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Title: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on June 24, 2016, 01:26:44 pm
OT: OH YEAH IT'S COMING! OVERWATCH RP! I figure we could incorporate original characters and actual overwatch characters in this one. I'll be working on my characters' bios and I'll post them soon ^_^

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 13, 2016, 06:18:14 am
Name: Aisling (Irish/Dream-Vision) O'Brennan (Irish American)

Age: 19

Hair: Wild red curls, tied into braids most of the time to keep them tamed

Eyes: bright green orbs, specks of gold

Description: about 5'6 and a half, thin but muscular from her efforts on the farm with her father, she has various outfits including a loose white tank and black sports bra underneath, tight yoga capris, and shoes; her flight suit which is adorned with green and red colors; and her flight armor suit that allows her to do her flight stunts fighting.

Weapons/Skills: Her main weapons include her flight armor suit which has been specifically modified to do stunt flying unlike Pharah who's best at maneuvering through the battlefield in a linear spectrum. On the suit she has two hidden blades in her gauntlets and various guns hidden on her person. The main skill there is her ability to maneuver in the suit for fighting. She is more agile than Pharah in her suit and thus can be pretty tough to beat if you can't pinpoint her weakness.

Weaknesses: Too quick to open herself up to danger when innocents are involved, can be careless when enjoying flight, more to come.

Bio: Aisling was born to the stunt pilot father Shaemus who helped fight in the Omni war alongside Ana and the others. After the tragedies, he pulled away from any sort of fight and instead dedicated his life to his family and flying for the thrill. His wife was an American by the name of Elizabeth he met in his travels and together they had a daughter. Shaemus and Elizabeth always were at wits end with their disagreements on how to raise their child but eventually it was decided that as long as her schooling was pristine Aisling could learn to soar. So Aisling was always at the top of her class and trained every day to handle flying, she learned how to work with robotics and eventually began to put her equations to the test in building her own flight suit. Ever since she's been a stunt flyer alongside her father. When Overwatch begins to form again, Pharah comes to Shaemus under her mother's request and though he declines the offer to join the team, Aisling asks for a chance to test her skills. Pharah watches her flight and her agile abilities and sees the potential in having her along. So with a relunctant Shaemus agreeing to let her go, Aisling is given the chance to show the rest of the team she can stand with them.

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 13, 2016, 06:44:44 am
Name: Brendan Banner

Age: 23

Hair: Messy, dirty blond locks, grown in places past his ears.

Eyes: blush orbs, silverish glow around the irises

Description: 6'2, somewhat thin but muscular; his arms, body, and legs are usually covered with jackets and pants.

Weapons/Skills: As a soldier, most of his body was destroyed in an attack and a scientist decided to offer him a chance to see a fight again. Developing a sort of ebot body, the tiny specimens of robots create his new limbs to the specifications of his body. The new limbs are then fitted with a skin substitute so he blends in well with other humans. The new limbs give him a higher strength and speed boost than ever before and he's able to surge into battle and deliver destructive blows to his enemies. If any of his new limbs are destroyed, the bots will then begin work to regenerate his body.

Weaknesses: The speed of his regeneration can be slow yet he is always so willing to rush in and let his body get destroyed to get further towards the goal, thus making it difficult on the healing/support team to leave his side. He's very cold towards his teammates at times, though it is just him being unsure how to interact with them, this makes him not a very popular newcomer to the team.

Bio: As someone who grew up quiet and unable to impress his father, Brendan became a soldier with the hopes of receiving some recognition in his life. What he received however was a bombing incident which took away his arms, legs, and a lot of muscle from his body. His father long gone, likely ran off with a woman, and with little help from the world itself, Brendan opened up one night to a man over drinks at a bar. The man was a scientist by the name of Dr. William Dremmur who offered him a chance to get the recognition of a hero through his experiments. Seeing the nanobots in action, Brendan finally agreed to the experiments knowing that he'd rather die trying to return to the fight than to amount to nothing at all. Thus through long experiments he was finally able to walk and fight again. Overwatch took interest in his abilities on the battlefield when he slipped into their sights during his attacks against the enemy; however, his rather cold demeanor turned several of the members away from trusting him. Mercy offered to look after him (for a price), knowing his desires to rush forward without a care for his body. He's teamed up with the newbies, which includes Aisling. The happy-go-lucky pilot keeps trying to be best friends with her other newcomers, which makes it difficult for Brendan to understand.

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on May 24, 2017, 09:48:38 am
OT: Just a friendly reminder to Silver... OVERWATCH RP!

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on August 30, 2017, 09:36:37 pm
OT: I finally figured it out.

Name: Drake Xanxel

Age: 25

Hair: Dark blue, messy and out the top of a bandana on his forehead

Eyes: One blue nearly electrifying eye, the other hidden with a black eyepatch

Description: About 6'0, thin and fairly lean with a bit of muscle. A blue coat over pirates gear. The back of the coat has a large thunderbolt, his boots and shirt have large ones on the front and sides. A captians hat usually sits itself on his head, blue and slung a bit over his right eye, where his eyepatch lays.

Weapons/Skills: Has two electric blunderbusts and a cutlass laser sword. His blunderbusts are battery operated and charged. Instead of reloading his guns, he puts one in a holster and lets it charge. 20 small charge shots. Can charge up shots for a larger blast. At full power he can only use 4 in a clip, at it's weakest, 10. Has the ability to warp to his charge shots and can use this for extended mobility. The higher the charge shot, the farther it goes for his warp. Can warp 10 short times for 4 longer times. Can withstand most electrical attacks. Not invincible, but can withstand them for longer periods than normal attacks. Can enter electrical outlets and move through them, but cannot enter electrical devices for more than 2 minutes. His ultimate is that he overcharges his body and takes out both guns, having twice as much of a clip with double the power for about 10 seconds. Can warp without the need of charge shots.

