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Title: E.U.F. (Elite Underaged Fighters) (my first RP)
Post by: Smax on April 15, 2011, 07:30:06 am
Story: A virus hit the Cia, and the computer went nuts!

The Cia's data leaked everywhere, revealing agents identities. most of these agents, were assassinated.

The Cia couldn't get any other people to become agents without the virus transmitting them into the enemy base.

These deadly assassins, are the H.E.C.K. It doesn't stand for anything, they just think it sounds cool.

But an idea suddenly sprouted. General Awk wondered if we could use kids? train kids moves, and stealthy maneuvers, and hand-to-hand combat. It wasn't against the law to not put kids in the computer.

Thus, The E.U.F. was born.

Name: Jake
Age: 14
Specializes in: Tactics and Planning
Training: 79%

Name: Beth Awk
Age: 46
Specializes in: sharpshooting
Training: 100%

Jake: you cant win... -kicks desperately-

Awk: -catches it and tries to throw-

Jake: Ha. -pulls out a mild explosive pad-

Awk: what? -sees the explosive on his foot-


Awk: -gets up- Well, Jake, that was very impressive. but know that a mild explosive will not take them down.

Jake: and if I use a heavy explosive, Ill go boom too. -grins- Hey, where are those other agents you said where coming to the training area?