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News: /looks at Ultra/ Boy am I glad he's frozen in there and that we're out here and that he's the admin and we're frozen out here and that we're in there and I just remembered that we're out here but what I wanna know is where's the owner.
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1  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: We'll be having the Fusion Eduardo banner updated... on: October 18, 2010, 10:43:17 am
Hey if anyone has or knows a great place to find concept art it would be greatly appreciated....like i said i'm not on much n i would rather spend the time i do have making the banner rather than looking for the images to use in the banner

2  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: We'll be having the Fusion Eduardo banner updated... on: October 07, 2010, 11:46:56 am
He said he was going to update the banner.

Oh, so you were able to contact Flux about the banner updates.

Ok, that's all I wanted to know then.

Yea, I haven't been on in a long time so i thought it would be good to update the banner for the new events/holidays...plus i figured by now most of you guys would like to see something different Smiley

3  General Boards / General Discussion / FF Capture The Flag!!!! on: July 22, 2010, 09:52:52 am
Hey guys, heres a game idea that I helped come up with n we need you for the game. The basic rules are below and if you want to sign up on a team or be a ref just post your IGN and which team #, each team has their own ref. The official team names will be decided by team members afterward.

Team #1

Team #2

Team #3

Team #4

There are 4 teams with 4 people on each team. Rather than having it at one place each team should have their own base and the 4 bases should be somewhat equal distance apart. Each base should be a heavily populated area.

To make things less complicated as to how you "catch" the flag carrier, you now just need to find them and they are hiding in an area where they can blend in with the crowd (thats why the bases should be heavily populated areas).

The flag carriers are not supposed to move but they are allowed to change their outfit as they please. Each flag carrier, for their team, has 3 identical items which the other teams need to get (only 3 because the team they belong to already has 1)

The only modes of transpotation that you can use are vehicles, transit, nanos, monkeys, and scampers)

The other team members can send the items to the leader via email so that they can get it without the need for warping or meeting up somewhere.

The teams are made up of:
Flag Carrier

The leaders from each team need to group each other before they start the game that way they know when to or if that wouldn't work we could have a group of 4 referees who make sure the teams are together and not getting a head start before the game starts. When all 4 teams are ready the referees or leaders yell "START"

The way to win the game is for the leader to get all 4 items and wear them then go to "judge" (or whatever you would like him to be named) and the judge is in the center of the 4 bases (or as close to the center as you can get)

To keep things organized each flag carrier will have a list of the 3 team members, from each team, that can recieve the items from them. The judge also has a list of the 4 leaders and the teams have a list of all 3 flag carriers. Also the referees that watch each team will stay at each base to make sure the flag carriers don't go off anywhere.

Each team will get an item category (face, back, torso, etc.) of what their item can be and each team needs to let the judge know so that he know what the four items that the leaders need to wear are.

Sorry for that being so long....hopefully i didnt forget anything Smiley

4  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Scammers List (Post here if you have the names of any scammers). on: June 21, 2010, 08:18:11 pm
i used to be and i stopped loooong before i became a banner maker, but yea i'm not proud of it
5  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Scammers List (Post here if you have the names of any scammers). on: June 21, 2010, 08:14:16 pm
add Agent Fluxeta to the former scammer list....
6  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Scammers List (Post here if you have the names of any scammers). on: June 21, 2010, 07:33:05 pm
hey, so do u guys hold anything against reformed scammers because they once scammed ppl? personally i dont cuz as long as they dont do it again then i'm k with em lol idk why but i was just thinking this Cheesy
7  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Scammers List (Post here if you have the names of any scammers). on: June 21, 2010, 06:09:03 pm
ok then so i gots a solution.. When you both agree on a trade thingy, you press the "button that tells the other person to accept the offer" and that way they have to press "offer accepted" button and you don't get scammed. Am I close to a good answer here???