Weaknesses: Cocky personality can get him into situations he has a hard time getting out of. Panics when attacked with fire/explosions. Cannot swim/go into water with others around. Electricity can shock his teammates in water or even rain. Fast and smart thinking, but not the strongest. Can easily be overpowered by larger targets. Can be easily fatigued or use too much power. Overuse of power can harm himself as well

Bio: A cyber pirate who goes under the name "Electrojack", he sailed in his ship the Blue Bolt. His ship rode the open skies as a cyber ship as he pillaged and  He was nearly arrested and while he barely escaped, his ship was taken into governmental custody. He sails in any ship he can steal. While his origins are unknown, he seems to be a mixture of english and american, and his powers are a mix of both internal cybernetics and scientific experiements. He wants more money and noteriety, with the current bounty on his head being over $100 million US dollars.

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 01, 2017, 06:57:17 am
OT: Sweet~! So where do you want to start!!!

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 03, 2017, 06:02:58 pm
OT: Imma start this thing off the only way I know how. Imma set the scene. The isles of Portugal, daytime. Some shady business is going on in the ports. That's where I'll start.

-A man stands atop a large cyber ship, green hologram sails, electric interior, a smaller vessel. The man stands at the birds eye view, legs spread and arms grossed with a grin on his face from ear to ear. His single visible eye, blue like the sky, crackling with a spark scans over the open skies. His ship is on fire, slowly descending to the ground. It seems to be headed towards a forested area. He grabs some rope on the birds eye view and ties it, descending to the wheel of the ship, steering it slightly. The electric sails are glitching and fading, a large explosion coming from the bottom of the ship. It is severely battle damaged. It looks like someone wanted to kill him, and badly at that. The man laughed a hearty laugh as the ship kept descending-

"This will surely raise my bounty, another win for Captian Electrojack." He grinned, snagging a sack of gold from one of the floorboards and climbing his way back to the top of the bird's eye view

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 06, 2017, 07:48:31 am
/The forest shifted with the breeze as Brendan shuffled through the brush, his frustrations piqued as he maneuvered each lofty branch that dared to enter his path. At his heels skipped a familiar redhead, Aisling grinning from ear to ear as she kept with his speed. How on earth did he get stuck with the brat on this particular mission? Surely this was Mercy's doing/

/Brendan/: Calm down already, you get too excited and once more you'll blow any cover we've got.

/Aisling/: Such a grump, no wonder Mercy wanted me to tag along.

/Brendan/: I bloody called it...

/The two had a rough start in their partnership, Brendan a fiery force of attitude when it came to interacting with those he had met in the Overwatch circuit upon his arrival. Many of his new team rather...hated his guts if they were being honest. But Aisling was more cheery than most and more forgiving of his glares and slurs. She was like that with everyone really...which Brendan saw as a weakness for the girl. He had confided his feelings to Mercy...who in turn schemed this mission up for them/

/Meant to be a simple routine mission to the ports to gather intel and supplies, Brendan noted upon landing from the port that there seemed to be a commotion up ahead. Sure enough, something was going down. And he was ready to take on the challenge/

/Aisling/: What do you think it is? Should I fly-?

/Brendan/: You're to stay on the ground until I give the word to take flight. Do not act on your own.

/Aisling pouted at his words but gave a nod of acknowledgment. It was the first mission she was allowed to attend without a senior leader of the team following her every move, specifically Pharah and Mei, so she didn't want to screw up. Besides, she trusted Brendan enough to keep her safe. After all, he was a former soldier before he joined up with Overwatch, he understood what it took to ensure the team got out safe and sound and completed the tasks/

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 06, 2017, 09:33:36 am
-The man laughed as his ship headed straight for the forest, about to straight up crash into it. The fall gained speed as he stood atop of the ship, grinning more. He took a gun from his holster and pointed it at a tunnel. The ship could be seen clearly by all now, mere seconds from crashing into unknown parts of the forest. His blue gun, shaped like a blunder bust with a blue electric power core and two wires in it started to charge up and glow. He shot a blue surge of energy about 20 feet away from the port into a small tunnel and vanished from the ship. He emerged from the tunnel, holstering his strange weapon as he dusted himself off. The ship hit the middle of the forest and exploded with a large bang, loud enough to be heard and even seen by anyone. The forest was luckily remote and no one was harmed. He fixed his captains hat and grinned, walking towards the ports-

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 06, 2017, 01:43:14 pm
/Brendan was the first to notice the large ship incoming towards the skyline of the forest, his training forced into action as he quickly grabbed hold of Aisling and bolted for cover. His speed seemed to outmatch the towering vessel as he threw him and his companion from harm, a swirl of dust and debris nearly burying them as they collapsed onto the forest floor/

/Aisling/: W-What was it?!

/Brendan sat up as he coughed out the dust in his lungs, his eyes securing on the vessel with a frown/

/Brendan/: It's a ship...

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 06, 2017, 07:57:36 pm
-the ship was decimated, the hull still exploding as fire started spreading a bit to the trees. The captain of said blown up ship was walking with his hands in his jacket pockets, whistling as he came into view of the two, though unbeknownst to him, walking nonchalantly towards the shady business. He saw someone he recognized and grinned-

"Aye, if it ain't old Neckerbach." He said, going up to the man, a taller omnic with a slash along it's metallic face, its eyes red and one of it's legs a much newer model than some of his other cybernetics.

"Electrojack. Perfect, i wanted something to kill." He said, immediately pointing a newer model pistol right at the captain, who held his hands up about shoulder height, smirking

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 07, 2017, 06:08:13 am
/Brendan noticed the two and shoved Aisling to the ground once more, the girl whimpering at his hold as he eyed the scene before him. Great, bloody pirates, exactly what they needed right now.../

/Aisling/: B-Brendan, the fire-.

/Brendan's eyes flashed at her words as he turned his gaze to the world around him. Sure enough, the trees has begun to spark with fire/

/Brendan/: That's going to be a problem...

