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Title: Kingdom Keepers RP
Post by: Astro on April 18, 2011, 08:46:02 am
This RP is about one of my favorite book series, The Kingdom Keepers. It takes place in Disney's parks, mainly at night, when the 5 kids modeled for the DHI (Disney Host Interactive) wake up as their holograms in the park at night. They soon find that they have enemies; The Overtakers, a group of Disney Villains trying to take over the parks. It's up to the DHIs to stop them. In this RP, you're a DHI, trying to stop the Overtakers. Post name, age, appearance, and special abilities (Knowledge, Athletics, Computers, Leadership, Etc.)
Name: Chris Stone
Appearance: Tall, pale skin although living in Florida, green eyes, brown hair
Abilities: Leadership.