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The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*

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Author Topic: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*  (Read 740 times)
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« Reply #45 on: September 26, 2011, 11:36:10 am »

AN: Lol sorry I got a little behind there guys! I know I promised new chapters like 2 weeks ago but I had some things I had to take care of and real-life takes precedence usually over updates on chapters Tongue Getting ever so close to the war chapters! *cheers* it’s really exciting because it’s going to be so packed full with action Cheesy Anyway, I’m pretty excited already because we’re actually starting to move past where the original chapters left off at. And that means it’s getting close to time to feature more CN Characters!!! YAY! Anyway, I’m not going to ramble on, remember NO FLAMES ALLOWED! And Constructive Criticism is welcome (: Thanks and Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Thirteen:

There was little time for Lex to react as another boulder sailed through the air, narrowly missing his shoulder blade. The redheaded teen hissed as Chomp raised high and snapped his jaws at the monster’s ammunition, shattering it and spitting out the crumbled rocks. His red eyes were narrowed at the creature threatening his friend, ready for him to give the signal.

“It’s clear we got his attention,” Lex muttered with a smirk, managing to skid to a stop before he reached the monster’s level. “All right, now’s the time to make a move buddy!”

“I thought you’d never ask!” Chomp exclaimed as he launched forward off of his partner’s shoulder, slithering down towards his prey with a toothy grin. “Hope you’re ready to become lunch, Ugly! Grow grow grow!”

His black chain wrapped around Lex’s arm as he began to grow in size, his red eyes burning themselves towards the stunned creature. The prey moaned in fear as it watched the black ball, itself showing a slight tremble as the imaginary friend went from the size of a soccer ball to the size of a large truck.

“Holy-!” Dustin’s gasps from the top of the cliff could be heard at the low levels as Chomp hissed and lunged forward, slamming its head into the creature. The fight lasted only a few seconds as the imaginary friend lived up to his name, slamming the creature down several times before swallowing his prey whole in one bite. “He-He just…How did he-?”

“Chomp’s just your everyday, run-of-the mill imaginary friend, silly,” Dustin and Abbey both glanced over at the smiling girl to their right, shocked at how calm she was taking everything. “My brother played a lot of video games while we were growing up. One day, he imagined up Chomp there. He’s like a metal snake that can change his size on the drop of a hat. He also eats basically anything that gets in his way so I’d avoid his mouth region when he’s on the move. They do argue a bunch but I think that shows how much they care for each other; they both want to keep the other one as safe as possible without saying it to their face.”

Dustin held his tongue as he nodded, unsure of what to make of it all. He had heard of imaginary friends and seen them from time to time but that was the first time he ever saw one created with such a violent mindset. Not only that but the most innocent girl twin beside him seemed to hold some great power within her that was able to send the creature flying. But how, she had no weapons whatsoever; just a pair of studio headphones resting snug around her neck. She had the attitude of an everyday girl with a somewhat clueless, carefree attitude; what kind of power did she have lying dormant within her?

“Mister, you ok?” Mae’s voice broke the teen from his thoughts, Dustin quickly giving a nod in reply. “Oh good, you seemed like you were worried about something; I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“He’s probably just quaking in his boots, Mae,” Lex’s voice hissed from the Cliffside as the giant snake slithered up beside the group, the male twin mounted atop his companion’s head as he fumed. “Now why in the world are you all still here? I would have figured you two would be running-or flying- for the hills about now. You can already see that this warzone is no place for the likes of you so beat it!”

“Your display simply charges my hopes in joining the Misfit Players even more,” Abby said simply with a light smirk, the girl reaching over and touching Matt’s hand. The teen tensed at the soft touch, eyeing her with curious eyes as the fairy continued to speak. “So stop with your high-and-mighty attitude; we acknowledge your strength and determination as great and we simply want to fight alongside you. Is that really so much to ask for?”

“I’m getting tired of repeating myself!” Lex howled in anger, him and his imaginary friend glaring daggers at the two newcomers all while his sister panicked in place. “We don’t need amateurs out here who are just trying to prove themselves; this war is serious and requires experienced fighters to handle things. We’ve worked hard to get to this point; we aren’t about to babysit a bunch of kids who think they’re the **** when they really can’t handle things! I mean, look at you Miss Fairy; I’m sure you have some power in you but you and your buddy couldn’t even handle that one creature on your own. Your friend doesn’t even have anything special about him! What makes you think you could even make a dent in this fight?”

“Lex, please st-,” Mae began to interrupt but her brother hissed at her attempts.

“If you two don’t back down and hit the road, we’ll just have to force you back ourselves,” Lex fussed as Chomp slithered forward, his fangs bared at the two newcomers. “Mae, you’re going to help too! Get ready!”

“What are you doing, Lex? They’re innocent people!” Mae exclaimed as she stepped forward, her hands raised up protectively before the two teens. “We can’t just attack them because they won’t back down; please stop this now! I’m sure we can work something out!”

