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Title: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~! *Chapter Five Posted*
Post by: Makastar on November 23, 2010, 12:41:20 pm
AN: All right guys! I've shared this novel I've been writing with a few of you already and so far, I've gotten nothing but positive reviews for it. I've decided to post a few chappies up here and see how you guys like it. I'm most likely just going to feature it as a sneak-peak here since I do plan on eventually publishing this story of mine.

So without delay, I present the prologue of my story! Remember, no flaming is allowed. Constructive Criticism is allowed and appreciated ^_^ Hope you all enjoy!!!

Title: Cyber Paradise (Title Subject to Change)
Author: Mae Everglow


Six months ago, the Ellington family was a normal family living together in as much harmony as life could allow. There were hard times and also happy times, with the whole lot of them sticking by each other and helping each other push forth from day to day.

   Louis Ellington, the father, worked as a mechanic for a well-known car dealership. He was deemed one of the best in the whole city and was in the line for a huge promotion.

   Sandra Ellington, the mother, was a pediatric specialist in the local hospital. Being a doctor, she was often spending long hours on-call. However, she still somehow always had time ready to spend with her family.

   Marty Ellington, the oldest child, was a sophomore at a big-time university in the area studying for a degree in Virtual Design, specializing in Video Games. He was always a top student in class and a hero in the eyes of his younger siblings.

   Travis Ellington, the middle child, was a junior at his high school and tempted to follow in his brother’s footsteps. Travis worked hard to be like his brother, sometimes focusing a little too hard on his studies and not spending enough time with his friends.

   Lola Ellington, the youngest child, was an 8th grader just trying to get through her final year of middle school. She was the shyest of the three children and often wouldn’t speak out or attract attention to herself.

   Even with the different personalities, the family still cared deeply for each other and stayed together through thick and thin.

   That was six months ago…before the incident occurred…

   The night was cold, rain dripping from the cumulonimbus clouds above the city while Travis Ellington sat on the couch. The television was the only light in the room, save the occasional flash of lightning from the outside.

   The boy groaned at the newscast on the screen, the weatherman droning on and on about a heavy thunderstorm that had no hope of desisting anytime soon. Travis drew his knitted blanket tighter around his frame, hearing the front door behind him swing open.

   “That you, Marty?” Travis questioned, glancing away from the television and turning in his seat towards the doorway. A tall boy stood there, soaked to the bone with water dripping from his dark curly locks. The soaked brother glanced back towards Travis in surprise, as if expecting the house to be empty when he returned home.

   “Yeah, it’s me,” said Marty, closing the door behind him while wiping his muddy vans on the carpet in frustration.

   “Man, look at you, all soggy from the rain,” Travis chuckled at his brother’s expense, pointing towards the television. “I gotta admit, I was shocked by the rain storm since the weather report this morning said it would be clear skies. Ain’t that crazy?”

   Marty gave a slight nod in response, walking through the hall towards the laundry room to grab a towel to dry off. Travis followed his brother’s movements, watching as he disappeared and then reappeared with a towel.

   “I got compliments from my friend’s on your new game demo you gave me,” Travis started but fell silent again, noticing that Marty was too focused on drying himself off and not listening to a word he was saying. “Bro, you ok? I know the rain’s probably annoying but it’ll be all right.”

   “I’m fine Travie, don’t worry too much all right,” the older brother gave a small smile before he continued to wipe away the rain from his face. “The rain just threw me off a little on my way home. But other than that…I’m fine.”

   “You sure because you sound like something’s on your mind?” Travis retorted, switching his gaze towards the window as another flash of lightning stretched across the sky. The room went quiet as the thunder boomed outside, the house quaking under the pressure. The younger brother’s body tensed but he kept his worries to himself, gazing back towards Marty. “Did something happen?”

   “Nope, I was just spending a lot of time with Davis, you remember him don’t ya?” Marty mumbled while tossing the towel back towards the laundry room before moving for the stairs. “The rain just surprised me is all. Now I’m going upstairs to shower and get warm again.”

   Marty began up the steps, Travis’s eyes catching a glimpse of the older brother fumbling with something in his pocket. It seemed normal enough; just a crumbled piece of paper. The younger brother continued to watch Marty in suspicion, wondering if whatever that paper was had something to do with his mood. However, Travis’s thoughts were silenced as Marty came to a halt near the top step.

   “There’s no reason to be giving me such a look Travie,” Marty’s voice was calm as he spoke, keeping his gaze forward to avoid meeting with his brother’s eyes. “Honestly, everything’s going to be fine. I’m fine now, you’re fine now, we’re all fine. Everything’s going to be fine.”

   With that, Marty rushed up the final steps and into the bathroom, closing the door behind him with a thud. Travis kept his gaze towards the steps for a good while, hearing the knobs turn and the shower hissing as it started up. The boy just didn’t know what to think at that point. Marty acted as if things were going ok but that statement he made…it just didn’t seem right. What did he mean by ‘Everything’s going to be fine’?

   “I shouldn’t worry about it for now I guess,” Travis stated as a yawn escaped his lips. “I guess if all else fails, I can just ask him about it when he gets out of the shower or something.”

   Travis waited a few good minutes before another yawn escaping finally brought him to his feet, the boy trudging up the steps and into his room for the night. Louis and Sandra both came home within the hour and went off to bed just as quickly, leaving Marty awake and alone.

   The wood of the stairs creaked in agitation as the dark-haired boy tiptoed down them, his midnight-black locks dripping down onto his shoulders as he walked. He paused only for a moment at the door, his hand gripping the brass handle but making no move to open the door.

   “Will it all…really be fine…in the end?”

   Marty vanished without a trace that night, leaving his family baffled by the sudden departure. It was as if he vanished from the face of the earth…along with 300,000 others from around the world. Country after country was sent into panic as the people tried to come up with reasonings as to how so many people can drop below the radar in one night, disappearing without a trace.

   As time went on, the panic died down and the world went on with their daily lives. However, efforts were still made to find out exactly what had happened with those missing during the incident.

   All Travis Ellington knew for sure however…that paper had something to do with it….

*~End Prologue~*

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Spike Spiegel on November 23, 2010, 12:45:51 pm
awesome story

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: TurboBullet on November 23, 2010, 02:13:03 pm
I want to read more. :3

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on November 23, 2010, 02:28:20 pm
Thanx for that~! Glad to hear you guys like it ^_^ I've been working on the chappies as fast as I can. I just gotta get Jamie to read 'em first :P she claims first dibs xD

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Jamie Canyon on November 23, 2010, 02:32:27 pm
=D Yush! I called dibs! ^.^

I have already commented on your story but I just have to say it was all really well written. It all was great but there was one part that gave me chills.
Marty vanished without a trace that night, leaving his family baffled by the sudden departure. It was as if he vanished from the face of the earth…along with 300,000 others from around the world. Country after country was sent into panic as the people tried to come up with reasonings as to how so many people can drop below the radar in one night, disappearing without a trace.

Along with 300,000 0thers.... O.O Hoelly Moelly what happens next.

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: TurboBullet on November 23, 2010, 02:34:11 pm
Thanx for that~! Glad to hear you guys like it ^_^ I've been working on the chappies as fast as I can. I just gotta get Jamie to read 'em first :P she claims first dibs xD

Boo! :P

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: CTRL ALT Dead on November 24, 2010, 02:59:51 pm
         Um, seconds? I'm curious as to what happens next.

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on November 26, 2010, 12:01:50 pm
Aw again, thanks for all the positive comments! I've been working on the rest of chappie one and plan on posting it today -crosses fingers for luck-

Sure, Soapy can have seconds since he asked so nicely :P And demanded MOAR MOAR MOAR in his email to me :P

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Spike Spiegel on November 26, 2010, 12:38:46 pm
hmmm its

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on November 26, 2010, 12:41:07 pm
-bows- thank you for the comment Ziggy. I'll be posting more up soon so be on the lookout!

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Spike Spiegel on November 26, 2010, 01:01:34 pm
yay part two awesome now i cant wait

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Jamie Canyon on January 14, 2011, 12:22:46 pm
So when is the amazing Alice going to wow us with her next chappie?
I am getting anxious! I am not sure I can take any more of this suspense!!

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on January 14, 2011, 12:27:53 pm
Hahaha I really should post up the new chappie! I just keep losing track of time xD I'll post it up soon though ^_^ just keep reminding me!

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on January 20, 2011, 09:03:20 am
AN: I finally got to posting up the first chappie up!!! My bad for making you guys wait so long. It just took me awhile to remember I didn't post it up here yet. ^_^' Anyway, here it is. Constructive Criticism is appreciated. NO FLAMES ALLOWED! Enjoy!

Chapter One:

   A slight interference made the man-made flat box hiss in agitation, however the picture returned within a few seconds as the newscast continued its run. A stout teen glanced up from his place on the leather couch, closing his school books to eliminate any distractions from the programming. He looked about sixteen years of age, curly auburn locks grown out past his ears that complimented his slightly tanned skin. Icy blue orbs stared intently at the screen, awaiting the voices of the news anchors to ease his troubles. 

   “Six months have passed since the incident of the 300,000 vanishings and so far, there has been no progress in the search of any kind since the early stages. Mass panic has managed to be held off for now but as days go by without any explanation, one has to wonder what could have happened to these people,” the anchorman, Tom Parkinson, stated to the camera, trying his best to hide the fear in his eyes as he addressed the issue.

   “I agree Tom, all over the world a count of approximately 300,000 people across all seven continents vanished without a trace on March 15, leaving police and government officials baffled,” stated the anchorwoman Lisa Whitlow from beside Tom.  “So far the main theories are cult occurrences’ however there has been no known proof for these theories. One thing is certain though, officials have not given up on the search. Even now across the globe search parties are out in the search for any clues for what has happened.”

   His auburn hair fell over his blue eyes as the boy stood up from the couch, a remote tight in hand pointed at the television. With one click, the contraption went silent and the picture faded away. Another day, another disappointment…Of course did Travis Ellington really expect any good news after six months of waiting? There was always that hope that somehow the peoples’ whereabouts would be found, however the likelihood that anything remotely pleasant happening was just slim to none.

