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286  General Boards / Fall-Bay: Trading Forum / Re: Players Resource Guide for Buying, Selling, and Trading in Fusion Fall on: April 18, 2010, 06:56:51 pm
Phew. Thank you Ultra.
287  General Boards / General Discussion Stickies / Re: Welcome to My Forum!(Please post your Fusionfall in-game name.) Thanks. on: April 18, 2010, 06:22:42 pm
My IGN is Agent Gold Dasher. This is good; I recognize lots of people here.
288  General Boards / Fall-Bay: Trading Forum / Re: Players Resource Guide for Buying, Selling, and Trading in Fusion Fall on: April 18, 2010, 06:16:30 pm
My sincerest apologies for the double post.

G.   “I’m all ready to make a big buy!”

Everyone feels a sense of satisfaction once they finally have found an item or gathered together enough money to make a big purchase. Soon that weapon/armor/hat/backpack will be yours, and you just can’t wait to show it off at the next party, holiday event, etc. However, until the trade is finalized and the transaction complete, you must proceed with caution. The first step in making a big investment would be to conduct the proper research. There is no shame in asking around the forums to be sure that when you engage in the trade, you will be able to tell if the merchant is trying to give you a not so stellar deal. Use the Fusion fall Wiki to be sure the item you have in mind is truly the item you want to spend money on. Use the wiki to check item statistics, rarity, and other factors.

Once you have gotten all your ducks in a row, it is time to head on up to wherever you feel like your desired item will be sold. Most of the time this means going to Blackhead, but there are some other spots around FF where merchants like to hang out. We will discuss those later. The next most important step is patience. If you haven’t already set a date and time with the seller, it could take a while before someone pops up selling what you want. To avoid wasting time, it never hurts to go to the trading forum and post a thread like, “Buying [insert name of item here] and will pay with [insert money here] as well as [insert name of item here].

Now for the important part! Once you enter the trade, you are almost there. If you and your trading partner have already settled on what or how you are going to pay him/her, things should go rather smoothly. However, sometimes it is just quicker to wait around up at Blackhead and start trading once the item you want shows up. In this scenario, rarely is the price for the item specified, so it will be up to you and the merchant to reach a deal. Here are a few tips when you being to haggle.

-   As soon as the trade begins, try asking the merchant what kind of price he/she wanted for their item. By having them offer first, it allows you, the customer, you gauge how much or how little cash you will need to shell out. By combining this technique with the proper research, you will be able to tell if they are attempting to give you an unfair price almost immediately.
Special Notice: Just because they offer a price that does not match your research does not mean they are trying to rip you off. Different people have different ideas about the worth of certain items, especially popular ones. Only suspect a rip off if their offer is off by a very large margin. Furthermore, you should never openly accuse someone of trying to rip you off. If you suspect dishonesty, just stay calm, stay quiet, and proceed with exercised caution.

-   If you need to haggle, don’t sporadically change your offer, whether by increasing or decreasing. This means that if the merchant wants more money, don’t jump from an original offer of 50k to a new offer of 100k. Try increasing you number steadily by perhaps 10k. If you jump 20-30k at once, you may end up paying way too much, when only an increase of 10k would have been enough to make a deal. The same concept applies if the merchant asks you to lower what you are paying.

-   Don’t be afraid to mix rare items in with money. This can sometimes appeal to the merchant’s item preferences, and can allow you to make a good deal without sacrificing too much money. Here is an example. Let us say that you want to purchase an item that costs roughly 100k. However, you only have 70k on you, and a few items that can sell for about 20k a pop. By combining your 50k and your items that are worth 20k, you can give the merchant something of equal value. The best way to utilize this technique would be to ask the merchant once you reach a standstill, “Would you be willing to accept some items too?” If they say yes, you should be able to make some progress, and hopefully, make a deal.

