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January 17, 2021, 04:13:51 am
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31  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: November 22, 2017, 09:54:30 am
OT: Yeah I figured why not put her in since she came out and seems interesting. Maybe a twist where she made Electrojack's eye or something. I dunno we can play around with the idea in all honesty. But that aside, we can use this Talon twist a little bit. I have a few small ideas I may be able to use, but nothing too major. So, how should we start with it? Keep on with this board meeting or just skip around to investigating this agency?
32  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: November 21, 2017, 07:43:43 pm
OT: Possibly run by Talon. We think that it’s just a human enslaving and selling but maybe it’s Moira needing some humans to test experiments on? If not we can just say that it’s a large ring with a small time organization that has lots of dangerous technology that can start massive wars. Maybe some old stuff from the Omnic war but they’re updating it, maybe some bastion or OR-14 models
33  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: November 20, 2017, 05:11:14 pm
OT: Basically the person he was with was an Omnic named Zesily and he was transporting all kinds of weapons and illegal drugs, even people from coast to coast and selling it on the black market. Electrojack doesn’t really do that stuff, he was just hoping to hitch a ride with Zesily as a way to get his old ship back
34  General Boards / RP's / Re: Silver and Alice Side Story on: November 18, 2017, 12:13:56 am
-Silver adjusted his hat as he took off in the plane, setting off to the skies-

“His name is Juain. He’s a bit of a...mystery. He’s either an angel, a demon, or both. He lost his memory a while back. I found him as basically a glorified bodyguard for the underworld of society. Hitmen, mafia, black market dealers, he did it all. He...well when you see him you’ll know why. He doesn’t look like much, but you know he’s strong. And he grew this reputation of being feared among the blackened of society. So one day I was investigating this mafia family, just as a favor, and he was there... safe to say we both fought and I won. It’s been years since I used my full power, and he brought out the closest I’ve come. But after this happened, the underground decided not to hire him out of fear of otherworldly trouble following him. I basically put him into an early retirement and humiliated him.” Silver sighed a bit, rubbing his finger against his nose. He remembered his fight with this person and he gripped the controls of the plane a bit tighter.
35  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: November 18, 2017, 12:08:01 am
-The captain grinned and kicked his feet up onto the table, cracking his knuckles as he stared 76 dead in the eye with a grin ear to ear-

“Well if it ain’t the leader of Overwatch himself, the famed and dishonored vigilante, Jack Morrison. Or do he go by Soldier 76 here? And the moon based primate who started up ye organization again, and the girl who was lost to time. If it ain’t the big three themselves.” He laughed. “Looks like I’ve gained a bit of a reputation around here. As I should have. Seems we both have each other in a standoff, mate. I have footage of ye shortcomings today and ye have some long history on me. So let’s cut to the chase here, 76, savvy?” He leaned back in his chair
36  General Boards / RP's / Re: Silver and Alice Side Story on: November 15, 2017, 10:09:08 am
-Silver sighed and got into the plane, flicking on the switches and making sure the plane was secured and safe to take off-

"I have no doubt in other's abilities, but who they are and where they are is yet to be seen. I know of possibly one person who may help, but me and him are not on the greatest of terms. He may be able to help us at this library." He said, starting the engine of this small biplace
37  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: November 15, 2017, 10:06:24 am
-The captain was ushered into the meeting room, Reindhardt's towering palm forcing itself on his shoulder as the armored soldier pushed him down onto his seat as the captain smirked a bit-

"Oi, mate. Too much roughhousing and it may not work out well if the only lead ye got decides to go silent." He grinned

-The armored man shook his head and stood towering next to the captain-

"My mission now is to see to it that you keep your word, Electrojack. And I shall use any means necessary for that mission." He turned to the captain, putting his hammer on the ground with the handle facing up towards him, a firm grip on it. "And I shall use brute force if necessary."

-The captain gulped a bit and turned away from Reinhardt, putting his hat over his head-
38  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: October 23, 2017, 03:53:01 pm
-The captain grinned and nodded. Motioning to his cuffs-

“Then lass, ye may wanna release me of these cuffs. Can’t help ye unless I’m free.” He smirked
39  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: October 17, 2017, 10:29:08 am
-The captain leaned back against the post he was cuffed to and breathed slowly-

"See heeeeeres the thing lass, we could go back and forth. But if I'm fully apprehended, your stunt will go wild, and your group ain't trusted to begin with. Who's the media going to trust, a video further feeding into the fear and hate ye selves brought upon your group, or the response from a group known to lie, which will look like a cover-up. If I tell ye what you want to hear, I get released from this madness." He grinned. He was trying to watch his words, as he feared he was being recorded even now. "Ye don't have much of a better option. Unless ye think Overwatch can handle more bad press."
40  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: October 13, 2017, 09:15:03 am
-The captain clicked his tongue and moved his knee over to his eyepatch and moved it up. His eye glowed a dark blue, with cybernetics attached. It was a video, which projected to a small holographic screen in front of him for all to see. Seemed like a spycam view. It was right over the scene of how things played out. It was an Overwatch camera he hacked, which were flying around incognito so that the members could shut down this operation-

"Aye, I may have been wanted, so maybe yer friend there was right in shooting first. But the thing that may put you out is this." He zoomed in on the scenes. The boats on the coast were legal passengers, the ones deeper on the sea, such as the one he was on, were illegal however. The captain knew the "legal" ones just came back from actually selling illegal merchandise, but he got lucky, which was his only decent trait in this situation. He zoomed into the omnic that got shot in the arm by Brendan. He had no criminal record, even though he was a criminal who was good at hiding it. As far as books were concerned he was clean, and video showed the captain trying to save this man. The boats as well and the cost of damage to their boats was substantial.