   “I need to stop getting my hopes up,” Travis mumbled to himself, tossing the remote away onto the leather couch. The teen frowned, strolling over to the window and glancing out at the children carelessly gallivanting on the sidewalks. They seemed oblivious to everything that had happened…of course they would, they were children. Their minds are all about their own imaginations, not gripping onto the reality that truly surrounded them. “Lucky brats, what I wouldn’t give to have their mindset at a time like this.”

   Travis broke away from the window as a door slamming echoed the halls of his home. The teen glanced over at the stairwell in the main hall, following his sister’s footsteps as she stumbled down the steps onto the mat at the front door.

   “Sounds like you’re in a hurry,” Travis mumbled to the girl as she glanced over at him with her clear blue eyes. Her air was void of emotion, the girl standing there a mere shell of a human. However, Travis knew that was just how his sister, Lola, was since the incident six months ago. “Lo, you are going out again?”

   Silence was the only thing exchanged between the two siblings as Lola turned her attention back to the door, stepping forth and exiting the house. Travis could see his sister outside the window heading towards Main Street and let out a sigh of agitation. That girl was off to silently hunt for Marty again, keeping all things bottled up as she combed the streets on the prowl for her dear brother.

   “It’s hypocritical of me to wish she’d open up I guess,” Travis whispered to himself, moving back over to the couch and snatching up his books before trudging into the main hall and up the stairs to his room. “I mean, honestly, how many people have I been able to talk to about all this? Mom goes into a fit of tears if I even mention his bloody name. And Dad…geez, that man just ignores any mentioning of his name…as if Marty didn’t even exist before.”

   The teen closed his door behind him, tossing his books on his bed and moving to a large, mahogany bookshelf towering over in the corner. His icy blue eyes glanced around him, as if searching for another presence in the room before he moved any further. Once knowing for certain that there weren’t any hidden ninjas in his vicinity, Travis inched over to the bookshelf and reached towards the highest shelf. His hand fumbled around through the main books resting there, lifting up and pulling them into his line of vision before shaking his head and tossing them away.

His search took a few good minutes of rummaging before the teen finally gave a nod of content at the old, leather worn book in his grasps. Travis snatched the book clear off the shelf, stumbling over to his bedside and plopping down onto the mattress.

A saddened smile crept onto the boy’s face as he brushed his fingers over the worn cover of the piece of literature in his hands, tracing over the title in one smooth sweep. A Foolish Man’s Paradise was what it read, a book that his Grandfather, William Ellington, had written in hopes that spilling his own dreams onto paper would make them all come true. Travis just sat there and let out a chuckle – the man certainly was a fool, no doubt about that.

“An old fool’s dream of finding some sort of Paradise…and now he’s sitting in Washington somewhere with Uncle Benny and Aunt Deborah being thought of as an ‘inconvenience’ for them,” Travis mumbled, tapping a finger on the cover as he spoke. “Poor guy – Even after all these years of trying, he’s still not anywhere close to having his dream come true.”

A door slamming broke Travis away from his thoughts, the stout teen glancing over at the digital clock on his bedside table. It was already 6:30; the sound was most likely his mother, Sandra, coming home from being on-call for nearly 26 hours.

“I better go help her out, she’s probably too exhausted to make it upstairs again,” the teen mumbled to himself as he slid off the side of his bed onto his feet. Travis laid the book down on his pillow before moving into the hallway, slowing pulling the door closed as he left.

“Travis, that you?” The teen heard his mother drone from the main room downstairs which confirmed his previous thoughts for being true. His family was really good at overworking themselves. “Oh man, just being home and away from that hospital is bliss. Anyone else home?”

“No, Dad’s still at work and Lo is…”

The teen paused as he made it to the final step, catching a glimpse at his mother on the couch. The woman was completely exhausted, her body outstretched over the cushioned surface. It was strange to admit but that was probably the most relaxed he’d seen her in the past six months, ever since the disappearance of Marty. Travis knew that just mentioning his sister’s search would send his mother into a fit of tears, driving herself mad with grief.

“Lo?” Sandra repeated from the couch, opening one of her aquamarine orbs to glance worriedly at her son. “Where’s Lo?”

“A friend of hers came over and picked her up,” Travis lied, moving away from the steps and into the main room. “That one boy she brought with her to movie night, I think his name was Damon. Yeah, he came over and they went to the mall together. I bet they are going to start officially going out together, don’t you think so Mom?”

“Well, isn’t that some good news,” Sandra visually relaxed at the news of her daughter, easing back into the couch as she let out a yawn. “Let’s not pressure her on the relationship or anything like that. She’ll tell us when it happens so we just have to be patient, that’s all.”

The stout teen smiled in response to his mother’s words, his hand gripping one of her arms as he helped her off the couch and over to the stairs. It took him a few minutes but Travis managed to get his mother safely to bed, closing the door to her room behind him as he returned out into the hall.

“Hopefully Lo gets home before Dad does,” Travis sighed, trudging back down the stairs and into the main room. The teen made it over to the couch and fell back, getting comfortable while his eyes came to a close. “Dad wouldn’t approve of her being out there and he certainly wouldn’t buy the story I fed Mom. He knows exactly what Lo’s been doing and thinks it’s a waste of time. As if…”

Travis let his thoughts wander as he slowly slipped away from consciousness, his body sinking deeper into the cushions of the couch.

There was only darkness. Darkness and familiar voices from the past.

Louis, it’s Marty! It’s Marty; Marty’s missing Louis! What do we do?!

What do you mean Marty’s missing, Sandra?

Marty wasn’t in his room when I woke up this morning. I called his college, his friends, his employers…no one has seen or heard from him. I even went to his favorite hang-outs and he wasn’t anywhere to be found. He took his bike so he went somewhere late or else he would have taken the metro. Don’t you see, Louis? He’s gone!

Marty’s probably just at some girl’s house, why are you worrying so much about it Sandra?

Marty is not that type of boy; he would have told us if he was leaving for somewhere. He always tells us where he’s going. This isn’t like him at all; something happened! And that’s not all, have you seen the news Louis? They say that there have been numerous reports of people missing from around the world!

So you’re trying to tell me that our son has participated in some cult disappearing act?

I don’t know…it could be related…I just…Our son; he’s missing Louis…

…You cannot worry over this Sandra…none of our family can worry over this…You’re all getting worked up over nothing. Marty will return when he is ready to and when he does he will have to deal with me. And if he has joined up in some cult…well then…that boy can go on living alone then…since he pulls such idiotic stunts…

Dad, how can you say that about Marty?! Marty wouldn’t do something like that! He must have been kidnapped or something!

Daddy, where’s big brother? Did he really run away?

There will be no more talk of that boy in our home! The police are doing their job and you are all here panicking and making your mother cry. No more talk of that boy, understand?!

Daddy called big brother…that boy…as if he had no name…does Daddy not like big brother anymore?

Lo, don’t bring it up to Daddy…I don’t think he’ll be kind if he hears you talk about Marty…I think that Daddy doesn’t know how to handle the disappearance except let the police do investigations while we sit at home and continue with our everyday lives.

But…Travis…he’s our brother…how can we just go on with our lives when we have no idea what became of him?

I don’t know, Lo. I don’t know but…I’ll do some searching of my own…I’ll find out what happened to Marty and bring him back home.

I will search on my own as well…I want big brother to come home…

I do too Lo…I do too…


   The voices continued to play back in Travis’s mind like a broken record, causing the boy to awaken from his slumber a little past 1 am. No doubt his father, Louis, had already come home and slumped off to the bedroom, leaving his snoozing son on the couch the whole night.

   The teen glanced over to the stairwell, darkness consuming the area entirely save for a small glimmer coming from the front door’s window. From the lack of yelling waking him sooner, Travis concluded that Lo must have managed to return home before their dad. A loud sigh escaped his lips as he pulled himself up from the couch onto his feet, knowing there would be hell to pay if Lo didn’t return sooner.

   “Whatever, lucky for me I don’t have a dumb rebel of a sister who aims to make our parents worry,” Travis rolled his eyes as he spoke, tiptoeing over to the stairs and up to his room. “She knows what would happen if she got her after dad. She knows not to overstep those boundaries.”

   Auburn curls fell over the boy’s eyes as he moved into his room, Travis bringing a hand up to brush them aside as he moved to his bed. Without another word, he collapsed onto the soft mattress and closed off his icy blue orbs to the world in hopes to return to the dream world once again. He almost made it too…until his hand slipped off the side of the bed and hung down, his fingers brushing a leathery object on the ground.

   “Hmm?” The icy blue orbs opened up once again in annoyance, Travis’s hand fumbling with the object on the ground. Finally wrapping his fingers around the spine, he pulled the object up to find his grandfather’s novel had fallen off his pillow. Travis was so exhausted he had forgotten all about it. “Well, aren’t I a horrible grandson? Hopefully the book wasn’t damaged. I wouldn’t be able to face him if…”

   Travis went silent as he held up the novel into the moonlight that shone from his window. A single page seemed to be knocked loose from the spine, lingering there within the novel threatening to escape. The teen felt a wave of guilt flood over himself as he sat up in bed, opening up the cover and watching the lone page fall into his lap.

   “Great, I knew I should have put the book back on the shelf when Mom came home. Grandpa is going to kill me when I tell him I ruined his book,” Travis whined to himself as he lifted the page up to the moonlight, eyeing it with suspicion. “Wait…this isn’t a page from the book...”

   His eyes followed each word on the page as Travis began to tense up, trying to grasp exactly what he was reading.

Come to our Special Presentation of the Newest Gaming Experience

We will be located at Warehouse 1312 in the Industrial District and we’re looking for a few good men and women to try out the game in a beta test. Prepare to be amazed as our one-of-a-kind technology takes you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams. It will almost seem like a new reality.

The Beta Test will occur on March 15th at Midnight. Hope to see you there.

   Travis’s eyes grew wide as he read the last line of the paper, every word echoing within his mind. March 15…March 15 was the day that all those people had disappeared. It was the day that Marty had disappeared.

   “This…paper…couldn’t be…”

   Without finishing his own sentence, Travis had whipped himself out of his bed and stumbled over to his closet. With a quick change into warmer attire, Travis made an effort to silently rush down the stairs with the piece of paper tight in hand. The stout teen slipped on his untied steel-toed boots that rested at the front door and checked his pockets for his wallet, keys and phone. Then, after making sure he had everything, Travis took a short look up the stairs towards where his family slept.