H:    “I’m ready to make a big sale!”
   Getting ready to make a big sale can almost be as exciting as preparing to make a big purchase. In some cases, it can be even better. Many of the steps and techniques to ensure you can make your big sale worthwhile are very similar to those mentioned in the portion above. The first step is to analyze the item/items you want to sell.  Ask yourself some basic questions like, “Is this item in high demand?” (You may not need to do this), “What kind of price can I ask for?”, and “Where is the best place to sell this?” Here are some tips to help get you going.
   -Make sure the item you are putting so much faith in to make you some cash is actually in demand. Just because an item is of a high level, and a high rarity, doesn’t guarantee people will buy. Once again, if you are unsure, it never hurts to ask around the forums.
   - Research your item. Make sure you know its value so you not only know what a good asking price is, but so you can tell if someone is giving a bad offer too. People shouldn’t offer too low on purpose for personal gain, but if you get tricked, some of the blame falls on you for not doing your homework. ^_^
   -If you really feel confident about your asking price, and you have your heart set on getting  a certain amount of money out of it, when you announce what you are selling in open chat, be sure to say, “Selling[        ]for [ ]k.”.
   - A good sign that tells you your asking price is too high will be going through multiple trades without making a deal. If this happens, try lowering your price by about 10k or so, or whatever your scale is.
   - If someone offers you items in addition to money, with the hope that the items will help cover the cost of what you are selling, be sure to analyze the items they are offering very closely. As greedy as it sounds, it is always better to take money over items, because even if the item is in demand, there is no guarantee you will be able to sell the items they want to give you. If the items are actually worth something, then this may work to your advantage, but just keep in mind that you won’t receive the money you sold your item for until those items are sold.
   - In mid trade, balance is key. Give in to what the customer wants sometimes, but stick to your original price and be aggressive too. Timing is important as well. If you are too much of a pushover early on, the customer will realize they can push you around so they get the better deal. On the same note, if you are too aggressive at the start, you may ruin a potential deal, scare the customer away, and make no money at all. A good strategy is to wait to lower your price or be aggressive until you think you and the customer are starting to close the deal. Use both techniques in moderation while you haggle, but once you see an opening, start leaning towards one or the other. It’s your call. Gauge the customer, and do what you feel is best. ^_^

I.   Everyday Buying/Selling Dilemmas

In portion “I” of this document, we will cover a few basic problems that might arise when you are trying to buy or sell an item in Fusion Fall. This advice is just that; advice. If you think you can solve your problem without using any of this material, go right on ahead. 

Q. “Is have an item that I think is rare, but I just can’t seem to sell it. What do I do?”

A. Sometimes you may stumble across an item that really seems like it would sell, but nobody seems to want to buy it. This may just be because of a slow trading day, or it may mean that despite its rarity and power, for one reason or another, it just lacks appeal. If you try for several days and can’t sell it, it may just be best to sell it to an NPC, store it away in your bank for another day, or just out and delete it. By focusing too much on a semi-rare item, you are wasting your time when you could be buying or selling other items that you know you could make a profit on. Another strategy may be to relocate your selling efforts. Mount Blackhead is the premiere spot to trade, but there is no rule that says you can’t go take your business somewhere else. This is especially true for rare items in the level 18-22 range. These items are indeed rare and powerful for their level, and there are indeed players who will pay good money for them, but players of that level may not hang out at Blackhead.

Q. “Where are other places besides M.BH where I can sell my items?”

A. If you are looking to sell rare items between the levels of 15-22, try other hot spots like Orchid Bay, Sector V, and the hub in City Station (the place with the SCAMPER, Nano Station, etc.) I’m not saying that items of that level are never sold up at Blackhead, I am just saying if you having poor luck, you may want to try one of the locations mentioned above.

Q. “What is a good level to start trading, buying, and selling competitively?”

A. There is no definite answer to a question such as this. Some players don’t start until late 20’s/ early 30’s, and some start super early. But with all due respect to those level 18 and below, you will probably not stumble across anything of any real value until your mid 20’s. You can definitely make money by selling items 18 and below, but you won’t be rolling in big money until later on.

Disclaimer: There are exceptions to this stereotype. There do exist some exceptional players of lower levels who have been able to team up with higher level friends and retrieve higher level items they can then sell on their own. In some cases, lower level players are able to obtain extremely rare items on their own. Never assume just because a player appears to be of low level, it means they have nothing good to sell, are unaware of the value of their items, or are easy to strike unfair deals with. When trading, buying, and selling, always treat your customer/merchant as an equal, or you may just end up getting ripped off. ^_^

Q. “I want to become an avid merchant, but I do not know where to start. What is the best way to get my trading career going?”

A. Blowfish. Lots, and lots, and LOTS of blowfish. Particularly the blowfish C.A.T.E.S. If you are of a high level, try hunting down a blowfish or two and gathering their crates. Once you have gathered enough, sell the crates as they are, and you should be able to make some decent money, or at least enough to get yourself started. Even the crates from the weaker blowfish can still sell for a decent price, provided they are unopened. The crates are always worth more unopened. Self-control is imperative here. DO NOT OPEN THOSE CRATES. There is a 50% chance that the items inside will be worth less than what the crates sell for. Higher level players (lv. 30+) will want to seek out Tootie, a blowfish located in Monkey Mountain, whose crates can sell up to 50k maximum I believe. Lower level players will want to track down some high level friends, and head out as a group. Rudy is best for lower level players (15-20), Cootie is great for middle players (20-25), and Judy works well for lv 25-30 players. There are lots of other ways to get started, this is just the method that worked especially well for me. Be sure to do your own thing if you feel like it. 
I know lots of players know about the Blowfish, and I do not think I am doing the world a favor by telling everyone this, nor am I under the impression that the Blowfish are super secret. This portion was included to educate those who are not aware of the blowfish, and their lucrative benefits.

