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Title: Silver: Legacy
Post by: Silver Kid on May 20, 2012, 07:31:35 pm
All right, My Origin is clear, my path is set, and i got a bunch of you to help me. YEAH! OK, if you wanna be in it, tell me who your name in the story, strengths and weaknesses.

My Story was a painful one. It took me a long time, four years to be exact, to remember my past. I had many people with me. Some of them are gone. Some are wandering around somewhere. Now, i want to tell you that story, but once you go in, you never go back. There's no backing out, even through the death, pain, and blood splatter. Hope your ready, cuse it's gonna be a wild ride. My name is Silver, and this is the legacy that has been passed through grandchildren with fairy tales. This fairy tale happens to be mine.

Title: Re: Silver: Legacy
Post by: Smax on May 21, 2012, 05:41:25 am
Name: Ion

Strengths: (STILL IN TRAINING) Ion Blasts, Ion Swords extend from wrists, Ion shield generates on backside, uses Ion rays to fly.

Weaknesses: Fire, Water, Mobility on ground, weight.

Im so excited XD

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Post by: Silver Kid on May 21, 2012, 08:04:38 pm
Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1: Learning, Part 1: Any Plans?

There were rapid footsteps. There were gunshots heard round the village. Two boys were being chased by the army. One of them was using energy blast, the other was shooting a gun. They were running for their dear lives.

"Can ya keep up?", said the one on the left

"Worry about yourself.", said the other smirking

"What do you plan we do here?", asked the one on the left

"No idea.", said the other

"Got any more blasts?"

"Too tired out dude."

"Any plans?"

The one on the left looked to a ledge and smirked. He had a plan. "Just the usual one. Get ready!", he said.

The other knew just what he was thinking. They both jumped off the ledge, dodging the bullets and gunfire. They saw a lake and took their opportunity. The one on the left couldn't believe that in two short weeks, he was dodging the army, gunfire, and jumping off the ledge with a guy who shot energy out of his hands. He reflected and thought, "How did it come to this?"

Two Weeks Earlier

The boy arrived at a HQ for special services. His name was Silver. He entered the building and saw Agent Dungan. He had met him a week ago. The Agent shook Silver's hand and took him into a room with a giant screen.

"How are you son?", The agent asked

"Cut the crap Dungan. You fly me out first moment you can, pay for my trip and ride, and offer me 100 grand up front? What's the deal?"

"I see your well. I'll cut to the chase. We need you to apprehend a boy named 'Ion.'"

"What kind of name is Ion?", Silver asked

"The one of this individual.", said Dungan who turned on footage of a boy destroying a whole city.

Silver got up and turned serious. The dude had skill. He barley knew any of his powers. Ion was blocking all of the military bullets with a shield and blasting them. After about two minutes of destroying everything, he casually walked away. Silver smashed his first against the table and broke it in half. He went over to Dungan and lifted him into the air.

"What is he?!" Silver demanded answers. He was told that no one else had powers. He was told he was alone. He felt like he was the only Mutant, Cursed, or Special thing out there.

"He is a energy being. A EMP went off in his town when we needed to take down some planes that were going rogue. It was during a Lightning Storm. He was right next to the bomb. Lightning struck it and it blew up in his face. He became a energy being. He can absorb, implament, and use all energy except human energy.", Dungan replied.

Silver let Dungan down and grew fangs. He looked at Dungan, who could see his red eyes through his black as night sunglasses. Silver was not pleased with having to kill another person who was like him.

Dungan extended his hand and asked, "Will you help us?"

Silver swatted his hand away. "Forget it. I won't kill him."

Dungan laughed. "We don't want you to kill him. We need him brought back here. Alive. You two are going to make a team for us. You two are going to help people. Your team will soon grow, and you will protect us from the supernatural."

Silver was confused. "What like Superheroes or something?"

"You could say like that. But for now, it will only be you two."

Silver nodded and said, "I'm in." He liked the fact that he wasn't alone. He could have some people who felt his pain. He could protect others with his curse. And he would do anything to prove it.

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Post by: Smax on May 21, 2012, 08:22:33 pm
I'm liking it so far. Perhaps someone in particular had detonated the EMP. that person will become and enemy or ally. I dunno, just trying to contribute. I do love that bio you made for Ion though, I hadn't thought nearly that far.

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Post by: Silver Kid on May 21, 2012, 08:40:49 pm
No spoilers  ;D

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Post by: Smax on May 22, 2012, 05:51:02 am
hehe I is good at the predicting things.

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Post by: Silver Kid on May 22, 2012, 08:42:24 pm
Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1: Learning, Part 2: Knowing

Silver was on a flight to a small town in Virginia. He looked down from a helicopter and saw a small house he was supposed to break into. He was supposed too find Ion, and fight him at all costs. Dungan said he was a real threat and they could help him. He believed them. He was helped when he totaled a entire city three years ago. He looked up and took a deep breath. He jumped from the plane with no parachute. He knew nothing bad would happen to him. He surged with energy and crashed into the building at full speed. He slowly got up and saw the house was totaled. He looked around only to find a boy charging up a energy blast. Silver saw that far too late. The blast was hurled straight at him and he smashed through five more buildings. The boy in the house was Ion. And he was peeved off. He walked casually out of the house and saw a streetlight. He touched it and absorbed all of it's power. He laughed as he surged with energy.

He looked at Silver and said, "You're finished!" He started charging up a large energy blast.

Silver got up from the buildings without a scratch. He saw his jacket had a rip. He saw this and looked at Ion. He casually said, "Oh hell no!" He ran up to Ion and punched him with all of his force. Ion stopped charging the ball. He spit out blood and was sent across the town. He was scratched and had a broken arm. But luck was on his side. He saw a car pass by and absorbed it's energy and he healed from his wounds. Silver jumped to where Ion was and landed with a red energy crash. He made claws and looked at Ion with red as blood eyes. Ion looked at him back with blue as lightning eyes. They were opposites at that moment. Silver looked at Ion confused and fell to his knees with his brain aching. He remembered something. Or someone. It looked walked, and seemed just like him. It was a dark him. Who was it? He looked back up and roared with rage. Whenever he remembered something, it brought back a new power. He surged with energy. Ion looked shocked. Silver was radiating with aura. Ion made bombs out of energy, and so did Silver. They were the same in some ways. Ion looked like he was worried. He was out matched. He charged up energy and tried his best to do something with his wrists. He looked at Silver as knew that he had it together. Ion had been training with his powers, but never knew his full potential. He charges up as much energy as he could and made swords out of his wrists. He looked pleased. He charged at Silver and slashed him a few times and stabbed him. Silver kicked Ion with the force of 10 wild bulls and he flew back. Ion landed a mile away and got up shaking. He smirked and looked at Silver.

"So what they said about you is true. You don't remember anything."

"What are you talking about?", Silver asked

"You destroyed that whole town, killed thousands of demons, saw your dark half, and you can't remember a thing about it, can you?"