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 07, 2017, 08:52:00 am
"Nah but ye won't kill me. I've been trying to find me way back to my ship. My original ship. I'll help you transport some goods ye have leavin the port here, you give me some info on where I can find 'er." The captain grinned

-The Omnic pulled back the hammer of the pistol and shook his head-

"Don't think so electrojack. The reason I lost this leg I remember was because of you. Those pistols you have there blew it to kingdom come." The omnic pressing the pistol to the captian's forehead

"Come on, ye know you just got in the way. I was making a grand exit and ye was chasing me."

"Because I was mad about this scar, which is also your fault." The omnic growled

"....okay that may be true. But. Ye can expect Overwatch to come lookin for this scrap heap if they haven't already." He shrugged. "If ye kill me, yer either caught, move less, or both." He said, smirking

-the fire began to spread more and more wildly-

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 08, 2017, 05:55:10 am
/Brendan exchanged glances between the two threats, his decision on combating the fire becoming priority/

/Brendan/: Get that fire out now. I'll deal with this lot.

/Aisling seemingly pouted at such an order but she stepped back on her heels, jumping into the air before her jets reeved up. Once in the air, she zoomed through the trees, heading straight for the water source/

/Brendan knew the flight would cause a ruckus so he immediately launched out, his speed quick to get him towards the duo. A gun at the ready, he did not hesitate to shoot towards the ruffians up ahead/

/Brendan/: Party's over boys!

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 08, 2017, 07:22:58 am
-The Omnic was shot in the arm as he reeled back for cover, his arm short circuiting. The captain dodged a bullet as another grazed his arm. He took out two guns and shot four times around the man. All the times missing as he grinned, stopping-

"Sorry mate, you'll have to give up. My aim's too good for you." He laughed

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 11, 2017, 05:58:10 am
/Brendan/: Clearly not...

/The ex-soldier slid from the warning shots, instead focusing his next attack on the Omnic that had dodged for cover. Keeping an eye on the living machine, he held another gun out towards the captain/

/Brendan/: I'm an officer of Overwatch. Best stand down if you know what's good for you.


/Aisling dove for the water's edge, landing quickly as she then scooped up water in the available tanks of her suit. She cursed the fact that her suit was not well-equipped for such a job but until authorities or anyone else for that matter with the skills necessary for combating the fire, she would just have to make due with what she had/

/Aisling/: Put out fire, put out fire, put out fire!

/She then lifted up carefully from the ground, aiming back towards the glow/

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 11, 2017, 10:57:06 am
-The captain grinned and vanished. In an instant he was behind the officer, and he kicked him in the back of the leg. He was gone again, to the right of the officer. He punched him and vanished again. He was warping, teleporting. And though he wasn't the strongest, his hits did pack a fairly good amount of strength-

"Two more..." he whispered, vanishing again, this time next to the omnic, who he grabbed and started running with, going towards a ship on the port

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 12, 2017, 06:01:07 am
/Brendan stumbled slightly at the attacks before he darted after with incredible speed, quickly catching up to the chase/

/Brendan/: You had your chance!

/The man pointed his guns forward, a barrage of shots following after the captain/

/Brendan/: In the name of Overwatch, either halt your advances or no longer live to regret it.


/Aisling had begun spraying down the water when she noticed the chase in the distance, her eyes wide as she thought to fly after them both. However, Brendan's orders filled her mind as she bit hard on her lip. She needed to put out the fire or at least aide in the process until a more suitable hero was able to arrive on scene/

/Aisling/: Oh...what do I do?

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 12, 2017, 08:30:57 am
-The captain grinned and moved his coat, revealing a charged up electric pistol. He took the omnic and threw him onto the boat. The captain shot a charge, this one much slower moving, at the officer. Another of the bullets shot by this officer grazed him-

"Aye mate, I knew your reputation was a bit soiled as of late, but I didn't know ye resorted to killing people these days. Or omics for that matter." He said, his body glowing a bit, a slight lighting bolt snapping across his chest as he kept running away from the officer

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 13, 2017, 06:04:35 am
/Brendan rolled his eyes at the petty talk, he didn't have time to deal with the fools/

/Brendan/: Not trying to kill you, I'm stopping you all from your crimes, some of which you already committed!


/Aisling chose to continue her duties, albeit with a pout on her lips as she tried to soak down the glowing flames. However, no matter how much she battled them...they were only growing/

/Aisling/: D-Dangit all this is impossible. How do I-?

/Suddenly a blast from behind sent Aisling practically barreling into the ground below, just able to avoid the scalding flames as she skidded upon the dirt/

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 13, 2017, 07:16:20 pm
-The captain stopped and grinned, snapping his fingers-

"Distracted much?" He grinned.

-The large energy ball he shot out his gun was right next to the officer's leg. It exploded and blew off the lower leg of the officer-

"Sorry mate but ye didn't give me much choice!!" He said, shooting another shot at the boat, warping towards it and landing on the edge of the boat, barely making it as it sailed away at a average pace. "Remember the name Elecrojack!!!" He yelled as he stood up on the boat, starting to steer it

OT: your dude can regenerate limbs and stuff right?

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 15, 2017, 01:17:18 pm
OT: I mean...it's got to regenerate so it's not instantly returning. It would take a few minutes depending on what he needs to regenerate.

/Brendan stumbled slightly at the attack, the missing limb a mere hindrance as his body began to work its magic. The nanobytes in his leg began to form a metallic-like limb, the man never stopping his charge after the captain. In fact, his determination grew with the fool's attack/

/Brendan/: I won't forget the fool who dared to go against me.

/Even without his limb fully returned, Brendan then launched his body towards the ship, securing his feet upon the deck/

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 15, 2017, 02:23:43 pm
OT: okay I just didn't wanna do that if he couldn't at least heal at a slight pace.

