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September 25, 2022, 06:43:36 am
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46  General Boards / Fall-Bay: Trading Forum / Re: The Black Market Trading Corporation Of Fusionfall (BMTCFF) on: September 15, 2010, 08:35:09 pm
Waz sup roxas wat a do man

No need to worry, you haven't done anything. I'm just stating and letting TripleAAA know that this thread has been moved to Fall Bay.  Smiley

ty roxas, wait i have a question, are you literally going to MOVE this into the trading, or do i have to re make this in the trading threads? and Cat dude <.<, we will probably have your jacket by then, but it might be sold to another person around that time, but when something is bought, it can be restocked  Wink

Lol, no need to start another one. This thread has already been moved to the trading section. Also, their is a reminder of this thread being moved in the Clubhouse section in case anyone forgets about it.  Smiley
47  General Boards / The Clubhouse / MOVED: The Black Market Trading Corporation Of Fusionfall (BMTCFF) on: September 15, 2010, 08:28:15 pm
This topic has been moved to Fall-Bay: Trading Forum.

48  General Boards / Fall-Bay: Trading Forum / Re: The Black Market Trading Corporation Of Fusionfall (BMTCFF) on: September 15, 2010, 08:27:46 pm
With this being stated earlier as a trading thread, I shall move this to the appropriate section of the forums.  Police


49  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Shocking discovery! on: September 15, 2010, 07:44:41 pm
Now I know this thread was created first before Awesomeness's, but since the newest patch notes have confirmed this information, I will go ahead and lock this. Please continue discussion in the latest thread.  Police


50  General Boards / Gaming Board / Re: Soul Master! on: September 15, 2010, 07:07:11 pm
This post goes along with what has been recently discussed in the trading thread of Soul Master.

...Maybe it would be best to delete that item King. Like Boomer and Not has said, the Marahite class hasn't even been placed in the game yet. If you carry that item around, their could be a good chance that you will be suspected of hacking the game, which could lead to losing your account on Soul Master (or whatever punishment be given)...

I'm just saying is all...
51  General Boards / Fall-Bay: Trading Forum / Re: auctioning y...... .... on: September 13, 2010, 04:22:27 pm
...How about you two use the PM system from now on...  Police

I know you want to have this trade done, but it could be done so without having to use only this thread as a way of contacting each other.



P.S. Lol, it is sort of funny after reading the whole thread and seeing all the times you two seem to just miss each other. Just make sure you all keep this from happening again in the future ok?
52  General Boards / Gaming Board / Re: Soul Master! on: September 13, 2010, 04:02:32 pm
you can get it from pvp in master, if the match takes more than 10 minutes

If I recall correctly, it's a really rare drop at the end of a PvP match. I've heard that you may need to reach certain levels in order to receive one.

Hmm, I see then.

Thanks for the information you two. I'm going to look into this more later on in game.

On another note, about that clip Light...

I wouldn't have known to a full extent of how powerful that class was while bugged without watching that youtube video. Thanks for posing it by the way.
53  General Boards / Gaming Board / Re: Soul Master! on: September 12, 2010, 02:45:01 pm
I am really looking for Battered Iron Armor. So if you do have one please let me know. Thanks.

Do you happen to know what monster could drop this Lily?

(I don't have a piece, but I thought I could give it a shot in finding this item if able...)
54  General Boards / Cartoon Network Board / Everything Sym-Bionic Titan!!! on: September 12, 2010, 01:09:28 pm
Talk about the show here!
55  General Boards / Cartoon Network Board / Re: everthing bleach on: September 12, 2010, 12:34:39 pm
There is already an official thread over the show "Bleach" started by Makastar.  Police

With that, I will go ahead and lock this thread up as well as place the location of the official thread as a link here.



56  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Please read!!!! on: September 11, 2010, 02:33:16 pm
kk. I just don't know what my friend's forum names are.

Sorry if I sounded mad or something if I did in my last post.

The suggestion I made is to help keep your thread clean of any unnecessary posts. That is all really.
57  General Boards / Gaming Board / Re: Soul Master! on: September 11, 2010, 12:41:45 pm
I believe Not was speaking about you (Boomer) saying how strong King is in Soul Master.

I guess that what he was cracking up (about King), so I'm just going to leave it at that.
58  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Please read!!!! on: September 11, 2010, 12:34:35 pm
If you want to speak to each other for old times sake, please use the PM function or ,if available, Xat (or any other chat box) to do so. Now, if you wish to continue to use this thread just to wait and see if any of your friends you know post here DNA, that is ok. Afterward, it would be in everyone's best interest to hold your conversations elsewhere. 


59  General Boards / Gaming Board / Re: SoulMaster trading thread! on: September 08, 2010, 07:43:04 pm
I plan on looking through the Soul Master threads for this information, but I wanted to ask everyone here about the price of a Coarse Lava Rock.

I just need two more for an item I want to create, so does anyone know?  Huh?
60  General Boards / Gaming Board / Re: Soul Master! on: September 07, 2010, 03:19:07 pm
Well, I'm using the Bearcat class of the Harmony Tribe. Current level is 20 at the moment, with my IGN as Datamon.

I could perhaps add the IGN's of the others here, but I don't have their permission to do so. I'm sure they will add theirs here shortly.

By the way, Roller that is funny how you ended up sitting next to the other two classes currently in the game with names that start with the letter "R".  Shocked
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