Silver was confused. He did all of those things? He couldn't have. He was weak. He got angry at these lies. "LIAR!!" He surges with energy, grew fangs, and grew longer claws. He felt pain when this happened.

"Start knowing, Silver! Ask that 'Agency' what you really are! Your a freak! Just like me!", Ion said while charging up energy.

Silver roared and yelled, "BRING IT MCGRATH!!"

The two charged at each other with all of their force, sending shock waves of blue and red energy with every clash. They hit one another a few times before charging up all of their energy into one fist. They both yelled and swung at each other. They hit each others fist and clashed. They were both sent back for miles from that clash. One was on the top of Virginia, another at the bottom. Dungan saw it all and sighed. "Bring them both in for debriefing. This is gonna be a long few days."

The McGrath thing is a reference to the popular video game series inFAMOUS on the PS3.

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Post by: Smax on May 22, 2012, 09:30:48 pm
awesome. <3 the Mcgrath joke. It seems to remain Epic in every part. Sorta reminds me of Dragon Ball Z

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Post by: Silver Kid on May 23, 2012, 06:47:31 pm
Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1, Learning, Part 3: Tell Me Something

Silver woke up in the headquarters. He rubbed his head. He crashed through 20 miles of houses and trees. He showed no emotions, but he was hurt. Alot. He went to the holding cells to find Ion. He was struggling in his prison. He was bound by his hands and legs. He slowly looked up and saw Silver.

"Thanks for imprisoning me, Jerk!", Ion exclaimed.

"Cut the crap Ion. What do you know about me?"

Ion smirked. "The question is, what don't I know about you."

Silver had no patience. "Tell me all you know."

"Hell no."

"I will kill you where you stand!"

"You think I believe that? You won't lay a finger on me or you won't learn anything."

Silver looked down and smashed the glass. "What will it take for you to tell me something? Anything."

"Tell me something. What do they want with me? I'm a guy who can't control his powers. I don't even know what I'm doing half the time."

"They want to make some sort of team. Pull us together for a common cause. To help others."

Ion smirked. "The Dynamic Duo or something?"

"I don't know."

Dungan walked in and saw the two talking. "Good, you two are together. You two are being sent to the militia. There is a drug lord there. We need you two to stop his shipment, and keep him from killing innocent people."

Silver knew that together they could make a difference. He looked at Ion, and Ion looked back at Silver. They both thought the same thing. No more running. No more fear. They both would fight for others. They both accepted the offer. They were on the first flight out. They saw the militia and they saw the shipment from the plane.

"You got a good sense of timing, Dungan.", Silver said.

"Shut up and jump.", Dungan replied.

Ion surged up energy and jumped out of the plane. He hovered down to the ground. Silver smirked and thought that that was the boring way of doing things. Silver jumped from the plane and used his energy to go down faster. He headed straight for the drug shipment. He regretted that. He slammed into the truck and it exploded. The drugs were sent everywhere. He was proud of that. But the whole village heard the explosion of the truck. Ion landed and hid in the bushes. He wasn't as hasty or hard headed as Silver. He thought things through. When he saw the militia running toward the truck, he knew their cover was blown. He sent out a shock-wave of energy throughout the forest. The militia were blown away. Silver ran toward the center and found Ion.

"Hey.", Silver said.

A thousand more militia members were headed for them with tanks, machine guns, and much more firepower. They saw that and knew that they screwed up. They needed to start learning what a team really was. Before it got them both killed. They ran away as fast as they could. Silver grew claws and saw two militia members. Silver stabbed them and took their guns. He needed to save energy. He threw one to Ion and took the other for himself. They were going to get out of the village the loud way.

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Post by: Smax on May 23, 2012, 09:11:22 pm
I would encourage a part in the story when it wasn't completely action, maybe something that doesn't involve stabbing or shooting, but overall great.

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Post by: Silver Kid on May 23, 2012, 09:59:26 pm
I'm getting there.

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Post by: Smax on May 24, 2012, 06:43:57 am

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Post by: Silver Kid on May 24, 2012, 08:23:18 pm
Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1: Knowing, Part 4: Come Again?

Silver and Ion cheesed it. They ran for a long time and jumped off the cliff. Silver looked back and realized something. He needed to find out what Ion knew about him. He dropped 20 feet and landed on his feet and broke his legs. He looked at them and snapped them back into place. Ion hovered to the ground. He was unharmed. They ran for about two more miles before seeing a cave. They went into the cave and hid. The militia was searching the whole forest that they were hiding in. Ion and Silver decided to make themselves comfortable. They got some wood and sticks when the militia was distracted. Ion snapped his fingers and the spark from the energy lit the fire. They were silent for a long time. Ion was staring at Silver.

"What kind of name is Silver?", he asked

"What kind of name is Ion?"

"One of someone who can't control himself. And yours?"

"I don't know. Why don't you tell me of all the things you know about me."

"I was bluffing back there. I know very little about you. Tell me what you know about yourself, and i can fill in some of the blanks."

"Well, I was a only child...."

"Wrong.", Ion interrupted

"What?", asked Silver confused "I remember that I was adopted. I was a only child."

"No. You shouldn't remember this. You have a demigod sister."

"Come again?", Silver asked

"You have a sister that is part god, part human."

"Gods don't exist."

"Yes they do. Now, your dad married you mom. After a few years, your dad didn't love your mom. He found comfort in a new woman. Artemas. The Greek Goddess of The Wild. She went by the human name Ashley. He slept with her and she got pregnant. Around that time, he found out that he actually loved your mom and made you. Artemas was consumed with jealousy and killed your dad. Your mom gave you to a orphanage in fear that she would be killed. Your sister was born a life of a demigod. She learned how to use a bow, and how to use it well. She knows how to kill 20 men easy. I knew her. She was really nice, and i liked her. The agency told her about you 2 years ago, just after the incident you found yourself in with the dead girl. She dedicated her life to finding you. If you really want to know where she is, her best friend is a guy named Alshary Sharpshoot. He is in a similar situation as you when it comes to being special. He is quick, wields a claymore, and can heal like you. But he is weak. We can find him, and find her once we get out of this. He lives in a small village where he is treated like a god. He can fight and win against everyone. He is very arrogant. We need to find him, get him with us, and find your sister. We need her to be with us. We need both of them on this team. They both have their strengths, and weaknesses, but we need them."

Silver was taking alot in. He had a sister, and everything he thought was thrown out the window in a matter of two minutes. He heard the militia leaving and got up. "Where do we go?", he asked

"North. The village is hidden. We need to get in as quickly and quietly as possible to find Sharpshoot."

Silver was dedicated to finding his sister. She would know all he didn't. He needed to find her.

My sister had been begging me to put her in the story, so i did. HAPPY NOW?!

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Post by: Smax on May 24, 2012, 08:43:24 pm
Aw cmon, don't steal that from Percy Jackson! btw you spelled Artemis wrong.

Title: Re: Silver: Legacy
Post by: Silver Kid on May 25, 2012, 08:09:16 am
My freaking sister begged me too. She claims that Artemis has no kids or something. She begged me for hours and hours and i finally said OK.