-The captain saw this and grit his teeth. He did not expect that even slightly. He looked around the ship for anything he could find. He looked to the ocean side and saw more ships sailing away at the commotion and explosion. He grinned a bit and looked at the end of the boat he was on. Tied up was a smaller vessel that required hand steering. He shot four more bullets, one to the crows nest, another to the boat, another out to the ocean and another near where he was standing-

"I have no idea how he did that, but I'm assuming it's something boring and with a long expiration so let's cut that short and end this." He grinned

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 18, 2017, 06:01:30 am
/Brendan/: As boring as you? Gotta throw a tantrum when you don't get your way huh?

/The ex-soldier then held up his guns and shot into the air, none of the bullets seeming to have direction to them. However, they suddenly changed course in the air, one blasting into the crow's nest and one towards the smaller vessel/

/Brendan/: You're coming with me to answer for your crimes.

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 18, 2017, 07:54:23 am
-The captain looked genuinely confused-

"Tantrum? No mate, I'm just not stupid like you." He said

-the crows next started to fall, towards the ocean. The captain vanished and was at the destroyed nest as it fell. It was going towards the other ships as it fell and he charged up his gun, his body glowing blue. The one towards where he originally stood hit the captain in his other leg, but did not explode, just smacked and burned the skin-

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 19, 2017, 06:13:41 am
/Brendan/: Heh, stupid, right...

/Brendan was just about to charge after the captain when...the sound of multiple blasts came from the forest behind him, his eyes wide as he turned to see the woods had begun to be fully engulfed in flames/

/Brendan/: ****...

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 19, 2017, 10:19:50 am
-The captain grinned and looked at the agent as the nest continued to fall-

"It's called diversions mate. You can either capture me, or save the forest and innocent lives." He said, charging up more and more. "Ye better decide quick, mate, else I'll be leaving." He looked at the boat ahead. He was counting down in his head

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on September 21, 2017, 05:54:07 am
/Brendan narrowed his eyes back at the Captain before he noticed something bolting towards them from a distance. He recognized that streak in the sky anywhere/

/Brendan/: So much for solo missions...

/Brendan leapt from the boat just in time before a jet swooped in and began firing shots off towards the captain/

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on September 22, 2017, 08:06:24 pm
-the captain gasped at the jet as the crows nest started to get shot. He was going to fall at this rate. A shot hit him through the thigh and he fell to his knee. He grit his teeth and looked at his gun. It flowed a flash of blue lighting and he grinned. He pointed it over the ocean and shot, with a crack of thunder and a flash of lighting being seen the shot flew out in an explosive fashion, piercing the air as it zipped across the entire ocean, and the captain flashed and was gone. He appeared a few feet over the deck and flew straight down onto it, slamming down on his side. He coughed and planted, winded as he caught his breath. He grabbed his thigh and winced. He breathed and panted as he looked around. The ship was being already apprehended by Overwatch agents. He landed on his back once more and grit his teeth. He had nowhere to run at this point. He looked st his guns, both were recharging, and could not fire a single shot more. He fell on his back once more, arms spread out as he breathed-

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on October 11, 2017, 10:41:06 am
/Brendan had just managed to make it onto land before he felt multiple people zoom pass him towards the boiling flames spreading throughout the forest area. Among them was a particular force of power he recognized immediately as Pharah, the woman landing securely before him as she looked him over through her visor/

/Pharah/: We received a distress signal from Aisling, we came as soon as we could. Seems things were much more dire than originally let on.

/Brendan/: I was handling things...

/Pharah/: Clearly that was not the case...I'm sure you were doing your best. However, the mission has now grown thanks to the destruction of the port and the forest. Fire depletion units are now on site. We will have everything handled in no time.

/Brendan wanted to continue to argue; however, a sudden chill rose through the air as Mei burst from the treeline on a slide made of ice, her hold secure on flustered Aisling with charred armor begging for cleaning from the smokey debris/

/Mei/: Don't worry, I've got you.

/Aisling/: I was trying really hard to...but I couldn't stop the fire from spreading. And then this explosion happened. And I couldn't hold back anymore so I called for help. You guys were so fast getting here.

/Mei offered a knowing smile as she helped the girl over towards Pharah, the pilot offering a smile of relief before she took the younger female into her arms for a hug/

/Pharah/: You did the right thing calling for help from us.

/Brendan narrowed his eyes on the scene before folding his arms over his chest/

/Brendan/: Wait a minute...you guys are good but not that good. There's no way you could have gotten here that fast when the distress signal followed the explosion. You guys were here all along weren't you...

/At his realization, Mei and Pharah both exchanged looks before they nodded along with his words/

/Pharah/: It was standard procedure to ensure your beginning missions are monitored closely by one of our teams. I was lead for Aisling's trial. And for yours-.

/Brendan suddenly went pale as he felt a hand clasp onto his shoulder, the man turning his gaze to see a grinning form of Mercy standing behind him/

/Brendan/: Oh ****.

/Mercy/: Seems we made it just in time. Sounds like Reinhart has already secured the pirate captain onboard our vessel. Pharah and Mei, continue to aid the team in fire depletion and recovery of the bystanders. I will escort these two back to the vessel for medical evacuation.

/Brendan/: We're fine, we can help! Mercy-!

/The healing angel narrowed her eyes at her charge as he grew quiet, biting hard on his tongue to silence his words. He was already sure to receive a few choice words from the woman for his actions on the battlefield. He knew he should have called for reinforcements earlier when the fire first erupted and the captain shot off one of his limbs. However, he was so determined to see the mission through to the end...he didn't even think about his own safety or the safety of his charge Aisling. A quick glance to the girl, he could see that she was lucky her flight suit was protecting her from the flames and the explosion. Save for a few bloodied wounds visible on her neck and face, she seemed ok. But she could have been spared those injuries altogether had he just called for help. He was thankful in a way to her...Aisling made the decision for them to get the others there quickly/

/Mercy/: All right you two, let's get back to the ship. Reinhart has our little guest waiting for us there. Maybe we can finally get some answers on what is going on.