"I knew ye lot were here in the first place. Falling from that boat and this eye o mine can pick up some things. However to the public, The harming of an innocent bystander I tried to save while ye friend there shot first. Added onto," he zoomed into Brendan, who left Alsing to tend to the fire while he knowingly chased the bystanders. "A senior agent goes off and lets a rookie tend to the situation where innocents can be harmed, and you lot actually sat by and made this whole thing into a test, when ye could have intervened. Ye all sat in the backlines intentionally as well. How else would ye have found me so quick?" He grinned

-while he talked like he knew a big game, he knew full well he got extremely lucky, and for most of this he was bluffing and trying his (Censored) best to make his own situation look less bad. He knew full well he was about to hitch an illegal ride to Dorado to try and gather a ship on the border of Mexico. But the brashness of the agent just made him lucky. Internally he was panicking and hoping this would give him at least some leeway for his jail time. He never showed it on the outside, for even more fear of being exposed-
41  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: October 11, 2017, 01:30:14 pm

-the captain was handcuffed to the wheel of the boat, his head lowered slightly as his head sunk over his eyes. He whistled slightly as he looked up, seeing an armored man, tall and sturdy approaching him. He scoffed a bit cracked his neck-

"Wilhelm Reinhardt." He said, narrowing his eyes

"Captain Electrojack. I would say it is good to see you, but the circumstances look dire for you my friend. An entire illegal ring of trade, the attempted murder of our agents, the destruction of an entire forest. Things could be better." The man said, kneeling down next to the captain

"Not me, the lad with the regeneration shot first, and I just happened to be on a vessel that was falling, wasn't me who crashed it. What do you think the government will say once they see that Overwatch once again caused all this damage, while an agent who could clearly help instead to shoot at a civilian and chase him on his wee ol stroll." He grinned up at the larger man

"We both know you're wanted. The boy, while rash, apprehended a wanted criminal. As for the damage.... he maybe should have called...." he shook his head a bit. "But you're still wanted."

"Didn't ask for hands, didn't confirm my identity, didn't do nothin of the sort. Shot first, questions after. Now this whole operation can either leak to the press and how badly Overwatch messed up again, or you can let me go." He grinned. "I'm sure the bad press won't do you well."

-The armored man stood up, sighing and turning away from the captain-

"Not this time, electrojack. You'll be seeing prison." He turned and walked away from the man. His mind did ponder the possibility that he could leak this to press, and the possibility of more harsh media if what he said was indeed true. He shook his head and decided to wait for Mercy's input
42  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: September 22, 2017, 08:06:24 pm
-the captain gasped at the jet as the crows nest started to get shot. He was going to fall at this rate. A shot hit him through the thigh and he fell to his knee. He grit his teeth and looked at his gun. It flowed a flash of blue lighting and he grinned. He pointed it over the ocean and shot, with a crack of thunder and a flash of lighting being seen the shot flew out in an explosive fashion, piercing the air as it zipped across the entire ocean, and the captain flashed and was gone. He appeared a few feet over the deck and flew straight down onto it, slamming down on his side. He coughed and planted, winded as he caught his breath. He grabbed his thigh and winced. He breathed and panted as he looked around. The ship was being already apprehended by Overwatch agents. He landed on his back once more and grit his teeth. He had nowhere to run at this point. He looked st his guns, both were recharging, and could not fire a single shot more. He fell on his back once more, arms spread out as he breathed-
43  General Boards / RP's / Re: Silver and Alice Side Story on: September 21, 2017, 12:02:40 am
-Silver nodded a bit and fixed his hat. He let out a small sigh as the two approached a small plane left out in the middle of the forest, hidden with camoflouge-

"We may not be invincible, but we sure as hell are the only people who can fight off stuff like that, and you and me. Our realms of angels and demons fall right into this spectrum of gods."
44  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: September 19, 2017, 10:19:50 am
-The captain grinned and looked at the agent as the nest continued to fall-

"It's called diversions mate. You can either capture me, or save the forest and innocent lives." He said, charging up more and more. "Ye better decide quick, mate, else I'll be leaving." He looked at the boat ahead. He was counting down in his head
45  General Boards / RP's / Re: Overwatch RP on: September 18, 2017, 07:54:23 am
-The captain looked genuinely confused-

"Tantrum? No mate, I'm just not stupid like you." He said

-the crows next started to fall, towards the ocean. The captain vanished and was at the destroyed nest as it fell. It was going towards the other ships as it fell and he charged up his gun, his body glowing blue. The one towards where he originally stood hit the captain in his other leg, but did not explode, just smacked and burned the skin-
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