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Title: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Thirteen Posted*
Post by: Makastar on May 29, 2010, 11:11:45 am
The Misfit Players
A Fanfic by Alice Freeangel

AN: For those who suddenly noticed my thread disappear from existence, don't worry! The fanfic is still here and I'll be updating as frequently as possible. My Betas all had different views of the chapters and I finally decided for the sake of everyone that I'd shorten up the chapters, as in I'm cutting up the chapters and making them their own thing. So don't worry, I'll  be posted often to get to where I was in the original thread, it won't take me that long to go through all the edits.

As stated back in the first chapter before, I don't mind adding in other people's characters into the fic. You have to send me a detailed bio of the character as well as a drabble of some sort just so I can see your character in an everyday situation. The new characters will either show up in the war of The Beginning section or be brought in the next section.

All right, I want to see some feedback. I love getting constructive criticism because it betters me as a writer. No flames or they will be deleted from the thread. Thanks very much in advance for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter One:

The people bustled throughout the city as the clock tower resonated from above, its five chimes echoing down to the streets below. The sidewalk outside Tony’s Television shop was crowded, the viewers' anxious eyes staring in amazement at the colored pictures dancing across the manmade mountain of screens. No doubts that they were watching another heroic display from the Powerpuff Girls or possibly even Ben Tennyson. To the admirers there, the heroic efforts were signs that everything was right in the world and that it would all be ok.

But to Dustin Hawthorne, it was a reminder of how hopeless his dreams were.

‘Heroes, huh…geez, a bunch of showoffs is more like it…’ Dustin bit his lip as stared on at the screens, watching as Blossom and Bubbles crushed a large monster into the earth just outside of Townsville Center. Their strength was evident in each blow they dealt, ending the fight within seconds.

“And there you have it, another wonderful display from the Powerpuff Girls,” the reporter exclaimed as she stood at the edge of the battle scene, gesturing for the girls to come over. The red and blue Powerpuff both exchanged looks before flying over to the reporter, Bubbles beaming with satisfaction as Blossom remained stern. “Tell us girls, how do you feel knowing that you’ve saved us from certain danger once again?”

Bubbles glanced over at her sister, most likely because Blossom was the leader of the two and was the one to handle the public speaking aspect of their career. Blossom gave a subtle nod before answering the question.

“Battling this creature and protecting the people is our duties as your heroes and we are more than happy to get the job done,” Blossom stated. “Just knowing that we have aided the people and kept them safe from this horrific danger is enough for us. We are pleased that everyone is safe and very grateful that you all for believing in us. Thank you very much.”

A tinge of jealousy arose within the seventeen year old as he shifted his gaze from the televisions, his black bangs falling over his aquamarine orbs. It seemed in life Dustin was dealt with a lousy hand, idly having to stand by as he watched others do the job he felt he was meant to do. Dustin wanted to be the hero that everyone praised. But what could he possibly do, he was a powerless human who spent his days working to help his family make ends meet. There wasn’t even the slightest chance that someone would scream out, “Oh no, a monster! Someone call Dustin Hawthorne, he’ll save us!” He’d be the last one to call, especially with heroes like the Powerpuff Girls and Benn Tennyson around. Heck, even Bloo would be a better choice for saving the day than Dustin Hawthorne.

Sighing, the teen pressed on through the crowd, dodging the wave of thrill from the dedicated fans. He just had to swallow his words and make it to the slider station at the next block. Then he would be able to relax on the slider as it darted towards Orchid Bay; his home. At least to his family, he was a hero…

-End of Chapter One-

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning
Post by: Makastar on May 30, 2010, 08:58:20 pm
AN: Hahaha! Well, the edits are coming along pretty well for the chapters I posted in the old thread. It will be a few days before I can really work on the war chapters though. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to get the new chappies to you guys as soon as possible :D

Also, before I destroyed the old thread, I had a request up for you guys to make requests on what CN characters you want me to feature in the war chapters. I’ve gotten requests (All from Baki :P) for Kevin, Hex, Demongo, Flapjack and Courage (With special guest appearance by Stephen Merchant??? Haha!). I would love more requests from people so post what characters you would like to see featured in the war :D

Just a reminder, if you want a character of yours to have a role in my fanfic for the war chappies, please submit your characters bio and a drabble to me as soon as possible. Thanks guys and enjoy the new chappie!!!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Two:

Ballet shoes tiptoed in silence, following the diminutive genius as he paced himself down the main hall of Dexlabs. Computress hovered at Dexter’s heels, listing off the main duties for the day as well as the progress his Dexbots were making on the latest prototypes for the new hoverboards.

DeeDee peered around the corner of her hiding place, giggling in excitement from not being discovered yet. Then again, her little brother might have been a genius but he could never catch onto her until she finally touched something she shouldn’t. Those times usually ended with an explosion of some sort, Dexter shouting many forms of obscenities while he forced DeeDee out of his laboratory.

“Dexter, my sensors detect that DeeDee is in pursuit. Should I issue the Dexbots to guard the laboratory doors?” Computress hummed as the ginger-haired boy sighed, glancing quickly behind him to catch his older sister prancing about in a lively manner.

“It wouldn’t matter if you did, she would still get within my laboratory anyway,” Dexter sighed before turning heel to his sister, the blond skidding to a halt before him. “DeeDee, I don’t have time to be dealing with your escapades today. I have a very important experiment in my laboratory and you even coming near the laboratory spells disaster.”

“Awww!” Deedee whined, leaving the genius to stare on in annoyance as she slumped back down the hall.

“Has she given up?” Computress questioned beside the genius, who shook his head in response. The blond was no doubt hiding behind the corner she just turned at, waiting for them both to continue on their way.

“We’ll have to deal with her again in due time. But for right now, what’s the status on that planet that has appeared on the radar?” Dexter led Computress to the doors to his main laboratory, waving at the Dexbots as he strolled through the doorway.


Both the ginger-haired genius and his robotic assistant came to a halt, the boy biting his lip to avoid shouting back at his sister. After all, her voice seemed rather…urgent?

“What is it, DeeDee?” The boy turned heel to the doorway, eyeing his sister in the main hallway. The blonde’s blue orbs ogled above to one of the windows lining the hallway, her gaze steady on whatever was outside of them. “DeeDee…what’s wrong?”

“Dexter,” DeeDee whispered, her eyes never deterring from the window. “The sky…something’s wrong with the sky?”

The lab was oddly silent after DeeDee spoke, all beings shifting their gazes towards the closest window. Computress drifted to where the blond stood, allowing the input she was receiving to process. When the genius was met with not even an explanation from his assistant, he massaged his temple and progressed over to the girls.

“This had better not be a…” Dexter swallowed his words, his genius mind trying to grasp how this could have happened so quickly. The boy couldn’t help but gawk for a minute, the large green mass reflecting in his lens. “Computress…”

“Yes Dexter?”

“Assemble the heroes…and begin negotiations with the villains,” Dexter instructed. “Our futures are on the line.”

-End Chapter Two-

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning
Post by: CTRL ALT Dead on May 30, 2010, 09:02:21 pm
Uh excuse me miss... when is the continouation to
the very last chapter you posted in the original thread going to come out ??? :angel:

Oh and "Incarnate" second chapter is coming out tomorrow ;)

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning
Post by: Makastar on May 30, 2010, 09:13:18 pm
Uh excuse me miss... when is the continouation to
the very last chapter you posted in the original thread going to come out ??? :angel:

Oh and "Incarnate" second chapter is coming out tomorrow ;)

Lol, the edits are taking me about a week. I'm hoping by next weekend to have a new chapter out for you guys :P Be patient and YAY FOR NEW INCARNATE CHAPTER!!!