OT: So I kinda just wrote in that Reinhart has you held up on the Overwatch vessel. We can change if you want. Also, hey I'm back from work stuff.

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Silver Kid on October 11, 2017, 01:30:14 pm

-the captain was handcuffed to the wheel of the boat, his head lowered slightly as his head sunk over his eyes. He whistled slightly as he looked up, seeing an armored man, tall and sturdy approaching him. He scoffed a bit cracked his neck-

"Wilhelm Reinhardt." He said, narrowing his eyes

"Captain Electrojack. I would say it is good to see you, but the circumstances look dire for you my friend. An entire illegal ring of trade, the attempted murder of our agents, the destruction of an entire forest. Things could be better." The man said, kneeling down next to the captain

"Not me, the lad with the regeneration shot first, and I just happened to be on a vessel that was falling, wasn't me who crashed it. What do you think the government will say once they see that Overwatch once again caused all this damage, while an agent who could clearly help instead to shoot at a civilian and chase him on his wee ol stroll." He grinned up at the larger man

"We both know you're wanted. The boy, while rash, apprehended a wanted criminal. As for the damage.... he maybe should have called...." he shook his head a bit. "But you're still wanted."

"Didn't ask for hands, didn't confirm my identity, didn't do nothin of the sort. Shot first, questions after. Now this whole operation can either leak to the press and how badly Overwatch messed up again, or you can let me go." He grinned. "I'm sure the bad press won't do you well."

-The armored man stood up, sighing and turning away from the captain-

"Not this time, electrojack. You'll be seeing prison." He turned and walked away from the man. His mind did ponder the possibility that he could leak this to press, and the possibility of more harsh media if what he said was indeed true. He shook his head and decided to wait for Mercy's input

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
Post by: Makastar on October 13, 2017, 06:47:20 am
OT: I'll log in tonight. I had family stuff to take care of.

/Mercy/: Actually we monitored the situation Captain. And the odds are not in your favor as you say.

/The woman entered into the room, followed by the two agents from the port city. Aisling glanced towards the Captain with a hesitant grin while her companion flared at the sight of the man/

/Brendan/: I ought to-

/Mercy/: You'll remain quiet Brendan until I can get your injuries all sorted out. As for Miss Aisling, I'll be sending you off.

/The girl flinched at her name being called/

/Aisling/: I'm not allowed to stay?

/Mercy turned to the girl and offered a more motherly grin than she had ever offered Brendan, the person whom she found and had him join into Overwatch/

/Mercy/: We want to ensure your safety Aisling. You were in an explosion after all and there are open wounds visible on your person. We want you in the med bay right away. I'll be along shortly to check up on you. And don't worry about the price. Brendan will pay any charges.

/It was always hard to tell if that was a joke when it came to Mercy, Brendan glaring at the woman while Aisling reluctantly stepped out of the room to be seen at medical. Only when the girl was gone did Mercy turn back to the others/

/Mercy/: You were wanted on multiple counts which is public knowledge. And so was your little friend and his team whom the others are currently tracking now. The agents acted in accordance to the situation. Your threats are empty and Overwatch is responding to the damage that you and your friends caused. Evidence is there to support our claims.

/Mercy stepped over to the captain with a sly grin/

/Mercy/: You can corporate with us however and not face charges. But we would need full cooperation. And I mean...full cooperation.

/Brendan shook his head behind the woman/

/Brendan/: No way this guy is helping Overwatch. You give a criminal an inch and he'll take a mile. I mean...look at what happens when you trust Junkrat and Roadhog.

/Mercy ignored Brendan's words as she turned to Reinhart/

/Mercy/: We will begin departure back to base as soon as the bystanders are accounted for and the fire is tamed. Until then, you best find a moment to come with a decision Captain.

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-The captain clicked his tongue and moved his knee over to his eyepatch and moved it up. His eye glowed a dark blue, with cybernetics attached. It was a video, which projected to a small holographic screen in front of him for all to see. Seemed like a spycam view. It was right over the scene of how things played out. It was an Overwatch camera he hacked, which were flying around incognito so that the members could shut down this operation-

"Aye, I may have been wanted, so maybe yer friend there was right in shooting first. But the thing that may put you out is this." He zoomed in on the scenes. The boats on the coast were legal passengers, the ones deeper on the sea, such as the one he was on, were illegal however. The captain knew the "legal" ones just came back from actually selling illegal merchandise, but he got lucky, which was his only decent trait in this situation. He zoomed into the omnic that got shot in the arm by Brendan. He had no criminal record, even though he was a criminal who was good at hiding it. As far as books were concerned he was clean, and video showed the captain trying to save this man. The boats as well and the cost of damage to their boats was substantial.

"I knew ye lot were here in the first place. Falling from that boat and this eye o mine can pick up some things. However to the public, The harming of an innocent bystander I tried to save while ye friend there shot first. Added onto," he zoomed into Brendan, who left Alsing to tend to the fire while he knowingly chased the bystanders. "A senior agent goes off and lets a rookie tend to the situation where innocents can be harmed, and you lot actually sat by and made this whole thing into a test, when ye could have intervened. Ye all sat in the backlines intentionally as well. How else would ye have found me so quick?" He grinned

-while he talked like he knew a big game, he knew full well he got extremely lucky, and for most of this he was bluffing and trying his (Censored) best to make his own situation look less bad. He knew full well he was about to hitch an illegal ride to Dorado to try and gather a ship on the border of Mexico. But the brashness of the agent just made him lucky. Internally he was panicking and hoping this would give him at least some leeway for his jail time. He never showed it on the outside, for even more fear of being exposed-

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OT: So just a quick note for myself, I had written the first shots fired with the intent of being warning shots. I failed to classify it though so that's probably why the omnic did get shot. Just for my future reference, I need to market what I'm saying better lol

/Mercy rolled her eyes before clicking a remote of hers, showing their own footage as well as audio evidence of what had been exchanged between the men...as well as other moments that showed some damning footage/

/Mercy/: I also have the reports of the original mission's intent, the logs for our response, believe me I can go on. Captain, we could likely go back and forth with you all day with your supposed evidence but more innocents will be in danger due to your antics and the antics of your little friends. The boy is being reprimanded for his actions today. That much I can assure you. We acted as quickly as we could and so far no casualties have been marked. We are out searching for your friend however any information you can provide will greatly help this cause. If you truly cared about innocents you would assist us...time to prove you give a (Censored).