“Mae, now!”

“But Lex, I-,” Mae’s words were cut short as the redheaded girl was yanked backwards, her head colliding with the rocks as something entangled her leg and pulled her backwards towards the Oceanside.

“Mae!” Lex shouted at the sight of his sister being yanked away, the blood leaking from her head wound causing him to go pale. “Mae! Something has Mae! Chomp!”

“What is that thing?” Chomp gasped as he was held back by the male twin, the group all watching as seven tentacles wrapped themselves the rocks of the cliff. An eighth tentacle held up the unconscious sister as the other tentacles pulled at the rocks, a large squid-like creature with greenish skin and blood red eyes emerging from the depths of the ocean. It seemed to have its eyes fixated on Lex and the imaginary friend in his possession. “Lex; what do you want me to do?”

“That (Censored)’s got my sister; what the hell do you think I want you to do!” Lex shouted in reply as he put his lip, trying his best to formulate a plan. If Mae wasn’t at risk of being dropped towards the jagged rocks below, Lex wouldn’t mind going all out against the creature standing against him. As much as he wanted to send the creature to hell himself, Lex wasn’t about to risk his sister’s life in the process. “Chomp, is there any way you can get her out of his grasps while taking him on?”

“I wouldn’t be able to attack the monster and save Mae if she drops,” Chomp growled his response, feeling how tense his partner had become. “I’ll attack the monster if I need to but someone’s going to have to get Mae when she drops; I don’t want to take any unnecessary actions right now, buddy, but this monster is going to come after us next if I don’t do something now.”

“What the hell am I supposed to do to save her; that thing has her dangling over the water and rocks!” Lex snapped back, his eyes wavering in panic. “It’s not like I have wings or anything like that; how am I supposed to get to her?”

“Have you honestly forgotten about us already?” Lex gasped at the girl’s voice, the male twin turning his head to stare at the newcomers. Dustin gawked in horror at the scene before him while Abby stood there with a smirk, her fists balled up and ready to attack. “I have wings!”

“I guess you do,” Lex muttered to himself, a look of hesitance befalling him before he sighed and frowned at the girl. “Fine, Tinkerbell, just quit with that cocky look of yours and listen up! You help with my sister and you and your boyfriend can get a spot on the team at your own risk; deal?”

“My name’s not Tinkerbell! And he’s not my boyfriend!” Abby snapped in response before lifting up in the air and aiming for the monster. “This will be easy though so deal; steer clear Dustin!”

The male twin nodded in approval and leapt from his mount, the imaginary friend rearing and charging towards the monster before him. His fangs pierced into the closest tentacle clinging to the rocks and it let out a piercing cry of pain and disapproval. However, it stayed firm at the side of the cliff as it lifted up another tentacle and aimed it directly for Chomp, the imaginary friend narrowly escaping the attack as it weaved around the pounding tentacles that now pursued him.

“Thanks for distracting him,” Abby muttered to herself as she rose up towards the dangling girl, the monster yet to notice her actions. The fairy smiled before lifting up her hands, the brunette taking a few deep breaths as she prepared for what was to come. “Steady hands; don’t let her fall. Remember, you’re a hero.”

Abby’s eyes began to glow silver as she focused her power to her hands, the glow returning to her fingertips. The glow took the form of two orbs of light within the fairy’s hands, themselves launching forth as they gathered enough energy for the attack. The orbs dashed through the air and collided with the monster’s tentacle, itself letting out another cry of pain as it released Rae. The unconscious girl plummeted downward towards the waves, Abby quickly reacting as she dove after her. Within seconds, Abby had a hold of Mae’s ankle and was lifting her up towards the safety of the cliffs. She caught Lex’s stare and smirked over at him; Abby knew she had done herself and Dustin proud for her actions.

“See? I’m worth having around after all,” Abby said with a chuckle as she placed the unconscious girl lightly on the ground, Lex running over to check on his sister’s state while his imaginary friend kept on the offence.

“I’m thankful and all but you do realize that the monster is still alive and kicking right?” Lex muttered over his shoulder as his hand graced his sister’s cut forehead, sighing as he noticed it wasn’t a terrible wound. Abby fumed in place but nodded, knowing the male twin was right; the creature was still alive and strong. “I’m going to have to get her to the others; Chomp, is there any way you can finish him?”

“I’m-I’m trying,” Chomp howled in pain as he was thrown back by the tentacle, unable to retaliate as the three more tentacles followed up with an attack of their own. “Ah!”

“Chomp!” Lex gasped as he watched his imaginary friend roll back in pain, cascading down the beachside of the cliffs. “Oh no!”

“Ah, hang on!” Abby stepped forward and raised her hands again, this time an invisible shield forming around the group as they watched the creature’s tentacles collide with the force field. “I can’t hold him for long; you guys should get down to the beach and run for the piers!”