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning
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AN: Special thanks to TurqoiseAngel for featuring my first chapter of Misfit Players Beginning in the 31st Issue of the Darklands Gazette!!! Here’s the link to the thread of the issue: http://ultrafusionfallmultiindex.smfforfree3.com/index.php/topic,1323.0.html

I’m still hoping for some requests for CN characters to feature so if you get the chance, tell me what you want to see in the Misfit Players Beginning war chapters. I’m going to be posting the edited chapters up during this week and then start working on the next chapter so if you guys could submit them by then, that’d be epic! Thanks again and hope you all enjoy!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Three:

Car horns roared loudly, their sounds echoing within the concrete and metal jungle that was City Station. Engines rumbling through the traffic in the streets as most people began their migration back to their homes. And within the horde of inhabitants swarming the streets, two sixteen-year-old boys walked together for an equivalent destination.

“Ugh, my bones are getting restless here with no excitement,” the dark-skinned boy grumbled as he dug his hands deeper into his pockets. “I don’t see how you can not be on edge right now with all the lack of jobs we’ve been getting.”

“It’s fine. Lucy hasn’t been able to find any of us steady work,” the pale boy mumbled, his height towering over most of the surrounding occupants of the sidewalk. “We should be grateful to have any jobs at all, Steel. We are still not accepted by the majority of the community remember.”

“Tch! Still doesn’t help with my impatience here, Ronny,” the one named Steel said as he fumed, both boys turning into a small park circle. There were shaded tables just outside of an ice cream booth; their meeting place. “Is everyone here?”

“Austin and Lex are at the table. No doubt Mae is getting ice cream,” Ronny motioned a wave to the two boys sitting at the closest table to the sidewalk. “Hey.”

The youngest at the table, a tanned thirteen-year-old boy with sandy blond hair, smiled up at Ronny and Steel as they approached. He placed his drawing pad on the table and waved happily at them while the other boy, an agitated sixteen year old with tanned skin and bright red hair curling past his ears, rolled his eyes at their presence.

“What took you guys so long, jeez?” The redhead growled, not even hesitating to show off his aggravation. “We’ve been here for over an hour!”

“Yeah well…I had detention again so I had to stay back late,” Steel rolled his eyes as he spoke. “I ended up punching one of the punching bags clear off of the chains in gym today and it flattened Coach Simmons. He went ballistic and kept insisting how I did it all on purpose. Yeah right…I just, I have a hard time holding back my strength you know.”

The redhead nodded and kept quiet as the other two boys sat down at the table. The younger boy smiled brightly as a girl almost identical to the redheaded boy skipped over to the table, balancing three ice cream cones in her hands.

“I got ice cream for my two favorite brothers!” The girl known as Mae smiled happily as she skidded to a stop, letting out a gasp as one of the cones flipped out of her hand and landed squarely on top her twin’s head. “Oops, sorry Lex, I didn’t mean to do that. But I guess that’s your ice cream cone, hehe.”

“Mae, what the…?! God, you do this stuff all the time!” The redheaded boy fumed in his place as the girl shoved the ice cream cones in the younger brother’s hands, trying to clean the substance out of her twin brother’s hair.

“Aw it was an accident, get over it Lex,” Steel chuckled at the three siblings across from him. “Did you bring Chomp with you, Lex?”

The twins’ both hushed at the question, Mae sliding into a seat between her brothers. The redheaded male nodded to a large duffle bag at his feet, which Steel took as his response.

“He’s out cold right now so it’s best not to wake him up,” Lex mumbled, directing a glare in Steel’s direction. “He was awake earlier but you guys took forever to get here!”

“Zip it, Lex…we’ve got a situation on our hands,” Ronny held up his wrist, pointing at the nanocom there. “We got a call from Lucy.”

“A job?” The ecstatic redheaded girl chimed in beside her brothers, her face lit up like a candle. “Oh how exciting! We haven’t had one of those in awhile!”

“We don’t really know if it’s an actual job yet,” Ronny explained to his team. “We were just instructed by Lucy to investigate the Orchid Bay area as well as the Beach.”

“Investigate?” Austin questioned, piping into the conversation finally. “Investigate what exactly?”

As Ronny began explaining that Lucy had not given them any specifics yet on the assignment, Steel noticed his nanocom begin to flash. An incoming message no doubt, the boy pulled a gloved hand out of his jacket pocket and pressed the button just below the screen. Words developed on the now-lit screen and his chocolate brown eyes scanned them carefully.

“Guys…” Steel interrupted, causing the table to fall silent. “We need to move now to Orchid Bay. So let’s go.”

“You got a message from Lucy already?” Ronny mumbled as Steel got to his feet, slipping his hands back into his jacket pockets. “What did she say?”

“Four simple words,” Steel answered with a smirk. “Look to the sky.”

“Look to the…?” The four still sitting at the table all muttered to themselves as they gazed upwards to the sky. Mae and Austin both let out a gasp as Ronny groaned and Lex chuckled. “What…what’s that?”

“That, my friends, is our assignment,” Steel slid on his sunglasses, his smirk still painted there across his face. “This is definitely going to get us accepted by them heroes. And finally, we get some decent action.”

-End of Chapter Three-

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I can see the total "WTF idc 'bout your dam thing"ness
behind your post...

And yay new reapeat chapter :angel:(http://www.smfboards.com/Smileys//smf/cheesy.gif)

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I can see the total "WTF idc 'bout your dam thing"ness
behind your post...

And yay new reapeat chapter :angel:(http://www.smfboards.com/Smileys//smf/cheesy.gif)

LOL I do care, make the new chappie appear now so I can readz it :P I'll go faster with my posts if you do!!! :D

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YAY!!! okay i'l have it early morning tomorrow.
oh and do bonusses count(http://www.smfboards.com/Smileys//smf/undecided.gif)

as in like "Mot's poem" or somethin like that?

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Updated*
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YAY!!! okay i'l have it early morning tomorrow.
oh and do bonusses count(http://www.smfboards.com/Smileys//smf/undecided.gif)

as in like "Mot's poem" or somethin like that?

Sure, that counts :P Any specific CN characters you want me to feature in the war chapters? Those are the main questions i've been asking in the AN's for the reposted chapters. :3

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Updated*
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Nope just keep me entertained
it shouldn't be that hard... ooo a wall!!

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Updated*
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I can't wait for the war chapters. -Sits down- Cillian and Jack need to show up and participate~
Oh my, Stephen Merchant is going to make an appearance? Wonderful! How very spiffy. ^^

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Updated*
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AN: All right, the original first chapter is completely re-posted! Now just three more original chapters to go and then I’ll be onto the War chapters! Remember to get in your requests by the end of this week to have your favorite CN characters featured in the War chapters! Thanks and Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Four:

His steps were quick as Dustin marched the streets of Orchid Bay to his home. His mother, Lidia Hawthorne, was most likely home by now cooking dinner for the family. His father, Reggie Hawthorne, worked at the docks on the ships and would most likely not appear until well after sunset. And his little brother Devin would undoubtedly be playing in the yard waiting for his brother to return from his long day at school and work.

“Big Bro!” Dustin heard the cheerful voice of his brother as he came to the final leg of his trip, his strides growing longer so that he hurried into the yard to greet Devin. “Yay, Big Bro’s home!”