~ Aqua Beastthrasher ~

no ur not, thats how you can get scammed lol
8  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Scammers List (Post here if you have the names of any scammers). on: June 21, 2010, 06:03:09 pm
yea but there are many other ways too, and from what i remember mzd was wrongly accused, also thats not much of a list i mean 2 people? really?!?!?! there are TONS of infamous scammers. also when you get many many more ppl you should organize it to current scammers, reformed scammers, and lost scammers (scammers that seemed to have just disappeared off the face of the fufa world.) and also back things up by interviews and eye witnesses...no hearsay cuz we dont need ppl to be wrongly accused
9  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: AgentFlux's Banners.... on: June 17, 2010, 03:18:16 pm
kk, well i'm noticing that theres still some white so i'll fix that next week, yesterday was my last day of school for the week
10  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: AgentFlux's Banners.... on: June 16, 2010, 08:08:54 pm
Alice looks annoyed in the banner. Hehe... :3

Lol hush up U Tongue And I like them :3 just get rid of the white and then we all good :3 thanks hun!!!

thnx a lot, and ur sure u dont want anything different?

Here they are w/o the white Smiley

can i have a banner

i am on photo bucket now so i will try to find some pics post

Ok, just let me know what you want done Cheesy
11  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: AgentFlux's Banners.... on: June 15, 2010, 09:24:49 pm
@destiny: ok well just lemme know when

@babyoso: hey i might need you to retake it w/o the name but i'll see what i can do

ATTN: with the site being down keeping me from accessing the pics i might only be able to get alices done but i might be able to get urs done, iBeastenz, but i am not sure.

@Makastar: I have your banners done and lemme know of any revisions you want done like diff font, more/less stars, etc.

I have Alice FreeAngel's banner done and i have it in 3 diff forms...it is not complete its just awaiting any of her further requests or modifications. Next up is iBeastensz then IHaveACarrots GIF which might actually be done sooner than planned lol

the only thing is i have to edit out the white when i get to school tomorro
12  General Boards / Rec-Room / Re: DEWmocracy: VOTE NOW!! on: June 14, 2010, 10:13:10 pm
yea white out sux and last year when supernova lost i figured this year i would try to do something about it lol GO TYPHOOOOOON!!! and Jazz whaddya mean a ps3 haha
13  General Boards / Rec-Room / DEWmocracy: VOTE NOW!! on: June 14, 2010, 06:17:33 pm
Hey Guys,

Mtn Dew fans/drinkers from everywhere. there is a campaign going on and i only ask one thing of you if at all possible. If you guys could go to http://www.dewmocracy.com/ and vote for the mtn dew flavor "Typhoon" then that'd be great. here are the ways to vote:

-Xbox Live

You can vote 3 times for each of these methods. There are more details at this link: http://www.dewmocracy.com/#/how_to_vote

If Typhoon does win i will give anyone who says that they voted for Typhoon a banner that is Typhoon themed with your:


the design of it will look similar because it would be one of the ones i was going to use for the beauty pageant....that never really worked though

anyway, VOTE NOW!!!!! Cheesy
14  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: AgentFlux's Banners.... on: June 06, 2010, 08:02:08 pm
ok i can do it the week of june 14th but i need a picture and what do u want for a background?
15  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: AgentFlux's Banners.... on: June 06, 2010, 01:17:05 pm
Thanks but, do you see the size of Mr. Spacely signature picture at the bottom with the girl in armor, that is the size i want my pictures in thank you

~ Aqua Beastthrasher ~

~ Rex Fusionking ~

Um....u do realize that 1 i never do my banners that large and 2 those pics u gave me were super tiny so unless you want the images blurry and pixelated...so unless u can supply me with larger pics, thnx

@Makastar: Its not a prob makastar it sounds good

@DarkTundraS: I use fireworks and photoshop for cropping and editing but i use picnik for certain effects, clipart, and borders lol

EDIT: I think I can also do gif banners as long as they arent too complicated Smiley
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