   “Wait for me…I’m going to bring Marty back…I promise…”

   Travis gave a nod in emphasis as he marched out into the night, his destination the Industrial District.

*~End Chapter One~*

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Smax on January 20, 2011, 03:54:34 pm
Wow. you know, just wow. you must have spent 8) a lot of time  :P and work writing and editing this :angel:. clever name by the way :laugh:. Oh, and is there a reason you call chapters "chappies"? (no offense, just wondering. :) )

It's AWESOME!!!!!
srry had to blurt that out.

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on January 20, 2011, 04:04:19 pm
Wow. you know, just wow. you must have spent 8) a lot of time  :P and work writing and editing this :angel:. clever name by the way :laugh:. Oh, and is there a reason you call chapters "chappies"? (no offense, just wondering. :) )

My granda used to call them chappies so I guess I got it from him *shrugs*

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Smax on January 20, 2011, 04:49:37 pm
Wow. you know, just wow. you must have spent 8) a lot of time  :P and work writing and editing this :angel:. clever name by the way :laugh:. Oh, and is there a reason you call chapters "chappies"? (no offense, just wondering. :) )

My granda used to call them chappies so I guess I got it from him *shrugs*

Cool. when will you be posting your next "Chappie"?  a week?

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on January 20, 2011, 04:57:14 pm
I'm not really sure, I've gotten most of it written but I'm balancing this+life+School+Work at the same time so just keep a lookout is the best thing I could tell ya.

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Smax on January 26, 2011, 04:23:38 pm
Mmk.   :afro:

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: TurqoiseAngel on January 26, 2011, 07:08:47 pm
Alice, I really love the story, can't wait to read more. ^^

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on January 26, 2011, 07:12:20 pm
Aw, thanks so much for the compliments ^_^ I'll be sure to give you all more in the near future :3 just gotta find the right balance of things before I can update.

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Smax on January 27, 2011, 11:12:36 am
The thing that's great about the story is that it seems very mysterious. you can't really predict what will happen next. I like that. :)

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Jamie Canyon on January 27, 2011, 03:20:10 pm
I love that! ^ It pulls your into the story and then before you know it, you must know more. Keep it up girl! I am excited to hear more.

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on February 01, 2011, 12:21:19 pm
Thanks Guys ^_^ Expect an update for sure this week: Between Tuesday and Sunday at the latest ^_^

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Smax on February 02, 2011, 07:12:36 am

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Jamie Canyon on February 10, 2011, 02:31:47 pm
 Whens the next chappie coming out? I've missed hearing your story! >.<

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on February 13, 2011, 04:26:38 am
Aww, I'm sorry I'm taking so long with the chappies. I keep getting free time which then gets taken away from me before I can really work on any of it V_V I'm trying my hardest to get out the next chappie as soon as possible though. So just keep checking in from time to time and it will be up :3

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Smax on February 14, 2011, 07:30:53 am
Can't wait.

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: LastRequiem on February 16, 2011, 09:52:48 pm
I love your stories! You should definitely post them on DA or something. They are good now don't argue with me. So... When is the next update?

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on February 16, 2011, 10:39:37 pm
*see Latest misfit players post for update on when I can post more*

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Smax on April 16, 2011, 08:13:45 am
It'll be up tomorrow.


Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on April 16, 2011, 10:25:27 am
I can only do so much at once. I'm going to try and post the chapter up soon but currently I'm busy with stuff IRL.

Title: Re: Cyber Paradise: An Original Story~!
Post by: Makastar on May 12, 2011, 02:53:30 pm
AN: OMG! New chappie is finally be posted ^^ It's for all you wonderful readers. I'm going to keep it short and simple today so you can just keep reading. Remember no flames allowed and constructive criticism is welcome! Enjoy!

*Chapter Two*

The warehouses weaved together, lines stretching as far as the docks. The moon loomed high above as Travis maneuvered through the streets, eyeing each number as he moved. Marty and the disappearance of the 300,000 people had something to do with that place and Warehouse 1312 was the first place Travis needed to look to find clues.

That is, if he could find Warehouse 1312…

The clever teen had pulled up a detailed map of the warehouses on his phone, trying desperately to locate this place while moving forward. However, there was no warehouse there above the number 1000. Travis’s heart began to sink at the thought of a dead end so early in his search, but he shook it off. The boy was determined to continue forward; if the police weren’t able to find a trail then it wouldn’t be that easy for him either. And even if it was going to be hard, he wasn’t going to give up; Travis was going to find Marty and bring him home.

The streets seemed to go on forever as the teen continued to walk, making it to the ends of the pier without any luck. A tear threatened to escape but Travis wiped it away, refusing to admit defeat.

“What am I missing here, Marty? What am I supposed to be looking for? Where is this Warehouse 1312?”

He continued to ponder as he looked out at the marina, the boats rising with the calming waves of the water. Travis could feel his tired eyes beginning to shut but he quickly shook away his tiredness, noticing something strange out at the marina.

A small boathouse rested just outside the marina, labeled ‘Doxie’s Paradise’. A strange name for a boathouse but what was even stranger was the boat inside there. A small fisherman’s boat sat within the waters of the house, it not rising at all with each wave that passed under its hull. Travis’s icy orbs widened as he took off towards the boathouse, maneuvering over the gates and stopping at its entrance.

He could make out the boat’s name in the moonlight and he gasped, racing inside to continue his pursuit. Warehouse 1312, he had found where his brother had run to that night.

“Ok, now to get to business, how would 300,000 people disappear from this one boat?” Travis mumbled to himself as he climbed up the platform and onto the boat’s deck, drawn in by how the boat did not move with the water. It remained stationary like the docks, causing the boy’s curiosity to grow. “This is strange…”

The drone of a tug boat reached Travis’s ears and he panicked, quickly diving himself out of sight and down into the cabin of the boat. Stumbling down the steps into the darkness, Travis managed to feel out a light switch. He flipped it on to find the only source of light was a single, dim light bulb hovering above in the middle of the single room down below the deck of the ship. There was no sign of anyone aboard the ship which was reassuring for him at that moment; he needed to have time to search for the clues and if no one was around, he would be safe to commence his thorough walkthrough.

Each step was carefully prepared, the boy managing as little noise as possible as he advanced. His auburn curls occasionally fell in the way of his blue eyes scanning every inch of the room; however there was little trouble for Travis in the end. The room was rather dull, furnished only with a small kitchen nook and a futon. There were flowered ornaments and decorations scattered throughout the room, an obvious feminine touch to the otherwise masculine atmosphere. Travis couldn’t find a single trace of a clue that would point him in the direction of his brother, though he kept his hopes high.

“If I give up, I would just be doing a disservice to my brother and my family,” Travis reminded himself as he noticed a door beside a shelf littered with dusty, leather-bound novels that were so worn that the boy couldn’t read what they were. “This place confuses me…it feels like no one’s been in here for months from the amount of dust in the air. But someone’s gotta be here…this place is definitely the Warehouse 1312 the flyer mentioned…it’s involved with the disappearances. What did the flyer say again?”

Travis reached for the piece of parchment crumpled up in his pocket, unraveling it to read the message once again. It seemed there was some sort of beta test for the ‘newest gaming experience’ that night in Warehouse 1312. But it was just a normal boat left alone in a marina, how in the world could it house a new gaming beta when I could barely fit more than a few people by the look of it.

“This flyer…I feel like I’m being duped,” Travis began to step back towards the stairwell when he noticed a large curtain over on one of the walls. A dark shade of maroon and completely out of place it seemed, Travis moved back and examined the curtain before ripping it open with a snatch of the threads. There was a door, resting and waiting for someone to enter it. “Now we’re getting somewhere…”

The boy reached for the silver handle and turned the knob, slowly pushing the door open to gaze into the darkened room on the other side. From the limited amount of light from the other room, Travis could make out the bare walls and dust-covered floors of the small room on the other side of the door. A strange latched door rested itself in the middle of the floor, a soft hum reverberating off its steel as Travis took a cautious step forward. This was definitely moving him in the right direction of Marty.

“Hang on Bro,” Travis whispered as he reached forward, gripping onto the gears of the door tightly and beginning to maneuver them into opening up the door. The door slowly budged as Travis groaned, putting all of his strength into twisted the gears. His knuckles were white as his grip tightened on them even more until the latch on the door finally rose and swung up to open up what laid down below. “Huh?”

Travis gawked down into the dark tunnel he had found himself at the top of, a trail of steps heading downward into the confines of whatever awaited in that darkness. His heartbeat began to race as he gripped tightly to his cell phone, using it as his only glimmer of light as he prepared to climb down into the tunnel.

“Here goes nothing,” Travis grumbled, maneuvering his body into the tunnel and descending down the steps carefully. His cell phone stayed bright and true as Travis continued downward, the tunnel never changing for nearly five minutes of climbing downwards. There was no doubt about it that the boat itself was no longer where Travis was located but somewhere deep down below the marina. “I guess this explains why the police weren’t able to find any clues as to where everyone could have gone. There’s this tunnel that has the front of a normal boat waiting in the marina. Pretty genius, I must admit. But why is all of this going on? Bro, what have you gotten yourself into?”

Travis could finally make out tile floor at the bottom of the tunnel and smiled triumphantly, sliding off the final step and landing safely on solid ground. The phone’s screen was only bright enough to light up the area directly around Travis, yet he could immediately tell that the area he was in resembled a large warehouse covered in dusty cement. The room itself seemed empty save for a few computers lining the outer perimeters of the room.

“Those can’t be the games they were aiming for beta testing,” Travis grumbled as he took a step towards one of the computers, pausing suddenly as someone on the floor caught his eye. A small lug nut rested on the dust-covered tiles, glimmering slightly in the cell phone’s light. The boy knelt down and plucked it from the ground, noticing a strange pattern in the tile. It seemed that there were slits in the ground in the shape of a large, cylindrical shape. Though covered with the tiled floor, there was an obvious hole lurking below where some sort of machine rested at one point or another. “Interesting…”

Travis lifted himself back onto his feet and took a few steps to his side, finding another cylindrical shape also slit into the floor just a mere three feet from the slit he had just discovered. His blue orbs grew wide as he began to quicken his pace, dashing deeper into the room and glancing downward at the floor. The entire room was filled with these large, cylindrical slits on the floor, eventually counting out to being 100 holes in the floor.