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Post by: Smax on May 25, 2012, 02:57:58 pm
lol alright, go on with that.

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Post by: Silver Kid on May 25, 2012, 04:16:40 pm
What's that supposed to mean? And who is Percy Jackson?

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Post by: Smax on May 25, 2012, 09:48:54 pm
lol it's some kids novel my sister wont shut up about, (its actually kindof a good storyline) where the greek gods are actually real and sometimes they have affairs with mortals, creating demigods that the gods usually need to complete quests.

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I don't like mythical bull crap

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Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1: Knowing, Part 5: Well, Well

Ion and Silver headed north. They walked for hours. They were trying to find out where this Sharpshoot guy was. They walked and walked found a large wall. It did not lead to a actual village. It lead to a underground tunnel. The tunnel lead to a secret city underground. A secret civilization. They entered and went through the long tunnel route. There was a arena where one buy stood fighting all who said they wanted a good fight. They should have said they wanted a good beating. He beat them all. Silver saw the boy and knew that it was Ash Sharpshoot.

"That's him, isn't it?", Silver asked

"Sure is.", replied Ion. "He will know where she is."

Silver walked up to the arena. Ash was standing at the edge asking for more challengers.

"Who's next? You guys want the championship, then beat the champion!", Ash exclaimed

"I will fight you next.", said Silver as he stepped into the ring.

Ash smirked and looked at Silver. Silver was about 5 years younger than Ash. Ash had beaten full grown men 10 times Silver's size.

"Tell you what kid.", Ash said. "The out of ring disqualifications won't count. If i hit you too hard, tell me. And to make it easier, i won't use my hands."

The whole audience laughed. Silver knew Ash was trying to humiliate him. He laughed and said, "Good for you." Ash put his hands behind his back, thinking this would be very easy. Silver's eyes turned red and aura radiated around him. Ash looked shocked. He knew that this was not good.

Silver punched Ash with all his might and Ash was sent to the ground with a laud crash. Ash was cut in many places. He healed instantly. Ash kicked Silver to the ceiling. Silver had a rock through his torso, but fell and healed also. Ash and Silver could both heal. This would not turn out well. They both jumped at each other and clashed with red and green aura. They both had powers. Ash quickly jumped on Silver's back and kicked him to the ground. Silver grabbed Ash by the leg and smashed him into that giant arena, destroying it. The entire city was cheering Silver on. They thought that the champion would finally be defeated. They were a civilization who resorted to fighting and death to resolve problems. Their champion was hated by all. They thought that they would now have a new and better one.

Silver and Ash jumped to different corners of the destroyed arena. Ash smiled and said, "Well, Well. If it isn't the brother of Alexandria himself. In the flesh too. I thought you died, and so did she. She always hated you, man." Ash was trying to get Silver to believe lies. So he could have his chance to strike.


"Why would i tell you lies? I knew your sister for two years.", he said as he ran over to Silver and kicked him into the ground. "She told me everything." Ash continued to kick Silver into the ground.

Silver looked up and his eyes turned white. He roared with enormous power. He sent out shock waves of energy throughout the whole city. Ash looked down and sighed. "She really was telling the truth. He has that demon inside of him." Silver smashed Ash into the ground and beat on him repeatedly. Silver looked down at Ash and saw he looked unharmed, but was unconscious. He won the fight. The red aura died down and he picked Ash up. He started to walk out of the city. He was going to find out everything about his sister. Starting with Ash.

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Post by: Smax on May 26, 2012, 08:07:23 pm
Oh, Alexandria huh? this leaves me in such suspense.

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Post by: Silver Kid on May 26, 2012, 08:11:04 pm
Yay. That was my point

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Post by: Smax on May 27, 2012, 08:49:58 am
Well don't include too much suspense. Recently, a TV show called Alcatraz, a show that I am a huge fan of, got canceled because it left you in too much constant suspense, and most viewers didn't know what the lines of the series were until the last minute of the last episode.

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Post by: Silver Kid on May 27, 2012, 02:02:50 pm
Silver: Legacy. Chapter 1: Knowing, Part 6: The Time to Pray Is Now

SMACK!! Ash was slapped in the face, tied into a tree. Silver and Ion stood in front of him.

"Tied to a tree and hitting me. Shouldn't you take me on a first date first?", Ash asked

"Shut your mouth Sharpshoot. I want answers!", Silver exclaimed

"I can possibly give them to you. Come back in a few thousand years."

Silver grew claws and stabbed Ash in the heart. "I can kill you until you do. You might heal, but i can kill you a few thousand times until you comply."

Ash could heal, but he still felt pain. He was stabbed more and more until he smirked. "Torturing me won't help you."

"We'll soon see." Silver slashed at Ash for hours on end, but he did not break

"This isn't working.", said Ion "He heals and begs for more."

They then heard a faint wind and birds chirping. They looked around and saw nothing. Silver was ticked off as it. He didn't need to know that someone or something was trying to kill them.

"If that's who I think it is, the time to pray is now.", Ash said. "She will come after you like wild g...." Suddenly an arrow went through his hand.

"Oh god.", Ash said. "L-let me loose now!!"

"Why? What's wrong?", Ion asked

"S-s-she's here!! Let me loose and I will tell you all that i know!! Please!!"

Silver cut him loose and they ran deeper into the forest. They were chased by a flurry of arrows that were somehow full of explosives, fire, electricity, or ice. Silver was confused. Those arrows were enchanted.

About two miles in, the arrows stopped and they hid behind a tree, out of breath, and out of time.

"Tell us everything!!", Ion exclaimed.

"OK, OK.", Ash said. "Her name is Alexandria. She is technically Silver's sister. She is a demigod. She hunts down animals and humans like a wild dog. She is a expert tracker and knows how to use a bow."

"What about those arrows?", Silver asked "Those were not human."

"Smart man.", Ash replied. "Enchanted by wizards or something. Every arrow has a element in it. Very special. Very rare." Ash started to catch his breath. "Only a god could have the authority to commands wizards to do that."

They heard another wind and more chirping. They stood silent until a mysterious figure appeared before the three. They charged up as much energy as they could,

"Who are you?!", Silver exclaimed

"You should know brother!" The figure then proceeded to aim her bow at them "Now prepare to know who is the better killer!!!! I am the daughter of Artemis! Alexandria!" She then proceeded to shoot arrows at all of them. Ion blocked them with a shield he made out of electricity and absorbed the energy of the electric arrows. She used a fire one on his shield and it broke. She kicked him in the face and knocked him out. Ash charged up power and summoned a claymore toward him. He tried to slash at Alexandria, but she just jumped straight over him and shot him in the head with a ice arrow. He froze from the neck down. He was unable to move. Silver tried the same, but she kicked him into a tree and aimed all her mythical arrows at Silver. She was going to kill him. "Goodbye, Brother!!!", she exclaimed.

