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The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*

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Author Topic: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*  (Read 880 times)
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« Reply #30 on: March 08, 2011, 05:04:36 pm »

AN: Wait a minute, is this…GASP…ANOTHER NEW CHAPPIE OF MISFIT PLAYERS?! I MUST BE DREAMING…that or Alice finally found some free time in her hectic life and actually wrote us a new chappie with lots of action and adventure! I would say the later one of the two choices is correct guys Sorry it’s taken so long for me to update. I didn’t mean to drag out my return so long. Work was just really hectic (still is btw so don’t expect a new chappie very soon…might have one out but don’t be expecting it to happen) and I only have so much time to write nowadays. But thankfully, I managed to work on this chappie by itself for several weeks now, piecing together a little bit at a time until it created the long-anticipated chapter nine. It features Cillian, Baki’s character, and a glimpse at what’s to come. Hope you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Nine:

The walls of the nearby buildings seemed to crumble as easily as crackers as Dustin dodged the crowbar’s vicious blows. The teen found himself desperate for safety, clinging to a hope that maybe one of the heroes would storm by and see his struggle in time to save him. But then…Dustin would have really proved that he was never meant to be the hero that the world was waiting for…That he was waiting to become.

   “Stop moving out of the way, you are making it very difficult to kill you,” the dressed up man hissed as the crowbar roared, landing another blow into the wall that Dustin was standing before just moments ago. “Why don’t you scream a little then? If you’re going to be a baby about this, you might as well play the part perfectly.”

   The teen bit his lip to hold in his cries for assistance, preparing himself to face this challenge alone. But how could he fight him? Dustin was powerless; no laser vision, no power of flight, no super strength and definitely no omnitrix. He was even lacking in any type of weapon, existing on that now decrepit block with just the clothes on his back. What could he do?

   Aquamarine eyes were flashed with red as Dustin lost himself in his thoughts, forgetting there was a lunatic approaching him fast with that crowbar. BAM! Dustin stumbled into the closest wall and cursed, his fingertips brushing against the fresh wound on his head. The impact was less severe than it could have been, but blood was still evident on the teen’s scalp. Dustin couldn’t afford another slip-up.

Without a moment to lose, the teen sprinted for the parked cars on the road, leaping up onto one of the hood and beginning his hurdles from car to car. The suited man paused for a moment, an interested expression befalling his face while he made his path besides the cars. The bloodied crowbar now slammed within the glass of each car as the man passed, a deep cackle rising from his throat as he crept up onto Dustin’s retreating form.

“You  should give up already,” the man began his taunts once more only to be silenced by a shadow darting across the ground before him. He slid to a halt, his dark eyes glancing around him suspiciously. Something was trying to get the upper hand on him, but who? The man’s eyes went wide as the shadow appeared at his feet once again, this time growing larger and larger. “From above!”

The suited man managed to step out of the way in time before Reggie’s form landed there, the ground shattering at his impact while he glared over at his prey. Dustin caught the sight from the corner of his eye and he slid off the final car, his orbs wide as they laid over the scene of his father.

“Dad?” Dustin got out but Reggie’s hand rose up, silencing his son.

“Been awhile, Cillian,” Reggie barked as he rose up, brushing the dust off his shoulders.

“Wish it was longer, Reggie,” the man, Cillian, retorted.

“Don’t start getting smart with me,” Reggie cut a glance back at his son before returning the glare to Cillian. “Why were you pursuing my son?”

“Hmm, no particular reason, just looked destined for some hurt,” Cillian replied, tossing the crowbar up before it returned to his grasps. “His face just begs to be bloodied, don’t you think?”

“Your lies don’t work with me.”

“What lies? I’m not lying; it almost pains my heart to hear those accusations.”


The suited man rolled his eyes as he stepped away from the man, his crowbar now loose in his grasps as he turned heel and began to walk away. Cillian had almost made it around the smashed corner of the building when he halted, glancing back towards the father and son.

“Might I remind you of the objects falling from the sky? They’ll be here within the hour,” he cut a smirk as he disappeared round the bend. “Course I’d rather be the one to spill your blood…but I prefer a different battlefield than this. Til we meet again…wherever that may be…”

With those final words, Cillian was gone. Reggie kept his glare firm at the corner, though Dustin took no time to appear at his father’s side in shock.

“You just…leapt from the sky and scared off the creep with the crowbar!” the teen gulped and gawked at the damage that surrounded them, unable to understand what all had just occurred. “Dad, did you know that?! You just…!”

“Of course I knew that, you idiot! I’m the one that did it,” Reggie shook away his glare, smirking down at his flesh and blood beside him. “Glad I found you in time. I’m sorry about that, I had no idea that mistake of a man would be in town.”

“Who was he? And how the heck do you know that maniac?”

“His name is Cillian Fickenaur, or Cell,” the older Hawthorne rolled his eyes at the thought of the suited man, though continuing with his words despite his feelings. “We’ve met in the past…let’s just say, he hasn’t changed a bit.”

“Cillian Fickenaur?” Dustin repeated the name for a moment before letting out a gasp, finding his father tampering with his headwound. “Dad, leave it alone! It hurts!”

“Don’t be such a baby, Dustin. You’ll be fine,” Reggie chuckled as he reached into his pocket, pulling out some fresh bandages and tending to his wound. “What are you doing out here, son? What of your mother and brother?”

“They made it to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s fine,” Dustin answered through clenched teeth, the treatment launching a wave of pain throughout his body. “I came looking for you since we were all worried about you…”

The older Hawthorne paused at his son’s words before continuing with the treatment, his smile huge while he took care of his son. Once completed, Reggie turned his son by the shoulders and hugged him. Dustin accepted the hug gratefully before pulling away, his eyes searching for answers.

“Dad, I promised Mom that when I found you, we’d be on the next S.C.A.M.P.E.R. out of here,” Dustin stood there with a proud smile, his father nodding in agreement as they both began for the piers. “We should be one of the final ones to leave too. This place is barren. They have really outdone themselves with the retreat.”

“Well, almost,” Reggie mumbled as the two of them  walked together. “One of your friends was wandering about by our house. She seemed intent on finding someone. You know who I’m talking about? That Abigail Louis girl.”

The younger Hawthorne came to a halt at the mention of the name, a wave of shock befalling the boy. That girl from before was still wandering around the city? Was she that dumb? Those falling pods were going to make impact at any moment and she was dilly-dallying around without a care in the world probably looking for them ‘Misfit Players’ she was so keen on finding. What an idiot!

“You know, Dustin,” the teen broke from his thoughts as he glanced up at his father, Reggie smiling towards him before outstretching his clenched hand towards him. “You might want to get that girl back, she’s going to keep on putting herself in danger without a hero to rescue her. Here, take this and get out of here. If I see your Mom, I’ll just tell her it was my idea. Besides, I know you’ll be returning to us soon so there’s no need to worry.”

“But Dad…”

“Go on, Dustin,” Reggie dropped the item into Dustin’s palms, revealing a chained necklace adorning some sort of ring. “Take that with you for good measure. Be safe all right. I trust you can handle yourself just fine.”

There was a long pause for the teen as Reggie sprinted down the street towards the pier, disappearing without another word of caution for his son. Dustin felt confused by his father’s words but brought the ring up to examine it, the metal glowing in the light of the rising moon. What all was happening to him was confusing, but…Reggie seemed to believe in his abilities and urged him to act. Reggie believed his son was a hero, and Dustin would be a fool to disappoint a man with some sort of past with a lunatic with a crowbar.

“I’m coming Abby…Let’s just hope you don’t make things difficult for me.”

*~End Chapter Nine~*
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