“We’ve certainly gotten somewhere now,” Travis breathed as he stumbled backwards, reaching for a solid wall to lean against. Instead, he fell back completely through a door and onto the hard ground below. The teen growled in pain as he reached for his back, lingering on the floor for a few moments before he finally composed himself enough to pick himself up from the ground and search the newest room.

The new room was much smaller than the warehouse floor he had just left, a single large computer screen taking up most of the front wall while a large cylindrical object rested in the middle of the floor. Travis was cautious as he approached the machine, shining his cell phone’s light into the glass casing of the domed cylinder. Within the confines of the cylinder were several different computer screens surrounding a single, full-body chair in the center. A strange helmet rested at the headrest of the chair, reminding Travis of those virtual reality games he used to play at the arcades when he was little.

“I guess this is the game they were talking about?” Travis glanced over at the gigantic computer on the wall across from the cylinder, noticing it was still online when he had entered the room. So there was still activity in this place? “Anybody here, I followed the path down into this place. Marty, are you here?”

A sudden, computerized voice rose up from the computer across from the teen, Travis almost leaping out of his skin as it screeched into the silence.

“Directive?” The computer asked, the screen flashing before revealing a strange illustration of a small girl holding tightly to a key.

“Directive?” Travis repeated after composing himself once more, glaring at the screen in confusion. “What does it mean by that?”

“Directive?” The computer repeated, the illustration remaining on the screen as it waited for Travis’s answer.

“This place is just getting creepier by the second,” Travis mumbled as he moved closer to the screen, debating what he should answer. “I’m looking for my brother. He was here to play a game.”

“Directive…Brother…Game…” The voice rung from the computer, the illustration of the girl beginning to dance as the computer paused. “Please wait…Computing Directive…”

“Great…” Travis got out as he watched the girl on the screen dance about the screen, all the while holding tightly to her key. She somewhat reminded him of how Lo was when she was smaller. She was such a ball of energy and happiness when they were children, but as time carried on she became reclusive and hid her feeling from all who were around her. “Don’t worry; Lo…I’ve finally gotten somewhere. I’m going to bring our brother back, don’t you worry.”

“Directive has been analyzed,” the computer broke through the teen’s thoughts as he glanced up in time for a scanner to lower from the ceiling, scanning over Travis’s body without warning. The teen cursed as he took a step back, unsure of what to make of this encounter. “Welcome to Doxie’s Paradise, Travis Ellington. You have become a part of a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Please enter the terminal and await further instruction.”

“Wait, what’s going on?” Travis questioned as he glared at the computer, expecting it to just answer his many questions as if it were human. “I don’t care about this Doxie’s Paradise and being welcome! I want to find my brother! Do you know where he is? Marty Ellington! His name is Marty Ellington!”

“Marty Ellington; player 003 of Doxie’s Paradise,” the computer chimed in, Travis’s blue eyes growing wide once more as he let those words sink in. “Marty Ellington is currently unavailable. Please enter the terminal and await further instruction.”

“Wait, what do you mean he’s unavailable?” Travis shouted back, not moving from his spot. “Stupid computer! You tell me where my brother is! Tell me now!”

“Marty Ellington; player 003 of Doxie’s Paradise,” the computer repeated. “Marty Ellington has entered the game and is therefore unavailable at this time. Please enter the terminal and await further instruction.”

“No I will not enter the stupid terminal! I want answers and I want them no…!”

“I believe she said to enter the terminal boy,” a male’s voice croaked from the shadows of the room as the floor suddenly began to move backwards like a treadmill, Travis’s body unable to escape as he stumbled backwards towards the cylinder. The glass casing opened up and the teen fell back into the chair, his cries being muted as the helmet lowered over his eyes and encasing Travis in complete darkness. “So you’re Marty’s brother? Heh, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy Doxie’s Paradise. Until the next time we meet, adieu Travis Ellington.”

Travis tried to kick and scream to escape the confines he now found himself in, though his cries for help would go unnoticed. The teen could feel hard bondages wrapping around his body to hold him in place in the seat, as well as something pricking at the back of his neck. The last thing Travis could remember was the sound of the glass casing closing him into the terminal and the same computer voice lulling him into slumber.

“We hope you enjoy your stay here at Doxie’s Paradise, Travis Ellington. Prepare yourself for a world beyond your wildest dreams.”

*End Chapter Two*  

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Thx, this new chapter took me forever to finally be remotely happy with it. I hope it pleases the readers.

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AN: Yep, already another chapter for you guys to read :P I’ve been working really hard to provide you guys with something new and thus here it is! I hope you all enjoy ^_^ Remember, NO FLAMES ALLOWED! Constructive Criticism is welcome!

*~Chapter Three~*

The rays of light were warm on his skin as Travis slowly pulled himself out of his darkness, reaching for his state of consciousness. As he came closer to the light, sounds of various people echoed in his ear as if he were caked into a busy train station. But from what he remembered, he was in an abandoned underwater warehouse in some type of super computer…Was everything just a dream? Warehouse 1312; the Game; the flyer in his grandfather’s book; Even now…were these sounds all just a dream?

“You know, it’s wise to not lounge about in the middle of the terminal.”

The soft chime of the voice was the final pull into the light for Travis, his icy blue orbs fluttering open to gaze up into wide silvery ones. The stout teen groaned as a wave of nausea came over his whole body, Travis pleased to at least be sprawled out on the floor already so as he did not come crashing downward. He closed his eyes and took in a few deep breaths, raising his arm over face to block out any traces of the light around him.

“Seems your trip through the Gateway has taken some toll on your body; don’t be alarmed however, for these feelings are normal for all first-time travelers of the Gateway. After a few moments, the nausea will pass.”

“What the hell are you talking about anyway?” Travis droned, his breaths slowly returning to normal while his world paused in its spinning. “Where am I? Who are you? What are you talking about? I want answers!”

“Slow down there or you’ll work yourself up again,” the voice said as Travis felt a light pressure on his shoulder, the touch of someone’s hand recognizable to his senses. “Now take a deep breath and let me help you up. You’ll probably be experiencing some difficulties in movement from your travel. I’ll help you as much as I can though.”

Though hundreds of questions swam through Travis’s thoughts, he did as the voice said and let whoever this strange being was help him to his feet. Another wave of dizziness flooded his body as he began to stumble in place, his legs numbing as he stood. The hand was still holding strong to the teen’s shoulder, keeping him steady as he began to open his eyes once more. The sights that met him though sent him practically in to shock.

The best way for Travis to describe the place was that of a train station, like he had imagined himself being in when he was still pulling himself out of the darkness. There were a variety of beings within the terminal making their ways towards large silvery gates scattered about. However, these beings weren’t normal people from first glance. Skin tones ranged from pearly white to a midnight blue; humans meshed into crowds of demons, creatures and elves. Even the women standing at the desks were strange; each one manned by the same blond with a friendly smile and pointed ears covered slightly by a headset. There were so many copies of the same woman that there was no way it could have been a coincidence.

“What’s going on?!” Travis exclaimed, gawking at the occupants of the terminal with fearful eyes. “Where am I? What is this place? I have to be dreaming!”

“A state of dreams? No Travis Ellington, this is currently reality,” the voice spoke from beside Travis once more, the stout teen finally turning his attention to the one holding him up. The girl seemed slightly younger than him; her tan skin contrasted with her silvery eyes and hair. Her locks were braided past her pointed ears down past the small of her back, a large brass key attached to the end of the braid. “I am quite surprised however, Travis Ellington. Usually those who cross over for the first time change in appearance due to their wants. You seem to have retained your original figure and name. I am quite impressed; seems you are very happy with yourself to not inwardly wish for something better.”

“Who…who are you?”

“Still with the questions?” The girl retorted with a soft smile, her hand still lingering on his shoulder as she nodded. “I suppose you deserve some answers being as your memories had not been altered before arrival. Your presence was not expected and therefore none were able to prepare for your steps into this place.”

“Enough with the fancy speech and just tell me what I want to know!” Travis shouted as the crowds switched their attention over to the stout teen, his outburst receiving a frown from the silver-haired girl. “I just want answers…you say I’m not dreaming but there’s no way in hell I’m not!”

“Answers you want and answers I will provide,” the girl said as she glanced around the terminal before leading Travis through the crowds to one of the desks manned by the blond clones. “However, I cannot give you answers out in the open. Madeline, please open up a path for me and our guest to speak in.”

The blonde’s smile faded at the mention of a new path, her pale blue eyes locked onto Travis as there was a pause. Madeline began to type away at the computer on her desk, a silver gate suddenly appearing behind her while her smile returned.

“I have granted you access to Gate 39. Please be mindful of your step and have a pleasant time,” said the blond.

“Thank you, Madeline. Follow me, Travis Ellington,” the silver-haired girl glided past the desk and into the silver gate, disappearing from sight leaving the stout teen alone there with the blond.

“Please step forward into Gate 39 sir,” Madeline said, her pale eyes locked on Travis once more. “I will have to call for assistance if you cannot make it yourself.”

“She just…she just vanished through there,” Travis stuttered, his finger shaking as he pointed it towards the gate. “What’s going on?!”

“Sir, you must enter Gate 39 now,” Madeline gave a slight nod as someone behind Travis pushed him forward, the teen stumbling through the gate and disappearing from the terminal. “Have a pleasant time, sir.”


Though once in a crowded terminal, Travis fell face-first into a shadowed, cobblestone street across from the silver-haired girl from before. Her shimmering eyes rested on the teen’s sprawled out form and sighed before stepping to his side and helping him up onto his feet.

“I apologize; I should have aided you in the entrance of Gate 39. It is one of our more temperamental gateways here,” the girl said with a sad smile. “Travis Ellington; you seem to have stumbled into a world beyond your wildest dreams.”

“I can see that,” Travis grumbled as he glanced around the dark, decrepit area around them. “First, tell me your name and where the hell I am.”

“My name is Key,” the girl said simply. “And this place is Doxie’s Paradise.”

“Doxie’s Paradise? That was the name of the boathouse out at the marina,” Travis said before staring at the stone walls hovering above him, the barriers stretching towards the dismal sky above. “This place here is Doxie’s Paradise? Doesn’t look like a paradise at all…”

“No, this is Gate 39: The Alleys of Duplin. This area is currently closed off to access unless granted that access from one of the gatekeepers, such as Madeline,” Key explained. “This entire world is Doxie’s Paradise…though all the players here call it Doxie.”

