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Title: Hunger Games RP
Post by: Smax on April 26, 2012, 10:22:37 pm
I waited a bit for SOMEONE to do this, but I guess no one really gave it any thought. I saw the movie a week ago and LOVED IT! so, why not? The deal is that you are one or two out of the 24 kids who were picked, and you RP with their stories and how they die, or survive.

I guess I'll approve or disapprove of your Bios (example displayed under this text) depending on how real they are. so if you say that your weapon of choice is a LightSaber, I probably will not approve you.

Name: Jack Frostine
Age: 16
District: 5
Weapon Of Choice: Javelin/Spear
Features: very light blonde, usually messed up hair, hazel eyes with a little touch of blue, somewhat pale skin, Usually wears camouflage clothes, as that is the only clothing he can afford.
Bio: Spending his whole life in District 5, he got quite used to not being picked for anything. But if you fill up a tank too much, it WILL overflow. He couldn't believe it when he was picked for the Hunger Games. Really, the Coal Miner's son... Out of all the people that could be picked. but that's what happens. What's done, is done. And what must be done, might as well be already done as well.

Name: Jane Pic
Age: 13
District: 5
Weapon of Choice: Knife
Features: Black hair that seems to be frozen, never moving, Dark blue eyes, Tan skin, and usually white or uncolored clothes.
Bio: Yep, it had to be me. I had always hated living in district 5. Why couldn't I have been born to the Capitol? Answer me this, Why do I suddenly want desperately to live in order to stay in District 5? honestly, sometimes I confuse myself. I'll bet that other poor kid does as well, whats his name, Hank? No, its Jack, thats who it is, such an idiot... We're complete opposites. I wonder who will get eaten by dogs, or used as a fan by giants, maybe even blood used as syrup on someones pancakes, either way, one of us has to die. And I am going to come back with blood on my hands to District 5.

Well, I'll start us off, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Effie Trinket: Jack Frostine!

Effie Trinket: Jane Pic! You are our tributes!

/Jack/: So uh... -Motions to the train- Ladies first?

/Jane/: Don't talk to me.

/Jack/: Ok then... let's take off. -the train sped towards the Capitol-