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The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*

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Author Topic: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*  (Read 740 times)
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« Reply #45 on: May 13, 2011, 01:36:47 pm »

AN: I’m just full of updates this week! First there was The Monsters Within, and then I updated Cyber Paradise yesterday! So then today I was like…you know what, lemme just write this new chapter of Misfit Players so we can finally bring in some action with Team 6 xD I remember I actually posted up to Dustin and Abby meeting all of Team 6 in the original story before I did the massive rewrite session on it. So I’m going to try and crank out as many chapters as possible these next couple of weeks so I can finally give everyone NEW CONTENT! Well, technically, there has been quite a bit of new content already seeing as I added in Baki’s characters and such. I just mean making it actually into the war chapters with all the wonderful actiony goodness! Cheesy

More news on my other stories, Monsters Within Chapter Two has been basically written last night. However, I’m not sure when I’m going to be done with my edits and posting it. I’m not making any promises but I might be able to post it tonight or tomorrow. We shall see! Papillion, yeah remember that story I was telling you about? Well, I keep forgetting to share it with you guys. I’ll be posting that up pretty soon as well. Also, My Competitive Nature might make its stance on the forums as well, just have to see if I’m up for it xD

If you want to read more stories from me, I have a writing blog on wordpress; just ask for the link and I’ll provide it to you. Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy the story! NO FLAMES! Constructive Criticism is welcome.

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Twelve:

Stumbling backwards, Dustin kept his knife brandished towards the creature that now advanced for him. Abby’s screams echoed over the scene but the fear within the boy seemed to drown out all the noise around him. All Dustin could hear was the crunching of the creature’s footsteps and its grunts it released as it closed the distance between them.

“What do I do…?” Dustin breathed out again, his aquamarine orbs wide and nervous as they locked with the red slits glaring down at his shivering body. “What do I do now…?”

“That’s simple, silly! Duck!” An unfamiliar female voice chimed in from behind the creature, Dustin crying out in fear as a blast of rocks surrounded the unsuspecting creature. The rocks caved in around it as the creature let out a shrill of shock before being buried without a care. The teen was left there to cower in the farthest reaches of the crater, his eyes locked on a slender silhouette beyond the rising cloud of dirt and dust from the burial site. “Aw, he went down so easily? That’s no fun at all.”

The barrier of dust finally lifted after a few moments, Dustin catching a glimpse of a redheaded girl with a playful smirk at her lips. Her green eyes flashed with excitement as she glanced over towards Dustin, breaking her fighting stance and skipping over to his side. Her red curls bounced with every step she took, a pair of purple studio headphones managing to keep the curls from cascading over her face as she leaned over to examine Dustin’s cowering form.

“Hehe, you’re pretty interesting mister!” The girl giggled as she spoke, reaching a hand out towards Dustin. “You just drove right into here without any hesitations it looked like. The expression on your face when that monster rose up…priceless! You’re a funny one!”

“Uh…yeah,” Dustin stared at the hand offered to him cautiously before accepting it, eyeing the girl with interest and confusion. However, as the rocks behind her began to crumble and rise, Dustin gasped and pulled her out of the way. “Move! He’s not down yet!”

“Huh?” The girl peeked over her shoulder in time to see the creature breaking out of its rock-covered grave. Hissing in anger, the creature lifted up a boulder from the crater and tossed it towards Dustin and the girl, the boy crying out and preparing for impact. However, the girl just stared at the rock as it inched closer, remaining as calm as before. “Oh yay, I get to have more fun!”

With one swift movement, the girl turned her body to face the rock, one hand outstretched towards the incoming threat while her other began to fumble with something strapped to her belt. Dustin managed to catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of his eye, gasping as he noticed the mp3 player being adjusted. This girl, though close to becoming the victim of this horrible creature, was fumbling with her mp3 player and picking a new song off her playlist. Was she insane? She was about to die!

“What are you doing?! We need to…!” Dustin began to reach for the girl but she shook her head, a loud beat reverberating from her headphones as she smiled. “Huh?”

“One second, mister! Almost done!” The girl paused before thrusting her hand forward, the creature suddenly being forced backwards as it cried out in pain. Dustin’s eyes grew wider at this, knowing that the girl had not made contact herself with the creature. She had somehow used some power to force back the creature onto the other side of the crater. “This song has a good beat for beating up your opponents.”

“How did you…?” Dustin began to start his flood of questions once more; however a hand on his shoulder broke him from his focus on the new girl. The teen glanced over his shoulder to see Abby standing there, the girl determined to get them both out of the crater and away from the monster. “Abby.”

