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The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*

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Author Topic: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*  (Read 1153 times)
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« on: May 30, 2010, 08:58:20 pm »

AN: Hahaha! Well, the edits are coming along pretty well for the chapters I posted in the old thread. It will be a few days before I can really work on the war chapters though. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to get the new chappies to you guys as soon as possible Cheesy

Also, before I destroyed the old thread, I had a request up for you guys to make requests on what CN characters you want me to feature in the war chapters. I’ve gotten requests (All from Baki Tongue) for Kevin, Hex, Demongo, Flapjack and Courage (With special guest appearance by Stephen Merchant??? Haha!). I would love more requests from people so post what characters you would like to see featured in the war Cheesy

Just a reminder, if you want a character of yours to have a role in my fanfic for the war chappies, please submit your characters bio and a drabble to me as soon as possible. Thanks guys and enjoy the new chappie!!!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Two:

Ballet shoes tiptoed in silence, following the diminutive genius as he paced himself down the main hall of Dexlabs. Computress hovered at Dexter’s heels, listing off the main duties for the day as well as the progress his Dexbots were making on the latest prototypes for the new hoverboards.

DeeDee peered around the corner of her hiding place, giggling in excitement from not being discovered yet. Then again, her little brother might have been a genius but he could never catch onto her until she finally touched something she shouldn’t. Those times usually ended with an explosion of some sort, Dexter shouting many forms of obscenities while he forced DeeDee out of his laboratory.

“Dexter, my sensors detect that DeeDee is in pursuit. Should I issue the Dexbots to guard the laboratory doors?” Computress hummed as the ginger-haired boy sighed, glancing quickly behind him to catch his older sister prancing about in a lively manner.

“It wouldn’t matter if you did, she would still get within my laboratory anyway,” Dexter sighed before turning heel to his sister, the blond skidding to a halt before him. “DeeDee, I don’t have time to be dealing with your escapades today. I have a very important experiment in my laboratory and you even coming near the laboratory spells disaster.”

“Awww!” Deedee whined, leaving the genius to stare on in annoyance as she slumped back down the hall.

“Has she given up?” Computress questioned beside the genius, who shook his head in response. The blond was no doubt hiding behind the corner she just turned at, waiting for them both to continue on their way.

“We’ll have to deal with her again in due time. But for right now, what’s the status on that planet that has appeared on the radar?” Dexter led Computress to the doors to his main laboratory, waving at the Dexbots as he strolled through the doorway.


Both the ginger-haired genius and his robotic assistant came to a halt, the boy biting his lip to avoid shouting back at his sister. After all, her voice seemed rather…urgent?

“What is it, DeeDee?” The boy turned heel to the doorway, eyeing his sister in the main hallway. The blonde’s blue orbs ogled above to one of the windows lining the hallway, her gaze steady on whatever was outside of them. “DeeDee…what’s wrong?”

“Dexter,” DeeDee whispered, her eyes never deterring from the window. “The sky…something’s wrong with the sky?”

The lab was oddly silent after DeeDee spoke, all beings shifting their gazes towards the closest window. Computress drifted to where the blond stood, allowing the input she was receiving to process. When the genius was met with not even an explanation from his assistant, he massaged his temple and progressed over to the girls.

“This had better not be a…” Dexter swallowed his words, his genius mind trying to grasp how this could have happened so quickly. The boy couldn’t help but gawk for a minute, the large green mass reflecting in his lens. “Computress…”

“Yes Dexter?”

“Assemble the heroes…and begin negotiations with the villains,” Dexter instructed. “Our futures are on the line.”

-End Chapter Two-
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