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Alshary Sharpshoot's Insanity thread

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Author Topic: Alshary Sharpshoot's Insanity thread  (Read 25828 times)
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« Reply #8550 on: August 27, 2015, 01:51:37 pm »

/The purple-haired angel bit hard on her lip before gently pushing open the door, Doc Holiday and Rex both peeking over in surprise. (I'm not sure if we said Doc was somewhere else but...she's there now lol). A sigh of relief echoed through the room as Rex offered a grin, Holiday quick to scamper to the duo's side and observe them both carefully/

/Doc Holiday/: You sure you're feeling ok to be walking around Zoey? Dizzy at all? Maybe we should get you back to bed-.

/Alice had already made her way to Rex, the Evo quick to scoop up her hand in his as he continued to smile. He wasn't going to pester her about waiting so long to come for him. He wasn't going to pester her about the fight and what had happened. All that mattered was that she was there and alive/

/Rex/: I've missed you.

/Alice/: I've missed you too. You look like you're healing up nicely.

/Rex chuckled with a gesture to his other arm that was casted up and the various bandages around his body. (I also can't remember what all was injured so...I'm terrible and here you go lol). Luckily his wounds were healing up much faster than if he were once more a normal boy. Still, he had seen better days. Even his blackened eye was managing to fade some...though still noticeable to his fiancé/

/Rex/: I've had nothing but rest. Doc's been pretty **** about that. Ain't she cruel?

/Doc Holiday/: Shush you. You've needed rest. The attack was hard on you.

/Rex waved off the doctor's comments before feeling the girl's hand tighten its grip/

/Rex/: You alright?

/Alice/: I'm fine. I'm fine, I just-. I really missed you Rex. Even though we weren't apart but for so long this time...It felt like a lifetime apart from you.

/Rex's cheeks hinted pink as he smiled/

/Rex/: Well listen to who's being a romantic. It's been hell without you too. I missed you so much Alice.

/The purple-haired angel hummed at his words, feeling her confidence returning as she spoke with him. Perhaps she could successfully do what she wanted more than life itself/

/Alice/: Rex, I thought long and hard during my journey retrieving Ash. I thought so hard I swear I thought my brain would burst it was overflowing. I kept thinking about how much I missed you and wanted you by my side. I kept glancing at the ring you gave me and felt a warmth in my heart I've only truly felt with you in my life.

/Rex/: It was hell on me too love. I kept laying here wondering where you were and what you were doing. I kept thinking about the adventures you were having without me.

/Alice/: And I never want to have adventures without you Rex...because I love you and I want you to always be by my side no matter what.

/Rex/: And I will-

/Alice tightened the grip on his hand, feeling his ring beneath her touch as she gave herself a reassuring nod. She could do this/

/Alice/: Rex, I know we said we would wait until-well until everything was over and done with...however, the longer we've waited now has left me a blubbering mess. I want to be with you forever Rex. I want to be married to you. So...if you'll have me...

/Rex's gaze was wide as he listened to his fiancé's words, tears threatening to well up in his eyes as he struggled to speak/

/Rex/: A-Are you saying-?

/Alice/: I don't care if it's not traditional, I don't care if it's in the midst of a war...all that matters is that you and me are able to get married and be amongst our friends to share this special day. I want us to be together no matter what. Rex, will you marry me...tonight...?

/The Evo barely allowed her to finish, throwing an arm around his fiancé and pulling her into his grasp. Their lips met with his answer, a sound yes as they cried in their embrace. They would be wed that evening/
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