                                         End of Chapter 1

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Erm, that was ok, but now I think I might add more constructive criticizm than I was earlier, I think you might want to do what I call "Extending the paragraph" Which is using so many similes and other forms of english to make the paragraph as clear as possible. So tell me what everyone looks like, how they talk, for example, I have absolutely no idea what Alexandria looks like, and don't say "Brown hair" get into detail, "Wavy brown hair that drooped just below her shoulders and bangs that hung right above her eyes"

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Post by: Silver Kid on May 27, 2012, 08:44:39 pm
Fine. Next chapter will have that stuff. Just don't tell me exactly what to write. I might take that line.

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Post by: Smax on May 28, 2012, 09:28:51 am
lol ok. I'm eager to see the results.

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Silver: Legacy. Chapter 2: Longing, Part 1: Explain It All

Alexandria was about to let go of the red string holding all 5 of the arrows sharply pointed at Silver's pale face. He was slightly sweating. She carefully aimed the wooded bow at Silver. The forest was quiet. Ash was fully frozen in the clear ice. He was struggling, but to no avail. His light green eyes slightly sparkled in the sun. He narrowed them on Alexandria. He was afraid of her. Her long curly and dark brown hair flailed around in the wind. The forest did not move. A person could hear a pin drop. The silence was broken by the loud sound of thunder. Alexandria stood up and put her bows away in a long wooden case with Greek symbols on it. She snapped her fingers and the ice that held Ash melted into water withing 2 seconds. Ash fell to the ground soaking wet. His green Egyptian clothing was damp and heavy. He panted for air. His neck had been constricted by the ice. Alexandria extended her hand to Silver. She was wearing some sort of special gloves, for they glowed with a mythical aura. Silver grabbed her hand and stood up. Silver then realized that he was taller than her. By about 3 inches. He didn't count his hair that was styled like fire. Alexandria then looked up at Silver with blue eyes.

She looked right into his sunglasses and said, "We don't have much time. You need to run."

Silver looked at Alexandria confused. "What are you talking about?", Silver asked

Alexandria took Silver's sunglasses right off of his face and snapped them into two pieces, revealing his red as blood eyes. Alexandria looked straight into them and said, "Use your eyes. They are your greatest weapon. They will lead you to the truth" She hugged him. "She is coming. She will deceive you in all ways. Remember this. I will protect you in all ways i can, brother"

Suddenly, a large yellow flash of lightning struck the ground. The ground set partly on fire. The ground shook and a girl with wavy pink hair in a pony tail, a flower dress, and and heels appeared before them. She smiled and looked at Silver. "Hi honey", she said.

"Mother of Zeus, she came sooner than i expected.", Alexandria said. She took out a firey red arrow and aimed it straight at the figure. "Don't believe a word she says, Silver!"

Silver had a confused look on his face. Ash summoned his claymore and went to Ion. Ash started to shake Ion awake. Ash had a feeling that they were going to have to fight this girl. As Ash tried to awake Ion, the girl drew closer. She slowly walked toward Silver. Alexandria shot her fire bow at the girl, but there was a strange, invisible, pink-like shield that surrounded the girl. The bow was easily crushed by the shield. She ignored it and slowly walked toward Silver. She was about 10 meters from Silver. Alexandria was stunned. She was stronger than expected. She continued to draw and shoot arrows at the girl, but to no avail. Ash then got Ion to wake up. Ion got up and saw the girl with pink hair. He recognized her immediately. He knew who she was and by the look of her, what she could do. Silver was standing there in shock. Ion charged up energy and shot as much electric energy ah he could muster. Ash drew his claymore and tried to slash at the figure. His large grey broadsword did not even scratch the figure.

The girl was 8 meters from Silver. Ash, Alexandria, and Ion knew that this was not working. All of their mythical powers and special skills did not even scratch her. Alexandria yelled to Silver. "DO SOMETHING!! RUN!!!" Silver shook his head and snapped out of it. He saw the girl and fell to his knees. He was recovering a memory. A large one. He began to have a massive headache. He put his hands on his head and closed his eyes tightly. He grew large, sharp fangs and roared with red energy. Alexandria knew that he was remembering something. "We need to give him time to recover his memory!!!", Alexandria said, shooting more arrows. Ash ran toward the girl and slashed as much as he could. Ion made twin blue energy swords on his wrists and started to slash at her as well. Silver's eyes were white as snow. His facial expressions were blank. His mind was racing with different memories. A kiss. A date. His eyes. A girl. He remembered a girl. He snapped out of it and saw the figure walking toward him. He rose and saw his friends fighting the girl. He remembered what Alexandria said and ran away.

The girl became furious. She swatted Ash and Ion away with the flick of the wrist. She saw Alexandria. She snapped her fingers and her pink nails glowed. She raised her hand and a large pink energy explosion knocked Alexandria back into a tree. She became unconscious. The girl vanished within two seconds. Silver kept running without looking back. He remembered the girl and had to run away.

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omg the girl is uh, whats herface.... from the origin, the girl... Clove? no, Cloe! thats what it was. maybe it's not actually her though? anyway, MAJOR improvement. carry on, PLEASE.

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You will see soon

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Cool. I'm wondering where this series will go, have you planned it out at all? How it's going to end? (DONT TELL ME, but just say if you have planned how its going to end or not)

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Dang right I do.

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Post by: Smax on May 28, 2012, 09:40:12 pm

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Silver: Legacy. Chapter 2: Longing, Part 2: Lies

Silver ran for at least a mile. He constantly heard the ringing of screams of pain. A small infant baby crying for it's mother. A cry for help. He ran and reached a cave. He stopped suddenly. He heard soft footsteps in the leaves behind him. He slowly turned around and saw the figure with pink hair and a flower dress. She smiled and looked at him with green eyes. Silver looked at her with hate.

"What's wrong sweetie?", she said with a strange smile

"Go away!", Silver said with anger in his heart

"Don't talk to me like that!", she snapped back

"Make me!!", he roared "Your not my mother!!"

The figure walked slowly to him and he stepped back quickly.

"Honey, I am."

"LIES!", Silver roared with anger. He lost his mother years ago and wanted to hear no more of it. He knew his mother like the back of his hand. "My real mom had a birthmark on her right cheek. She had one inch longer of hair. She dyed her hair a darker shade of pink. And she loved me for who I am!!"

She walked toward Silver and touched his face with a pale, pinkish hand. There was a dark flash of energy being emitted from the figure's hand. The figure chuckled slightly and dark as night aura started pouring from her hands into Silver's forehead. She was poring memories into him. Fake memories that made him believe that she was really his mother. Silver's eyes turned a snow white and his facial expression was blank. After two minutes of the dark aura flowing into Silver's mind, he fell over into her arms. His legs gave up on him.

"Honey, are you OK?", she said. She smirked with an evil, hateful chuckle. Her lime green eyes turned yellow, like a snake's. She was changing.