“Players?” Travis repeated, a small gasp escaping his lips. “I get it! I’m in the game! It’s like some virtual reality thing isn’t it?”

“Game? Well, I suppose you can call it a game,” Key mumbled, her silver eyes glancing away from Travis as she spoke. “Look, I am unable to give away more than what I’ll share with you now. Travis Ellington, you have been given an once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a world beyond your wildest dreams; Doxie’s Paradise.”

“I already heard this,” Travis began but was silenced by the girl across from him.

“You are special in comparison to previous players being accepted into this world. For example, you are aware of where you come from and how you had stumbled into this place,” Key continued. “You remember your life outside of Doxie’s. You have retained your original form and name here. You are not being protected by an alias because you do not wish to be. All other players have lost their memories to the mastermind and have been granted new lives to fit their characters they wished to become.”

 The stout teen kept his icy blue eyes firm on Key as she spoke, her words echoing in his mind as he tried to understand what she was saying. This place called Doxie’s Paradise was some virtual reality world that previous players had stumbled into and lost all memories of their lives outside of Doxie. All they knew was what was instilled in their minds but the higher-ups, which most likely included the blond clones. All previous players had become characters that they had wished to become and had taken up memories to fit those characters. So it was like a game; only there was no longer a feeling of a barrier between this world and reality.

“So the 300,000 people that disappeared are in this place,” Travis concluded with a frown. “My brother was brought here by whoever led this thing up! Do you realize that these people have been missing for six months now?”

“Yes, I understand that,” Key nodded. “I understand that very well, Travis Ellington.”

“Stop using my full name already! It’s just Travis,” the teen snapped at the girl before pausing, his eyes wide as he stepped closer to her. “Wait, you said that players were wiped of their memories correct? How do you know all this then? Are you one of the higher-ups?”

“No, I’m special, like yourself,” Key stated with a smile before taking a step back. “I have already said too much to you, however, so I must leave you to find your own way to whatever it is that you’re looking for.”

“Wait, leave me?” Travis repeated, noticing a gate suddenly appear behind Key’s form. “Wait! You can’t just leave me here! I don’t think I understand anything yet! Why are we all here? How is this all happening? I have a million more questions that need answers! Please!”

“Sorry, Travis Elling…no, just Travis,” Key said, giving one last smile before stepping back and disappearing into the gate. The gate then vanished from sight, leaving Travis standing there along amongst the decrepit walls of Duplin.

“Wait…don’t go…” Travis whispered as he fell backwards, shocked to find a gate appearing behind him and leading him back to where he first appeared.


Madeline stood above Travis’s sprawled out body with a look of intrigue, holding out a hand to him and getting him to his feet.

“I hope you have had a pleasant time in Gate 39, sir,” Madeline said with a smile as she returned to her chair and nodded for Travis to move to the other side of the desk. “Now, I must check you into the system. You are Travis Ellington, correct?”

The stout teen could not muster up any form of speech to give the blond so he simply nodded and rested on the other side of the desk. The blond smiled at the nod and began to type away at her computer before glancing back up at Travis.

“You have been given access through a special account it seems. You have been gifted a new wardrobe and coin for starting out. You will need to pick an occupation in one of the main cities before branching out through the gateway system,” Madeline paused as she reached out her hand to the teen, handing him an identification card with his picture on it. “You will need this card for your future here in Doxie. If you ever lose your card, you are needed to report to the nearest terminal and find one of the gatekeepers to assist you.”

“So this card holds everything I need?” Travis questioned, the blond nodding in response. “Interesting…and how do I get to one of these main cities?”

“Rampten is right outside of this terminal,” Madeline said while motioning to a stairwell at the end of the hall. “You go up those stairs and you will exit into the streets of Rampten. There will be many areas within the city with information on where you need to go.”

“Great…and one last question before I leave here,” Travis paused before continuing. “I want to find a certain player that is here. Is there any way I could locate that player?”

“Why yes, there is sir,” Madeline smiled as she spoke. “There is a library of the players within Rampten that you can have access to with your special account.”

“Great, how do I get to this library?” Travis asked.

“I’m sorry, sir, but that question will have to be addressed to a helper within the city,” Madeline smiled before waving at the teen across from her. “I hope you enjoy your stay here in Doxie’s Paradise, Travis Ellington.”

Travis was about to argue with the blond but found that she was already signaling for another player to come to her desk. So, the stout teen frowned and stepped away from the desk and towards the stairs, preparing to enter the city of Rampten with hopes of one question being answered: Where was Marty?

*~End Chapter Three~*

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To Ashy:

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AN: FINALLY, another chapter coming at you for Cyber Paradise! I know it’s been awhile but I’ve been busy working on just about anything and everything here :P Plus the puppy kept me pretty busy so I just kept getting pulled away by this one. No worries though; It’s still going ^_^ although I must admit while writing this one, I noticed it didn’t have the usual kick as the other chapters did. I’m a bit saddened by this but it was a part I kind of wanted to rush through without much thought. I’ll eventually rewrite it to gain more of a kick but I wanted to have something for my readers since I promised this one chapter like forever ago :P

In addition, I describe Travis as ‘stout’ but I don’t mean him to seem overweight or anything like that. He’s chubby but not to the point of being overweight I guess. He is also brawny which adds to how stout he really looks. My friend wanted to draw him and I had to basically go through every detail again for her; I figured I would explain again for you ^_^

Oh another thing I wanted to point out :D It’s been a whole year since I started this writing blog of mine! xD How exciting that I’ve managed nearly 200 posts throughout the year. Here’s to another year full of stories ^_^

As always remember NO FLAMES ALLOWED! Also, constructive criticism is accepted and appreciated! Thanks and enjoy the newest chapter!

*~Chapter Four~*

The bustling crowds of the city of Rampten tugged and pushed at Travis’s physique, the teen silently fuming as he desperately reached for an empty piece of street. Despite being where he was from, Travis was never one to appreciate a crowded city. So in order to keep himself from having another panic attack; he dashed and clung to a lonesome wall as soon as the chance became available. He ignored the various stares he was receiving from the beings strutting past, unable to view them without a shocked stare as of yet.

Rampten was a strange place in Travis’s eyes, its cyber-enhanced skyscrapers lifting off towards a star-painted sky. Neon lights flashed wildly through the streets as all beings Travis ever thought possible made their way down the paths. Humanoids, trolls, demons and many other creatures passed by Travis, the teen unable to focus his stare on all the creatures passing by. So instead he just kept his eyes at his feet, holding his tongue for fear of angering the ones around him.

“You all right?” Travis tensed at the deep voice mumbling behind him, the teen glancing over his shoulder to see a tall, muscular man standing there. Dark sunglasses blocked his eyes, Travis unable to locate the man’s stare. He was a bit daunting; however, the teen was pleased to at least see another man who resembled a normal person. “You seem kind of out of it, kid; you all right?”

The tension was visible on Travis’ pale face as he slumped closer to the wall, gripping at the crevices while his incisors threatened to pierce his lip. He didn’t want to seem rude however, so Travis gave a subtle nod to the man and spoke to him. “I’m fine; thank you for asking sir.”

“You sure because you seem a bit tense, kid,” the newcomer muttered with a questioning glance before removing his gloved hands from his pockets, patting Travis’ shoulders with a warm grin while the teen flinched at his touch. “Ha, I get it; you must be a newbie in town! I bet you’re from some country area and not used to this big city atmosphere; am I right?”

Travis first thought the man meant he had been new to Doxie’s Paradise and he perked up; though he suddenly realized what had been explained to him before. This whole place was like another world and most if not all of its inhabitants had no recollections of their lives outside of Doxie’s. They all were programmed to believe they lived their whole lives in Doxie’s.

At least the teen had a moment to steady his breathing, managing to calm himself enough to answer the man’s question. Icy blue orbs peeked up to stare into the dark abyss of the man’s shades, a glimmer of desperation forming within them as he spoke. “I guess you can say that; I just got into town a little while ago. I’m sorta lost; by any chance, do you know where the Library is here?”

Those strong hands released the teen’s shoulders as the newcomer stepped back to survey the area, moving his lips as he read the nearby signs to himself. He pocketed his hands once more as he reeled back to Travis’ side, gesturing a slight nod to his left where a tall, marble building stood off in the distance. “That marble building is the Library so you’re going to want to walk this street down to Adler’s Avenue; you should remember it pretty well since it is like the center of Rampten. We’re famous here for our Library since a lot of people travel here to research there; oh and the battles of course! We have one of the largest arenas to date!”

 Travis was already stumbled along the wall towards the Library when he caught wind of the man’s words, pausing before glancing back at him once more. “B-battles?” Travis stuttered as he gulped. “Are you serious? There are battles going on here?”

The man paused at the wavering voice of the teen, his glance questioning each syllable managing to be spoken as he laughed. “You really are one of them country boys, huh? I had no idea there were people out there who didn’t know about the battles.”

“Fancy that,” Travis mumbled as he continuing his stumbling away, nearly jumping out his skin as the man took a few strides to catch up to him and pat his shoulder. “I-Is there something else?”

“Don’t worry so much; I’m just going to make sure you get there ok. After all, you look like you’re going to end up alone and crying in a corner if I let you just walk away,” the man said with a chuckle at Travis’ tense reaction. “Besides, I can show you what I mean about the battles as we go. Anyway, name’s Porter; and you?”

There was an inner debate within the teen as he thought if he should really put any trust or faith with this oddly-affable stranger; Travis was still unsure of the occupants of this artificial world. He didn’t want to create a target on his back for blindly trusting the wrong people. However, was it really worth being so cautious? From what was said to him by Madeline, Travis had the ability to look up the information of other players at the Library; therefore, anyone could look up his information at that same Library too. His identity wouldn’t be safe even if he did withhold it. “M-My name’s Travis; it’s n-nice to meet you, Porter.”

“Travis, huh; that’s a fitting Country Boy name. And you’re so polite too; though, I wonder if you’re doing it just because you’re so terrified,” Porter joked as the teen sweat dropped, the two of them walking together along the walls of the skyscrapers. “So country boy’s come for a bit of research, huh? You didn’t bother to learn about the battles or any other parts of the city before coming here, did you?”