“We can’t just leave you here!” Lex exclaimed with a frown. “This is supposed to be Mae and mine’s responsibility; I would be punished for leaving amateurs alone here! Why doesn’t your boyfriend take Mae down to the beach?”

“I’m not her boyfriend!” Dustin retorted with a frown of his own, himself standing strong behind Abby. “I’m not leaving my friends here to be thrashed around by this punk! I’m staying here!”

“Dustin-,” Abby began with a weak smile over her shoulder but suddenly gasped as something caught her eye. “Dustin!”

The teen blinked at the girl’s sudden panicked tone before stumbling at the sudden feeling of a burning sensation at his chest. Reaching a hand up, Dustin felt the ring that was looming on the chain around his neck that his father had given him. The silver was burning at the touch, Dustin yanking his hand away as he hissed in pain.

“What’s going on?” Dustin questioned through gritted teeth, Lex turning his head towards the boy in shock. Where the ring rested on his chest, a strange symbol appeared there on his skin and glowed through his shirt. It seemed to break out from the ring’s location and spin out further along his body, burning into his skin as he cried out in pain. “This hurts! What’s going on?”

“We were hoping you could tell us,” Lex muttered as he held Mae up in his arms, the male twin getting to his feet as he heard Chomp stir from down below. “I thought you said you didn’t have anything special going on with you.”

“Like I knew this was going to happen!” Dustin exclaimed with a panicked tone, the teen howling in pain as the marks continued to spread over his body.

“That ring,” Abby interrupted with her soft voice, the fairy continuing to hold the barrier despite being distracted. “Did you father give you that ring?”

“What?” Dustin glanced over at the girl through squinted eyes, managing a slow nod at her question. “Yeah, he gave it to me before I came after you!”

“He must have known this would happen,” Abby whispered as she recalled speaking with the man, remembering him saying that she would see the object soon enough with that cocky grin of his. “Dustin, remain calm, your father gave you that ring for a reason; this is supposed to happen! Just bear with it and it will be over before you know it!”

“Easy for you to say,” Dustin got out as he howled in pain once more. “You have no idea how much this hurts! And why are you acting so confident; do you know what’s going on?”

“No, I don’t know what’s going on,” Abby said with confidence as she returned her attention to the pounding tentacles, her barrier almost succumbing to their strength. “All I know is that your father would not simply give you something that would hurt you for no reason; he’s doing what he feels is best for you. Whatever it is; it’s meant to help you.”

Dustin paused as he repeated the girl’s words in his mind, believing them to be true. His father gave him the ring for a reason; he went back to the house to retrieve it so it must have been very important. It was obviously not normal; the markings on his skin and the painful sensation flowing through Dustin’s veins were proof of that. But what did it all mean? All Dustin wished for was answers.

“Ah!” Abby hissed in pain as her barrier was shattered, the tentacle now aimed to collide with her. “I can’t get away in time!”

“Abby!” Dustin gasped as he stepped forward, hoping to push the girl out of the way of the tentacle’s path. However, the markings began to glow even brighter as the pain seemed to coarse through his entire body. It seemed as if something bright was emerging from the markings, the substance seeming to surround Dustin’s body and building up into a large form. It was as if Dustin had become the core of a large, glowing creature, his howl of anger echoing over Bravo Beach as it bashed the tentacles away from the fairy.

“Dustin, you-!” Abby stumbled backwards as she stuttered, her eyes wide as she stared at the creature that encased her friend. “Can you hear me, Dustin?”

Dustin’s figure could vaguely be seen within the creature, his eyes glowing bright along with the markings painted over his skin. Though his mouth was not moving, his words could be heard within Abby’s mind.

“I-I-I can hear you,” Dustin’s thoughts echoed as Abby sighed in relief. “What-What happened to m-me? I don’t und-understand what’s going on right now! Abby, what’s going on?”

“You saved us is what’s going on,” Lex’s aggravated tone of voice sounded from the beachside of the cliffs as he stood there with his sister still knocked out within his arms. He frowned as he examined the glowing creature before them, the tentacle monster seeming to momentary retreat towards the ocean. “You lied when you said you weren’t anything special; when were you going to tell us about this power you have? This sort of thing should not be kept secret!”

“It’s obvious he didn’t know about it!” Abby snapped in retort to the male twin’s prying, her hand reaching forward and touching the glowing creature’s skin. It was solid and warm to the touch; it was almost as if it were a living, breathing creature. “Dustin, this is amazing; that ring of yours is truly made for a hero.”

“Now’s not the time for that!” Lex growled as a tentacle reached up once more, the squid pulling itself up to face Dustin once more. “You better figure out how to work that power of yours, buddy; if you don’t hurry, the monster’s going to get you for sure!”

Dustin inwardly gulped at Lex’s words, his vision focused on the squid as it fully pulled its ugly self onto the cliffs. He had little time to question his newly found powers; he had to make a stand against the creature and end things quickly. He had his life and the life of his new friends on the line.

*End Chapter Thirteen*
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