Silver looked up and said. "Yeah." He smiled and showed his sharp fangs. He took the figure and smashed her into the ground, forcing the dead leaves to break under the force. The forest stood silent at that moment. The woman was shocked. The birds few away in distress and Silver stood tall with his eyes closed. He smirked and opened his devilish eyes. He then looked at her with his evil eyes. "You think that will work? My demon spirit inside of me won't let you do that little trick. You can't break me!! You can't save me even if you tried!! I've stood in the darkness of my soul and heart for long enough! I've been waiting all this time for my mother to come back to me!! And You are not her!! You are everything she is not!!" He grew longer, sharper fangs and looked straight at his mother with spinning red pupils. They were making some sort of symbol.

The figure was shaking. Silver kicked her to the ground even harder with his sneakers. They were stained with blood now. He knew that it had worked. She would not just let him kick her. She would have moved or fought back. He knew that he was hypnotizing her with his spinning pupils. His red eyes did not move. The blackness inside did. They formed a ancient pattern. And that pattern told lies. He convinced her into thinking that he was some sort of demon who was invincible. A feared one. One who controlled all the rest with a Iron fist. She started backing up from Silver. She was scared for her life. In her mind, he was the great and feared demon. He yelled in a demonic voice, "I'VE CONTROLLED THE WORLD, ONE PERSON AT A TIME!!" He knew that was what she feared. She actually believed that Silver could control the world, and her with it.

He lunged at the figure with great speed. The leaves under his feet crumbled and were swept away in the wind when he ran. He grew claws and grinned a evil smile with white, sharp fangs. His claws were long, sharp, and as grey as metal. They left a red trail of aura behind them with each movement they made. He closed his evil eyes and took a big sigh. He opened them for a quick second and he slashed at the figure with speed no one could see. The only thing that was seen was a large red flash. He was on one knee. There was a great wind and then silence swept throughout the forest. He grinned a large grin. There was blood dripping from his claws. The figure was sitting up Indian style. Her expression was blank.A tear came from her eye. Suddenly, blood gushed from her neck. Her head fell off and her body with it. Silver had conquered his worst fear. His mother. His teeth went back to normal and his pupils stopped spinning. His claws went back to hands.

He rose from his one knee and took out a necklace that was hidden under his jacket. It was a silver heart with a blood stain on it. He opened it and there were two pictures. It was of him and his mother. There was a blood stain on the picture of his mother. He ripped it off and tossed it on the dead body. He started to walk away when he stopped. He looked back and saw his mother. He whispered, "I'm sorry." A watery tear came down slowly from his eye and dripped down his face. It quickly hit the ground. The only sound that was heard in that silent forest was the sound of that tear dropping. He walked away from the body with a thing greater than victory. He had gotten closure.

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:O whoa. That was incredible. Could I have a day or two to think this over? It's like a few TV Shows, you can't watch them side by side or else you won't get the story.

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Sure. Why not. I will post one say, Friday or Saturday

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Perfect. Now I wouldn't consider you a pro writer, but if you would like to get good, just keep writing stories like this. I am in fact in the middle of a story called the Parasite if you'd like me to post a few chapters.

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Fire away

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 ;D Wonderful. The Parasite will be up eventually, but don't let that distract you from your story.  ;)

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Silver: Legacy. Chapter 2: Longing, Part 3: Storm's Coming

Silver took his sweet time heading back to his unconscious allies. The cool spring wind calmed him down as he walked back to his friends. It slowly blew crumpled leaves toward him. He walked for 10 minutes trying to remember what he was incapable of. He ran his fingers through his wavy fire red hair. He slowly looked up toward the sky with his blood red demon and saw that the clouds in the sky signified a storm was headed toward him. He took a deep breath out and walked toward all of his friends. He knelt down to Ion first. He slowly shook him awake. Ion was dazed and confused. Silver slowly placed his hand on Ion's shoulder. He was saying that he appreciated what he did back with his mom. He couldn't verbally say it, but he trusted Ion. No matter what happened throughout that past. Ion placed his hand on Silver's shoulder and was saying the same. Silver slowly helped Ion get up and they walked toward Ash. He was smashed through two trees with the force of 10 bulls. The trees looked like they were chopped down by a chainsaw.

"What happened to him?", asked Silver

"That  girl..She just waved her wrists and we were sent flying. Ash can take it though. He sure as hell took your beating.", replied Ion with a smirk

Silver grinned widely and saw that Ash was getting up by himself. He knew that he could take it. He was tough as nails. He turned his attention to his sister. He ran over to her and knelt down before her. She was motionless with her blue eyes wide open. He put his hands on her chest to check her breathing. He felt nothing. He put his head down by her head and chest and heard nothing. Her heart was no longer beating. He looked to the ground and said nothing. He smashed the ground with his fists and the earth shook. He roared with anger once more. He would not stand for it. He raised his hands over her chest and surged with energy. He was glowing red as blood, and Alexandria with him. He surged with red aura and a shock-wave shook the earth. There were many shock-waves in succession. Almost like the pattern of a heartbeat. He roared with all of the dark and evil energy he could muster. Suddenly, she took a deep breath in and started coughing. He had brought her back from the dead. Ion and Ash ran over to them.

"What the hell just happened?", Ion asked, shocked. He could barely fathom what just happened.

"S-silver. He brought me back..from Hell. I was dead...I was about to enter the point of no return when he grabbed me and refused to let me stay.", said Alexandria.

Ash was shocked. He looked at Silver quickly and saw that Silver was on his back with his legs spread out and had his eyes closed. He was also breathing very heavily. "That's not all, it it? I can tell that you two saw something else."

"It was him...", Silver cut in. "The demon spirit..The Gian. There's a storm coming.", said Silver still catching his breath. "And we have to be ready."

"For what?", asked Ion with fear in his voice.

"...War.", Silver replied with a shocked look on his face

They all looked at each other and knew that they were anything but ready. But Silver was holding back on the information that he saw. He knew what the Demon Spirit really had. His past. And it was just waiting to kill him.

Silver slowly got up and said, "We might not be ready now, but we sure as hell can be." He extended his hand into what seemed like the middle of a circle that they had formed. "I'm gonna be ready for whatever crazy crap they throw at me! Are you guys gonna help me fight? Because we might die later, but you can be dang sure that we will fight with all that we got!!"

Ion put his hand on top of Silver's. "I'm with you all the way!"

Ash put hand his on top of Ion's. "I won't go down without a fight."

Alexandria then put her hand on Ash's. "I will fight aside you until my dying breath!"

Silver smiled and he knew that Dungan had his team, and they were all ready to give their lives for the common cause of protecting others.

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It's about freaking time! now the real action starts?

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You betcha. I got so much action for the next few parts, and the next chapter will be all action.

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I don't wanna spoil stuff, but be ready for anything

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Still a little curious about Cloe. what happened to her? Oh and is it Cloe as in "Kl-oh" Or as in "Kl-oh-ie"?