“Hey Devin, hard at play I see,” Dustin patted the younger boy’s head as he came to a halt within the yard, staring over at the setting sun with interest. “Man, I made it home just in time, eh?”

“Sure did!” Devin cheered as he twirled around happily. “Bro, did you hear? The Powerpuff Girls saved the day again! It was on the TV earlier.”

“Yeah, I heard that,” Dustin mumbled in response, letting out a sigh as he remembered his hopeless dreams.

“But the Powerpuff Girls haven’t got anything on you, Big Bro! You’re the best hero I know!” Devin continued to praise his brother as Dustin let a smile creep to his lips. At least he was a hero to somebody.


Dustin paused as Devin fell silent, the young boy staring towards the direction opposite where his brother was facing. The black-haired boy turned heel to the street, eyeing the girl who most likely was the owner to the voice.

“Sorry, do we know you?” Dustin questioned as he looked over the girl on the street, her chocolate brown hair put up in a bun to keep it out of her pale face. “You don’t look familiar.”

“You said hero? Are you a hero?” The girl ignored Dustin’s questions, continuing her prodding from the street. “Could you be one of the Misfit Players?”

“Misfit players?” Dustin repeated as he raised an eyebrow. “What in the world are you talking about? Who are you?”

“So you’re not…” The girl sighed, her aggravation evident as she stomped her foot. “I was hoping that I’d finally found them. I want to show them that I have what it takes to be a player.”

“Will you at least answer who you are and who these ‘Misfit Players’ are?” Dustin pushed Devin up on the porch, instructing him to get inside and away from the strange girl that had appeared. “If not then I’m gonna have to ask you to leave, crazy girl.”

“Crazy girl, wow you’re quite the rude one. You’re definitely not hero material,” the girl mumbled, light green eyes shooting a glare in Dustin’s direction. “My name is Abby if you must know. Abigail Louis, the next hero to join the ranks of the Misfit Players.”

“Wait, hero? How are you a hero, you look pretty normal to me,” Dustin snapped back at the girl.

“You yell at me about not introducing myself immediately yet rude boy doesn’t bother to show the same common courtesy towards myself. You really are rude,” Abby sighed again as she stared up at the sky, her green eyes growing wide at the green mass that had come into view. “That thing…in the sky! Oh no, I need to find the Misfit Players.”

Dustin heard the girl as she panicked from her place on the street, darting off towards the direction of the docks. However, all he could think about was what she had mentioned before. The Misfit Players, apparently some group of heroes existed and he knew nothing about it. And if they could accept some crazy girl like that, then Dustin might actually have a chance.

“Wait…the sky?” Dustin finally grasped the final words the girl spoke, his aquamarine eyes gazing upwards to the sky. And what he saw would change his life forever.

-End of Chapter Four-

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Updated*
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AN: While going through the fic and making my edits, I started debating changing up Chapter Three and Four of the original fanfic in order to move it along more quickly into the war chapters. In addition to that, I possibly want to make the action scenes more epic because right not they are pretty mediocre. I’ll keep you guys posted if I manage to make the changes. Until then, Thanks for reading and Enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Five:

High above the world was a green mass, its size as great as the moon itself. To be honest, Dustin had to refrain from chuckling since the object in question resembled something as the result of a sneeze. However, the teen knew he had to remain serious at that moment. Whatever that thing in the sky was, it most certainly didn’t belong there.

“Dustin, get inside now!”

The teen turned back towards the house, his mother standing on the doorstep with fear evident in her blue eyes. Lidia tapped her foot anxiously as Dustin stumbled up the steps, making his way inside the house. As soon as she confirmed her son was safely within the walls, Lidia closed the door behind her and rushed back into the main living room where Devin sat in silence in front of a large flat screen TV.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Dustin questioned before his mother narrowed her eyes at him, the teen falling silent under her stare.

Displayed on the screen was the Network News station, both anchors holding back fearful cries as they relayed the news to the viewing audience. So many feeds were being brought onto the screen, each one about the same subject: the green mass in the sky.

“The strange form in the sky, believed to be a planet of some sort, appeared sometime this afternoon. So far, we have gotten no word on what the planet is or why it has appeared. We’re waiting for conformation from Alicia who’s in the field with Dexter at Dexlabs,” the female anchor stated before nodding. “It seems we have conformation with Alicia, so we’re going live on the scene at Dexlabs. Alicia?”

The scene changed to outside of a large, white building, which was immediately recognized as Dexlabs. And standing on the steps of the huge building was none other than Dexter himself, eyeing the camera in annoyance as the reporter began her story beside him.

“Well Debra, it seems that our suspicions were correct. It has been confirmed that a planet has somehow made its way into our rotation, somehow weaseling its way here under limited detection. The planet, right now still shrouded in mystery, has formed panic all across the globe,” the reporter, Alicia, said while nodding to the boy genius to her right. “I’m here right now with Boy Genius Dexter who has more on this situation. Dexter, what is this planet? What information can you give us about it?”

“We are currently working within the laboratory to fully understand what that planet is. I’ve received samples from meteorites that resembles the components that planet is made up of and we’ve discovered that this substance might actually be built of living organisms,” Dexter answered, keeping his focus on the camera despite the panic that was evidently around him. “However, we do not fully understand the substances yet. We will be completed a series of experiments to gain new understanding of it.”

“Dexter, how come the planet had managed to appear without any detection beforehand?” Alicia questioned, her microphone tight in hand as she awaited the boy’s answer.

“To be truthful, I’m not sure how this planet managed to enter the rotation without being detected by our satellites. It could be that the planet itself caused malfunctions in our equipment that made it possible to move without giving us any type of notice. However, currently I do not have a clear answer for you,” Dexter sighed at the thought of his instruments actually malfunctioning to this giant mass but he shook his head. He knew he had more important things to worry about right now.

“Dexter, one last question,” Alicia continued. “Is this a threat to us? Are we in danger with this planet showing itself to us?”

The boy genius paused at the question, unable to bring himself to utter a simple sentence. At that moment, he really had no answers for anyone. And that was one thing that Dexter didn’t like; being unable to give an answer. But he knew he needed to say something to at least calm down the people and keep some kind of peace.

“Alicia, I can tell you this,” Dexter spoke with a reassuring smile. “You can bet that no matter what, the heroes of this land will do everything in their power to get to the bottom of this. If this turns out to be some sort of threat, we will handle it and keep the public safe from harm.”

“Mom, does this mean the planet-thing is ok?” Devin whispered from his seat on the floor, snapping Dustin and Lidia out of their daze. The mother sighed before going to her youngest son’s side, kneeling beside him and holding him close. Dustin could feel his body quiver at the thought of that planet in the sky, yet he knew he had to stay strong. “The planet-thing is not evil right? It’s just up there to show off?”

“I’m not sure, sweetie. All I can tell you is that it will all be ok,” Lidia whispered to her son, keeping her hold strong on him as her oldest moved to the window. “Dustin, don’t stand at the window. We just need to stay together in the house. I got a call from your father a little while ago and he’s going to head straight home, all right?”

The teen ignored his mother’s worried demands, his aquamarine eyes staying firmly on the planet above. With each moment that passed, Dustin began to piece together the puzzling mystery that was hovering within the sky. It seemed to be some type of green matter that somehow formed into a large mass. What Dustin found strange was that there were other large forms within the single mass, each seeming to be different types of planets. Could the green matter have been…consuming other planets?

