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The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*

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Author Topic: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*  (Read 880 times)
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« on: May 30, 2010, 09:14:26 pm »

AN: Special thanks to TurqoiseAngel for featuring my first chapter of Misfit Players Beginning in the 31st Issue of the Darklands Gazette!!! Here’s the link to the thread of the issue: http://ultrafusionfallmultiindex.smfforfree3.com/index.php/topic,1323.0.html

I’m still hoping for some requests for CN characters to feature so if you get the chance, tell me what you want to see in the Misfit Players Beginning war chapters. I’m going to be posting the edited chapters up during this week and then start working on the next chapter so if you guys could submit them by then, that’d be epic! Thanks again and hope you all enjoy!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Three:

Car horns roared loudly, their sounds echoing within the concrete and metal jungle that was City Station. Engines rumbling through the traffic in the streets as most people began their migration back to their homes. And within the horde of inhabitants swarming the streets, two sixteen-year-old boys walked together for an equivalent destination.

“Ugh, my bones are getting restless here with no excitement,” the dark-skinned boy grumbled as he dug his hands deeper into his pockets. “I don’t see how you can not be on edge right now with all the lack of jobs we’ve been getting.”

“It’s fine. Lucy hasn’t been able to find any of us steady work,” the pale boy mumbled, his height towering over most of the surrounding occupants of the sidewalk. “We should be grateful to have any jobs at all, Steel. We are still not accepted by the majority of the community remember.”

“Tch! Still doesn’t help with my impatience here, Ronny,” the one named Steel said as he fumed, both boys turning into a small park circle. There were shaded tables just outside of an ice cream booth; their meeting place. “Is everyone here?”

“Austin and Lex are at the table. No doubt Mae is getting ice cream,” Ronny motioned a wave to the two boys sitting at the closest table to the sidewalk. “Hey.”

The youngest at the table, a tanned thirteen-year-old boy with sandy blond hair, smiled up at Ronny and Steel as they approached. He placed his drawing pad on the table and waved happily at them while the other boy, an agitated sixteen year old with tanned skin and bright red hair curling past his ears, rolled his eyes at their presence.

“What took you guys so long, jeez?” The redhead growled, not even hesitating to show off his aggravation. “We’ve been here for over an hour!”

“Yeah well…I had detention again so I had to stay back late,” Steel rolled his eyes as he spoke. “I ended up punching one of the punching bags clear off of the chains in gym today and it flattened Coach Simmons. He went ballistic and kept insisting how I did it all on purpose. Yeah right…I just, I have a hard time holding back my strength you know.”

The redhead nodded and kept quiet as the other two boys sat down at the table. The younger boy smiled brightly as a girl almost identical to the redheaded boy skipped over to the table, balancing three ice cream cones in her hands.

“I got ice cream for my two favorite brothers!” The girl known as Mae smiled happily as she skidded to a stop, letting out a gasp as one of the cones flipped out of her hand and landed squarely on top her twin’s head. “Oops, sorry Lex, I didn’t mean to do that. But I guess that’s your ice cream cone, hehe.”

“Mae, what the…?! God, you do this stuff all the time!” The redheaded boy fumed in his place as the girl shoved the ice cream cones in the younger brother’s hands, trying to clean the substance out of her twin brother’s hair.

“Aw it was an accident, get over it Lex,” Steel chuckled at the three siblings across from him. “Did you bring Chomp with you, Lex?”

The twins’ both hushed at the question, Mae sliding into a seat between her brothers. The redheaded male nodded to a large duffle bag at his feet, which Steel took as his response.

“He’s out cold right now so it’s best not to wake him up,” Lex mumbled, directing a glare in Steel’s direction. “He was awake earlier but you guys took forever to get here!”

“Zip it, Lex…we’ve got a situation on our hands,” Ronny held up his wrist, pointing at the nanocom there. “We got a call from Lucy.”

“A job?” The ecstatic redheaded girl chimed in beside her brothers, her face lit up like a candle. “Oh how exciting! We haven’t had one of those in awhile!”

“We don’t really know if it’s an actual job yet,” Ronny explained to his team. “We were just instructed by Lucy to investigate the Orchid Bay area as well as the Beach.”

“Investigate?” Austin questioned, piping into the conversation finally. “Investigate what exactly?”

As Ronny began explaining that Lucy had not given them any specifics yet on the assignment, Steel noticed his nanocom begin to flash. An incoming message no doubt, the boy pulled a gloved hand out of his jacket pocket and pressed the button just below the screen. Words developed on the now-lit screen and his chocolate brown eyes scanned them carefully.

“Guys…” Steel interrupted, causing the table to fall silent. “We need to move now to Orchid Bay. So let’s go.”

“You got a message from Lucy already?” Ronny mumbled as Steel got to his feet, slipping his hands back into his jacket pockets. “What did she say?”

“Four simple words,” Steel answered with a smirk. “Look to the sky.”

“Look to the…?” The four still sitting at the table all muttered to themselves as they gazed upwards to the sky. Mae and Austin both let out a gasp as Ronny groaned and Lex chuckled. “What…what’s that?”

“That, my friends, is our assignment,” Steel slid on his sunglasses, his smirk still painted there across his face. “This is definitely going to get us accepted by them heroes. And finally, we get some decent action.”

-End of Chapter Three-
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