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She died, remember? And her name is pronounced "Kl-oh-ie"

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Silver: Legacy. Chapter 2: Longing, Part 4: Peachy

The small group slowly walked south. They walked very slowly from pain and fear, so their trip that would have taken about 2 hours was made to 5. By the time they left in late afternoon, they arrived to Dungan's air drop by Seven O' Clock at night. Silver steadily shook Dungan's hand before walking up to the small seat inside the helicopter, sitting down, and immediately falling asleep. The rest went inside the helicopter and did the same. Dungan was confused, but he signaled to the pilot to fly the helicopter back to base. The pilot gave a thumbs up and started up the helicopter. One minute later, he started flying the helicopter toward the base. Silver started dreaming. He had more memories coming back up to haunt him. Before the first day he remembered. In the canyon. The girl who was shot, some sort of...evil thing. He woke up and started panting and breathing heavily.

The pilot called over to him. "You OK, man?"

Silver looked over at the pilot and gave a casual thumbs up. "Peachy. Just peachy.", he called back toward the pilot.

About 10 minutes later they all landed on the roof. Right when the bottom of the helicopter touched the bottom of the helipad on the roof and powered down, it caved in. The whole roof fell before them. 40 of the 80 floors were missing. Just holes. The helicopter fell and spun in a almost endless free fall. Everyone woke up and started screaming.

"ASH, SILVER, POWER UP!!!", Ion yelled out

"GOT IT!!", Silver yelled out.

A surge of energy went through Ash. "READY!"

They all unbuckled from their Seat Belts and walked toward the edge of the helicopter. They surged with energy and blasts of Green, Red, and Blue energy came from their hands. They were slowing down the copter. Their blue, green, and red eyes glowed. They were the brightest thing that was seen. Their eyes left streaks of their individual colors all the way down that they fell. They were slowing it down. But barely. Ion knew that he had to stop it. He fell down 19 more floors, and hovered down the last one. He saw that it was falling faster. He made a large blue shield in the shape of an octagon and waited for the helicopter to fall on it. He was going to catch it.

Meanwhile, Silver and Ash were summoning all of their power to get this thing to hover somehow. They used all of their strength and sent two large pillars from each of their hands. The two green and red pillars hit the blue shield and slowed the chopper down. It was going down the floors slower and slower. After about 10 minutes, the chopper was 10 floors from the shield and was completely slowed down by now. They started easing up on their energy blasts and were going down at a simple speed. Ion had the helicopter landed easily on his shield and made sure that it was completely safe. Once the helicopter landed safely, they made a check of everyone to see if anyone was injured. Of course Ash and Silver were untouched because of their healing powers, but Ion had a small cut on his arm and Alexandria had one on her face. Ion's cut was a long cut that run up half of his arm. Alexandria's was fairly small and was on her cheek. Alexandria's though was bleeding more. Ion's was barely bleeding.

"Wait.", said Alexandria. "What about the pilot?"

They all ran toward him and saw two large black spears had been skewered straight through him. One through his head, the other through his heart. They were long spears with poisoned tips. He was killed before he could be poisoned. They all were shocked. The spears were leaking of black, dark essence. A one that was all to familiar. Silver tried to examine the spear, but right as he touched it, it disappeared into thin air. Silver saw this and smashed the bottom of the helicopter. What ever threw the spears at the pilot was trying to hit Silver. The spinning of the helicopter just made the thrower his the wrong target. He could tell by the holes in the man's body and the way the spears were placed inside of the pilot. They entered him at an angle, signifying that the spear thrower had a specific target, and the spinning threw it off. Otherwise, the thrower would not have used two spears. They both hit fatal areas. No one would throw two spears at one person if one already killed him. He knew that they were after him because he was right next to the pilot when he was stopping the helicopter from falling. Silver looked up and roared as loud as he could.

They then heard a large explosion from right under them. They knew that another floor was falling. Ion grabbed Alexandria and surged from energy from right under his feet. He started to float in fear of the ground completely collapsing. Ash and Silver jumped up and surged with energy. They smashed through the floor with red and green aura. The whole floor collapsed. Ion and Alexandria hovered down very slowly while Silver and Ash took the large rubble off of themselves.

They slowly looked around and saw piles of dead bodies and black, dark essence almost splattered like paint everywhere. Whatever was destroying these floors was a strong, dark, evil spirit. And not only was it still around, It was after Silver.

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some helicopter crash... geez.

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Hey, it's a buildup for a better story. And you saved my sister, so be honored.

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:D I feel so important.

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Silver: Legacy. Chapter 2: Longing, Part 5: The Same

Silver looked around slowly with his glowing red eyes. His claws very slowly started getting longer. They were dark grey and razor sharp. Ash slowly lifted up his large metal claymore. He held it with a tight grip, ready for anything. Ion's hands glowed a light blueish color. He was ready to zap, electrify, and blast anything in his path. Alexandria carefully took her wooded bow from her back and stroked the red string carefully with her index finger and thumb. She then carefully took out a metal bow with a firey tip, sharp as a knife blade, and glowing red. They all surveyed the room very carefully.

Silver took one step forward. The echo of his footstep rang throughout the empty, evacuated floor. Suddenly, a sharp, black spear pierced halfway through Silver's torso. It almost went through his whole torso, all the way to the ground. They all slowly turned their heads, reading their skills, weapons, and powers. They were scared to see what threw that spear.

A black as night figure stood no more than two destroyed floors above them. It's eyes had no pupils. It showed a bright yellow that radiated throughout the whole building. Silver started at it in horror. The thing jumped down about 3 yards in front of them with a smirk that Silver felt he needed to wipe off of it's face.

"It's still alive huh?", said Ash.

Silver looked back at him confused. "You know what that thing is?"

Ash nodded and sighed. "It's your clone. Created from the demon inside of you."

Silver looked at the thing and knew it was true. It looked like Silver in every way. Except the fact that that thing was a dark clone made of pure evil and hatred. The thing looked at them and was about to strike.

The thing dashed over to Ion and smashed him into the wall. The others only saw a large streak of black before Ion was smashed into the wall. He fell down and was on his knees. Ash looked at Ion being hurt and was furious. He dashed over to the clone and slashed him. The clone fell down and felt the cut. The clone gritted it's teeth and took Ash by the head. Silver tried to run over to rescue Ash, but it was too late. The clone smashed Ash's head into the pavement and a loud crash sent Silver back. The clone then went over to Alexandria and threw her near Ion. She his the wall with a crash and fell down hard. Ion went over to her and lifted her head and carefully put her head on his lap. He brushed her hair back carefully and sighed. He was praying she would live.

Silver started clashing with the clone. He bashed it in the face, and it smashed him back. All of their blows were equal. The clone suddenly dropped after 7 fierce blows. Silver was confused. It was bleeding harshly from the cut that Ash caused. Silver smirked and dashed over to the clone. It punched Silver back into the wall with massive force that would have killed any man. But not Silver. Silver just got back up and started dashing at it again. He knew that the clone could not heal. Enough force and he could kill it. The clone got up and they started clashing again. After 10 more fierce blows, they stopped and looked at each other.

The clone smirked and said, "We are the same."