Q. “I hate having to re-type my offer every time I send my message. Isn’t there an easier way to do this?”

A. Yes, there sure is. After you type in text in the open chat dock and hit send, your message will be displayed. If you want to use the same text again (like if you want to make sure everyone sees your offer), press enter to bring up the text dock, press up on the arrow key, and viola, your previous message will be copied back onto your text dock. Please note this technique is not to be used for spamming your offer. Lots of players use this technique to show off their offers, and if you do use this to spam, they will notice immediately.

J.   Pricing Advice

Prices for items in FF are analogous to the stock market. They change all the time. Some items have understood minimum values, but very rarely is there and understood max. The best advice to be given on pricing is just to ask around. Know the forums, understand the forums, and use the forums. If you have a good idea about the price, feel free to take your best guess. Those of you who are cautious will always want to double check via the forums. Nothing feels worse than selling an item for what you think is a good price, only to find out later you could have made a lot more money. XD

K.   Scamming (Boo-hiss!)
When I first started developing this document, one of the very first things I wanted to do was dedicate a portion to the art of “counter-scamming”, a method developed by FF players to protect themselves from scamming after the horrible process starts. Scamming has become a problem in FF, and should be stopped. I know very little about the “scamming process”, and have no intention on learning how.
Sadly, I also have no longer have any desire to dedicate a portion of this treatise to how to “counter scam”, and inform other players how to protect themselves. This is because I have reason to believe that it is possible to look at the “counter scamming” process very carefully, and reverse engineer it to learn how to scam. If this type of technical info was to leak out, is could prove too tempting to those who don’t already know how to scam. I don’t know how, and I do not want to be tempted by learning how to “counter scam”, even if the technique was developed for protection. If this document develops into something that has additions made by other users, I ask that you do not include anything on “scamming”, even if it is how to protect yourself.
L.   Concluding Statements

Well, this is the end of the document everyone. For those brave souls who bothered to read this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I sincerely hope this has been of use to everyone who has read it. ^_^

Please keep in mind this document was developed by FF players, for FF players. The techniques and advice discussed in this thread are just supplementary, and are not intended to boss other players around, to set the ground rules for buying/selling, or impose the whim of the writers on the FF community. The document was developed as a tool and resource, not a rule book. If you have read this and disagree with what has been said, please feel free to tell me. If I have left anything out that you feel is very important, please feel free to post about it.

At the time of writing this, I am unaware of any other “Buying/Selling” guides that may be currently on the forums. If there was such a guide before this, I did not know of its existence, and was in no way trying to copy someone else’s work or idea. I do so hope that this document has been of use to both veteran merchant and new merchant alike. I once again thank you for your time. 

Stay gold everyone.

M.   Credits and Special Thanks
This portion of the document is devoted to all those who provided the information, inspiration, experience, and most importantly, testing, that led to the development and release of this document. None of this would have been possible without you guys! 
Special Thanks to:
Alpha Shadowmeteor, who demonstrated to me the wonders of trading, buying, and selling in FF.
Super Silver Gold, who assisted me in the development of the “Anti-Trade Failure Formula”, and for providing the necessary testing to verify its efficiency and legitimacy.
All those merchants whom I have traded with over the past few weeks that provided me with me the experience necessary to start developing this document in the first place.

Please feel free to edit this page all you want and add any additional tips I may have left out of the initial document. 

289  General Boards / Fall-Bay: Trading Forum / Players Resource Guide for Buying, Selling, and Trading in Fusion Fall on: April 18, 2010, 06:15:36 pm
Hello there everyone. A few months ago, I decided to drop a few hours on a special project of mine and develop a resource guide to making money in FuFa. This thread was around for a little bit in the forums of yore, but it never really took off. I was hoping this would be a good place to bring it back; for the short time it was around, it really seemed to help alot of people.

Most of the stuff here is just common sense material that most players already know, but it may still provide some useful insight. It is my sincerest hope it turns into a very useful tool. Lastly, feel free to post corrections; this was developed a few months back, but the hints/material should still be relevant. I sure do hope this was the right category...