“Wait, what is…?” Dustin gasped, his orbs grown wide in fear as he gazed at the scene that was taking place within the sky. “Mom, get whatever you need now. Things are about to get even worse.”

-End of Chapter Five-

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Updated*
Post by: Makastar on May 31, 2010, 12:37:01 pm
AN: Still deciding on whether or not to rewrite the old Chapter Three and Four from the original fanfic, I’ll keep you guys posted! Also, get those requests in for what CN characters you want to see in the war chapters. Thanks for reading and Enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Six:

   The ginger-haired boy bit his lip as his eyes kept to the sky, watching the scene unfold before him. The planet above them seemed to be releasing pods into the atmosphere, each pod in a collision course for the Earth itself. Computress hovered to the genius’ side, awaiting a chance to speak to her creator.

   “Computress, status report?”

   “Dexter, we have made contact with all heroes. Everyone is preparing for battle,” the computer stated, staring at her compuboard in hand. “We’ve begun to circulate messages for the villains. So far, we have one who is very eager to speak with you.”

   “And let me guess, that would be…”

   “Well well well, looks like Dexter has finally proven himself to be inferior to my skills,” a familiar voice cackled behind the ginger-haired genius as he sighed, turning heel to greet the newcomer. “It’s time for everyone to see that Mandark is superior, Mwah ha ha, mwah ha ha ha ha!”
   “Mandark?” Dexter gave a grin of approval towards his rival. “This is a surprise. You’ve decided to join the fight?” 

   “My superior skills are what will take over the world. Whatever this threat is, it’s becoming a nuisance and will possibly cause complications in achieving my goal,” Mandark stated simply, showing his selfishness at full force. “That’s why I’m adding myself to the front lines. My Mandroids and I will provide the right equipment to save our world so that I can take it over.”

   Dexter chose to ignore his rival’s remarks on taking over the world, knowing that he had no time to be having a petty fight between themselves. The world needed as much help as it could get right now, and even though Mandark was a villain he was needed.

   “It’s good to have you aboard, Mandark,” Dexter commented before turning back to Computress. “How long do we have until those pods that are falling make contact with the Earth?”

   “We have calculated the first impact to be in approximately less than twenty minutes Dexter. We have begun performing evacuations for the possible targeted areas with the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s,” Computress answered while glancing at the compupad. “We have sent heroes to all of the major areas of impact. In addition, we’ve begun preparations to send out airships for assistance if need be.”

   “Thank you, Computress. We will need those airships it seems,” Dexter sighed before glancing over to Mandark. “Have you also…?”

   “I’ve been making preparations since the planet became visible. We’re ready to launch as soon as you are ready,” Mandark smirked as the ginger-haired genius nodded, raising a purple-gloved hand into the air.
   “May this be a stand for the heroes…”

   “And villains!”

   “Fine, yes, may this be a stand for the heroes and villains of our world. Whatever this matter is, it is our enemy and we must handle it as soon as possible!” Dexter felt his blood race as he prepared his next words. “This is a war for our world. We must not lose this battle. Win at all costs!”

Just outside of Tech Square…

   The motor rumbled of the scarlet motorcycle as its driver scanned the screen of her nanocom, her ebony hair pulled back so that it didn’t fall into her face. Her twenty-five years in life seeking adventure seemed to have finally paid off. The woman smiled as she rewound the tape, hearing Dexter’s final words before rushing back into his laboratory to finish his preparations.

   “Seems the Misfit Players will finally get to make their stand as well, that’s exciting! I was worried that our team would be living in the shadows forever,” the woman chuckled as she tampered with the screen once more, this time launching a call to one of her teammates. “Hey Auron, can you hear me?”

   The screen lit up once again as a face of an older male, around thirty years of age, appeared there. The man looked agitated with the call but he made no effort to complain.

   “What is it, Lucy? Good news I hope?”

   “I’ve sent you as well as the other players the video of our dear little ginger making a stand,” the one called Lucy stated, sliding comfortably in the seat of her bike in order to move out. “Boss seems to think that the heroes will still be hesitant in allowing us to join the fight.”

   “From what I’ve gathered, this planet is bad news and I don’t think even the heroes and villains combined could handle it,” the one called Auron replied with a frown. “They’re going to need our help, whether they like it or not.”

   “Heh, you’ve always had a way with words. I’m sure if you talk to Dexter he’d have no choice but to agree with you,” Lucy chuckled once more as she revved her engine. “What’s your position right now?”

   “I’m in Nowhere right now. Got a call from a panicked puppy saying that strange occurrences were happening here,” Auron paused for a moment before smirking. “Well, stranger than usual in this place.”

   “That’s good, I’ve sent teams out to all the major areas to fight at the front lines,” Lucy said. “This really is the best time for us to make our stand. It’s horrible that this might become a huge war, but at least with all of us working together we can defeat this enemy.”

   “Yeah, and that’s all you really want. To be able to work together with everyone has always been your goal,” Auron said before nodding. “I need to continue investigating this side. The timer’s still running for impact from what I can tell so I’ll be as quick to gather information as I can. Be safe out there, Lucy.”

   “Same to you, Love,” Lucy signed out of the call before easing back into the seat, sliding on her helmet before kicking off the bike. And with her nanocom guiding her, Lucy drove off towards Orchid Bay.

-End of Chapter Six-

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Updated*
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AN: Yay! Finally, a rewrite!!! I haven’t really been able to edit it so I’ll edit as I go. But here’s the start of the new direction for the fic. In all truth, the storyline isn’t really changing. I’m just taking a smaller, hopefully shorter path to get to the beginning of the war. If you are one of the readers of the original fic, this is just a shout out that I did indeed change it somewhat. I won’t spoil it for the other readers though so go ahead and read on :3 Thanks for reading and hope you guys enjoy!

Also, if you guys could get your votes in, I’ll be adding in CN characters as well as original characters in the next couple of chapters including Baki’s boys and a few other requested people ^_^

Remember, if you want a character to be apart of the fanfic then please email me a bio and a drabble with your character and I’ll be able to fit them into the storyline.

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Seven:

Within moments of Dustin catching a glimpse at the falling pods, an evacuation notice blinked onto the TV screen. Sirens filled the air as panicked families flooded out of their homes toward the docks, where S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s were waiting to greet them. The Hawthorne family was no exception, quickly grabbing their essential belongings and stumbling out the door with their hysteric neighbors.

The run was tiresome but Lidia kept a fast pace, eventually lifting Devin into her arms so he didn’t lag behind. Dustin stayed at his mother’s heels, afraid to dash ahead of her for even a second. As long as she was in front of him, he could see that she and Devin were all right.

“Mom, the docks are just ahead. We need to get into the lines for evacuation. Keep a hold on Devin since the crowds will be less merciful than in the city. After all, the people are in a mass panic.”

   “Don’t worry, Dustin. I have Devin. I am more worried about getting separated from you so stay close to me!” Lidia called back as they approached the thundering crowd of people just outside the docks. Everyone was pushing forward, hoping to be the next to get a seat on the loading S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s. “Oh dear, how are we going to find Reggie in this mess?”

   “Everyone listen up! You need to stay calm here as we file you into the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s,” one of the K.N.D. operatives present called above the crowd. “There are enough S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s here to evacuate everyone so if you just keep the panic to a minimum we’ll be able to safely evacuate you all without delay! Peach Creek and areas within the suburbs were built with underground habitats to house entire countries if need be so the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s will be taking everyone to the underground. There’s enough S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s here to evacuate both Orchid Bay and Bravo Beach so there won’t be a problem with getting onboard as long as nothing major holds up the loading. In addition, the heroes have moved in to assist with evacuation as well as being at the front lines of battle. These measures are mainly being taken because of the falling pods. Dexter and his men still don’t know the gravity of the situation yet and want to make sure that everyone is out of danger.”

