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The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*

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Author Topic: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*  (Read 880 times)
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« on: May 31, 2010, 12:37:01 pm »

AN: Still deciding on whether or not to rewrite the old Chapter Three and Four from the original fanfic, I’ll keep you guys posted! Also, get those requests in for what CN characters you want to see in the war chapters. Thanks for reading and Enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Six:

   The ginger-haired boy bit his lip as his eyes kept to the sky, watching the scene unfold before him. The planet above them seemed to be releasing pods into the atmosphere, each pod in a collision course for the Earth itself. Computress hovered to the genius’ side, awaiting a chance to speak to her creator.

   “Computress, status report?”

   “Dexter, we have made contact with all heroes. Everyone is preparing for battle,” the computer stated, staring at her compuboard in hand. “We’ve begun to circulate messages for the villains. So far, we have one who is very eager to speak with you.”

   “And let me guess, that would be…”

   “Well well well, looks like Dexter has finally proven himself to be inferior to my skills,” a familiar voice cackled behind the ginger-haired genius as he sighed, turning heel to greet the newcomer. “It’s time for everyone to see that Mandark is superior, Mwah ha ha, mwah ha ha ha ha!”
   “Mandark?” Dexter gave a grin of approval towards his rival. “This is a surprise. You’ve decided to join the fight?” 

   “My superior skills are what will take over the world. Whatever this threat is, it’s becoming a nuisance and will possibly cause complications in achieving my goal,” Mandark stated simply, showing his selfishness at full force. “That’s why I’m adding myself to the front lines. My Mandroids and I will provide the right equipment to save our world so that I can take it over.”

   Dexter chose to ignore his rival’s remarks on taking over the world, knowing that he had no time to be having a petty fight between themselves. The world needed as much help as it could get right now, and even though Mandark was a villain he was needed.

   “It’s good to have you aboard, Mandark,” Dexter commented before turning back to Computress. “How long do we have until those pods that are falling make contact with the Earth?”

   “We have calculated the first impact to be in approximately less than twenty minutes Dexter. We have begun performing evacuations for the possible targeted areas with the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s,” Computress answered while glancing at the compupad. “We have sent heroes to all of the major areas of impact. In addition, we’ve begun preparations to send out airships for assistance if need be.”

   “Thank you, Computress. We will need those airships it seems,” Dexter sighed before glancing over to Mandark. “Have you also…?”

   “I’ve been making preparations since the planet became visible. We’re ready to launch as soon as you are ready,” Mandark smirked as the ginger-haired genius nodded, raising a purple-gloved hand into the air.
   “May this be a stand for the heroes…”

   “And villains!”

   “Fine, yes, may this be a stand for the heroes and villains of our world. Whatever this matter is, it is our enemy and we must handle it as soon as possible!” Dexter felt his blood race as he prepared his next words. “This is a war for our world. We must not lose this battle. Win at all costs!”

Just outside of Tech Square…

   The motor rumbled of the scarlet motorcycle as its driver scanned the screen of her nanocom, her ebony hair pulled back so that it didn’t fall into her face. Her twenty-five years in life seeking adventure seemed to have finally paid off. The woman smiled as she rewound the tape, hearing Dexter’s final words before rushing back into his laboratory to finish his preparations.

   “Seems the Misfit Players will finally get to make their stand as well, that’s exciting! I was worried that our team would be living in the shadows forever,” the woman chuckled as she tampered with the screen once more, this time launching a call to one of her teammates. “Hey Auron, can you hear me?”

   The screen lit up once again as a face of an older male, around thirty years of age, appeared there. The man looked agitated with the call but he made no effort to complain.

   “What is it, Lucy? Good news I hope?”

   “I’ve sent you as well as the other players the video of our dear little ginger making a stand,” the one called Lucy stated, sliding comfortably in the seat of her bike in order to move out. “Boss seems to think that the heroes will still be hesitant in allowing us to join the fight.”

   “From what I’ve gathered, this planet is bad news and I don’t think even the heroes and villains combined could handle it,” the one called Auron replied with a frown. “They’re going to need our help, whether they like it or not.”

   “Heh, you’ve always had a way with words. I’m sure if you talk to Dexter he’d have no choice but to agree with you,” Lucy chuckled once more as she revved her engine. “What’s your position right now?”

   “I’m in Nowhere right now. Got a call from a panicked puppy saying that strange occurrences were happening here,” Auron paused for a moment before smirking. “Well, stranger than usual in this place.”

   “That’s good, I’ve sent teams out to all the major areas to fight at the front lines,” Lucy said. “This really is the best time for us to make our stand. It’s horrible that this might become a huge war, but at least with all of us working together we can defeat this enemy.”

   “Yeah, and that’s all you really want. To be able to work together with everyone has always been your goal,” Auron said before nodding. “I need to continue investigating this side. The timer’s still running for impact from what I can tell so I’ll be as quick to gather information as I can. Be safe out there, Lucy.”

   “Same to you, Love,” Lucy signed out of the call before easing back into the seat, sliding on her helmet before kicking off the bike. And with her nanocom guiding her, Lucy drove off towards Orchid Bay.

-End of Chapter Six-
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