“Come on, we have to get out of here,” Abby frowned as she yanked the boy out of the crater and out of range from the flying rocks that now were flying from the battlefield. “You’re not going to be much help down there I’m afraid. Did you catch the girl’s name?” 

“I was more focused on us not dying! You think I actually did a full introduction down there when that thing was pelting boulders at us?” Dustin snapped as they managed to move a safe distance from the battlefield, the two of them watching curiously as rocks continued to fly. “So I take it you’ve never seen or met this girl. She’s not one of the heroes but she just forced that thing back with some sort of power.”

“That just confirms it, she must be a part of the Misfit Players,” Abby concluded, straining her forest green orbs to get a better look through the barriers of rocks and dust clouds at the fight. “This is so exciting! Aren’t you excited, Rude Boy?”

“I almost died!” Dustin growled as he rested his hand on his chest, trying desperately to catch his breath. “I’m starting to regret even coming out here. This is getting too real for me.”

“So you are a coward, after all?” Abby questioned, a slight smirk on her lips as she took a step forward towards the fight. Almost immediately, Dustin reached forward and gripped her arm, holding the girl back from approaching the crater. “I just want a better look; lemme go.”

“Not a chance, this is too dangerous for us,” Dustin said as he pulled Abby back to his side. “Even with your powers, that thing is too dangerous. Let’s leave it to whoever this person is.”

There was a pause between the two of them as Abby frowned, glaring daggers up at the boy before she relented and nodded. They both watched at a distance as the creature suddenly was flying through the air, wailing in shock as it began its descent down the Cliffside and towards the sandy beach below. The girl managed to pull herself out of the crater and escape the looming dust cloud, pressing pause on her mp3 player as she turned to wave at the two teens waiting off on the sidelines.

“Heh, that was so easy!” The girl cheered as she smiled over towards Dustin and Abby. “Sorry if you wanted to fight him, I just couldn’t help jumping in and taking him out! I was hoping he would be more of a threat though…”

“Naw Mae, the punk’s still got some fight left in him from the look of it. Honestly, if you just let me and Chomp have the first go, we would have sent him out of commission for good,” a male’s voice spoke up as an identical figure came beside the girl, bringing a fist down upon the unsuspecting girl’s skull as she whimpered there. “Sorry if my twin scared you there, dude. She’s a moron. She sometimes doesn’t know the meaning of holding back her attacks when there are innocents around. Control isn’t one of her strong suits. Now, if you’ll  kindly beat it while we handle things here that would be greatly appreciated. Leaving the rescuing Bravo Beach to the real heroes now.”

“Real heroes…?” Dustin growled at the newcomer’s attitude, though he fell silent as Abby stepped forward to speak.

“Please tell me, are you two apart of the Misfit Players?” Abby stuttered as she stared at the pair across from them.

“Huh? Someone actually knows about our group?” The male teen smirked, lowering his duffle bag down on the ground before examining the two across from him. “What do ya know, our reputation precedes us apparently. Hey, those things sprouting out of your back real?”

Abby blushed slightly, realizing that her wings were still quite visible to all around her. Dustin nodded from beside the girl and patted her shoulder, giving her the encouragement she needed to address those she dreamed of being a part of.

“Yes, they’re real. I have always dreamed of becoming a part of the Misfit Players. I know I can be a valuable member of the team.”

“Oh wow, do you see that Lex?!  She’s like a fairy princess!” The female twin suddenly chimed in, pointing towards Abby as her smile grew larger. “That is so cool! I never thought I’d get to see a real fairy before!”

“Mae, shut up!” The one called Lex snapped at the girl as he slammed his fist on her head once more, his twin blushing at her sudden outburst. “Sorry about that. But look, we have a job to do right now. You guys should head off to the rescue sites. We’ll chat with you later, Miss Fairy.”

“No, I don’t want to be brushed away like that! I assisted in the discovery of that creature down there,” Abby snapped back, realizing that her words were being ignored. “I’m staying and helping you take care of that creature. I’m going to prove myself a valuable addition to the Misfit Players! Understand?”

Lex was about to argue with the girl’s outburst when his twin raised a hand up to silence him. The one called Mae glared over at her brother, the two of them seeming to have a silent argument with each other. After a few moments, Lex groaned and nodded, waving over towards Abby and Dustin.

“Fine, you can stay Miss Fairy,” Lex grumbled before switching his glare towards Dustin. “And you? You sticking around too? You a Mister Fairy?”

“My name is Abby,” the girl interrupted, stepping in front of Dustin as she spoke. “And this is Dustin. He is my friend and he will be remaining here with us as well. He would also like to join the Misfit Players.”