   The horde was packed full with worried families but they managed to heed the instructions from the operatives, knowing now that the heroes were moving out to assist them in their rescue. The lines were dwindling at a steady pace, the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s filled to the brim with citizens for evacuation. The Hawthorne family was packed into the line as well, sandwiched between their neighbors with little room to breathe.

“Our turn is coming up…where’s your father?” Lidia whispered to Dustin as the line pushed forward, inching closer and closer to their destination. “I don’t want to leave without knowing he’s safe.”

“He might have already gotten on a S.C.A.M.P.E.R., Mom. Just keep going forward, we have to think about Devin right now,” Dustin replied, his hands keeping a firm grip on the woman’s shoulders. The little brother glanced back at his sibling, tears threatening to escape with each passing moment. Dustin didn’t blame him; this was one of the scariest situations a person could be in. “It’s going to be ok, Devin. Just keep thinking about getting to see the heroes in action. They’re going to save the day again for us all.”

“But Daddy…” Devin whimpered in Lidia’s arms as Dustin bit his lip, afraid of what words he should form next. “Daddy isn’t here, who’s going to save Daddy?”

The black-haired teen gulped down his reply, knowing full well that his words were not helping the situation. The younger brother would keep whimpering while his mother continued to worry, there was no way to fix that future unless Reggie could be located.

“Reggie wouldn’t leave without his family,” Lidia mumbled back to her eldest son, all the while inching forward with the line. “And now we’re getting closer to be loaded up into the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s without him.”

“Well Mom, if you’re sure that he hasn’t left,” Dustin whispered before taking a step out of the line, glancing back towards the pier side town. “I’ll go get Dad and bring him back here. You and Devin ride the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. to safety and I’ll make sure Dad and I catch the next ride outta here.”

“Wait what?!” Lidia shrieked as she reached for her eldest, tears leaking from her eyes. “No Dustin, you’re not leaving here too! You’re just a kid! You can’t be wandering around here when there’s a possible invasion coming!”

“I’m not a kid anymore Mom, I go to high school while managing two jobs! I help you guys with the bills to make sure we can keep ends meeting,” Dustin snapped back a retort. “I’m not a little kid that needs to be constantly babied. I’m an older teen who’ll be going to college soon and living on my own. I’m going to help by finding Dad and getting him back on this S.C.A.M.P.E.R. so take Devin and wait for us in the underground ok?”

Lidia was taken aback from her son’s outburst, shocked to see that her little Dustin was no longer holding back his feelings. Her son was now becoming more of an adult, and surprisingly, more like a hero as well. The mother sighed in relent, nodding for her eldest to move out and head back to the town.

“Your father might have run back towards home and missed us in the panic,” Lidia spoke as Dustin prepared to run. “You have to promise me as soon as you find Reggie that you’re coming back here to get on the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.! I don’t want to have two of my family missing in action.”

“Yeah Mom, I promise we’ll be right behind you guys,” Dustin smiled as he gave a nod. “Devin, you and Mom stay safe all right? You gotta be the big man and protect her. You guys be safe! I’m going to go save Dad.”

“See Mommy, I told you before that Big Brother is a hero,” Devin gave a small smile through his tears, Lidia nodding in agreement as Dustin dashed out towards their home. “We don’t have anything to fear, Big Brother’s going to smash down the enemies and save the day, just you wait.

-End of Chapter Seven-

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good job maka

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look at the shock files and give me a charater please

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Why have I waited so long to begin reading this incredible work of fan fiction? I have shame...forgive me Alice .  :'(

You were always willing to take the time to read my work and post encouragement, and I think I need to shape up and start returning the favor.

I have read through chapter three. Shivers went up and down my spine when Steel slipped on his dark shades as cool as a cucumber in the first chapter.  :o

I must continue to read through chapter seven!

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DAWWWW! Thank u guys for reading my fanfic :3 and Aw Agent read my story? ^^ I'm so pleased to have such kind words from such a gifted writer!!! Thanks to everyone *bows*

Ok so you are all probably wondering, "Alice, where's that next chappie you promised us?" Well...hehehe...I haven't finished it yet ^_^' sorta forgot the fic existed there for a good week or so XD But I keep getting reminded by a few readers *looks over at Soapy aka Miley Cyrus* I'm here to say that along with lots of work I'm doing right now, I'm actually going to sit down and write up the chappie completely this week. I might post some snip-its in the Writers Guild.

As most of you know, I started reposting everything and making the chappies shorter...plus I decided in the last chappie that I would rewrite some things to make it hurry up with the storyline. So instead of just reposting all the things I wrote beforehand, I have to actually rewrite a chappie :P That's why its taking so long.

Anyway, I appreciate you guys sticking with me through my hiatus. Look forward to seeing a few chappies in the making very soon ^^

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I completely forgot this fanfic existed, as well. :U I'm so horrible. ._.
Anyhow; I'm waiting for Jack 'n Cillian to make their grand appearances. ;n; I've got another character for you, if you wouldn't mind adding him... He could be seen fighting Jack, or something. They despise each other, ehee.

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AHAHAHA! Well its ok, the fic's own writer forgot it existed ^_- that's probably as bad as it gets! ^^ But sure, you know the drill just post me a bio and I'll be able to add him in! :3

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Wow.... The story was Incredible, amazing, exciting and so much more! I read the first Chapter and was intrigued on how well written it was.   :laugh: You captured the characters perfectly! I love the part when Dexter is speaking of the stand for heroes and when Mandark interrupts. lol! You out did yourself Alice! The next chapter you wright, Im defiantly going to read it.   ;D

P.S. I had to edit this a lot because I kept finding another reason why I loved this story. :D

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Phew, I'm finally all caught up. As expected, you write one mean peice of fan-fiction Alice. I am curious to see how Dustin will blossom into a hero.

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Wait when did you post chapter seven? It seems kind of familiar
for some reason... I have not read it completely though... just
a couple of lines at the beggining...

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Aw thank u everyone for the kind words ^^ I'm glad that you all liked it!!!

And silly Rucka, I actually started rewriting chapters so its not the "same thing" you read before when the fic was originally posted :P

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Goodie! I have more to read when I'm bored out of my mind.

Off-topic: I can't seem to get silver crates from the race that gave me
the green ski thingy. I raced twice and got both golds <_<.

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While searching through the story, I realized I should really post up some of the bios for my characters just so you guys could get to know them ^^ Here's a look at Dustin and Abby as well as the Members of Team 6 :3 I'll add more bios as I go so no worries ^^

Name: Dustin Hawthorne
Age: 17
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Black hair often kept messy
Eyes: Aquamarine
Skin: Fair
Powers/Fighting Style: Currently Unknown
Facts: A teenager who works two jobs while dealing with school, he cares deeply for his family. He always had a dream to be a “hero” but as time went on, he started separating dreams from his known reality. When Abby tells him about the Misfit Players, he is taken from his relatively normal life and thrown into a life he dreamed of having.

Name: Davis “Steel” Monroe
Age: 16
Height: 5’9” ½
Hair: small dreads, black
Eyes: Gray
Skin: Dark, African-American
Powers/Fighting Style: Strength, steel-plates forming all over his body, currently the most prominent on his arms and hands.
Facts: Steel is often having trouble holding back his own strength, which gets him in trouble a lot with his superiors. The steel plates on his body he conceals, including always wearing a jacket and gloves to hide his almost completely-covered arms and hands. He’s the leader of Team 6.

