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Resonance of the Eds: Ed Eater

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Author Topic: Resonance of the Eds: Ed Eater  (Read 112 times)
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« on: July 03, 2010, 01:12:39 pm »

Resonance of the Ed’s: Ed Eater is a little project that hatched in my brain a few months ago. As the name suggests, this story tells the tale of Ed, Edd, N’ Eddy, the three classic cartoon adolescents from Danny Antonnuci’s hit series “Ed, Edd, N’ Eddy, after the three boys discover they have the blood of magical weapons running through their veins. There are anime/Ed crossovers for about every series under the sun, so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and cross Ed, Edd, N’ Eddy with the 2008 anime hit, “Soul Eater.” The two shows could not be more different, so it should make for an interesting “East meets West “scenario. Who knows? This experiment may evolve into something that is both fun to write, and fun to read. I hope to include other characters from the CN Universe eventually, so I think this is just relevant enough to the forum's atmosphere to work.


Resonance of the Ed’s: Ed Eater

A warm summer breeze blew through the suburbs of Endsville, but no noise could be heard. It was almost midnight, and all men and women of the city were tucked away in their beds, wrapped up tight under the covers. All of the children’s toys had been put away in their proper place, whether that “proper place” is in the garage like their parents asked, or stashed under the porch of their homes. But their parents wouldn’t chastise those who stuck their dolls, bikes, and roller skates under the deck; it was summer time after all. Kids should be kids, even if that doesn’t mean always being tidy. But the sun had set, and the time for kids to play had passed away, their fun and frolicking snuffed out like candle by the puff of air that was nighttime. Now, it was time for the adults to come out and play.

A young woman in her early twenties slowly made her way across the cobblestones that lined the streets of the inner city of Endsville. Her name was Lucia, and she lived in a small all female dormitory in another part of the city. Lucia was dressed in a very flattering red velvet spaghetti strap dress and walked with high heels. Her fiery pink pocket book jostled up and down as it laid on her wrist. As she walked her, lonh brunette hair danced and waved in the summer night’s breeze. She was attending college at Endsville University, and had just been out doing what students her age like to do best; living it up at a party thrown by one of the college’s many fraternities. While Lucia was a gorgeous girl, she had little common sense. It was after all, dangerous for a woman of her stature and beauty to be walking in the dark across an inner city street; especially when such a street happens to be in a place as creepy as Endsville.

But what’s the harm right? Bad stuff always happen stuff the other girl, right? Right? Right! Lucia lazily glanced at her watch. She stuff her thumb in her mouth and gave a pouty frown.

“Oh poo…I think I stayed out too long and had too many drinks…if I break dorm curfew I’ll get chewed out by that dog of a landlord…again….”

The lovely Lucia rounded a corner.

“Oh well. As long as I take it slow and steady, I’ll get back to my girlfriends at the dorm no problem.”

While Lucia was worrying about the earful she would get from the landlord for being late, she was also worried about some strange rumors she had heard going around her campus. According to gossip, there was a serial killer running around Endsville, attacking and killing young, beautiful girls. Much like herself. The pervert always came out late at night. Never in the evening, and never in the morning. Once he knew that the girl was one hundred percent oblivious, he’d swoop in for the kill and chop her pretty little self to bloody pieces. At the thought, Lucia gave a shiver. She gently bumped her head with her wrist in aggravation.

“I should have let Tony drive me back to the dorm…but I guess I was a little…light of spirit back there.”

Lucia gave a little hiccup and giggled.

“Oh, what am I worrying over? I’m strong! I’m tough! Those were just rumors anyway…I’m going to be fine.”

Feeling a little bit better, the young girl hopped and skipped down the cobblestone street and rounded a corner.

“I know! I’ll just shimmy on though this back alley right here and I’ll be home in no time.”

But as soon as Lucia entered the alley, she heard something behind her shatter. Alarmed, she spun around. Nothing was there. Missy gripped her chest tightly and chewed on her thumb.

“No worries. I probably did that. C’mon girl…you’re psyching yourself out…”

However, her words did little to steel her nerves, and she increased her pace. When she did so, the frequency of the thuds and splatters increased. Now very frightened, Lucia upped the pace of her movement again and was now power walking very briskly.

“Nothing is there, nothing is there. You’re imagination…it’s playing tricky wickies on you….just keep movi-“

From above, Lucia heard a booming thud. Something large and black leapt down from above and landed atop a trash can. The metal canister burst open under the weight of whatever it was that fell on it, and the plump bags inside exploded, throwing waste and trash in every direction. Lucia’s dress was ruined. But a dirty dress was now the least of her worries. Now in a cold sweat, Lucia quickly hid herself. She pressed her hands together and prayed.