“To be honest, I was sort of thrown into traveling here,” Travis mumbled, holding his tongue before he let anything slip through the cracks. He didn’t want to cause any panic from this man or become the target of ridicule if his words weren’t believed.

“So, it’s one of those tests to become a man or something?” Porter asked with a chuckle, amused with Travis’ glance of shock and confusion. “Nevermind kid, I’ll just give you the grand tour around here so you won’t get lost again.”

“‘Grand tour’?” Travis repeated, letting out a gasp as Porter’s hand latched onto his wrist and dragged him along into the crowded street. “Hey!”

The man smirked as he charged forward, motioning to several different shops and buildings as he moved. It seemed that Porter was overly excited to show around a noobish teen like Travis; the teen didn’t know why but it seemed so out of character when he glanced at the man tugging at his arm.

Porter’s muscular form was adorned with a leather jacket and matching pants; his bronze locks spiked out to give the illusion of being the ‘typical bad boy’ character.  One would assume his attitude would be sour and yet he had the brightest smile as he aided the newcomer.

“That shop over there with the thousands of computer terminals is the Bank,” Porter explained, motioning to a large glass building that seemed to have various floors below the surface of the city. “That’s a place you’re going to want to head over to pretty soon if you haven’t filled out your occupation yet; you can pick occupation as well as go through your card profile and check out and deposit items and money.”

“Is that the only Bank here?” Travis asked as he stumbled after Porter, trying his best to keep up with the man as he was dragged across town.

“No, there are at least five different Banks in every city,” Porter answered. “You can also buy your own terminal for your residence but you’ll have to be pretty wealthy to afford one. It might just be best for you to use the Bank, Country Boy.”

“Could you stop calling me that?” Travis droned with a frown as the man continued to point at different shops and food places along the way; at least the teen was relaxing in Porter’s presence. “I have a name you know; you already just on it before. It’s Travis.”

“Yeah, I know,” Porter chimed before coming to a halt near a large bridge way which seemed to lead off to a huge stadium. “Now that way is to Rampten Battle Dome; it houses daily tournaments for members of the Crusaders.”

“Come again?” Travis questioned, his eyes wide as he examined the stadium across the way. He could tell that there were hundreds of beings flooding into the gates, all anxious for the show to start.

“The Crusaders; it’s those who fight in the battles,” Porter explained, chuckling as he noticed the puzzling look on Travis’ face. “Don’t worry, I won’t leave you in the dark; these battles are actually a part of a huge tournament known as Crusaders Brawl. Instead of it just being a seasonal type sport, these battles occur year-round and vary in types. Many fighters have chosen being a Crusader as their occupation; however it can also be just a hobby-type.”

“A year-round competition?” Travis repeated.

“Yeah, although most of these battles are simply ‘training’ for the Crusaders as they prepare for the Blood Bowl,” Porter said with a smirk, noticing the color leave Travis’ cheeks at the sound of the event. “Yeah, it’s a very dangerous job but the prizes for winning the tournament are phenomenal. I’m actually a part of a group of Crusaders myself. It’s suggested to go in with a team to these battles or else they’ll end up sticking you with people that you might not fare well with.”

“You-you’re a fighter?” Travis stuttered yet continued to speak instead of waiting for the man’s answer. “Do people-do they die in these battles?”

There was a pause of silence between the two men, Porter’s eyes hidden behind his dark shades as he kept his smirk. However, his change in tone, though slight, was noticeable to the teen as Porter began to speak again.

“I am a fighter, yes. And honestly, death has been known to happen in the battle domes,” Porter admitted. “I’ve known a lot of great warriors who have fought and died for the sake of pride; it is the one thing that some of those men and women held onto until the very end.”

“That’s-that’s horrible,” Travis began but quickly shook his head, remembering stories of those who died in combat for the sake of something that was truly important to them. “It’s honorable but-but these things shouldn’t continue along as a sport if people are dying left and right.”

“Seems someone was deprived while growing up,” Porter sneered as he patted Travis’ shoulder again, this time pulling him back into a walk towards the Library. “Just relax, Country Boy; the world is a dangerous place and you’ll do best with your attitude to just pick an easy, pencil-pusher job or something. You should keep yourself away from the fights if you can’t bear the thought of such things.”

“You make me out to be some sort of wimp,” Travis mumbled, though not denying Porter’s words. “I’m not really worried about those things right now though; I have to get the Library and figure out where my brother is.”

“Your brother, huh?” Porter questioned, Travis’ cheeks tinted pink as he realized he had let his words slip from his tongue. “So your brother ran away to the big city and you’re here to get him back, huh?”

Well, there was no point in Travis holding back that information anymore. “I guess you can say that,” Travis answered with a sigh, the two of them finally making it to the marble stairs. “Thanks for talking with me and showing me around; now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to business.”

“Don’t worry, Country Boy; I won’t stop you from looking for that brother of yours,” Porter said as he raised his hands in a defensive gesture. “Real quick though, you seem like an ok kid; tell you what, if you ever want to come out to the battles, you should head over to Dante’s Pub just outside the stadium. That’s where my team and I hang out; you’re welcome to meet with us and have a drink before watching the matches.”

“I appreciate the gesture,” Travis muttered with a slight smile of his own as he extended a hand out to Porter. “Thanks so much for the help; I don’t know what I’d be doing right now if you didn’t pick me out of the crowd and show me where I’m going.”

“Heh, it’s no trouble, Country Boy,” Porter replied, shaking the teen’s hand firmly before turning heel and walking off back towards the stadium bridge way. “See ya around, Travis!”

The stout teen gave a slight wave before continuing up the marble steps of the library, avoiding the gazes upon him as he moved. He made his way through the opened double doors and paused in his tracks; shelves of books seeming to span forever and tower to the ceiling above. There was little space within the huge, three story library that wasn’t filled with literature of some sort.

“Oh god, this is going to suck,” Travis muttered to himself, stepping through the main hall over to a reception desk where a librarian sat with an emotionless stare as she examined the worn books on the desk before her. Her dark, wavy hair was pulled back into a bun to keep out of her pale face; her outfit was a black pencil skirt, white cardigan and black button-up boots. On the bridge of her nose sat a minuscule pair of spectacles, Travis eyeing them in shock. How in the world would those actually help someone see? “Um, excuse me?”

“No time for talk; must file the books,” the woman uttered as she stood and backed away from the desk with several books in hand. Travis could hear the slightest accent in her voice as he watched her march away; it was possibly Russian.

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be helpful to people when they come into the library?” Travis questioned as he followed after the woman, noticing her tensing up as he pursued her. “You are the Librarian after all?”

“I am,” the woman answered, refusing to turn around and look at her living shadow. “I am much too busy; go search some more and then come back to desk if need more help.”

“Hey-!” Travis started but fell silent as the woman marched away, leaving him alone in one of the many aisles of books. “Ok…looks like I’m going to have to just figure things out on my own.”

The stout teen sighed as he marched through the aisles by himself, his eyes scanning each book with interest. They were all simply novels and other types of literature that had nothing to do with this world they were in; where was he supposed to find any information on his brother?

“Are you looking for something, sir?” A small voice questioned from beside the teen, Travis quickly turning heel to come toe to toe with a little girl with russet skin and zinnwaldite hair. Her eyes were wide and purplish and her ears were pointed upwards; her glow seemed almost inhuman, which was possible in this strange world. The little girl giggled at Travis’ surprised expression and patted his hand lightly. “It’s all right mister; I might look small but I’m one of the employees here. My name’s Label; what can I help you with today?”

“You’re a-,” Travis started but quickly shook his head; he was going to have to get used to these strange happenings sooner or later. “Ah, I’m looking for information on a certain person; my brother’s been missing and I wanted to see if I could find any information on him.”

“Your brother?” Label repeated as she gave a questionable look before reaching out her hand to the teen. “May I have your card please?”

“My-,” Travis paused as he reached in his pocket, pulling out the card he had received from Madeline back at the station. “You mean this?”

“Yes please,” Label answered and graciously accepted the card, retreating through the aisles back towards the front desk where the Russian woman sat with a new pile of books. “Miss Matilda, we have a new guest to our library. Have you spoken with him yet?”

“No,” Matilda lied as she continued to examine the literature on the desk, refusing to meet Travis’ eyes as he growled in frustration.

“She blew me off when I was asking for help,” Travis fumed in place, Label giving a sigh as she nodded.

“Matilda does that sometimes when a man walks in that she doesn’t trust,” Label admitted as she moved behind the counter, stepping up on a stool so that she could be seen by the customers. “I will look up your information and see what you can access.”

Label then shifted her attention to the computer, swiping the teen’s card in the reader and typing away. Her look was intense as she explored the screen; Travis nodded and paced before the desk. He occasionally sent a glare towards Matilda, the uninterested woman proceeding to ignore him completely. The teen’s excitement was building up within in as Label’s voice finally piped in once more.

“Seems you are a special case,” Label mused as she continued to type, Matilda glancing over her shoulder towards the little girl in concern. “Usually we don’t let players access such files; however, I will escort you there now. You will have to ensure us that you will not share any information with the outside that you gather from these special documents.”

“Are they really that classified?” Travis questioned.

“Yes, they are part of the Highly Classified within Rampten’s library.  You will not be permitted to see them unless you guarantee you will not share the information,” Label repeated. “If you do share even the slightest bit of information, you will be found and arrested.”

“Ar-arrested?” Travis stuttered, falling silent as he nodded. “Yeah, I got you; don’t share information with anyone. I got it!”

“Good,” Label stepped off her stool and returned the card back to Travis. As she prepared to escort the teen however, Matilda stepped away from the desk and pursued the little girl. “Yes?”

“I will escort the boy,” Matilda muttered with her emotionless stare, the young girl’s eyes wide once more as she shook her head. “What’s the matter? You are busy; I will escort the boy where you need him to go, yes.”

“I was the one who checked him in so technically I should be the one to escort him,” Label mumbled, suddenly appearing shy and unsure. “I should really-.”

“I will escort the boy for you,” Matilda continued to push for her way. “You would rather stay at front of desk and help others; I will do this task.”

There was a moment of tension between the two of them as Travis watched, an uneasy feeling forming in his chest. He was unsure of what was going on between both Label and Matilda; he was also unsure what was awaiting him in the Highly Classified section.