Name: Abigail “Abby” Louis
Age: 17
Height: 5’6” ½
Hair: brunette, tied up into a bun
Eyes: Forest Green
Skin: Fair
Powers/Fighting Style: She has fairy wings and wields magic powers
Facts:  Abby has a past that has yet to be shared with the group, it was rough for her being the way she is but when she heard about the Misfit Players, she knew that would be a place for her to belong.

Name:  Alex “Lex” Dupree
Age:  16
Height:  5’5” ½
Hair:  Curly red hair, grown past ears
Eyes: Bright Green
Skin: Tanned
Powers/Fighting Style: Uses Chomp to fight while wielding him
Facts:  A hotheaded twin with a huge passion for battle, he often gets into arguments with friends and foes. Alex and his family had a lonely life growing up and he decided one day to create an imaginary friend. Thus, Chomp was born. Chomp has the power to grow and change shape, and looks like Chain Chomp in a way.

Name: “DJ” Mae Trix Dupree
Age: 16
Height:  5’5” ½
Hair:  Curly red hair, shoulder-length, often tied into two messy braids
Eyes: Bright Green
Skin: Tanned
Powers/Fighting Style: The power of manipulating sound waves
Facts: DJ Mae Trix has the power of music as told by her subordinates. Mae uses her headphones as well as other sounds to manipulate the sound waves as a weapon in combat. She’s extremely powerful but still hasn’t completely controlled her powers yet. So sometimes, the damage she leaves is a little great.

Name: Austin Dupree
Age: 13
Height: 5’1” ½
Hair:  Sandy-Blonde, messy
Eyes: Light Blue
Skin:  Tanned
Powers/Fighting Style: the power to bring his drawings to life
Facts: The youngest of the Dupree family, Austin is very shy. He often can be seen drawing things in his little pad. He opens up mainly to Team 6, though he’s still very quiet. Because he’s young, he’s only admitted in battle when the team feels they won’t be able to win without another in their ranks.

Name: Ronny Bain
Age:  16
Height:  6’2”
Hair:  Grayish-Blond hair, wavy, grown past ears
Eyes:  Golden
Skin: Pale
Powers/Fighting Style: He’s an animoid, which is a human that can turn into a man-beast, he has several versions but his favorite is his wolf form. He is also trained in different fighting styles that he sometimes uses in combat.
Facts:  Whenever he talks, he sometimes comes across with an attitude so he tries to stay as quiet as possible. He tends to let his animalistic side show too often, which sometimes freaks out the others. He tends to only get along with his team so he’s viewed as anti-social.

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AN: Hope you’re enjoying the fic so far :D I’m enjoying rewriting the original chapters three and four and making the story flow faster hopefully while adding in some more characters :3 And if you couldn’t tell from the title of the fic currently, this part is just the beginning, I plan to do a couple different sections, the next one in the series being when Dustin joins the Misfit Players and some of their adventures.

Now let’s see, this chapter features Reggie as well as our girl Abby. The main thing I really wanted to include here was one of Baki’s characters, Cillian Fickenaur xD I hope you guys like him! I certainly love what he brings to the story ^_^ Special Thanks to Baki for letting me use him in the fic! He’s going to do great (evil muwahahaha) things for sure.

All right, enough with putting this series on hold hahaha! It’s time for a new chapter and that’s what you guys are getting :3 Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Eight:

   The Hawthorne household was void of life, the only movements being the shadows dancing across the walls. The depleting sunlight poured through the windows, only being halted by a single figure from the outside.

Abby didn’t know why she had ended up back at that house but there she was, standing on the Rude Boy’s front porch in silence. She knew that no one was home; Abby had watched the entire neighborhood panic and dash for the docks, the Hawthorne’s included. However, something was there and its aura was strong.

“Does this feeling have something to do with Rude Boy?” Abby questioned, inching closer to the door. “Maybe I should just…”

“Well, this is a surprise. A young girl standing on our front porch; you a friend of Dustin’s?”

The brunette tensed at the voice, ripping around in surprise. Her green orbs were wide as she started at the rugged man approaching the house, a smirk painted on his face.

“Ah, I was just…”

“Yeah, you must be here for Dustin. Good for him,” the man chuckled before strolling past the girl, turning the knob on the door. “You do know though that there’s a panic going on though right? I mean, if you look to the sky you could probably tell this isn’t just your average day.”

Abby watched the man carefully as he walked into the house, his gaze switching from room to room as he gliding through the halls.

“Everyone in the house left already for the docks, if that’s what you’re here for,” Abby whispered, staring over at the man as he continued to scout the house. “I was just coming to make sure everyone got out safely. And it looks like they did.”

“Yeah, I know they did. Bet my family’s in a panic over at the docks,” the man replied, disappearing down one of the halls. “Come in if you’d like.”

Abby tiptoed into the house, confused at what was occurring. The man was obviously the father of the Rude Boy and he returned home, even though he knew his family was at the docks waiting for him.

“Um, excuse me sir…shouldn’t you also be at the docks then?” Abby questioned, glancing over the family pictures adorning the halls of the living room. “I know I saw all three of them leave, so there isn’t anyone left here.”

“I know, my family wouldn’t wait around here when they know the best place for us to meet up is where the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s are,” the brunette heard the man’s voice from one of the back rooms. “I’m here for a different reason. Just give me a few moments and all be done all right?”

Several minutes passed before the man stumbled around the corner, a small item concealed in his fist as he smiled. Abby continued to watch the man like a hawk, unable to really understand what was going on. All the brunette could tell was that whatever was in that man’s hand was what had that strong aura.

“Man, I’m so sorry. Didn’t mean to be rude, I didn’t introduce myself,” the man held out a hand to the girl. “My name is Reggie Hawthorne; I’m Dustin’s father.”

‘So that’s the Rude Boy’s name?’ Abby gave a slight smile while shaking the man’s outstretched hand. “My name is Abigail Louis and I met your son Dustin recently. He’s an interesting character.”

“Ha, that’s my boy. Well, I’m going to head off to the docks now to meet up with my family,” Reggie led the girl outside, closing the door behind him. “Will you be joining us on the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s? I’m sure your parents must be worried.”

Abby’s green orbs avoided Reggie’s gaze for a moment, taken aback by the comment. However, she shook it off and eyed his clenched fist.

“I’ll be heading there soon. I’m looking for someone currently,” the brunette whispered. “I have a question for you if you don’t mind me asking. What is that thing you have clenched in your fist?”

Reggie’s smile widened as he pushed past the girl, strolling down the sidewalk and into the emptied street. Abby stared in confusion, a little annoyed once Reggie sent a wave over his shoulder. So that’s where Dustin got his rudeness from; like father like son. At least Reggie had the decency to at least introduce himself.

“You’ll see soon enough, Miss Abigail!” Reggie called out, breaking Abby out of her thoughts while he continued down the road. “You’ll see soon enough!”


   His leg muscles ached with each step Dustin took, his speed getting him through the town’s streets with little difficulty. The left-alone cars parked in the traffic were a bit of a hassle, but the teen eventually making it past the ocean rental shops. Dustin knew his father was close, he could feel it in his gut. Now all he had to do was get past all the buildings into his neighborhood and…

   SLAM! Dustin staggered backwards onto the hard pavement, his fingers gracing his left cheek. The teen was speechless for a moment, unable to follow exactly what had happened.