“Oh no! Wh-wh-what the…wh-whhat is going on…is that…no…it couldn’t be…I don’t believe it….”

Could the serial killer be the cause the demolished trash can and all the other noises she had been hearing? It didn’t matter. Whatever it was that almost fell on her, it was not good. She needed to get out, and back to the dorm. Lucia hunkered down and tried to make herself as small as possible. Out of the darkness, she heard a voice. Her pursuer could talk. The voice was thick and greasy, but it was also…inhuman.

“Souls…need more power…need to eat…more souls!”

Lucia gave a silent cry. It was him! The serial murderer! She should have listened to her buddies. Now, he’s going to kill her.

“Why me!”

The wooden box Lucia was hiding behind exploded into splinters. She was exposed. Gathering her courage, she dived onto her stomach and quickly began to sprint out of the alley, screaming all the way. She needed to make noise; perhaps she could draw some people out of their homes or apartments. She needed help.

Lucia burst out of the alley and ran across the street, screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Help me! Help me, please! It’s him! The serial murderer-“

Before she knew what had happened, she was broadsided by a blow to the face. What immense power the punch had! She had never felt anything like it. She gasped as the wind was knocked out of her. The blow sent the young girl flying across the street, and as she fell back to earth, the rough cobblestone streets cut through the exposed flesh along her back. Lucia moaned.

The street around her gave a might jolt as the hands and legs on the monster attacking her dug into the ground. It was right on top of her now. For the first time, she could see her pursuer. Lucia gasped. What she saw before her looked surprisingly human. The creature had two arms and legs, and walked upright. However, a green gas was spewing from it’s mouth, which was covered by a thick, wooly mask adorned with sitches. Its torso was wrapped in a bloody straight jacket. But its face was horrendous. Terribly twisted and contorted, it snarled and moaned. The monstrosity raised its head and a knife glittered in the moonlight. The monster reared back, and prepared to plunge the knife into Lucia’s chest.


Out of the darkness, came a slurp, which was followed by a laugh. A very coco laugh. A laugh that seemed to lack any intelligence. A goofy laugh. Desperate for help, Lucia raised her head.

“Is someone there? Please….help me!”

Lucia heard some knuckles crack. Two figures were standing several feet away from her, the monster’s back to them. One boy, and the other, a girl. The boy had a bright, goofy grin on his face. Upon his back was a blue t-shirt and on his head rested a red baseball cap. Small tufts of orange hair were sticking out from beneath the brow of the cap. But the lad’s most distinguishable feature was his nose; it was huge! The girl, however, did not look one tenth as cheery as the boy. Dressed in a pink skirt that came down to her knees, a yellow flower could be seen in the middle of her attire. Her hair was tied up in a style Lucia had never seen. She almost looked as if she had two blonde horns sticking out of her head. Lucia let out a moan.

“These are just some kids…I’m dead meat."

The young man boldly stuck out a finger and called to his friend.

“That the guy Mandy? The one Grim asked us to do in? Can I eat his soul? Huh? Can I can I can I can I?!”

Lucia raised an eyebrow.

“What is he going on about…souls? Is everyone in this town some cheap PG-13 horror villian wannabee?”

The boy’s question was answered with a swift blow to the head. Lucia was surprised to see the boy giggle and give off a doofy grin.

“Boy, you sure are chipper tonight Mandy!”

“Shut it Billy. And yes, you can eat his soul. We’d best do our job quick. If we don’t, Miss Priss over there will be this freaks supper…”

The boy addressed as “Billy” smacked his lips and rubbed his hands together greedily.

“Oh boy! I can’t wait! Woo-hoo!”

What happened next Lucia would never forget. The young man extended his arm, and she watched as it was enveloped in a white light. Slowly, his arm was shaking, and without warning, the white light vanished, and the boy’s arm was an arm no longer. It now looked like the blade of a scythe! Lucia stared at Billy mouth agape. Billy, smiling at the young woman’s surprise, proceeded to dance about, wiggling his fingers, and smacking his rear.

“Ooooooo…lookit me…I am a boy, and I’m a weapon…I’m so…maaaagicaaaal...I bet you ain't ever seen nothin' like-OW!”

Many slugged the boy across the cheek. And like with the first beating, Billy rose to his feet, as happy go lucky as ever. She grabbed him and shook him about.