"I'll never be anything like you! Ever.", Silver replied angrily

The two clashed more. Alexandria looked at Ion and coughed up blood. Ion was scared that she was dying. He loved her, even through he barely knew her. Alexandria touched Ion's face and said, "Help me brother." Ion nodded and Alexandria's hand dropped. Ion listened for a heartbeat and hear one. He sighed in relief. She would live.  He knew that he had to kill the clone and save Silver. Ion slowly placed the unconscious Alexandria down and kissed her on the head very gently. He was going to kill it. Silver kept clashing with the clone until they were hand in hand forcing each other down to the ground. The clone had the upper hand. It was slowly forcing Silver to crash through every single floor. Suddenly, both the clone's arms came off.

Ion stood there with both of his arm swords with black blood on it. He sliced off the clone's arms. Silver, who was holding the clone's now dismembered arms, was shocked. The arms then disappeared in thin air. Ion stood over the clone, who was now on it's knees, whispering pleas to live. Ion stood in front of it and made a sword out of energy. Ion looked at Silver and Silver nodded. He knew what Ion was saying. He was saying that Ion wanted to kill the clone himself. Ion took the sword, took a strong swing back, and sliced the sword as hard as he could. The clone stood on its knees, motionless. The head of the clone then fell off spewing the black blood everywhere. The clone's headless body dropped with it. Silver and Ion stood over the clone. They had beaten it.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared from the clone's dead body. They both saw it and their jaws dropped open. Silver ran toward the light with tears rolling down his face. He felt as if what he was seeing was a dream, but it was sweet reality.

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You'll see.

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I won't spoil it.

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alright alright...

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Silver: Legacy. Chapter 3: Heart, Part 1: In this life...

Silver grabbed the figure with his strong hand and squeezed it tight. Watery tears streamed down his face. Ion grabbed Silver very suddenly and pulled him back. Silver let go of the hand just as a sword was just swung at his throat. It was just one small centimeter from slicing his head clean off. Silver moved back quickly with Ion to avoid every slash the figure sent at them. Silver grabbed the sword after ten furious slices and gripped it fiercely. He breathed in quickly and broke the sword clean in half. The figure stumbled back and dropped the broken sword.

"WHY?!", Silver screamed

"Silver, is that who I think it is?", asked Ion

The figure smirked and said, "What's wrong, sweetie?"

"SHUT UP!!", screamed Silver. He wasn't going to let her speak another word

"Calm down, man."

Silver roared with anger and power. "Why...Why her? She was so innocent!!!"

The figure stabbed walked up to Silver and stabbed him with a machete. Silver took out the machete quickly and he slammed the dark figure into the ground with the power of his demon.

The figure was unconscious. Silver went down to the figure and cried.

"WHY CHLOE?!?! WHY HER?!?!", Silver roared.

Ion put his hand on Silver's shoulder and closed his eyes. "She was being possessed by your clone, man."

Before Ion could finish comforting Silver, a dark explosion irrupted from the figure. Chloe screamed and opened her eyes. A tear came out as she said, "Silver, help me! Please!" Then a large pillar of smoke came out from Chloe's stomach. She screamed and became unconscious as the smoke began to materialize into a demon of some sorts. It was a large snake like figure that was black as night with yellow orb eyes that hissed with every 's' it said. Silver went over to Chloe and grabbed her with both arms. He put his hand to her chest and felt nothing.

"Who daressssss kill the demon of the one called Ssssssilver?", the snake hissed

Silver got up with Chloe in his arms. He felt no heartbeat and cried. He them placed her down slowly and exclaimed, "I AM!! THE REAL SILVER!!"

"Well then. You musssssst defeat me!! If you defeat me, you get your girlfriend back. What do you sssssssay?"

"BRING IT!!!!!", Silver exclaimed

Silver jumped up and punched the demon with as much force as he could muster. The Snake swatted him with his tail. Silver crashed into the far away wall with a large smash.

Ion ran over to Silver. "You can't fight him man!!"

"Leave me alone!!", Silver exclaimed as he jumped up and punched the Snake once more.

"You can't do it unless you have your motivation Silver!!", exclaimed Ion

"IF I KILL IT, I CAN BRING HER BACK!!!", screamed Silver

Silver grew his claws within two seconds and slashed at the demon with a flash of speed that no human could see with the naked eye. Silver crashed down and the snake fell down at the same time. Silver roared with almighty power and screamed. A large beam of energy came from his mouth as he screamed. He aimed it at the defeated Snake's body and the snake was obliterated by the red energy. Silver ran over to Chloe and felt nothing. He screamed one more with unrelenting power. Ion went over to Silver and punched him in the face.

"IT'S OVER SILVER!! SHE'S GONE!! SHE'S DEAD!!", Ion screamed

"SHUT UP!! SHE IS ALIVE!!!", Silver yelled

Just as they said that a large flash came from Chloe's body. She suddenly was transformed. Ion and Silver stopped yelling at each other and were shocked. Chloe was standing normally, but she was different than ever. Her clothes were exactly like Silver's in every way with different colors. The black jeans Silver had were blue on her, the red jacket Silver had was purple on Chloe, the dark Red sneakers Silver had were purple on Chloe, it all was the same except her clothes were purple. Her hair went from a dark black into a blonde color. Her eyes went from Hazel to a strange purple. Silver looked at this and was shocked. He felt like it all meant something. As soon as he was thinking, a drop of his blood fell to the floor. He looked at it and realized what everything meant.

It all made sense now. Everyone of their clothes and eye colors meant something. Silver's, Red, meant Rage and Bloodshed. Ion's, Blue, meant Electricity and Purity. Ash's, Green, meant Energy and Speed. Alexandria's, Dark Green, meant Flora and Fauna. Chloe's, Purple, meant Heart and Darkness. They all had different skills and personalities that made them different. Silver embraced Chloe after he realized this and they hugged each other for a long time.

"What happened?", Chloe asked

"Nothing.", Silver replied.

"Thanks. For whatever you did."

"My pleasure."

"I love you."

"I love you too. I am forever yours. In this life and the next."

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Whoa. I probably should've cried, but I didn't. really good chapter though.

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Thanks. I wasn't too descriptive, but I made up fr that with a long chapter

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I agree, try to incorporate both next time, but I didn't notice it, so you might be good as long as you are somewhat descriptive with the long chapters.

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Silver: Legacy. Chapter 3: Heart, Part 2: Love

Silver sighed in relief. It was a quick sigh. He felt safer with Chloe at his side. He kissed her on the forehead and picked Chloe up. She was as light as a feather to Silver. She rested her head on Silver's shoulder and put her arms rightly around his neck. He walked toward Ion and gave him a quick nod. They all needed rest. Silver left the building fairly slowly with Chloe in his arms. He went toward his home. He needed to rest with her. For only a day or two. She felt the same. This was a tiring night that would have killed most people. But they both felt that in their heart of hearts, the bad situation brought the greatest reward in the world. Each other.

Ion stood over Alexandria and picked her up in the same manor that Silver did. She woke up and smiled at him. He smiled slightly back at her. His feet light up and he started flying out of the building. He stood tall and straight the whole time he was flying. They both kissed each other and flew toward the forest. They both did not say a word, but they both knew that they were in a relationship. They both loved each other. They both saved each others lives more than once, and that was more than enough reasoning to be in a relationship.

