?: The fun's just ended for you dear boy, but it's only starting for me.

Sharpshoot: Did you hear what I just said?

?: Hohoho. As you wish...

                       SCENE 4 END
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