“Quit messing around big nose. Hurry and transform already! I want to go to bed! I need my beauty sleep!”

Billy gave his aggressive friend a salute and stuck out his tongue.

“Rodger dodger!”

Billy leapt into the air and his entire being was enveloped in the same bright light as before. Soon the light vanished, and in Billy's place was a large, very impressive looking scythe. The sickle was a bright blue colr with red highlights, and the silver handle gleamed in the light of the moon. The weapon spun about as a windmill does before gracefully falling back to earth and into Mandy’s outstretched arms. She boldly brandished the scythe over her shoulder and addressed the monster that was atop Lucia.

“Serial Murderer Michael the Madman, you’re no longer welcome here in the realm of the living. By order of the Grim Reaper himself, I’ll be reaping that soul of yours!”

Billy cut in.

“Reap? Reap nothin’! I’m gonna get his soul and eat for dinner!”

The monster let out bloodcurdling screech and shoot forward. It had decided that the souls of the girl in pink and her magical friend were much more appetizing than the soul of the young woman. The beast would be on the pair in seconds.

Unperturbed, Mandy dug her feet into the street.

“Reap, eat…”

Michael let out a tremendous roar and his knife was brought down. Mandy lazily, but very swiftly, changed her position so her waist was parallel with the knife. It missed terribly and sank deep into the street with a clatter.

“Same difference!”

Mandy dug the handle of Billy’s scythe transformation into the earth and leaned back. Like a pole-vaulter, she shot forward and gave the monstrosity a great double kick. Michael let out a howl of pain and was thrown head first into a street light. Still on the floor, Lucia gasped.


Mandy shot her an angry look.

“You still here? Move it! It’s my job to reap this freak’s soul, not protect some coco college chick who was too dumb to walk home alone in the middle of the night! Beat it!”

Lucia didn’t need to be told twice. With a hasty “Yes ma’am”, she sprinted off.

“Humph. No “thank you” ?”

“Don’t worry about it Billy…stay focused.”

Before long, Micheal was back on his feet. He pulled his knife from the ground and charged again. He and Mandy clashed weapons again and again, each parrying the others various cutting techniques. Mandy continued to swing about.

“Billy, you doing alright?”

Mandy saw Billy’s goofy face reflected in the blade of the scythe.

“Just peachy Mandy. GIVE ‘EM HECK!”

Knife and scythe met once more, and the air was alive with the sounds of metal and sight of yellow sparks. Having had her, fun, Mandy stepped up her game and spun Billy like a windmill as Michael lunged forward. The knife was caught in the spin, and was quickly shot skyward and lodged itself in a gutter. The sudden impact threw Michael off balance. And that was the only opening Mandy needed. She swung her leg across the ground and easily tripped the already dizzy Michael. Billy let out a yelp of anticipation.

“It’s time to eat!”

Mandy swung the scythe in a complete 180 degree circle, cleaving the monster in two. Michael howled and began to swell up like a balloon. First his arms, and then his legs, and lastly, his digits. His body turned black and began to swirl about like a tornado. Soon, the black mass vanished, and all that was left of poor Michael was a red glowing circle. It floated lazily in the air and gave off a soft, red luminescence. The orb had a small wispy tail at the top, and other parts were covered in what looked like scales. Unable to wait any longer, Billy popped his torso out of the blade of the scythe, and reached out and grabbed it. He was drooling.

“Mmmmm…dinner time!”

Billy swallowed it whole, and when he was through, gave a loud belch.

“Ahh…souls are so yummah!”

Belly full, Billy quickly repeated the transformation ritual, and in a flash of light, he was back on two feet again. He began to lazily pick his nose.

“So…eh…how many does that make Mandy? I lost count.”

Mandy was already ahead of him, and pulled out a notepad and been, gingerly wetting the tip of the pen with her tongue. She jotted down a few figures, and tucked them away.

“That one makes about sixty or so.”
She turned her back to Billy and began walking.

“C’mon Billy. We’ve met our quota for now. We better get back to that bag of bones before he gets impatient…”
As the pair walked along the road, Billy tried to continue the conversation, much to Mandy’s chagrin.

“Wow Mandy, you were so cool back there, swinging and jumpin’ ALL over the place! I sure am lucky to have a partner as cool as you!”

Billy tried to mimic Mandy’s techniques, only to trip over himself. Mandy nodded.

“Uh-huh. You sure are lucky.”

“Hey Mandy, I gots a question for ya. Your smart, so you’ll know for sure.”