Ash was the only one left at the building. He slowly got up and coughed loudly. It echoed throughout the whole building. He got up very slowly and steadily. He grabbed his arm and winced in pain. His arm was dislocated. He pulled it back quickly and snapped his arm back into place. He screamed in pain and spit out a large trail of blood. He steadily walked toward the exit when something hit him in the neck. He touched it and felt a sharp dart. He took it out quickly, but not quick enough. The world slowly started spinning and turning in all directions. He could not tell up from down.

A shadowy figure dressed in all yellow came out from the shadows. She laughed and walked over to Ash. Ash tried to hit her, but the effects from the dart took it's toll. The figure kissed Ash before he fell straight down to the ground. She then proceeded to tie rope around Ash. Ash struggled, or he thought he struggled, for about two minutes until he started to slowly close his eyes. The figure waved to Ash before he fell asleep.

There was a bright light. Ash shook his head quickly left to right before being slapped in the face very hard. He gritted his teeth and turned toward the figure with a growl. She smiled and slapped him again.

"What do you want?", asked Ash, gritting his teeth once more.

"Answers", the figure replied

"I might have one. For a price. How about another kiss, sweet-cheeks?", Ash replied sarcastically with a large grin.

"Shut up, Sharpshoot!", she replied impatiently. "Tell me where he is!"

"Ion is with the girl.", Ash replied, knowing that wasn't what she wanted to know.

The figure got very close to Ash's face. About two inches from kissing him. "I will ask this once.", she said

"I might reply once.", Ash smirked

"Where. Is. The Gian?"

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Quote,"They both kissed each other and flew toward the forest. They both did not say a word, but they both knew that they were in a relationship. They both loved each other. They both saved each others lives more than once, and that was more than enough reasoning to be in a relationship."

HA, LIKE THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN IN THE 21st CENTURY! lol... Great chapter though, a bit on the short side, could've gotten into Silver and Cloe, Ion and Alexandria, or even Ash.

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Post by: Silver Kid on June 14, 2012, 03:20:59 pm
Well, it was meant to be short. I am going to post a looooooong chapter tonight

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Well, this is Awkward. I thought i posted the next chapter, but i guess my session timed out or something. I also have a job so i haven't had the time to post the new part. Without further ado, here is the next part.

Silver: Legacy. Chapter 3: Heart, Part 3: Wild Ride
Ash's look immediately turned serious. He looked up at the girl and knew she wanted Silver. Ash didn't reply to the girl. He stood silent. She grew impatient and smacked him. He slowly turned his head back toward her and gritted his teeth. He was getting angrier by the second. She smacked him once more, saying "I will not ask twice."

"And I will not answer once.", Ash replied with a low growl.

"I don't want to have to kill you.", she said grabbing a small pistol from her side holster.

"You can try. But it won't work, sweet cheeks. You would have more luck catching me than killing me."

She shot him point blank in the head, but he just looked back up and smirked.

"That one kinda tickled", Ash smirked

"Ah. So that's what you meant by I'd have better luck catching you. Your a Sharpshoot, are you not?"

Ash gritted his teeth once more. He didn't want to hear a word of his past, or his now extinct clan. He looked away from the girl, but she already knew.

"So, you are the last of the Sharpshoot clan, are you not? The only survivor in a extinct world of lost time?", she said as she smiled. She was sure she was getting to him.

Ash knew he couldn't take much of this. His eyes glowed a bit and his claymore rose from the ground and flew out of the place he was in. It flew towards a place in the middle of nowhere. Two figures saw it in the air. The two were Silver and Chloe. Silver landed and sent Chloe into his house. Silver looked back up slowly and saw the claymore headed towards him. He quickly grabbed it and felt a sort of message being sent towards him. It was pleading for help. He knew it was Ash. He quickly headed towards what he thought was a insane asylum of sorts. He didn't know why he was there. He just knew that he needed to help Ash.

Silver quickly peeked into the Asylum and saw Ash being interrogated. He saw she had red hair and yellow clothes. Happiness through Death. He quickly ran in and saw Ash gritting his teeth. He was going to kill her. Silver ran over to her and kicked her against the wall. He cut Ash loose and looked back at the girl. She started shooting at them. They  both dodged the bullets and ran out of there. She was in front of them in a second. Silver knew she didn't run that fast. She teleported. Silver punched the ground and sent her into the air. He lunged at her, but she teleported behind him and shot him. Silver slammed against the wall from the blow. Ash ran towards her and kicked her. She was sent flying.

"Who are you?", Silver asked

"I'm Janice. The hunter. I hunt species like you and kill you. You are the Gian boy, are you not?"

Silver looked confused. How did she know him?

"I have been spying on your for quite a while now. And especially your girlfriend. Chloe is it?", she smiled evily.

Silver surged with rage. He ran over to her and started fighting her with great power. She blocked and countered almost every punch and kick he sent at her. She avoided a few, but she mainly countered. Silver grew even angrier and roared with almighty power once more. He was about to send a giant beam of energy at her that came from his mouth. She teleported over to him and chopped him in the neck. He spit out blood and fell to the ground. She just stopped him from killing her. It was so quick too. He didn't know what to do.

Ash came into the fight. He started fighting her, but he was too fast for her. He punched her about 20 times in a few seconds. She was stronger though. She kicked him once and he was sent to the back of the Asylum. He got up and saw that his arm was dislocated. He snapped it back into place and fought her once more. She was hit by Ash with a energy kick that sent her about 20 feet away. She spit out blood. That must have really made her angry, because she ran over to Ash, took him by the head, and smashed him into the ground with a force that no human could achieve. Ash countered by kicking her once more with a energy kick that slammed her into the wall.

Silver got up and saw the girl. He surged up his energy and got ready to kill her. She got up after being hit the energy kick and surged up energy of her own. A white energy. She was getting ready to kill Ash. But Silver wouldn't let her. He ran in front of Ash and yelled. She ran towards him. He jumped toward her and yelled. She did the same. They both punched each other in the face and knocked each other out cold. They were both sent flying in different directions of the asylum. They both slammed against the walls of the asylum unconscious. Ash looked at the two and sighed. He knew this was going to be a wild ride.

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aw, where's Ion? It's always Silver isn't it? Can't Ion and Ash have a fight to the death with someone? lol jk. overall, this was an awesome, epic chapter. again tho, I felt it had too much action, and the battle went on for too long, taking away from the chapter. I would also recommend adding in a few people from the Origin so that you don't keep adding new enemies to have these long battles with.

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You and Ash will have a battle. And she isn't dead bro

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I know she isn't, my point is that the battle went on for too long already, and it's still going. I can't assume this, but it seems like you're making this up as you go along.

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Battles over. We both knocked out

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ohhhh I didn't see the "Knocked out cold" thing.

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It's fine. New chapter in a day or two

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kk. awesome.