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-The captain leaned back against the post he was cuffed to and breathed slowly-

"See heeeeeres the thing lass, we could go back and forth. But if I'm fully apprehended, your stunt will go wild, and your group ain't trusted to begin with. Who's the media going to trust, a video further feeding into the fear and hate ye selves brought upon your group, or the response from a group known to lie, which will look like a cover-up. If I tell ye what you want to hear, I get released from this madness." He grinned. He was trying to watch his words, as he feared he was being recorded even now. "Ye don't have much of a better option. Unless ye think Overwatch can handle more bad press."

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/Reinhart narrowed his eyes at the captain and dared to step forward; however, Mercy held up a hand to the man as she smiled/

/Mercy/: You aid us, you will be pardoned for this crime and allowed release in regards to this crime.

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-The captain grinned and nodded. Motioning to his cuffs-

“Then lass, ye may wanna release me of these cuffs. Can’t help ye unless I’m free.” He smirked

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/Mercy grinned before clicking a button on her bracers, the chains on the cuffs disappearing from view. However, the cuffs themselves remained/

/Mercy/: A precaution to ensure you indeed offer us help in this mission. Reinhart, escort the captain to the meeting hall. I'll be there momentarily. I need to take care of something first.

/Reinhart glanced towards Brendan knowingly before offering a nod, ushering the Captain out of the room/

/Reinhart/: See you both shortly I hope.

/Mercy chuckled at the tone of the towering man's voice before she turned fully to face Brendan, a frown painted on her lips as she narrowed her eyes upon his form. She assured that everyone was gone and the room was closed off before speaking to her charge/

/Mercy/: Sometimes it's hard to believe that you were once a decorated soldier before your accident...you acted irresponsibly and could have gotten many killed in the process...

/Brendan/:  There's no casualties Mercy...

/Mercy/: Do not try to find excuses here, you were in the wrong and you could have gotten Aisling killed with how you acted. Now we have this bloody Captain threatening our organization and using your actions as a scapegoat. I will not allow you to speak your way out of this one. You will be forced back into drills until a fitting punishment can be decided.

/Brendan's muscles tensed as he glared upon the woman/

/Brendan/: You can't do that-!

/Mercy suddenly stepped towards the soldier, standing toe-to-toe with him as she flared in place before him/

/Mercy/: Yes I can. You're lucky you aren't being locked up. Your rash actions and refusal to seek help in times of need almost killed others. That type of behavior will not be tolerated. We exist to protect people. And what you did...was not protecting them.

/The woman then stepped away from her charge before opening the door, a smile returning to her lips as she noticed Mei coming down the corridor/

/Mercy/: Everyone is back then?

/Mei/: We still have teams in place for scouting, recon, and recovery. Luckily no casualties reported though the med teams are working with injured. There is a lead though, on an island several miles south of here.

/Mercy nodded at the new information before she began to leave the room/

/Mercy/: Mei, go check on Aisling for me at the med bay. And do me a favor and take Brendan with you...because he needs to apologize to her immediately.

/Brendan frowned at being treated as a child, though he welcomed Mei's comforting smile as she nodded to the command. With that, the healer had disappeared down the corridor towards the meeting chamber/

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-The captain was ushered into the meeting room, Reindhardt's towering palm forcing itself on his shoulder as the armored soldier pushed him down onto his seat as the captain smirked a bit-

"Oi, mate. Too much roughhousing and it may not work out well if the only lead ye got decides to go silent." He grinned

-The armored man shook his head and stood towering next to the captain-

"My mission now is to see to it that you keep your word, Electrojack. And I shall use any means necessary for that mission." He turned to the captain, putting his hammer on the ground with the handle facing up towards him, a firm grip on it. "And I shall use brute force if necessary."

-The captain gulped a bit and turned away from Reinhardt, putting his hat over his head-

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/A sudden redhead appeared in the room beside the captain, her bright green eyes gawking at the man as she grinned. No longer dressed in her armor, Aisling looked worse for wear in her baggy flight suit, the top portion tossed back around her waist leaving her tank top the only shelter from the world...well, save for the bandages that had already been wrapped around her injuries. At the notice, Reinhart scuffed at the sight however it didn't seem to deter the girl from admiring their new "ally"/

/Aisling/: So you're the Captain huh? You don't look particularly powerful. Though I know that's not the case. You almost killed me by the way. That's not nice.

/Reinhart/: Aisling, how did you get out here? You're supposed to be at medical being treated.

/Aisling grinned up at the armored man/

/Aisling/: Miss Mei left me all alone and I got bored.

/The armored man frowned at such a response, his eyes shifting towards the door as Mercy stepped into the room. Sure enough, when she noticed the girl sitting there without a care in the world, she trotted over and knelt beside her, beginning to check out her injuries before raising her staff to provide some comfort to the girl/

/Mercy/: I swear young lady, I fear my charge is rubbing off on you too much. You were supposed to remain in the med bay and finish your examination. I suppose I should be thankful they were able to patch you up before you pulled your little escape act.

/Aisling blushed before examining the man before her/

/Aisling/: So is he a good guy now or-?