Losing her patience, Mandy lazily lifted opened one eye.

“What is it pin head?”

“Are there other kids like me, y’know, who can turn into magical weapons and all that?”

Mandy gave Billy a weird look.

“Why would I need to answer that? Of course there are coco. What about all of the other magical weapons at the Death Weapon Meister Academey?”

Billy shook his head.

“No, no, I mean outside of Endsville.”

Mandy stopped and pondered this question.

“Well…I suppose there are. I mean, these monsters…these pseudo humans whose souls have become Kishin eggs…don’t just hang around Endsville. They exist all over the world, so I guess it is safe to assume magical weapons exist all over the world too…”

Mandy was rather surprised Billy had asked such an interesting question. Satisfied, Billy stopped questioning Mandy any further.

“Hmm…I wonder if any of those guys are stronger than you Mandy.”

With one swift movement, Mandy slugged Billy across the face.

“Owie…what was that for-hey!”

Mandy grabbed Billy by the collar and held him close.

“Don’t ever say anything like that again, do you understand Billy? There is not a meister alive who is stronger than me. And I will become the strongest there ever was. Outside of Endsville, magical weapons are not as easily blended into society. There are some places that would find the idea of human weapons both immoral and just plain impossible. There are lots of magical weapons out there who have yet to discover they have a drop of weapon blood running through their veins.”
Billy shook his head nervously.

“Yeah, yeah, I gotcha Mandy…I’m sorry.”

Mandy released her iron grip and Billy was back to his goofy, happy go lucky self. But as the weapon and mesiter marched on towards their bony slave driver, Billy couldn’t help but wonder.

“I wonder what those weapons and meisters in the outside world are like…”

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« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2010, 10:47:41 am »

Chapter 1
   Some people believe that everything in the universe has an equal but opposite twin. Examples include peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and vanilla, and potato chips and French fries. The list goes on. This principle can also be applied to cities and neighborhoods. And if any neighborhood in the world was the opposite of Endsville, it was the small suburb of Peach Creek.

   While Endsville was a breeding ground for all sorts of supernatural trouble, Peach Creek couldn’t be more normal. Peach Creek was a tiny suburban neighborhood that was home to several families, each with their own children. Peach Creek was the poster child for suburban living. Most of the families were headed by Baby Boomers, and were all reasonably well off. Nothing spectacular though; middle class. Peach Creek was part of the larger Peach Creek estates, which included its own public middle school and swimming pool. Tucked away just beyond the neighborhood was a strip mall complete with all sorts of shops and stores. One of the most infamous businesses amongst the children of the Cul-De-Sac was the candy store, which held within its immaculate glassy doors sweets of fabled quality and taste.

   The neighborhood of Peach Creek was dominated by the children, as the adults were always out working or on business trips. And this particular morning was no exception. A small blue flash could be seen racing across the Cul-De-Sac in hysterics. At last, he finally made his way to a home he recognized, and began to feverishly beat on the door.

   “Sarah! Open up! Please Sarah! I need you! It’s an emergency!”

After several minutes of intense whining and moaning, the door to the house finally opened. Behind was a girl with orange hair, and dressed in her PJ’s. She yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. The girl looked rather annoyed.

“Jimmy? Why are you here so early in the…morning?”

The young lady stifled a yawn.
The boy in blue latched onto her immediately and began to weep and shiver. His retainer that orbited around his mouth began to vibrate with his sobs.

   “It’s terrible Sarah! The water in my house…it’s gone! WAH!”

Sarah frowned. As much as she had grown to love Jimmy’s company over the years, he was a real pansy at times. She heaved a sigh of patience and gave him a hearty pat on the back.

   “There, there, Jimmy. Calm down and speak slowly. What happened again?”
Jimmy recalled his tale of horror with graphic detail.

   “Oh Sarah, it was so terrible! I woke up early this morning to take the first of my five herbal essence and mineral powder power soaks, and when I went into the bathroom to start the water…”

His voice grew high pitched.

   “There was no water!”

Sarah looked confused.

   “No big deal Jimmy…just wash your face and try again later…”

Jimmy latched onto her once more.

   “But it’s not just my bath! It’s all over! The faucet! The sink! The shower! All of them have mysteriously run dry!”

Jimmy went cross eyed and moaned like a whale.

   “It’s ok Jimmy…I’m sure things will get back up and running sooner or later…”

Unfortunately, this was the story all across the Cul-De-Sac. Everyone seemed to have found that their baths, showers, and toilets had mysteriously run dry. There was not water to be found anywhere. By this time, some of the other kids were beginning to grow increasingly more T.O.’d.

