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1  General Boards / FanFic and FanArt Board / Re: U.C.A. - C.E.S.A. on: June 08, 2011, 03:58:00 pm
Sigh, been busy and sorta trying to catch up on reading your stories Alice Smiley.

-Bangs her head against the desk- Ugh! Writers block. I think I'll just draw the characters right now or something just to get rid of it. Plus I do prefer drawing yet i can't make manga comic like stories x.x. Alright, I'm so sorry for the... Unactive-ness
2  General Boards / FanFic and FanArt Board / Re: The Monsters Within: An Original Story *Chapter One Posted* on: May 20, 2011, 08:13:53 pm
Okay, I have not replied to your stories in a while. I'm getting out of school after June 1st. So, hang on! I'll be trying to get in Anime cons from there forward! Okay! Must I need to say this? All your writings are epic, Alice. I always enjoy reading them. I'm looking forward to your next chapters. Take your time and no rush  Wink.
3  General Boards / Music Board / Re: Trans-Siberian Orchestra on: May 20, 2011, 08:07:06 pm
Epic band. (Finally another person that knows them!!!) I love these kind of music, heavy metal with a mix of classical. Honestly, my favorite from them would have to be Requiem the Fifth.
4  General Boards / Music Board / Re: Music that most ppl hate but u love on: May 20, 2011, 08:04:49 pm
Eh, I don't really have any music that's considered weird. But I do sorta have music that most people from my school hate. Though I love the Devil Wears Prada band (one of the kinds of bands that most hate.)
5  General Boards / FanFic and FanArt Board / Re: U.C.A. - C.E.S.A. on: May 11, 2011, 09:10:00 pm
lol I am patient, she's knows I'm not rushing her at all. I just wanted to see if she'd log in if I posted something on her story Tongue AND SHE DID! *genius*

Love the chappie as always ^^ Can't wait for moar! Hope life and school are going a little better for you ^^
Heh, life is still rough as always. C4 is still in the progress. Hmm... I can always type a chapter within a day if I don't care about my problems and I actually have confidence and focus on my writing... But I do have a short attention span from time to time so~ -Facedesk-. And nah I just come on at random times. Maybe just a coincidence that I finished the Chap exactly that right time -shrugs-. Sorry o.o (Now must read ur storeh!)
Great chapteh! Took a long time to read though. But still, I think you and a lot of other writers should really be grateful for your gift. Many many people just can't write like u guys do.
Lol, yeah most writer's tend to make chapters long so readers don't have to be on the edge of their seat to find out what happens next... Though they still do that anyways depending on the story. I'm grateful though I do wish I have more patience and effort. Well, people can write, but it takes time and some just doesn't like to read and write. -shrugs- We must accept that we're all different. 

((Did I mention I have long comments as well?))
6  General Boards / FanFic and FanArt Board / Re: U.C.A. - C.E.S.A. on: May 10, 2011, 09:45:36 pm
Chapter 3

   The Academy, known as the Unknown Crysalical Academy, U.C.A. for short, is the school of technology and field weapon mastery. It teaches its apprentices at the ages of 7 to 17 the art of weapon and combat on the field and the wonders of technological devices behind the screens. The school holds the state of the art technology sponsor by Dexter the boy genius himself. Which consists of computers, simulator's, gadgets, weaponry, and much more. Unlike most schools, U.C.A. teaches kids by their learning ability than their age. For example, a class of highly advanced math students can have the ages 10 to 17 in one class.
        The academy is doing their best on teaching the kids on their new battlefield of fusions and toxic matter. The group that has just arrived and began class are bright students, but will suffer some tough sacrifices along the way. For now they will be just living the life of an average teen in training to be a spy, assassin, engineer, etc.
         A young girl with silver hair and dark green eyes walked to the front entrance not long after the group of last night's chase entered. She crossed her arms and looked at the school with an annoyed, serious, and unamused look. She sighed and walked in while trying to calm down her tornado of thoughts and growing hurricane of annoyance.