   “Well, would you look at that? Seems a pest just rushed right into my perfectly innocent crowbar and left some blood on it.”

   Dustin was brought out of his thoughts by the voice, his aquamarine eyes glancing up to see a man in very businesslike attire, his attire white save for his pitch black tie. The man was eyeing the teen, his dark orbs full of hatred. A crowbar rested in the man’s grasp, ready for its master to wield it how he saw fit.

   “You should pay for splattering your worthless blood on my crowbar’s polished surface,” the man spat out, extending the crowbar to lift up the fearful teen’s chin. “Now apologize or die…wait, what is the point of giving you the choice? You’re going to die anyway.” 

-End Chapter Eight-

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Nice chapter. I am very excited   to see what happens next  ;D

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This is great but Slim Bebop scares me i wish i was in the frontlines were all the action is!

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This is great but Slim Bebop scares me i wish i was in the frontlines were all the action is!

Slim Bebop isn't my story lol.

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I might post a sneak-peek of this story's next chappie in the Writer's Guild area this week so definitely keep an eye out!

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Post by: Makastar on February 01, 2011, 12:20:41 pm
OK GUYS! Expect updates sometime this week: Between Tuesday and Sunday at the latest ^_^

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Post by: LastRequiem on February 16, 2011, 09:51:21 pm
-Still waiting-

Title: Re: The Misfit Players: The Beginning *Chapter Eight plus Bios Posted*
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*sighs* Really trying, but work's been piling on a lot these last few weeks so free time's been dwindling. I'm going to try to write some this weekend but I'll be at a con so no promises.

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AN: Wait a minute, is this…GASP…ANOTHER NEW CHAPPIE OF MISFIT PLAYERS?! I MUST BE DREAMING…that or Alice finally found some free time in her hectic life and actually wrote us a new chappie with lots of action and adventure! I would say the later one of the two choices is correct guys Sorry it’s taken so long for me to update. I didn’t mean to drag out my return so long. Work was just really hectic (still is btw so don’t expect a new chappie very soon…might have one out but don’t be expecting it to happen) and I only have so much time to write nowadays. But thankfully, I managed to work on this chappie by itself for several weeks now, piecing together a little bit at a time until it created the long-anticipated chapter nine. It features Cillian, Baki’s character, and a glimpse at what’s to come. Hope you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Nine:

The walls of the nearby buildings seemed to crumble as easily as crackers as Dustin dodged the crowbar’s vicious blows. The teen found himself desperate for safety, clinging to a hope that maybe one of the heroes would storm by and see his struggle in time to save him. But then…Dustin would have really proved that he was never meant to be the hero that the world was waiting for…That he was waiting to become.

   “Stop moving out of the way, you are making it very difficult to kill you,” the dressed up man hissed as the crowbar roared, landing another blow into the wall that Dustin was standing before just moments ago. “Why don’t you scream a little then? If you’re going to be a baby about this, you might as well play the part perfectly.”

   The teen bit his lip to hold in his cries for assistance, preparing himself to face this challenge alone. But how could he fight him? Dustin was powerless; no laser vision, no power of flight, no super strength and definitely no omnitrix. He was even lacking in any type of weapon, existing on that now decrepit block with just the clothes on his back. What could he do?

   Aquamarine eyes were flashed with red as Dustin lost himself in his thoughts, forgetting there was a lunatic approaching him fast with that crowbar. BAM! Dustin stumbled into the closest wall and cursed, his fingertips brushing against the fresh wound on his head. The impact was less severe than it could have been, but blood was still evident on the teen’s scalp. Dustin couldn’t afford another slip-up.

Without a moment to lose, the teen sprinted for the parked cars on the road, leaping up onto one of the hood and beginning his hurdles from car to car. The suited man paused for a moment, an interested expression befalling his face while he made his path besides the cars. The bloodied crowbar now slammed within the glass of each car as the man passed, a deep cackle rising from his throat as he crept up onto Dustin’s retreating form.

“You  should give up already,” the man began his taunts once more only to be silenced by a shadow darting across the ground before him. He slid to a halt, his dark eyes glancing around him suspiciously. Something was trying to get the upper hand on him, but who? The man’s eyes went wide as the shadow appeared at his feet once again, this time growing larger and larger. “From above!”

The suited man managed to step out of the way in time before Reggie’s form landed there, the ground shattering at his impact while he glared over at his prey. Dustin caught the sight from the corner of his eye and he slid off the final car, his orbs wide as they laid over the scene of his father.

“Dad?” Dustin got out but Reggie’s hand rose up, silencing his son.

“Been awhile, Cillian,” Reggie barked as he rose up, brushing the dust off his shoulders.

“Wish it was longer, Reggie,” the man, Cillian, retorted.

“Don’t start getting smart with me,” Reggie cut a glance back at his son before returning the glare to Cillian. “Why were you pursuing my son?”

“Hmm, no particular reason, just looked destined for some hurt,” Cillian replied, tossing the crowbar up before it returned to his grasps. “His face just begs to be bloodied, don’t you think?”

“Your lies don’t work with me.”

“What lies? I’m not lying; it almost pains my heart to hear those accusations.”


The suited man rolled his eyes as he stepped away from the man, his crowbar now loose in his grasps as he turned heel and began to walk away. Cillian had almost made it around the smashed corner of the building when he halted, glancing back towards the father and son.

“Might I remind you of the objects falling from the sky? They’ll be here within the hour,” he cut a smirk as he disappeared round the bend. “Course I’d rather be the one to spill your blood…but I prefer a different battlefield than this. Til we meet again…wherever that may be…”

With those final words, Cillian was gone. Reggie kept his glare firm at the corner, though Dustin took no time to appear at his father’s side in shock.

“You just…leapt from the sky and scared off the creep with the crowbar!” the teen gulped and gawked at the damage that surrounded them, unable to understand what all had just occurred. “Dad, did you know that?! You just…!”

“Of course I knew that, you idiot! I’m the one that did it,” Reggie shook away his glare, smirking down at his flesh and blood beside him. “Glad I found you in time. I’m sorry about that, I had no idea that mistake of a man would be in town.”

“Who was he? And how the heck do you know that maniac?”

“His name is Cillian Fickenaur, or Cell,” the older Hawthorne rolled his eyes at the thought of the suited man, though continuing with his words despite his feelings. “We’ve met in the past…let’s just say, he hasn’t changed a bit.”

“Cillian Fickenaur?” Dustin repeated the name for a moment before letting out a gasp, finding his father tampering with his headwound. “Dad, leave it alone! It hurts!”

“Don’t be such a baby, Dustin. You’ll be fine,” Reggie chuckled as he reached into his pocket, pulling out some fresh bandages and tending to his wound. “What are you doing out here, son? What of your mother and brother?”

“They made it to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s fine,” Dustin answered through clenched teeth, the treatment launching a wave of pain throughout his body. “I came looking for you since we were all worried about you…”

The older Hawthorne paused at his son’s words before continuing with the treatment, his smile huge while he took care of his son. Once completed, Reggie turned his son by the shoulders and hugged him. Dustin accepted the hug gratefully before pulling away, his eyes searching for answers.

“Dad, I promised Mom that when I found you, we’d be on the next S.C.A.M.P.E.R. out of here,” Dustin stood there with a proud smile, his father nodding in agreement as they both began for the piers. “We should be one of the final ones to leave too. This place is barren. They have really outdone themselves with the retreat.”