   “What gives?! Did some idiot up at the water filtration plant screw around with the different pressure valves and cut off the water supply to the whole neighborhood?”
A boy in a green shirt and a fiery red baseball cap beat the ground furiously with his fists.
   “It’s freaking summer man! Is this some kind of sick joke?!”

   “Rolf too is upset Kevin boy. With no water coming from the…how you say…hose… Rolf is unable to water his crops. Rolf will need a new tucass after Papa hears of this…”

A blond haired girl spoke up.

“We all had running water last night, didn’t we? Something must have happened late in the night because I was able to shower before I went to sleep.”

Everyone present nodded.

   “Yeah…come to think of it, we did.”

   “Trendy Nazz girl is correct.”

   “Yup. Plank and I had running water too.”

Kevin began pacing back and forth across the pavement. Suddenly, the answer he was looking for dawned on him. Kevin jumped up and snapped his fingers.

   “I think I have a pretty good idea where all the water has gone…”

Everyone perked up.


   “Yeah, tell us.”

   “Plank wants to know too!”

Kevin pointed to his head.

   “Just think about for a little. Whenever something goes screwy around here, who is always behind it?”

All the kids did a synchronized face palm.

“Just a little more Ed…hold those pipes steady…”

“Rodger wilco Eddy!”

Two boys stood hunched over a giant dirt hole as the third used seemingly herculean strength to direct the flow of water coming from several giant waterlines. They were surrounded by shrubs, and the trees towering above them obscured the sunlight. All three looked like they had been up all night. One of the boys in a yellow bowling shirt heaved a great yawn.

“Oh boy, I am tired. How much longer until this sucker is filled up Double D?”

“According to my calculations, at this rate, we should have a full swimming pool in about half an hour…”

The lad in yellow got to his feet and stretched.

   “Well boys, it may have taken weeks of planning, days of preparation, and hours to complete, but I think this scam is foolproof!”

His friend chuckled to himself.

   “Why are you so tired Eddy? I did all the planning, and Ed did all the heavy lifting. You just…OMPH!”

Eddy rested his foot on top of his friends head.

   “I did more than my fair share of work. I was kind enough to loan to you my good looks and charm. Without my charisma, you two would not have made it out of bed.”

Eddy crossed his arms and smiled.
   “Am I right, or am I right?”

All three boys erupted into laughter. As conceited as it sounded, Eddy was right. To a degree, his confidence was a source of inspiration. Edd scratched his chin thoughtfully.
   “I have to admit Eddy; this has got to be one of the most impressive scams you’ve managed to cook up. But are you sure it was a good idea to siphon all the water out of Peach Creek and into this giant hole in the middle of the woods?”

Eddy gave him a quizzical look.

   “Well duh, of course it was a good idea. Now all those pigeons will have to cough up big bucks if they want to cool off.”

   “But don’t you think it will be a problem when they…”

Eddy promptly plugged his ears.

   “Double D, if I wet myself over every little detail, I wouldn’t need you around. I’m a “here and now” kinda guy.”

Edd sighed. He should have known pointing out that the kids would be out for blood once they realized all their drinking, bathing, and cooking water was gone would not register with Eddy.

   “Don’t you worry that little sock head of yours. This scam will be a huge success, and we’ll be slurping jawbreakers by day’s end.”

This made Ed erupt into a cheer.

   “Just relax Double D…I got it all up here.”
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« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2010, 09:11:42 am »

-applauds- You've taken such an epic storyline and put your own cn twist to it ^^ I'm pleased to be able to read this fic of yours, Good Sir!!! I love using the Soul Eater storyline myself in RPs but this is so far the first fanfic I've read that I'm extremely invested in! I can't wait for more!!!
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« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2010, 11:26:23 am »

Thank you Alice for your warm words of encouragement. I thought you would enjoy the crossover. ^^

I really am looking forward to writing this particular fiction, since I am such a fan of both SE/EEnE. I always look forward to reading your posts, because they are always overflowing with such encouragement!
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« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2010, 08:54:32 am »

Here is the second installment in the series. I can't say I have any opening comments to add. Please enjoy, and feel free to leave behind some constructive criticism if you feel so inclined. However, if you just would like to read, that is fine too.  Wink

Chapter Two: All Your Waters Are Belong to Us!

“Ed! ED! Open the door you idiot!”