Please enjoy.  Grin

The Resource Guide for Buying, Trading, and Selling in Fusion Fall
Authored by Megawiikid (Agent Gold Dasher)

Table of Contents
A.   Introduction
B.   Basic Summary of Fusion Fall’s Economy
C.   Basic Principles of Buying and Selling (Includes 3 basic “do’s and don’ts” for both practices)
D.   How to Carry Yourself Around Others Up at Mount Blackhead (This is purely recommendation, and by no means law)
E.    Common Causes/Remedies for Trade “Failures”
F.   Super Simplified Trade Failure Remedy
G.   “I’m ready to make a big buy!”
H.   “I’m ready to make a big sell!”
I.   Everyday Buying/Selling Dilemmas
J.   Pricing Advice
K.   Scamming (Boo-hiss!)
L.   Concluding Statements                                              
M.   Credits and Special Thanks

A. Introduction
Hello fellow Fusion Fallers, my name is Megawiikid, but I am known in Fusion Fall as Agent Gold Dasher. Fusion Fall has been a hobby of mine for almost over one year now, and I have found myself to be quite enamored with it.  I find its representation of our old CN heroes to be not just refreshing, but incredibly nostalgic. Fusion Fall has been able to join in matrimony my two childhood passions: Cartoons and video games. In addition to deep story and rewarding game play, Fusion Fall’s social aspects nearly eclipse everything else. With player hosted events and dozens of clans, Fusion Fall makes for one bustling place. And this is even more blatantly obvious when a player meanders over to the bank stationed near the back of Mount Blackhead. It is here where we all were first introduced to an unforgettable Fusion Fall activity; trading. Here friendships have been forged among hardworking merchants, tears of joy have been cried when you finally get that one UR that you have been pinning for, and rivalries have been formed among fiercely competitive bidders. I do not know who were the first players who sat down one day and started the FF tradition of buying and selling items along the fences that surround Prince King Morbucks, but I believe we owe a heartfelt thanks to whoever did.
In all honesty, I never envisioned myself as a player that would become an avid merchant. I would occasionally stop by the trading area to watch upper level players auction their wares, and would always be amazed by how much cash those buying would be willing to put out. But whether it is by luck, friends, or some love child of the two, I decided to give trading and selling a shot; and lo and behold, I was hooked. But it wasn’t easy. I was not, and I still am not, familiar with all of the “hot items” that bring in the big bucks. They seem to change at the drop of the hat, especially when an expansion rolls around. Prices change with the tide, and even common/uncommon goodies sell for seemingly unheard of amounts of money. But the economy of FF is very much player run, so it pays to stay on your toes at all times. As I began to start trading and selling more, I found myself taking mental notes about what I did and saw. I noted the behavior of merchants, their selling rituals, and how they responded when they decided to switch gears and indulge a little in a R/UR item. I have decided to compile a list of what I believe to be helpful and insightful tips for both inexperienced and veteran merchant alike. These tips and tricks were very useful for me, and I hope they will serve all who take the time to read this just as well. Please do not think that I have compiled this list because I feel like I am a marvelous merchant who can impose their trading practices on others. I can think of dozens of other players, who have been at this business much longer than I have, and I by no means want to sound condescending or obnoxious. The purpose of this treatise is to provide supplemental info about trading to merchants who are either just starting out, or have several big sales under their belt. Please enjoy, and I thank you for your time! 

A.   Basic Summary of Fusion Fall’s Economy

 As I have watched merchants buy and sell their wares over the past several months, one fact has become quite clear to me, and that fact is that Fusion Fall’s economy can be best described in one word: CAPITALISM. FF’s economy is very much a player run affair, with all prices and rarities determined by popular opinion of the players. Because of this, even a low level, seemingly common item such as the infamous “Action Blindfold” can be sold for quite a large amount of money for an item that is not even technically classified as “Rare”. It has become sociably acceptable to charge 150k for such an item, and regular pricing typically goes up from there. Some items have fixed prices, as well as mixed maximum and minimum values. For example, most people won’t sell an F-Blade for anything less than 1 million. We could easily name about five or six more items like this, and the experienced merchant reading this probably is thinking of five or six more right now.
But the point here is that we are very lucky players; we have an extremely large amount of control over one of the most important aspects of FF. Because of this, it is our duty to be as careful as we possibly can not to taint FF’s economy with the toxins of greed, the poisons of dishonesty, and the venoms of scamming. If irreparable damage is ever dealt to FF’s economy, it will take lots of care to restore it. If the economy goes, I personally believe it has the potential to take all of FF with it.

C.   Basic Principles of Buying and Selling (Includes 3 basic “do’s and don’ts” for both practices)

This portion of the document has been condensed into two parts, each covering the basic principles of each respective practice, including three “taboo’s” for both buying and selling, totaling six taboos, and two sets of basic principles.

Basic Principles for Buying

When playing the role of “customer”, it is very important to keep manners in mind. If you try to force a merchant into selling an item to you for a lower price than normal, you will do one of two things. Which response you garner will depend on the knowledge and experience of the merchant.