/Mercy/: He is aiding us in our endeavors for peace...however, I would not say he is a "good guy." I would advise not to get too close to him. He is the one who almost got you killed after all.

/Suddenly Mei burst through the door, a panic settled on her face as she searched frantically for her charge. At the sight inside the room, her smile seemed to return as she darted over and wrapped her arms around the girl/

/Mei/: Oh thank goodness. I was so worried that-!

/Soldier 76/: I see there's been a bit of commotion here...

/The room grew silent as a familiar face stepped into the room, breezing past Brendan who stood at attention in the hall. Behind him trotted Winston and Tracer, all three of them filing in to glance at the newcomer/

/Soldier 76/: You're Electrojack?

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-The captain grinned and kicked his feet up onto the table, cracking his knuckles as he stared 76 dead in the eye with a grin ear to ear-

“Well if it ain’t the leader of Overwatch himself, the famed and dishonored vigilante, Jack Morrison. Or do he go by Soldier 76 here? And the moon based primate who started up ye organization again, and the girl who was lost to time. If it ain’t the big three themselves.” He laughed. “Looks like I’ve gained a bit of a reputation around here. As I should have. Seems we both have each other in a standoff, mate. I have footage of ye shortcomings today and ye have some long history on me. So let’s cut to the chase here, 76, savvy?” He leaned back in his chair

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OT: I don't really know what your character was doing with the other guy, can you kinda give me a play-by-play and we can stem the story from that?

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
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OT: Basically the person he was with was an Omnic named Zesily and he was transporting all kinds of weapons and illegal drugs, even people from coast to coast and selling it on the black market. Electrojack doesn’t really do that stuff, he was just hoping to hitch a ride with Zesily as a way to get his old ship back

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OT: So let's assume there's a huge black market smuggling ring going on in the islands, enslaving people in the shadows or something like that. Any suggestions there?

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
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OT: Possibly run by Talon. We think that it’s just a human enslaving and selling but maybe it’s Moira needing some humans to test experiments on? If not we can just say that it’s a large ring with a small time organization that has lots of dangerous technology that can start massive wars. Maybe some old stuff from the Omnic war but they’re updating it, maybe some bastion or OR-14 models

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OT: Oh I really like the whole Talon twist, especially with Moira. That way we can bring in more Talon members as well.

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
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OT: Yeah I figured why not put her in since she came out and seems interesting. Maybe a twist where she made Electrojack's eye or something. I dunno we can play around with the idea in all honesty. But that aside, we can use this Talon twist a little bit. I have a few small ideas I may be able to use, but nothing too major. So, how should we start with it? Keep on with this board meeting or just skip around to investigating this agency?

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
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OT: We can probably do a quick thing on what's going on. I know nothing about the new character besides the small stuff I saw in the trailer so you may need to handle her xD

Title: Re: Overwatch RP
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OT: Yeah I can do that. I'll make sure she's properly handled since I've played her a sh*t ton honestly. But do you wanna handle the quick thing on what's going on or should I? I don't mind either way

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OT: Could you handle? I've been traveling so much and I haven't been able to focus on RPs so that could help me out a lot <3

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OT: Okay let me see what I can do.

-The Overwatch group was informed of a possible black market that dealt with shipping humans, possibly for slavery purpouses. The next black market deal that was going on was going to be on the cost of Portugal. The group of heroes, led in part by Electrojack, headed over to a factory once again on the coast. The factory was part of a large lot of other storage units, airplane hangers, and had large and open spaces. Stationed first on the scene was Reindardt, Mercy, and Pharah. The three could handle both ground and air situations with ease, and the three were also accompanied by Electrojack, who was still being escorted by Reindhart, Alsing who was teamed with Pharah, and Brennan who was being basically pulled along the ear by Mercy, and under her glare most of the time. The team of 6 were outside the gates, far away from any of the places around this ginourmous lot. There were some robotic guards, large machinery, and security seemed to be airtight. The 6 were reconing from a safe distance-

Reindhardt: Your intel seems to be correct, Electrojack, but I smell this is a trap. What black market ring has this much security?

"Mate I didnt expect this, but at the same time this operation is much larger than ye think. If I can somehow find my man on the inside, we can sneak in and stop this ring before they know what hit them." He said, pulling his eyepatch off slowly

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 OT: THE NEW XMAS EVENT IS NEXT WEEK!!!! I'll be off work for a bit so we can play :D

/Mercy eyed the security for a moment before gesturing towards Brennan/

/Mercy/: You will remain on lookout until further notice.

/The soldier eyed his mentor but kept his mouth shut, the man falling back into the shadows as he shot a glare towards Electrojack/

/Pharah/: Aisling, you will remain with me at all times. Simply follow orders and everything will go smoothly.

/The redhead nodded along with her mentor's words, though she couldn't help but shiver at the sight of the amount of guards on patrol/

/Reinhart/: You sure the child is ready for such a mission after the explosion?

/Pharah/: Aisling may seem green for the battlefield but she understands her limits and knows the risks. She also knows when to speak up if she needs assistance. I have faith she will do great. I will monitor her at all times to ensure this is so.

/Mercy/: If anything happens, remove her immediately and get her and Brennan out of here. We have back-up on standby should a larger fight occur.

/Aisling and Pharah both saluted to Mercy's words before they took to the sky, shifting through the shadows with ease/

/Brennan/: She's not ready for this Mercy.

/Mercy/: We'll see.

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-Electrojack opened his left eye and a blue mechanical schematic hovered a bit in front of his eye. He started scanning around the area-

“50 guards all patrolling. My man on the inside, the one ye officer shot at, seems to be inside somewhere the hanger Bank. There’s about 3 ships incoming all with inventory. I don’t know what’s in it. I can’t find a clear way in yet.” He said

Reindardt: Well is there a way underground? Somewhere where we can’t be seen?

“I don’t know... I think.... I think... there’s a sewage drain to the far left. Maybe if we can get inside then we can blow this operation out.. but I have no idea where it leads to inside. And I have no idea what they layout of the inside it.”