“Very well,” Label relented with a sigh, her expression still unsure as she nodded. “Please be careful with everything; we don’t want that man to come here and punish us for misplaced information.”

“Yes, I know,” Matilda muttered as she passed Label and began towards the spiral staircase. “Follow, boy!”

“Ah-yes,” Travis answered and stayed at Matilda’s heels, marching up the steps past the second floor and all the way up to the third floor. The woman then aimed for a large door towards the back of the Library, careful to not drawn attention as they moved. Once outside the door, she paused and seemed to contemplate what to do next. “Now what?”

“Now you shut up and let me work,” Matilda hissed before turned back towards the boy, her hand raising her cardigan slightly to show a gun protruding from her holster. “You are outsider, yes?”

Icy blue orbs were wide as Travis gasped and backed away from the woman, his hands raised in defeat as he continued to stare at the gun. “Hey, there’s no need to threaten me with a gun!”

“Answer my question; you are outsider?” Matilda repeated as she patted the gun with care. “You do not want me to shoot you; you will answer my questions.”

“Fine; what do you mean by outsider?” Travis panicked as he nodded, trying his best to keep them away from prying eyes.

“Outsider is newcomer to Rampten,” Matilda snapped in response. “You seem to have only been in Rampten for one day; there are no files for you besides your identification so I figure I check you out. Label was unsure about how she would deal with you since you have been labeled a special case; we haven’t seen one of them in nearly six months.”

“Six months?” Travis gasped as he repeated the woman’s words, finally understanding what was being said. “Six months was when my brother disappeared!”

“You’re brother? Is that why you are prying into the Highly Classifieds? You mean to tell me that you are risking encountering problems with the elite because you are searching for your lost brother?” Matilda growled at the teen’s words, her expression one of agitation as she pulled her gun from its holster. “You should ask officers about lost souls like your brother; not hunt down information from the Highly Classifieds. You’ve been marked a special case; the last one we had was threatening to reveal secret information to the non-essential. You will be encountering many of the elite if you continue to pry; you do know that, correct?”

Will all of them have a gun?” Travis asked with a terrified glance, stepping back once more and preparing to head for the stairs.

“Most will have weapons of all sorts,” Matilda mumbled as she lifted the gun, the barrel aimed for Travis. “I will not shoot you; however, I must ask what need you have for this place.”

“You’re not going to shoot me and yet you’re still pointing the gun at me?” Travis argued, biting his tongue as the woman dashed forward and lifted the barrel below his chin. “I-I-please-!”

“I ask you remain calm,” Matilda growled. “Tell me why you seek information in the Highly Classified; who told you to come here? You understand you won’t find your brother in those documents and you risk your life by being here.”

“I understand that now since you told me!” Travis hissed through gritted teeth, inhaling through his nose to aim for calming his rapid heartbeat. “I thought the receptionist Madeline at the station told me to come here and use the information here to find my brother; maybe I just misunderstood her. You don’t have to point that gun at me!”

Matilda seemed puzzled by Travis’ confession, her nearly white irises shifting to her side. She whispered, “A receptionist told you that?”

“Y-Yes?” Travis stuttered his reply.

“She must have been mistaken,” Matilda mumbled under her breath before slipping her gun back into its holster and showing her back to the teen. “What you want is not in the Highly Classifieds; you should go to the Bank and enjoy your time in the city. Your brother is not here.”

“But wai-!” Travis tried to interrupt but fell silent as Matilda sent a fierce glare over her shoulder towards him.

“Leave; you have no business being here,” Matilda hissed, Travis nearly stumbling onto his back as he fled from the angered Librarian. “I will shoot if need be; leave and only come back for proper reason next time. Don’t let me catch you poking around again.”

The silence between them was strong as Travis and Matilda stood there, the stout teen too terrified to back away from the woman. The Librarian began to boil in anger at his lack of fleeing, her hand reaching again for the gun to scare him off. Travis was about to step back from the situation when the pitter-patter of footsteps sounded behind him.

“Matilda, I wanted to make sure everything was-,” Label called out as she ran, skidding to a stop as she noticed the two of them ahead of her. “Oh, there you are; did you already access the Highly Classifieds?”

Travis held his tongue at the question as he nodded, his voice hinting how grateful he was for Label’s interruption. Matilda frowned and pulled her hand back from the holster, motioning for Travis to leave.

“Now that you have gotten what you wanted; I’ll have to ask you to leave now,” Matilda stated, Label gawking at her tone before stepping between them.

“Matilda, there is no reason to treat our patron like that,” Label scolded the woman, watching the older librarian stomping away without another word. “Sorry about that, sir; she seems to be having a bad day and she tends to be very outward with her emotions.”

The stout teen had little desire to stay there any longer so he bowed slightly before aiming for the stairway. “It’s fine; I really have to get going now though. Thanks for your help!”

Label watched curiously as the teen departed, waving after him as he fled the building quickly. As soon as Travis made it outside the Library, he collapsed on the stairs and tried to steady his breathing.  All he wanted was answers; instead he received a gun brandishing towards his chest by some woman who also seemed to be a special case like him. Travis didn’t even receive any information on his brother; he was basically kicked out without a choice on the matter.

“I’m so sick of this place,” Travis muttered to himself, easing back to sit upon the steps as he watched the crowds continue to weave along the streets. His journey was difficult from the start and it just kept getting worse; it was times like those that Travis wished he had his siblings by his side to ease his trouble thoughts. However, the teen had no idea where his brother was, or if he even would remember him when they did meet again. “Marty, what do I do now? I’m lost here; I need your help, Big Bro.”

Those thoughts were soon interrupted by a solid substance kicking into the side of Travis’ body, a figure tumbling over the sitting teen and colliding with the marble steps with a thud. The teen stared over in shock at the man that tripped over him, unsure of what to do at that moment. When the man grunted and pushed himself up from the steps, Travis tensed up once more as a bloodied face peered over his shoulder and growled at the teen.

“What the hell are you doing, pal? You made me bleed!” The man hissed, peeling up off the stairs before hovering over Travis’ trembling form. “You little ****; you’re shaking like a leaf. I can’t believe a baby like you made me bleed. You’re so gonna get it, Baby Man!”

“I-I didn’t mean to-I was just-I-,” Travis stuttered as he tried to scoot away from the man, his back met with another pair of legs. The terrified teen ogled at the man behind him, a muscular man who was clearly a friend of the bloodied man. Things couldn’t get much worse than that. “I-I-.”

“There’s no running from us, Baby Man; time to take you out,” the bloodied man sneered, his fists ready to punch as he stepped closer to Travis. “Any last words?”

His icy blue orbs were wide as Travis gulped, his shivering form unable to flee as he spoke. “Yeah; I wanna go home!”

*~End Chapter Four~*

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:O I'm... This is... Oh my... Alice, I haven't read your writing in quite a bit, so I forgot how AMAZING it is! I kinda want to take down all my old comments about how it was taking so long.

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I think I’m going to release the bios for this story in the next couple of chapters so that you can be better introduced to all the characters that have made a stand so far. Also, if we complete the character design sketches soon, I’ll be sure to feature those soon ^_^

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*~Chapter Five~*

Blurred vision was the least of Travis’ worries as sweat dripped into his wavering orbs, cuts allowing his blood to leak from his delicate skin and onto the cement below his fallen body. How long had it been since these vicious men dragged his sorry form into the back alleys and away from judgmental glances; beginning their torturous actions on the boy as he cried out in pain? Even now, the men’s cackles could be heard through his nearly deafened ears; Travis sinking further into his state of depression and pain as he awaited their next move. Would the next move finally end his consciousness or will they string him on just a little longer? The teen silently begged for it all to be over; he doubt he could take another painful jab.

“You think he’s had enough, Boss?” The main thug’s goon questioned as he tapped Travis’ side with his foot. “He hasn’t moved an inch for awhile now; maybe we should go ahead and leave him here.”

The leader huffed at such a suggestion, “and leave him here without teaching him his lesson? Not a chance! Besides, I’m not done with having my fun yet.”

“I-I’ve learned my lesson!” Travis managed to get out as he tried to catch his breath, the thugs glaring down at his feeble form in disbelief. “I’ll never get in your way again; just leave me alone!”

“Heh, you’re not getting off that easily,” the leader sneered as he snatched Travis up by his auburn curls and held him out to squirm in his grasps. “That’s right kid; cry like the Baby Man you are. We’ll show you once and for all never to stand in the way of me or my crew again.”

All of this pain because he happened to accidently sit in the leader’s way and knocked him on his face; wasn’t this world supposed to be some sort of Paradise? It was turning out to be just like the filthy cities of Travis’ world with criminals roaming the streets and causing pain to those who were of little deservance of such actions. This was more like his own personal hell.

“Ya mind?” A deep voice questioned from within the alleyway, the three involved in the tussle turning their attention to the brawny middle-aged man behind them. He seemed almost at redneck status with dusty red locks covered by a trucker hat, stubble over his chin and the slightest hint of teal eyes behind his ruffled bangs. His apparel wasn’t helping his case either; being a farmer’s button-up shirt, faded jeans and steel-toed boots. “Ya boys are in my way; I got an appointment and ya’ll making me late for it.”

Another grunt formed in the leader’s throat as he tossed Travis into the wall opposite him, letting the teen slide and sprawl out on the ground below. The other thug came around the other side of the newcomer, ready to pounce as his leader distracted him. “You can’t possibly be talking to me fool; you think you can order me around like it’s nothing? I’m one of the top contenders in this city,” the leader sneered, raising a fist to his newest opponent. “I guess you’ll also need a personal lesson courtesy of me.”

The fist went sailing through the air towards its victim, the redneck standing his ground as the attack neared his suspecting figure. Travis’ focus was off yet he bit his lip at the attack, wishing to scream for the man to run before things got out of hand. The men’s power should have been clear from the teen’s sorry excuse for a body that was bleeding and broken; this man was going to be suffering just as much as him if he didn’t flee.

“Heh, you think you’re powerful? I’ve never seen you in the Dome so I doubt you’re that powerful at all,” the redneck chuckled as a smirk formed on his lips.

“D-Dome?” The leader questioned mid-attack, crying out in pain as his fist was grabbed by the redneck and crushed like a grape. Once satisfied, the newcomer tossed away the leader who fell to the ground, holding up his clearly broken hand in shock. “A-Attack, you idiot!”