1.   If the merchant is experienced enough, I can guarantee you he or she will see right through your attempted deception, and cancel the trade right then and there. They will probably ask you why you offered so low too. Merchants have to be pretty sharp players, and will easily be able to tell if you are trying to rip them off. However, I am not saying all merchants are cutthroat cheapskates. A good merchant will easily be able to tell if the customer really didn’t know the real value of the item in question, and meant no harm by giving a less than stellar offer, or if the customer was knowingly trying to deceive them, and will adjust their responses accordingly.

2.   The merchant will keep silent about the suspected deception, and innocently haggle with the customer until they can reach a deal. Once the deal has been done, and the transaction is complete, if the merchant has friends who are also merchants, there is a pretty good chance that the merchant will tell their friends about what just happened, and their friends will now know to be careful when dealing with that specific player. I do not know how often response number two happens; traders may just keep that kind of info to themselves. All I know is that if I was faced with that dilemma, I would be sure to let all my friends know to watch their step.

The Three Taboos of Buying
To put it simply, a taboo is something that people believe you should not do, such as children using profanity, picking your noise and scratching your back in public. FF also has its fair share of taboos. Here is a collection of what you should avoid doing when buying.
1.   Do not knowingly give a lower offer on an item you know can sell for much more if you suspect the seller is inexperienced. For all you know, they could have a LV. 36 character on another file.  They could know full well you are being deceitful, and your bad attitude will likely come back to bite you in the end.

2.   Be polite. When you first enter the trade, try to be nice, especially if you are trying to purchase am item you really want.  This doesn’t mean you need to be a total pushover, but just keep manners in mind. I doubt rudeness will stop a trade once it is in motion, but if you act rude once in a trade, after it is done, your chances of trading with the merchant once more may go down. This can be very annoying, especially if they have another item that you want, but did not trade for the first time.

3.   Make sure you know what you want before you invite someone to trade. If they are selling the shirt to a set you want, but you don’t want to purchase the shirt, don’t gloss over their text and ask for the pants of the same set. Make sure you know which item you want that they are selling, and do not ask them to show you every single rare/UR they have. There are some items they may not want to part with. This is different if the seller is being unclear, and simply says, “Selling Stuff.”

Basic Principles for Selling

Just like it takes two to tango, it takes two players to make a trade. Part two is led by the seller, or the merchant, whether they be selling or trading. The merchant carries the same responsibilities as the customer:

1.   Be honest. Do not overcharge if you suspect the buyer doesn’t know enough about the item in question. I suppose since prices in FF change so often, it can be rather hard to be 100% sure that you are giving them a good deal, but as a rule of thumb, just don’t be greedy. If an item you are selling sells for 10k, don’t try selling it for 50k.

2.   Sometimes, let the customer pick the price. This technique is very difficult to grasp, because sometimes it backfires. The purpose of this practice is not necessarily to make sure you do what the customer wants or to be a pushover; if he/she offers too little, it is your job to steer them in the right direction. This technique is used to make things go a little faster. If you let the customer make the first move, they will be more open to your price hikes later on. This can save you a lot of time, and as you all know, time is money.

3.   Before you sell an item you think may be worth a lot, do some research. It never hurts to ask someone on the “Trading Forum” how much a particular item is worth. The answer may surprise you. By researching an item before you sell it, you can protect yourself from getting ripped off. You may even be able to bring in more dough. Be prepared! ^_^

The Three Taboos of Selling

1.   Do not overprice. You will be digging you own grave.
2.   It is best not to randomly pick other players out of the blue and invite them to trade. Let them approach you. This is more of a suggestion though. Others have had great success with randomly selected customers. Some players don’t mind being picked randomly; others hate it. Do what suits you best.
3.   Don’t cancel a trade without telling the customer, or giving them an explanation. An unexcused cancelation may cause them to avoid ignore you in the future.

D.   How to Carry Yourself Around Others Up at Mount Blackhead

Most of what follows is just common sense; if you notice that I have repeated myself, I do apologize. This portion of the document is devoted to advising players on how best to behave before the trade even starts. This is just personal opinion talking, and I am well aware Blackhead does not belong exclusively to merchants. All sorts of other organizations use Blackhead, but since the problems discussed below are things everyone in FF finds annoying, I think the solutions discussed should appeal to everyone.

1.   If you don’t have any business trading or selling, do not fill the trading area with “spam”. This takes everyone’s attention away from the buyers and sellers. You can spam all you want, but it is best not to do it in an area densely populated.

2.   Avoid begging. I have observed the reactions of both those selling items and those buying items. Begging typically causes those around the beggar to ask him/her to leave. Sometimes people won’t say anything, but it has the tendency to rake on the nerves, and if you come back later, people may not want to trade with you. Once you taint your rep with spam once, it takes time before people will take you seriously again.