With one mighty kick, little Sarah blew the door to her elder brother’s room wide open and sent it on a one way collision course with the wall. The humble door was broken into a dozen pieces. Nervously, Jimmy poked his head out from behind the few hinges that were still adhered to the wall.

“S-Sarah? Is it safe?”

Ed’s little sister marched into his room and began to look around, picking apart anything and everything that got in her way. Jimmy gave out a yelp as a chair nearly missed his head.

“Where is that brother of mine?! Where could he possibly be?!”

The two of them began to plumb every nook and cranny of Ed’s room for any signs of life. They looked under his covers; no Ed. They looked in his closet; no Ed. They even tore down the false wall Ed has installed to keep his sponge collection safe and in prime condition; alas, no Ed to be found. In a fit of desperation, Sarah tried checking her brother’s shower. Exhausted, Sarah and Jimmy returned to the kitchen upstairs and plopped themselves down in a chair.

“Well, I should have known he wouldn’t be there. He must be hanging out with his Double D and Eddy. And goodness knows where they are NOW.”

Jimmy daintily sipped on a cherry juice box he had taken from the fridge.

“Are you sure they are behind our water problems Sarah?”

Sarah responded with a snort.

“Well duh, Jimmy, I think it’s pretty obvious.”

“But do you really think they would be able to do this sort of stunt? I mean…stealing all the water out of Peach Creek? Isn’t that a little out of there league?”

Sarah saw Jimmy’s point. Her brow furrowed as she thought.

“I guess this is a little “up there.”

She balled her fists and beat on the table furiously.

“Ah, I don’t care! I just want to beat the ever loving snot out of them for running off on us and making me waste my summer time looking for them!”


“Oy, open up Double D…”

Kevin gently rapped the side of Double D’s door with the side of his knuckles. He, Nazz, and Rolf all stood patiently outside Double D’s room. Several seconds passed. Nazz gave Kevin an annoyed look.

“Doesn’t look like he is going to answer us Kevin…”

“Or perhaps the head in sock Ed boy isn’t home…”

Kevin gave the door another knock; well, less of a knock, and more of a pounding.
“Oy, open up Double Dweeb! We’ve got a few questions we’d like to ask you and your dorky pals!”

As Kevin continued to physically harass Edd’s door, Nazz and Rolf began to whisper among themselves.
“Rolf, don’t you think this is a little strange?”

“After living in this country for a while, nothing surprises Rolf anymore…”

“No, I mean how easily we were able to get into Edd’s house…he usually keeps it locked up tight…”

“Rolf sees your point. It isn’t like the egg head Ed boy to be so careless.”

As they continued their whispering, the door finally surrendered to Kevin’s foot; a dull click could be heard on the opposite side, and it slowly creaked open. Nazz and Rolf were a little surprised. Kevin had really been going to town on that sucker. They had expected it to fly off the hinges, or swing wide open and hit the wall, not meekly glide open. The three some craned their necks and took a look inside. It looked normal enough; perhaps a little too unnaturally well kept to house an adolescent boy, and the labels that adorned very piece of equipment in the room were a little unsettling, but nothing particularly intimidating. Edd was no were to be found.
Both Nazz and Kevin took a step forward to enter the room, only to be pulled back by the seat of their pants.

“Hey, what gives Rolf?”

“Yeah dude! Put us down!”

Rolf shook his head.

“Step carefully Kevin boy. Rolf smells a trap…”

Kevin gave Rolf a strange look.

“Traps? You gotta be kidding me…”

Nazz nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, Rolf. Double D is a pacifist…he wouldn’t…”

Rolf responded by snatching Kevin’s signature red cap off his bald head, and with a flick of his wrist, flung it inside Edd’s room; much to Kevin’s chagrin. Kevin looked on his horror as his cap slowly drifted into Edd’s room. He flailed his arms wildly and tried to cover his patchy head.

“Whatcha’ go and do that for Rolf?!”

Kevin’s cap lazily drifted through the air and came to rest upon Edd’s rug. Immediately, a trap door opened up, and Kevin watched with great dismay as his baseball cap fell down into the abyss.
“My hat…that was my favorite hat…”

Rolf gave Kevin and hearty pat on the back. He looked quite pleased with himself.

“Rolf  has…how do you say…”called it”?”

Satisfied, Rolf swaggered into Edd’s room and began to look around. Nazz and Kevin, who was still grieving over the loss of his cap, slowly followed behind him. The room was immaculate. The threesome repeated the same ritual Sarah and Jimmy had undergone a mere minutes before them. No matter where it was they searched, Edd was nowhere to be seen. However, with most of his drawers and closest locked up, they didn’t have many places to look. Nazz plopped own on Edd’s bed to rest her feet.