   In a research lab in Tech Square, scientists and engineers are trying to build new and improved weapons and gadgets for their fellow fighters on the battlefield fighting against Fuse. A specific field or engineers is trying to build a cannon that could possibly knock Fuse off it's trail on its direct impact on Earth. So far, things are still a bit off...
       "Are the blueprints for the Dex's new cannon finished being scanned yet?" A curious woman asked as she peeked over one of her assistants shoulder to look at their progress. She had winsome yellow eyes that can be the sun to almost everyone when she's in a good mood. Silk like purple hair that are strung into moonrings on both side of her head. She had on a small smile that showed sun rays.
        The assistant jumped up and gasped due to the sudden fright.
        "Miss Alice! Oh my goodness you shouldn't sneak up on me like that!," the frazzled assistant explained as she calmed her running heart.
         Alice Freeangel giggled and placed a gentle hand on the assistants shoulder, "Sorry Mellany. I thought my footsteps were loud enough," Alice simply shrugged then went back to looking at the blue maps and white sketch paper scattered across the blinding white glass table in front of them.    
         "Alright, let's see here," The winsome eyed wondered as she separated the scratch work from the real deal. She carefully laid out each important information from the next so there were no mistake into building what could might be the weapon to turn the war around.
         Alice Freeangel was the leader of her team of mechanics in Dexter's third laboratory in Tech Square. She is fairly new but has adjusted and went right to work and in no time, she flew to the number one spot. Alice is a graduate of UCA at the top of her class. Has a lot of street and book smarts and she shows them out in the field. Alice is caring and bright woman and is always looking out for her fellow friends. Though, if someone calls her something she doesn't like, they should suspect a large hammer slamming in to their heads.
         Her co-worker, Mellany Skywind, is older than Alice by a few years. Mellany isn't a graduate of UCA, but knows her machines the best in her field. She specializes in blueprints and planning in this lab. She has brown eyes and short brown hair that barely touches the collar of her porcelain white lab coat. Mellany has the will of nearly a "scaredy cat" so they nicknamed her. She can be easily frightened though she tries not to be which is coming along slowly.
        As their work progressed, so has the other workers in their lab. Out of nowhere came an explosion that sounded from below them and what sounded like a person screaming out a long "I" down the hallway.
        That person came bursting into the blueprints lab holding a machine gun with devious eyes.
"I fixed it!"
         The two girls were a bit creep out by the man due to his attire and psycho like eyes. The tall man had on goggles and a lab coat that was completely singed off a few inches at the back tail end.
        "William, when you say you fixed something and it involves a machine gun, or even any other device, please don't aim that directly at us," murmured Mellany as she scooted back and shrunk a little. Alice sighed yet smiled.
        "Alright! looks like your little weapon can be sent to Dexter to see if he approves of it," Alice said as she strides over to get a closer look at the machine gun, which was also a flamethrower also which was not little. William lowered the gun and smiled. It amazed her on how much their lab workers can possibly make due to the possible lack of resources because of the war. Then another explosion happened again, this time louder.

        "Oh...," William casually exclaimed like it was no big deal, "I think they blew up the prototype wrist mini machine gun."
        "You're kidding?!" Mellany shrieked.
        Alice laughed full heartedly and shrugged, "This lab is still surviving at least!"
        William huffed and chuckled, "Too soon to say..."
        "Don't talk nonsense William!" Mellany scolded.
        "Alright, Alright! Let's go see how bad the damage is," Alice replied like this was an everyday thing.


   Just as the bell rung for third period, a red headed figure walked up the front of the steps. His handed were in his pockets and his expression seemed like he wanted to kill someone. Half-heartedly, that boy sort of did feel like that. His dark sapphire eyes gazed up at the school and he sighed and went in with murderous thoughts on his good for nothing counselor. He already escaped school for 4 months, and he doesn't want to go back. Sadly, his caged will couldn't decide that.


        During 3rd period in Study Hall, Travis plopped into his desk and lied his head down as his eyes immediately closed a second later. He was still worn out from last night's mission. His classmates kept on pestering him and his team about their mission they did. All there was to it was to steal information and report it back to Scoville. Of, course that didn't satisfy their curious companions.   
        Fray knocked on his head lightly and chuckled.
        "Wake up Cinderella, or do I need to hit you with a glass shoe?" the pale boy said with 1-inch text books in his hands.
        Travis sighed as he looked up showing deep shadow bags under his eyes, "Those Disney jokes are getting old."