3.   What follows is something that we are all guilty of, myself included, and I don’t even know if I should be mentioning this topic. As you read this, please do not think I am trying to be stuck up, snobbish, or a bragger. If you have an item or a weapon that people like to buy, like a rare sword, it may be best to put it away. If you have it out, people may think you are willing to sell it. This can lead to trades that go nowhere. Now I must repeat myself. I do not know if I should have mentioned this in the first place; if you have a rare item, it is only natural that you want to show it off. If you understand the rationale behind this number, I thank you, but if you have any problems with it, please disregard number “3” under section “D.” I have no right to tell you what you should do with your items. ^_^

4.   If you advertise something like a clan or a fan-fic up at Mount Blackhead, and decide to do it by the merchants and buyers, be sure you are polite. I do not know if other traders have a problem with this, but it never hurts to mind your manners.

5.   It is best to avoid asking for rare items for free. This falls under the same category as begging, and some people despise such requests with a passion.

E.   Common Causes/Remedies for Trade “Failures”…….

If you have spent any time at all up at Mount Blackhead, you have likely encountered the “Trade Failure.” Keep in mind this is not really a “glitch”, and while it can be annoying; this is not the type of thing you need to go running to the “Technical Bugs” forum for. Many people have figured out how to avoid “trade failures”, and this portion of the document probably contains info that hundreds of other players already know. Trade Failures occur when one does not have enough open slots in their inventory to store the items they may be receiving. This can be rather perplexing, because even if two merchants both exchange the same number items, the trade will fail.

However, many merchants prefer to go all out when they sell, and pack their inventory full of their wares so they can get as much money as possible, and take full advantage of their time. This is a wonderful selling strategy that can rake in millions of done correctly. This type of selling also can lead to more “trade failures” because the merchant’s inventory is almost always full. For those advanced merchants tuning in, I have developed a mathematical formula that I think will assist in the efficiency of your selling, cut down “trade failures”, and maximize inventory space. This formula, once solved with the appropriate values, will give you the number of empty slots you will need to have in your inventory after you selected your items in order to avoid a trade fail.

The formula is as follows: 50-(50-X)+1

The numerical value “50” is derived from the maximum amount of item yours inventory can hold at one time. The variable “X” is the number of items you are trading at any given time. If you were trading a three piece set the number would be three, if you were trading a four piece set the number would be four, and so on. For example, if you were trading three items, you would replace “X” with “3”. The value of “1” is added to the difference because one extra empty slot would be needed to house the items. If this value was not included, it would cause the trade to fail. Even if just one of those participating in the trade had a full inventory at the time of the trading, and even if both players were exchanging the same number of items, the trade would fail.

For those who prefer words to numbers, here is another explanation, accompanied by an example.

Ex. My friend and I wish to trade sets. He will be trading his Ruby Angel Set, and I will be trading my Emerald Angel set. Both sets are made of three items, and we will both only be trading those three items. However, I have a full inventory. He is smart and has left enough room. We attempt to trade anyway. In mid trade, he posts his three items, and I post my three. As I click and drag each piece over to the trading dock, I see that I now have three empty spaces in my inventory because the angel pieces are no longer there. I now have 47 items in my pack as opposed to my previous 50, and feel like I can make the trade since the three items coming in will fill up the now three empty slots. I submit my offer, he accepts, yet the trade fails. Before we trade again, I open my inventory and delete an item I do not need. This means when I engage in the trade, I have 49 items in my pack, not 50, and when I post my three angel pieces in the trading dock, I have 46 items in my back, along with four empty slots. I submit my offer, he accepts, and the trade is a success. Below is the example formula with the proper values inserted for the example above.


Solution: In order to make the trade, after I post my three items in the trading dock, I must have four empty slots in my inventory.

F.   Super Simplified Trade Failure Remedy

So, what is the super simplified version of all this? If you are trading more than one item, and you think you may experience trade failure because you almost have a full pack, make sure you have one empty spot in your inventory than the number of items traded after they have been submitted to the item dock. ^_^

I know that sounds very confusing, but I think I was able to explain that well. If I have not, please be sure to tell me and I will do my best to explain better.

More to come. Darn character limit.
290  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Poll: Tetrax Armor or Professor Dynamo Suit on: April 18, 2010, 06:02:48 pm
I vote for the Tetrax Armor. Petrosapien pride!
291  General Boards / General Discussion Stickies / Re: New Members come here! on: April 18, 2010, 06:01:25 pm
I suppose I should report here too?