“Face it guys. Double D isn’t here. I bet he is out running around with Ed and Eddy…”

“Well, if the others come up empty too, it will be all the more reason to suspect those three dorks are the ones behind this mess…”

“Do we really have to worry about this, really? I mean, they have pulled junk like this in the past Kev, and everything eventually goes back to normal sooner or later.”

“Of course we have to worry about it! If we don’t put the hurting on those three, they’ll just try another stunt like his again! And I don’t know about you, but after about ten years of this, I’m sick of those three.”

Nazz shrugged. Kevin was mad. She would have more luck talking to a brick wall. While Nazz and Kevin were arguing, Rolf was picking at the plaster skull replica on Edd’s work desk. He seemed to be extremely focused.

“Eh…Rolf…what are you doing dude?”

“Silence! Rolf must plumb the mysteries of this egg head artifact. Rolf smells a secret…”

Nazz gingerly peered over his shoulder. Rolf was onto something. The top of the skull looked like it had hinges on it. After about five minutes of fidgeting, there was a pop, the skull’s jaw dropped open, and a wad of paper fell out. All three children stated at it, surprised.

“What is it?”

“Maybe it’s a schedule of some kind. You know how punctual he likes to be…”

“Rolf thinks it is a clue!”

“Rolf may be right Nazz. After all, why would the dork go to all the trouble to seal it up if it was just a schedule?”

“Well, open it up and let’s take a peek then.”

Rolf shoved the paper into Nazz’s surprised hands.

“Trendy Nazz girl has the gentlest hands. She will be the one to unravel the mystery of the Edd boy’s skull.”

Nazz’s eye twitched.

“Lucky me…”

Slowly and very carefully, she began to open the wad of paper up. It was quite wrinkled after being crammed inside that skull.

“Easy Nazz…”

“I got it Kev. I’m getting there.”

After several more tense minutes, the paper was ready to read. Nazz held it up under the light and all three kids look a close look.

“It looks like…some sort of master plan or something…”

She pointed at a sketch of what looked like a rudimentary sewer system. Scattered around the paper were figures and measurements, angles and equations. Nazz, Kevin, and Rolf were all amazed at Edd’s handiwork.

“Well, I guess that settles it then. Those dorks were definitely the ones who snatched up all our water.”

Rolf stared at the paper curiously. He scratched his head.

“But Rolf must wonder…why did the Ed boys seek to capture all our water?”

Nazz turned the schematics upside down and began reading a footnote Edd had scribbled.

“It looks like this was to be used for some type of water park scam…”

“Didn’t they already try that once?”

“Rolf remembers well.”

Nazz nodded.

“Yeah, I think they did. But this one…seems to be on a much larger scale. That must be why they have been gone for such a long time, and why they needed so much water…”

Kevin raised his fists in anger and stomped the ground.

“ I knew those dorks were up to no good! I knew it!”

Kevin shoved his head in the space between Nazz and the plans, and began reading them for himself. He jabbed a finger at another footnote.

“Double Dweeb says right here they were going to haul all our water out in the middle of the woods and dump it in a giant hole Ed was to have dug.”

Rolf stuck his finger at yet another footnote.

“Rolf knows this spot well. It is where Rolf often takes Victor to graze under the light of the moon…”

Kevin balled up the plans, and tore them to bits. He grabbed both Nazz and Rolf by their collars and rushed out the door.

“Now that we know where those dorks are, we just have to get there and give ‘em whats coming to ‘em!”
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« Reply #5 on: July 08, 2010, 09:09:58 am »

My favorite line ever: “Rolf  has…how do you say…”called it”?”

Hahaha such an epic new chappie ^^ I'm already waiting ecstatically for the next one :3 And I've read through it and didn't see any grammar errors that jumped out at me so very nice job on that ^^ As always, keep up the good work and I look forward to the next installment! xD
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« Reply #6 on: July 09, 2010, 10:17:07 am »

Here comes chapter three! This one is a little bit short. I was in an awkward transitional stage where I knew how the next chapter would begin, so I had to keep this one short to make everything flow.

Chapter 3: The Hunt is On!

“Where didja want this slippy slide, Eddy?”