        Fray set his supplies in the seat next to him and crossed his arms as he looked at the platinum blonde in front of him. Fray was in a casual mood, not even the slightest bit tired, since he has gone straight two days without sleep which didn't really bother him. He had a high tolerance in a lot of things.
        Drevera came in a few seconds later just as the bell wrung to begin their class, which is just made up of free time.
        Drevera's bag and binder hit the desk roughly which made a loud clang sent through out the room and a complaint from our teacher. She ignored that and come right over and slammed her hands on to Travis's desk.
        "What?" Travis ask curiously, but slightly agitated by the loud chaos made by her.
        Her voice came into a low mutter, "What do you think the heads will say about our job last night. I'm sure by now they've finished recording all the information we collected."
        "Be patient, Drevera. I'm sure they will call us anytime by now," Fray replied.
        Drevera wasn't a patient person at all. They teachers even agreed to teach her how to be since each student has to be patient in what they're doing so they can learn more about a specific subject. Though, even Drevera didn't have time for that.
        "You guys are amazing," someone next to the swooned.
        A few desks away from them sat a teenager with short black hair that had bangs that nearly covered one of his light teal eyes.
       "How is that, Hilson?" Travis said as he turned towards him.
        Hilson Dreyman was your typical wimp that's a genius of computer technology. He can crack computer codes and take apart and re-build a regular hand gun like it was his 6th sense. Holson is quite young of the age of 12. He reads a lot which means he has a ton of information printed into his mind. Choosing the computer and machine work over physical work, he isn't good in gym. A reason why he seems frail and nimble. Though he's still a kind guy.
        "Well," Hilson started as he marked the page in his book, "You guys are a good team made of members than can balance out what you guys can overall accomplish. Plus, you aren't those people who brags about it a lot... Maybe a little agitated over it, but you guys come out okay."
        Travis smiled at the kid's statement. Even Fray and Drevera smiled.
        "Thanks Hilson. That sorta means a lot," replied the violet haired Drevera who blushed a bit.
        "Haha! Don't take it too much. That wimp is just sucking up to ya!" shouted a scratchy voice from the other side of the room as
        They turned around to see the classes pain in the back.
        "Oh shut up, Verdez! Nobody asked for your comment!" Drevera immediately retorted back.
        Andrew Verdez (likes to be known as Verdez) was the trickster with dark brown, spiked hair and the same colored eyes. Surprisingly, he's also a team leader like Travis. He's in love with anything machine, sharp, or basically any thing that he can make into a weapon. Even a person. He's pretty tall but he got held back a two grades. Verdez is a tough guy with an arrogant attitude.
        He chuckled being full of himself as usual. The teacher immediately whacked Verdez in the back on his head with her metallic yard long ruler that can extend its size 3 times. Verdez stayed silent after the teacher's scolding. Then an announcement came on.
        "Excuse this interruption, but can you please send Team 5 under the command of Coach Greyson to the Headmistress's office please."
        The three looked at each other while the rest of the class glance up at them. Hilson smiled as the three walked out. The class immediately started murmuring and making up hypothesis of wonders about team 5, their mission of last night, and thier visit to Headmistress Lacaster's office.
7  General Boards / FanFic and FanArt Board / Re: U.C.A. - C.E.S.A. on: May 10, 2011, 09:38:34 pm
MOAR PWEASE? lol ^^ i miss you lulu!
Lolz look who's talking. Patience has pancake mix.

Lol, lucky for you guys I finished typing the latest chapter (FINALLY! right?!) Still editing stuff left and right....
8  General Boards / FanFic and FanArt Board / Re: U.C.A. - C.E.S.A. on: May 07, 2011, 04:51:28 pm
Wow. Very detailed, pretty much no flaws. First thought when I finished reading- Wow that silver headed guys a bad--s
Haha, thank you Smiley Silver hair dude must be Travis. Jeez I need to update soon. Thank you for commenting.
9  General Boards / RP's / Re: Trapped In Toyland RP on: April 11, 2011, 10:02:18 pm
/Sarah just walks into the room and taps Kayla on the should then unplugs the ipod./

/Sarah/: Hiya Kayla. Sorry. Long story short. Kori has gone missing. Matt and I split up to looks for her. I want to take you with me because I'm afraid something might happen because the shadows are back.
10  General Boards / RP's / Re: Trapped In Toyland RP on: April 11, 2011, 08:56:41 pm
/Sarah walks down the hallway wondering what she should do./

/Sarah/: Great just great. Kori goes missing. We split up and usually in movies, this is when the characters starts to go missing one by one.....Ugh... Not a good thought for now.

/She runs down the hallway and finds Kayla's room./

/Sarah/: Kayla, you still in here?
11  General Boards / Rec-Room / Re: Official- Japan Issue on: April 11, 2011, 05:34:03 pm
It will be a while for people to get their natural and daily lives back. Possibly years.
12  General Boards / RP's / Re: Trapped In Toyland RP on: April 11, 2011, 05:29:15 pm
/Sarah/: I heard her was outside of Kayla's room. Then it sounded like she was down the hall way. I'm no too sure but I heard her twice.

/She looks around in worry./

/Sarah/: And I also told Kayla that I'd be right back too... Hmm... Should we split up to look for Kori?
13  General Boards / RP's / Re: Trapped In Toyland RP on: April 10, 2011, 01:37:00 am
/Sarah/: Then why did I hear a who's there? Then again, let's check to see if she's in her room.
14  General Boards / RP's / Re: Trapped In Toyland RP on: April 10, 2011, 01:24:34 am
/Sarah looks back and sees Matt then gasps./

/Sarah/: Matt, just the person I wanted to see. I heard Kori and I have no idea where she is right now.
15  General Boards / RP's / Re: Trapped In Toyland RP on: April 10, 2011, 01:08:21 am
/Sarah smiles and makes her way to the door./

/Sarah/: Thank you. I'll be right back.

/Looks around in the hallway and quickens her stride to where Kori's voice came from./
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