Hey everyone, this is MegawiiKid. It's good to see you all.  Grin
292  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Forums going down on: April 18, 2010, 05:57:47 pm
Why, thank you LETMEDOTHIS.  Grin

It does a heart good to see more and more familiar faces from the old forums. This will be just like old times. *Epic thumbs up*

I didn't realize it was you. o.o

I'm assuming I'm among the familiar faces? ^^

But of course.  Grin

The transition from one forum to another has been surprisingly easy and pleasurable. It is...kinda nice having a small community for a little while. It is like living in a small, rural town. Everyone knows eachother, and are good friends.
293  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Forums going down on: April 18, 2010, 05:52:37 pm
Hey AGD!!! or MegaWiiKid. I'm glad you joined. You can also join my site!

Why, thank you LETMEDOTHIS.  Grin

It does a heart good to see more and more familiar faces from the old forums. This will be just like old times. *Epic thumbs up*
294  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: I am updating the forum! on: April 18, 2010, 05:45:04 pm
Thanks for working hard to improve our experience Ultra. Such work is always appreciated, especially since the old forums are on the chopping block.
295  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Forums going down on: April 18, 2010, 05:33:11 pm
I pity those poor clan leaders. It is going to be one royal pain in the butt for them when it comes to re-organizing all those clans once the forums go down, especially the big ones.

Then again, if they managed to keep such a large body of players organized for as long as they did, hopefully the loss of the forums won't be too much of an impediment.
296  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Something isn't right here... on: April 18, 2010, 04:14:17 pm
While this may seem like a nonchalant solution, have you tried simply re-booting your computer? Sometimes that is all it needs.  Grin
297  General Boards / FanFic and FanArt Board / Slim Bebop: A Fusion Fall Story on: April 18, 2010, 02:53:51 pm
Here is a portion of a fan-fiction I have been working on for several months now. Please enjoy, and if you feel so inclined, please leave behind comments. As always, best wishes. Grin

Disclaimer: I would like to go ahead and point out that I do not own the rights to any of the material contained in this fan-fiction. All names, logos, affiliated companies, etc. are owned by their respective creators. I own nothing. I do not wish to make a dime off of any of this. This is just a fan-fiction made by a fan, for fans.

The high tech clock tower of Downtown City Point let out twelve long, dull, sonorous tones. The giant digital clock clicked and flashed, now reading 12:00 midnight. Things were pretty quiet around downtown this time of night. Most of the Cartoonetwork Universe soldiers had returned to the Sector V Relief Center. Most of the relief shelters were full to capacity tonight, except for one. It was the Downtown Hospital, giant, dilapidated relief shelter the size of the Chrysler building for lost or wounded soldiers who were unlucky to get stranded downtown. The building may have had the title of “Hospital” but many soldiers knew it as the “Mausoleum”. Nobody wanted to go to the Downtown Hospital for any kind of medical assistance, wither it be emergency surgery, or the simple administration of a Fusion Matter vaccine, more commonly known as an FMV.
Some soldiers believed it was cursed, other thought it was haunted. This was mainly because more fatalities occurred in that hospital than out in the field fighting Fuse. The hospital was hopelessly outdated, and much of the emergency medical equipment was obsolete. Rusty saws and bloodied axes were the most humane ways to go about any sort of amputation, and the strongest anesthesia for miles was a hard blow to the noggin to knock you out. The staff wore old, raggedy, bloodied hospital smocks and was called sadistic and cynical, not caring wither their patients lived or died. The walls along the inside were crumbling, and several of the windows were shattered, or serving as real estate for steaming Fusion Pods. Most however, believed something much more sinister was at work inside that hospital.

Some believed that the Downtown Hospital was where Mandark Medicinal Inc. received test subjects for their highly illegal and underground gene-splicing experiments. Stories circulated about limbless or mortally wounded warriors being carted off on a rusted, ancient metal hospital bed and arrive at an underground testing facility to be injected and administered one dangerous toxin after another, just to see how they would respond. Other horrific stories were told of soldiers that lost an arm or a leg being hooked up to wires and stuffed in special fluid filled tanks in an attempt to re-grow lost appendages. People said that sometimes, the injured cells were given too much of the regeneration serum and hapless soldiers sprouted dozens of arms before falling into cardiac arrest.

Of course, the stories are all just stories. There is no proof that such a devious branch of Mandark Inc even exists. Regardless, people try and stay away from the Downtown hospital at all costs. Still, it was a relief center, and it needed someone to wait around in the dimly lit lobby, just in case some hapless soul came wondering in, looking for help. The staff worked in daily shifts, and there were to be two staff members in the lobby at all times. Tonight, the designated suckers were Barrel Roll, and Trigger Fengah. Trigger was a young man new to the staff. Barrel had been onboard as a hospice caretaker for several months, but had been demoted to secretary for tardiness. He had a habit of showing up to the room long after his client was dead. This didn’t sit too well with the clients’ family or friends, so he was demoted to keep what was left of the hospitals reputation intact. Trigger was being treated for a fusion matter infection in his bloodstream, but the pathogen was of a new breed, and the doctors and staff had little to no knowledge about it. In three weeks, Trigger would be dead. The effects of his illness were manifesting themselves quite frequently, and Trigger was prone to fits of hysteria and vomiting. He often carried an old, worn out bucket around his belt, just in case.