“Put it over there with the tire swings and concession stand Ed…”

It was now about noon, and it was nothing but hard work for the Eds; well, hard work for Ed and Double D anyway. Now that Edd’s ingenious leechlike plumbing system had successfully bled Peach Creek dry of all water, the giant swimming hole Ed had dug the night before was filled to the max. As Edd was preparing to diffuse a sanitizing agent into their new pool to prepare it for recreational use, Eddy and Ed were setting up the other attractions. Despite the summer heat, the boys had made some good progress, and were working towards wrapping things up. Dollar signs danced in Eddy’s greedy, adolescent eyes as he calculated their potential profits from this venture. He stuck out his tongue and waved his fingers in the air madly, working with an invisible calculator.

“Oh boy….0.25 cents per kid to get in…that makes about $1.50 right off the bat! Add in snacks and drinks at 0.05 cents a pop…and our cash will go through the roof! If we keep this up for even just a week, we’ll be slurping jawbreakers until the end of the month!”

Eddy licked his lips greedily.

“Of course Eddy, your calculations assume that all the kids will come and want to take a dip in this contraption…”

Eddy whipped around and hung on the edge of his recliner.

“Of course they will want to come! Why wouldn’t they? Like they have anywhere else to go and cool of…”

Edd scratched his chin thoughtfully. Eddy had a point. Thanks to Double D’s hard work, they had effectively monopolized the entire neighborhood of Peach Creek. With no place left to go, they would have to come here to cool down.

“I just hope their attitudes are not as fiery as their body temperatures…”


“They did WHAT?!”

All of the Cul-De-Sac kids had once again congregated in the lane. As soon as Kevin broke out of Edd’ house, he had been sure to track down all the other kids and explain to them what was going on. Needless to say, they were not pleased. Sarah was fuming.

“They have done some pretty coco, low, and annoying stuff over the years, but this is one a whole different level!”

Johhny, who had remained somewhat passive up until this point, was also on the war path.

“Plank and I knew something bad had gone down when we checked out Eddy’s room and found it empty!”

And so the cycle continued, with each kid blasting the Ed’s and their antics. Soon enough, every kid except Kevin had taken their turn at trolling the Ed’s. With a fresh red cap in hand, Kevin stood atop his beloved bike, raised on finger skyward, and addressed the tiny rioters.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had it up to here with them and their scams! Ever since they moved in here they ave been nothing but three big thorns in my side! And I’m sick and tired of it!”

Kevin clenched his fist.

“We all have our own problems with them! They have wronged each one of us, in one way or another over the years! Just look at Jimmy!”

Kevin pointed and angry finger towards a very exasperated Jimmy, who looked like he would soil his shorts at any moment now.


Kevin turned his attention back to the crowd of kids.

“Just look at his retainer! If it weren’t for the Ed’s, Fluffy here would still have good teeth! I think it’s high time we set those coco straight! No more scams! No more pranks! No more trouble! It ends today, right here, right now! This…”

Kevin crossed his arms defiantly.

“Will be the last scam those coco ever try to pull on us!”

Kevin’s declaration echoed across the Cul-De-Sac, but could not be heard over the cheers and jeers that had erupted from his audience. Everyone of them had felt the same way for years; and now it was time to pull the plug on the Ed’s, and their ill-fated scamming ways. Fueled by their angry emotions, the crowd of pint sized rioters began to make their way towards the woods were the Ed’s were hiding. Riding shotgun on Kevin’s bike (much to Kevin’s chagrin) was Rolf, who with a red flag led the rioters towards their three unsuspecting targets.

“Follow Rolf! Those son of a gun sea urchins will scram us no more!”
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« Reply #7 on: July 09, 2010, 10:28:04 am »

Another excellent chappie ^^ Just a few minor things :3

"Dollar sisgns danced in Eddy’s greedy eyes adolescent eyes I think you meant to say greedy, adolescent eyes here ^^ as he calculated their potential profits from this venture."

"They have done some pretty coco, low, and annoying stuff over the years, but this is on a whole different level!”

"I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had it up to here with them and their scams! Ever since they moved in here they have (Idk if you actually meant it to be ave or have, I just pointed it out anyway ^^) been nothing but three big thorns in my side! And I’m sick and tired of it!"

“Follow Rolf! Those son of a gun sea urchins will (did you want scram or scam here?) us no more!”

Anyway, can't wait for more. I'm interested to see where this whole thing is leading up to :3 Keep up the good work ^^
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« Reply #8 on: July 09, 2010, 10:30:49 am »

Thank you Alice, you gently correcting me. I made the mistake of typing up this portion in a moving vehicle, and often lost my place. I should have proof read the chapter a little bit more before posting. xD

As always, thank you for taking the time to drop in and read. ^^
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