“Hey,” Dustin was ready to argue but Lex’s glare silenced him. 

“What’s his abilities, then? From his display earlier, it looked like his only ability was cowering in a corner like a baby,” Lex alleged.

“Aw Lex, stop being mean to the Mister! I’m sure he’s got some super special abilities,” Mae chimed in from her brother’s side, smiling over at Dustin. “Well Mister, what’s your abilities?”

There was a pause over the group before Dustin finally spoke up with a frown, “I have a knife.”

The silence returned as Dustin held up his Swiss army knife to show the twins, the two of them staring at the teen for a good moment before sighing.

“Yeah, maybe you don’t belong out here,” Mae waved as she spoke. “It was nice meeting you Mister but that thing would probably only be useful for being a toothpick for the monster after he eats you.”

“Gee thanks,” Dustin mumbled before peeking over to Abby, the girl shockingly giving him a reassuring smile. “Look, I might not have powers and all…but I can be helpful somehow.”

“You almost got yourself eaten in that crater buddy,” Lex frowned as he spoke. “We don’t need inexperienced people out here, all right. Our team has been working for this chance to prove ourselves to the heroes. You guys are nothing but amateurs. So I’m telling you for the last time to beat it.”

“Not a chance!” Abby retorted, watching Lex as he fumed and knelt down to fumble with his duffle bag. “What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna show you idiots how a pro does things,” Lex growled as he carefully undid the zipper of the bag. “I’ll show you punks how a real hero does things. If you can’t even remotely stand up against this guy on your own, then you’ve got no reason to be here. Now…”

A long, black chain began to slither out of the bag, wrapping itself around Lex’s now-standing body. The redheaded boy smirked as the chain continued its journey, a large black ball now resting on his shoulder.

“This is unbelievable,” Dustin whispered over to the girl beside him. “This guy is a jerk. His sister’s pretty nice but a bit of a space case it seems. How can these two be heroes?”

“Traits in personality such as being a jerk or a bit of a ditz does not categorize someone as a hero. It is their abilities and how they use them that qualifies them,” Abby retorted as the chain came to a halt around the boy, the black ball seeming to snore on his shoulder. “It’s hard to believe but these two are heroes that are lost in the shadows of those like Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls. The Misfit Players are finally taking a huge stand here by fighting against this new menace.”

“Seriously? But these two…” Dustin went quiet, noticing Mae beginning to examine the chained creature on her brother’s shoulder. “Now what…?”

“Lex, I think Chomp-Chomp fell asleep again,” Mae giggled as she pestered and poked at the chains, her twin trying not to unleash his aggravation on her. “Wakey-Wakey Chomp-Chomp! It’s dinner time!”

“Mae, quit talking to him like that! He’s not a kid! And Chomp, wake up or I’ll beat your head into the cliffs!” Lex growled as the black ball rose off of his shoulder. Dustin and Abby shuddered as blood red eyes peeled open, a wicked sharp toothy smile curling as the ball cackled. “Nice of you to join us, now do you mind? I want to finish this thing up before Steel and the others get here!”

“Blah blah blah, all right I’m going Punk! Don’t rush me!” The ball hissed from his partner’s shoulder, its red eyes locked onto the two standing across from the twins. Dustin’s eyes were now as wide as saucers as he gawked at the creature, unable to fully understand what all was true in his life at the moment. “Am I eating them? They don’t look monstrous. The fairy’s a major babe though!”

“Stupid punk, they’re not the enemy! Shut your trap!” Lex slammed his fist upon the ball, the creature growling at his partner’s reaction. “We’re here to take care of a monster which is down the cliff, thanks to Mae! We need to get down onto the beach! These two are just here to see the show!”

“Then stop hitting me and get down onto the beach, ya Punk!” Chomp bared his fangs at Lex as the redheaded boy rolled his bright green eyes and began to stumble down the sandy cliff. “Is that any way to treat your imaginary friend, ya Punk!”

“Just shut up and get ready! The monster is a mixture of sand and rock, plus some green goop from that weird planet from the sky,” Lex answered as he dodged a boulder that was launched at him, the pair realizing that the monster down below had noticed their attack. “Whatever that goop is, it seems to have the ability to turn things into monsters.”

“Heh, sounds like a pretty decent entrée, can I have that fairy for dessert?!” Chomp smirked, unable to avoid Lex’s fist colliding with his forehead. “Dang it! It was just a joke!”

“Just shut it and get ready!” Lex glanced back at the group with a smirk. “Watch closely, you two! I’m going to show you just how a real hero does things!”

*End Chapter Twelve*
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