Barrel had become fast friends with Trigger, and would be sad to see him go in three weeks time. Trigger felt that since he was condemned to death, he shouldn’t have to face any consequences, so he and Barrel spent much of their time at work goofing off. He and Barrel spent much of their secretary work time slacking off, or playing chess on the old worn out chess board in the lobby. The pieces were wooden and bugs had eaten away at them, but it was all they had to keep boredom at bay. As they continued their game, they sat on the old couch and pulled lazily at the rotten upholstery. Trigger let out a yawn.

“‘Nuther slow night I see.”

Barrel nodded.

“Yeah, well what did you expect? You know what those idiot soldiers say about us…We’re like the crypt for them.”

Barrel stared idly at the ceiling fan.

“Well, if they’re gonna be so moody and apathetic about us, I say let them die. They’re a pack of morons to go out fighting anyhow.”

Trigger raised an eyebrow. Barrel gave him an odd look.


Trigger turned away and moved his bishop.

“Oh, nothing…”

Barrel stuck up his nose.

“I can tell you are lying to me. What’s on your mind?”

Trigger rested his palm on his head. He shrugged.

“Oh...I dunno. I just was thinkn’…I’d kind of like to be a soilder, ya know?”

Barrel let out a laugh.

“Yeah, sure! That’s what they all say. Then they get out there, watch a few unlucky ones get their heads blown off, and then split. Their fear attracts the monsters like sweet nectar, and then they get their heads blown off.”

Barrel rotated his fingers in a circle.

“It’s called Natural Selection. The weak perish and the strong survive. That’s the way it’s been, and that’s the way it’s always gonna be. And our planet is probably next in line.”

Trigger raised his eyebrow and propped up his feet. They wafted in front of Dasher’s nose, who gently shoved them away.

“So, you think we’ll lose this war?”

“Aw, heck yes! Fuse is pumping out baddies faster than we can hire our heroes. It’s only a matter of time before he ups the ante’ a bit, and we all bite the big one.”

“And you’re so sure?”

Barrel nodded.

“Yup. See, I’ve been reading some of war novels. See here, war goes in several stages. First, we got ground combat. Then, comes air combat. The list goes on and on, but what always seems to cripple the warring nations in the end is germ warfare.”


Barrel nodded.

“Uh-huh. The Huns catapulted the corpses of their dead in an attempt to spread pestilence and disease amongst the ranks of the enemy. Of course, nowadays, we don’t have to go and wait around for some sucker to keel over from the ick. Now, with all our modern facilities and chemists, we can synthesize pathogens.”

Trigger looked confused.

“Well, if germ warfare is so powerful, why don’t we follow suit?”

Barrel chuckled. He moved his Rook several spaces.

“Yeah right! Dex. Labs is too soft to use a technique like that. Why sending out soldiers to die is anymore humane is beyond my comprehension, but then again, I’m not in charge of the war to begin with.”

Barrel’s eyes narrowed.

“But…I’m sure our buddy Fuse is not inhibited by moral fiber. It’s only a matter of time before he lets loose something worse than the plague. Who knows, maybe he’ll go and create an airborne pathogen of that virus that’s runn’ around in your bloodstream?”

Surprisingly, Trigger chuckled.

“Yup, that’ll be the day. Who knows? Maybe he already has? That’s probably how I got it!”

He turned towards the black sky outside the glassed in doors of the lobby.

“But…despite the risks, the bloodshed and the loss, don’t you think it may be kind of…thrilling?”

Barrel snorted.

“Well, if someone does happen to stroll through here tonight, why don’t you just ask them? But, if you ask me, I prefer my limbs firmly attached to my body…c’mon, let’s continue our game…”
298  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Just some thoughts on: April 18, 2010, 02:41:48 pm
I would hope we get it on the 19th as promised. Sure it looks cool, but we kinda need to get it on the promised date, or FuFa will look really...unprofessional. Grin
299  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: New Peoplez :O on: April 18, 2010, 02:38:10 pm
Howdy. MY IGN is Agent Gold Dasher, and my name on the old FuFa forums was Megawiikid. Pleasure to find another great outlet for the FuFa community.
300  General Boards / General Discussion / Re: Forums going down on: April 18, 2010, 01:23:53 pm
What a shame... Cry
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