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Title: My FuFa Bio
Post by: Mayito on March 29, 2011, 09:33:18 am

Aight this is my bio of what has happend 2 me during all of FuFa And of all the trouble or hacks or whatever has happend or as much possible stuff I can remember haha I might not remember the exact date but I'll come close to it

Edit: I'll post it up more later

Title: Re: My FuFa Bio
Post by: Mayito on March 30, 2011, 09:04:07 am
Chapter 1- A New World

September 24 2009

Hmmm haha hey bro Imma have him have goku hair haha I'll be The koolest person here on FusionFall

Haha okay 

Hmmm..... Okay this shirt make him look good.... Haha this pants are pretty Kool to......... Yes this shoes are good also =).....

Passes the Training with No Deaths and makes it 2 future

Look man I'm in game... -Finds out how 2 Kill monsters- wow I almost died -Heads to bridge and thinks of an idea stands ^In middle of bridge and yells out- 500 Taros TO PASS BRIDGE!!! YOU CAN'T PAY YOU CAN'T CROSS! -Invite of a buddy comes to him and accepts it- 

New Friend (  I Forgot his IGN =(  )
Lol funny man doing that In front of The bridge

Haha yea and hey man wats sup

Nothin much just here ya know also you do know that some of these guys can't chat.

Wait really? How do you know

Ben (I think that was his first name)
See the bubble on there head? If they got it that means they have chat if they don't then they ain't got chat.

Oh lol I didn't know 

3 days past and I came to the past

It looks the same.... Nothin much of a difference...

•Looks Around and Spots a girl Named Phantom Pants and buddies her•

There no bridge here.... What the heck how do I get up?????? •Spends 2 hours finding out how to get up the. Finds the jump pad• 

Oh that's how lol I'm dumb 

2 days past talk 2 phantom pants



How are ya

Good and You

I'm good also what level are ya


Haha awesome me to haha

You know I really don't Like Playing this game I only play it since they got mojo and mandark my favorite char

Yea I play it to see if it's good lol I barley started playin


Wait do you want to have a race and see who gets to the last level first?

Sure I say like a level a day should be okay

Yea me to so it's a race >=)

Haha Okay

3 weeks I had talked 2 her and we would get along fine she was a good friend and was Kool 2 talk with one day she didn't get on at all and all of a sudden she left didn't even say bye I thought maybe she just wouldnt play for a bit but when I finally reach max level she never been on The words I read of what she told me about only playin because of the nano mojo and mandark kept repeating In My Head To This Day I Got Her On My Friends List Waiting for Her to Come Back 

Let's Foward a Little 2 Like In December when Silver Aztec was made and Just posted it at the future