The lackey was stunned by the attack on his leader, unsure if he really wanted to try and jump this redneck that clearly had the power to take him on. “Y-You’re a fighter in the Dome?”

“Fighter?” The redneck cackled as he turned heel and grabbed onto the lackey’s shoulders, kneeing him in the groin and letting him crumble before him. “Heh, I’m one of the top contenders. I want ya’ll out of her before I signal the authorities and get ya chumps arrested for illegal fighting.”

The two men exchanged glances between one-another, the leader relinquishing a grunt before motioning for his lackey to aid him. The other thug, though strained from the attack on his groin, managed to get to his feet and limp over to his leader’s side. Once the lackey helped his up, the two of them escaped deeper into the alley where the shadows presided; Travis now alone with his savior, a redneck man with strength to throw around.

“Ya ok, Kid?” The redneck questioned once he made sure the duo was gone, kneeling down to examine the teen’s scarred physique. He frowned in disapproval, digging a hand into his pockets before pulling out a small bottle housing a bluish liquid. He uncorked the bottle and shoved it forward, opening the teen’s mouth and pouring the contents down Travis’ throat. “This’ll help ya.”

It only took a moment before Travis’ energy returned, the teen nearly vomiting the liquid he was forcefully given. “What the hell was that?” Travis cried out with a cough, trying to steady his beating heart. “Did you just give me poison? That stuff was disgusting!”

“It’s a potion; did ya seriously think something with healing power such as that would taste like sunshine and rainbows?” The redneck retorted with a chuckle as he patted the teen on the shoulder, motioning for him to stand with him. “Come on and get to ya feet, ya’re at least able to see and walk now without any trouble right?”

A slight hue of red formed on Travis’ cheeks at the question; it really did seem as if he were healed of all the pain inflicted from those thugs. Swallowing what little pride he had left, the teen replied, “yeah, I can see again; I might be a little slow too but I think I’ll be able to walk. Thanks for helping me; I was a goner if not for you.”

“It was nothing; ya would have easily lived,” the redneck answered, lifting up Travis with him as he stood. He kept his grasps firm on the teen, being sure to steady him before they even attempted to move forward. “Ya new to town or something; I would have thought ya would have signaled the authorities as soon as those punks started threatening ya.”

The red hue grew brighter as Travis avoided the other man’s eyes. “Yeah, I’m new and I don’t know about things in this city; what of it?” Travis snapped with a frown, embarrassed at how he seemed to this local contender.

The redneck chuckled at the teen’s response, quickly explaining himself to him. “Now, I wasn’t trying to hurt ya feelings or anything like that. Don’t worry about a thing; I’ll make sure ya don’t get bothered by those punks again. Where ya staying at? I’ll take ya there.” The man was greeted with silence, Travis still avoiding his eyes as the redneck sighed. “Ya don’t have a place to stay, do ya?”

“N-Not particularly; I just got here a little while ago,” Travis mumbled, hoping to recall Madeline telling him something about a residence or inn in the city. “To be honest, I only had one goal in mind and that was to get to the Library; now that I’ve done that, I really hadn’t thought things through on what to do next.”

“The Library; so ya’re an information gatherer or something?” The redneck questioned before releasing a chuckle. “Nah, nevermind that! I’ve been rude with not introducing myself; my name’s Timber. I’m a legend round here if ya must know; part of Team Power House.”

“Impressive,” the teen grumbled, ready to rid himself of anything to do with battles and brawls. “Look, I’m grateful again for what you did but I really should be figuring out where I’m going to stay tonight.”

Timber’s teal eyes were wide despite being hidden by his bangs, the middle-aged redneck reaching out to stop Travis from venturing away. “Wait a minute, Kid; you didn’t introduce yarself to me even though I did for ya. Plus, I said I was going to help ya and I meant it. Ya can stay with me tonight while ya figure things out; just tell me ya name so I know what to call ya.”

The teen grumbled yet relinquished the requested information, “my name is Travis; sorry, I’m just a little unsure with who I should really trust with my identity I guess.”

“No reason to be suspicious of me; I wouldn’t have saved ya if I didn’t think ya were remotely trustworthy,” Timber said with a grin, escorting the teen out of the alleyway and into the crowded streets once more. Travis was welcome to populated area; anything to get out of that dark place filled with torturous memories. “Tell ya what; I’ll take ya with me to my appointment and then ya can come with me to my place. Feel free to stay as long as ya want!”

“I appreciate the gesture but I’m no-,” Travis began but quickly paused, sighing with a look of defeat as he realized he needed to learn more about this city before he could truly handle his own. “Thanks so much; I accept your offer graciously.”

“Heh, now looks who’s sporting manners,” Timber said with a chuckle before helping Travis through the crowd, aiming out towards the towering stadium in the distance.  “Hope ya don’t mind me having to stop; I’m already pretty late for this appointment and I can’t simply skip out or anything like that.”

A gulp formed in Travis’ throat as he listened to Timber’s words. “Are you in some sort of trouble?” Travis questioned to his companion, Timber responding with his booming laughter. “I guess not?”

“Trouble? Nah, this is a meeting with a few friends of mine,” Timber said with a grin. “Being a part of Team Power House is an adventure in itself. Speaking of which, I’m guessing ya don’t know much about the Dome and the Crusaders since mentioning my team name hasn’t sparked any type of reaction from ya.”

A sigh escaped through the teen’s lips, “yeah, I have to admit I didn’t know a thing about the Crusaders until a little while ago; so therefore, I know nothing about the teams that fight there or who’s apart of them.”

“That’s sad; I was hoping ya would be stoked to hear who I was in the end,” Timber feigned a whine as he ushered through the crowd to the main walkways towards the Dome. “It’s cool though; ya’re about to see a few teams up close and personal.”

“I should have guessed,” Travis muttered under his breath, silently wishing he didn’t have to dip himself further into the battle pool than he already had been. However, his host was graciously looking out for him; the least he could do was suck it up and accompany him to his meeting. What could possibly go wrong?

“There’s Dante’s Pub up ahead; I knew it wouldn’t take us much longer,” Timber cheered as Travis blinked at the name; recalling it from somewhere before. “I just hope I’m not too late and they went on without me.”

The next events that played before Travis sent his whole body into shock; his icy blue orbs wide as a figure smashed through the tall glass window at the front of the pub. The shards rained down upon the cement as Timber pulled the teen backwards from the glass, the two of them gawking as the figure sailed through the air and landed in a heap on the ground. The figure was thin and belonged to a female no older than Travis, her body visibly shaken by the events that took place as she winced in pain. Cuts formed over her ivory skin from where the shards made contact, blood beading out from the slits and trailing down like a river.

“Oakley?” Timber called out to the figure, the girl managing to turn her head to glance at her addresser with embarrassment befalling her. “Oakley, what are you doing going through the window like that? Dante’s gonna kill us for that!”

“Yeah because I totally did that on purpose,” the girl mused with a groan, cherry cola locks falling over her kelly green eyes as she managed to pick herself up from the ground. Travis threatened to pull from Timber’s grasps to go aid the girl; however, the redneck pulled him back further to cease his attempts.

“Leave her be; she’s ok,” Timber muttered to his companion, motioning for Travis to watch as the one called Oakley stood straight before the opened space that she recently was tossed through like a ragdoll. “It might not look it now but she’s one of the toughest chicks this side of Doxie’s.”

The teen was in disbelief of such words; the girl was barely sixteen and had little muscle on those bones of hers. There wasn’t a weapon in sight on her person; the girl sporting a midriff tank held together with bamboo knobs and a tight black shorts covered by a sheer tribal skirt. A large collar was locked around her neck, a golden bell chiming there with every move she made. Tribal markings were sketched along the skin on her arms and cheekbones; Travis presuming her to be one of those surfing addicts who was absorbed in the tribal culture.

The only real abnormal thing about her was the furry, pointed ears protruding from her shaggy locks; in addition, she also had a thin, furry tail twitching in frustration at her current predicament. Was she some sort of cat girl?

Oakley kicked her sandals at the glass below her feet, frowning slightly before letting a hiss escape her lips. “Like hell I’m paying for this!” The girl cried as the markings on her arms and cheeks glowed as her arms were suddenly encased in fur; large claws replacing her fingers as she launched back into the pub.

Travis stood in awe at what he had seen, listening to the scuffle within the walls of the pub while Timber sighed. “D-Did she just-?” Travis stuttered, Timber nodding at his question begging to form from the repeated syllables.

“Yeah, she’s one of those shifting breeds; we’re lucky to have Oakley on our side because when she goes animalistic, there’s no escape,” Timber grumbled, stepping forward towards the pub that seemed in complete disarray. “Anyone sane left to tell me what’s going on here?”

Another figure bolted out of the open space where the window once stood, Travis gawking at the familiar face before him. Porter seemed slightly worn from his adventures in the impromptu battlefield, a large slice carved out of his cheek as he made his way to Timber’s side. What truly shocked Travis was the wiring showing where blood should have been; the circuitry sparking from the attack. Porter wasn’t a normal human at all; he was some sort of cyber genetic being. “Those assholes from Sanders’ Lot came through here and threatened this place; we told them to back off and they threw the first punch. Dante tried to stop the fight but it just got a little out of hand. Did you see what they did to poor Oakley? Now she’s going ballistic in there while I’m the only one available to calm her down. Timber, do something!”

There was little time for the redneck to ponder what was asked; Timber was already dashing into the pub to break up the fight between his friends and rivals. Porter was about to follow him into the fray when he turned his attention to Travis, his eyes wide in surprise at seeing the familiar face.

“Hey, it’s Country Boy!” Porter cheered with a grin despite his current injury, patting Travis’ shoulder happily to acknowledge his presence. “I was hoping I’d see you again though I had no idea it would ever be this soon! How ya been?”

“I-Is this really the time?” Travis stuttered as he motioned towards the Pub battlefield before them, fearful of what was to come.

“Oh right,” Porter gasped as he smacked himself in the forehead, motioning for another moment before also launching himself back into the fray. “I’ll be right back; don’t go too far ok!”

Travis was at a loss for words as he watched his new friends battle on in the pub, debating taking off in the opposite direction and seeking shelter at the Library. Though Matilda had threatened his life a few times; she was probably safer to deal with than this rowdy bunch.

*~End Chapter Five~*

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