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/Mercy/: We'll be going in blind then. Brennan, keep us informed should any movement happen in your sights. Reinhart, if you'd do the honors.

/Reinhart carefully motioned towards the sewer drain, lifting up the grate and motioning the others in/

/Reinhart/: I won't be able to follow from this point. I'll have to find another way around.

/Mercy/: Keep us posted. Pharah and Aisling are scouting from the skies as well.

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-Electrojack jumped down into the sewers and opened his robotic eye once more. It lit up the sewers fairly well, but only where he looked. He took out a small trinket, it looked to be a tiny robotic parrot. He touched the back of its neck and it winded up, glowing red eyes as it flew up, going deeper into the sewers-

“We may be goin I’m blind, but that don’t mean we can’t at least see a few feet in front of us, savvy?” He said, pulling up a map hologram in front of him. It was completely blank all except for a single white line slowly being formed. It was where the parrot was going

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/Mercy examined his efforts with mild interest as she remained close to his heels/

/Mercy/: You said you've never been here before correct? Are you certain you haven't associated with these sorts of crimes?

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-Electrojack shook his head, staring at the map-

“No mate, my business is for me own gain. I may steal and loot, sail the seas and occasionally get a ride from as a stowaway, but I’ve never sold or transported any sort of merchandise. Though I have bought and custom made me own twin pistols. Else I’d be locked up. A pirate never sells out the crew he’s associated with. Hell, I may not have even been caught if I had the resources whoever’s here has.” He said, walking deeper into the sewers

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/Mercy/: You don't condone this type of business then?

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-The pirate shook his head as he kept walking down into the sewers, confidently leading the way on his own map-

“That I don’t, lass. A true pirate does what he does for adventure. For riches. Sure, we may hunt each other down and steal from the wrong people. But this.... this is some sort of perpetration. I feel a storm coming. And it isn’t something that’s gonna pass quick. This is the feeling I get from a storm that’s so strong, nothing gets left in it’s wake. Assuming these scallywags were transporting weapons, there’s gonna be a war.” He said

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/Mercy frowned at such words, her fingers tight on her staff as she thought of what to say/

/Mercy/: And if there is a war...where will you be falling into all of this?

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-Electrojack didn’t even say a word as he looked up at an opening where his mechanical parrot was-

“We’re here. This is seemingly the only way in. Through this stairs into a boiler room. From there we’ll be inside the facility, and I cant guide us anymore. Once they see me bird, they’ll know intruders are afoot. In all honesty even the big knight there may draw us unneeded attention.”

Reinhardt: So im just supposed to wait here? And trust you with one of our leaders?

“You have to secure us this way out. If we get compromised, we’re leaving through here.”

Reinhardt: Doctor, I cannot trust his plan like this.

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OT: Rein isn't in the drain with them because he couldn't fit through the grate. Is this over the radio?

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OT: yeah I’m sorry I didn’t specify that. I was tired LEAVE ME BE. But yeah I thought Electrojack was supposed to update him and all and give him a possible way in so.

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OT: Lol I'M TIRED TOO! NO EXCUSES jk jk I just wanted to clarify xD

/Mercy/: I have faith in this plan Rein. And besides...should he choose to falter, I have my ways. We will be back shortly. Be prepared for anything. And keep in contact with Pharah and Aisling through all of this. We need to ensure all routes and aid are prepared for what's to come.

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-Reinhardt sighed and ended the call, starting another with Alsing and Pharah-

“Status report you two.” He said

-Electrojack grabbed the ladder and jumped up to the top, pushing the grate of the opening up as he looked around. No one was around. He moved the grate to the side and pushed it away. He climbed through the opening and looked around. They were in a boiler room. It was large. There was a lot of heat going into this place. He looked down at Mercy and motioned for her to come up but be quiet-

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/Pharah's voice chimed in on the radio/

/Pharah/: We're topside. It's silent. No movement in any direction.

/Aisling/: Shouldn't that be suspicious?

/Pharah/: Yes. There's not even a guard in sight from our end.


/Mercy carefully pulled herself up and dusted herself off, her staff tight in hand as she peered around the room/

/Mercy/: There's no one here...

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-Reinhardt pondered their words as he looked up in the sky-

“I’d be cautious of the sky. There may be drones or some kind of mechanisms in loo of guards. Do you see anything entering the area? Shipments or people?” He asked

-Electrojack pondered around and looked towards a door a flight of stairs upward-

“We may as well see what’s in this facility.” He said

-He walked up the stairs and listened closely. He opened the door slowly and saw a myriad of hallways. Many had doors labeled with supplies and names. He looked around and heard noises from above him-

“We’re on a supply floor.... this isn’t where whatever they’re being shipped is held. We ought to go higher up.”

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/Pharah continued to scour the area, scanning for any sign of movement. Aisling followed close behind, trying to stay at her heels should they need to act/

/Pharah/: I'm keeping a lookout. So far there's-.

/There was a sudden gasp on the radio as Pharah barely had time to dodge two speeding missiles surging from below towards their direction. She zipped through the air and grabbed hold of Aisling, their speed quick as the missiles turned to follow them/

/Pharah/: Missiles were trained on us. They knew we were here. Rein, everyone needs to be prepared. There's a fight ready for us.

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-Reinhardt readied his hammer, touching his finger to his comm device once more-

“Mercy be prepared. There’s a fight ready for us. Alsing and Pharah are under fire.” He said

-Electrojack moved up the stairs to a higher floor, his hand over his pistol as he readied to move up higher, hearing more sounds the closer they are to the higher floors-

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OT: I definitely wrote a reply to this. I guess it didn't post :/

/Mercy kept at Electrojack's heels as she frowned/

/Mercy/: Rein, align with Pharah and Aisling. Take out as many as you can. We will be rendezvousing with you all shortly.