“Well, almost,” Reggie mumbled as the two of them  walked together. “One of your friends was wandering about by our house. She seemed intent on finding someone. You know who I’m talking about? That Abigail Louis girl.”

The younger Hawthorne came to a halt at the mention of the name, a wave of shock befalling the boy. That girl from before was still wandering around the city? Was she that dumb? Those falling pods were going to make impact at any moment and she was dilly-dallying around without a care in the world probably looking for them ‘Misfit Players’ she was so keen on finding. What an idiot!

“You know, Dustin,” the teen broke from his thoughts as he glanced up at his father, Reggie smiling towards him before outstretching his clenched hand towards him. “You might want to get that girl back, she’s going to keep on putting herself in danger without a hero to rescue her. Here, take this and get out of here. If I see your Mom, I’ll just tell her it was my idea. Besides, I know you’ll be returning to us soon so there’s no need to worry.”

“But Dad…”

“Go on, Dustin,” Reggie dropped the item into Dustin’s palms, revealing a chained necklace adorning some sort of ring. “Take that with you for good measure. Be safe all right. I trust you can handle yourself just fine.”

There was a long pause for the teen as Reggie sprinted down the street towards the pier, disappearing without another word of caution for his son. Dustin felt confused by his father’s words but brought the ring up to examine it, the metal glowing in the light of the rising moon. What all was happening to him was confusing, but…Reggie seemed to believe in his abilities and urged him to act. Reggie believed his son was a hero, and Dustin would be a fool to disappoint a man with some sort of past with a lunatic with a crowbar.

“I’m coming Abby…Let’s just hope you don’t make things difficult for me.”

*~End Chapter Nine~*

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Bravo Bravo!! Loved loved loved LOVED it! I love the action, and that he got hurt (makes it more realistic). *Applauds* You have beautiful writing Alice!

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That is the best chapter you have written so far Alice! You have really amazing writing, maybe you should become an author. ^^

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Looks like I has some catching up to do

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AN: Man, I’m just going to try my best and get chapters out as quick as I can for this story. The lucky part about right now is that it’s my spring break and although I’m working ALL THE TIME I’m still able to at least take the time to scribble down a few sentences. LUCKY READERS! I figured I would update this story anyway though because I made you guys wait so long for the last chapter and I wanted to spoil you all a little bit for being such wonderful readers ^^ So without further adieu, I now present your next chapter of Misfit Players!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Ten:

Her bright green eyes were fixated on the mountains just beyond Bravo Beach as Abby leapt over the fences and charged into the beach side suburbs. Judging by the path left by the closest pod, the falling open was on its way to a crash landing just beyond there. Abby gave a pleased smile, continuing her long strides down the road. She could make it to the top within fifteen minutes if she walked and then Abby would finally be able to meet her heroes. All she had to do was not run into any distractions along the way.


   Already a distraction? The dark-haired girl did not ponder in place in thought of who that voice belonged to. No, she booked it as quick as possible down the path towards the mountains, the rhythmic sound of running only urging her to go faster. She wasn’t going to be held up from her dream to join the Misfit Players. It was her destiny and this was her moment.

   “Abby, for the love of Super Cow, stop!”

   A squeak of surprise erupted from Abby’s throat as a force came from behind her, strong hands grabbing her arms and pinning her down onto the ground. The girl acted quickly in her predicament, spinning herself in her captor’s grasp and kicking him away in the chest. Abby was about to barrel away when she gasped, recognizing her assailant’s face to be Dustin Hawthorne.

   “Rude Boy! What in the world are you doing here?!” Abby snapped at the boy, her finger circling around in the air as she hissed. “You should be with your family at the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s pal! You might want to shove along now while you can. That pod is about to hit here any moment!”

   “You sound genuinely concerned with the guy you just basically falcon kicked,” Dustin coughed as he began to catch his breath. “I’m not going to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s without you though. I’m not about to let some crazy girl run off to get herself killed. They’ve evacuated the entire area. We need to go!”

   “I’m not leaving here without my dream being fulfilled!” The dark-haired girl then tried to weasel away from the boy but he quickly reacted, throwing himself into her for a tackle. “Jeez, why are you so rough?! All idiot men are so barbaric! This isn’t a football game, stop tackling me!”

   “You run away when I take it easy so this is the only way I know of to stop you,” Dustin kept his grip firm on Abby’s arm as he sat up, gazing at her for answers. “Talk to me here then, I want to know what is going on through that head of yours. Look, I know we barely know each other but I’m not about to let you run off and get yourself killed. We’ve met so we’re connected now, I can’t let you leave until you tell me what’s going on. Why are you so desperate to risk death to find these people? I’ve never even heard of them, how can they be such great heroes?”

   Her green orbs flared as she desperately tried to rip her arm away from the boy’s grasp. All Abby wanted was to be free and find her dream, not give her whole story to someone who was practically a complete stranger. However, under Dustin’s glare, the words began to echo within the girl’s mind and she lessened her tugs. Abby sunk down in her seat on the ground and glanced away, a tint of pink fading in on her cheeks as she pouted. Dustin bit his lip when he saw this reaction; it was unexpected and surprisingly cute.

   “The Misfit Players are heroes that are outshone by the heroes of this world, such as Ben and the Powerpuff Girls,” Abby began, her blush growing deeper with every word that spouted. “They are considered more of like hooligans to Dexter because they tend not to follow the rules when doing their jobs. They are being cruel though, they just don’t know how to control fully the strength that they possess.  They are my dream; They’ve been my dream since I was a little girl. My parents used to talk about this team of ordinary people who joined together to create a force more powerful than any hero ever created. I want to see them in action…I want to be a part of something that noble.”

   As Abby finished, her frown returned and her green orbs glared up at Dustin. The boy sat there in thought, realizing that their dreams were pretty similar. Abby wanted to join this team of Misfit Players in order to make a difference…Dustin wanted nothing more than to be seen as a hero. His push to rush back to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s was gone as the two of them sat there, eyeing one another for the next move.

   “I’m not going with you to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s,” hissed Abby. “I’m going to the hills and finding my dream. You should run back to your family. They must be worried sick about their son running around when there’s a mass panic in effect.”

   “My father said he believed in me and told me to come out here for a reason, especially after meeting you by our house,” Dustin retorted as he slipped his chained necklace around his own neck, letting the ring fall onto his chest. “I’m not going to stop you from achieving your dream because I know how it feels…to want to be something greater…to be something that others can appreciate.”

   Abby stared at the boy with interest as he spoke, her body relaxing with every syllable that rolled off his tongue.

   “Look, I might not look like a hero but my family believes that I can do it,” Dustin nodded as he lifted to his feet, helping Abby up along with him. “With their support, I will become a hero and fulfill my own dreams. So we’re going to go there together, you and I, and we’re going to meet them Misfit Players!”

   “You…” Abby was taken aback from the boy’s words, feeling his grip tighten on her hand as he pushed past her into a sprint for the mountains. Her dark hair threatened to escape her bun as they ran, her frown quickly forming into a smile of approval. He might have been a ‘Rude Boy’ but he was also hero material. “Heh, well I’ll be. All right Rude Boy, I trust you. Let’s just hope we can hurry before the pod touches…!”

   Abby’s words were interrupted by a colliding force just atop the mountain peak, smoke rising up as debris rolled down the rocky cliffs. Well, so much for making it there before the pod did.

   “Never mind, let’s just hurry already!”

    *End Chapter Ten*

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Another beautifully written chapter! That was surprisingly quick Alice! Lol, I wasn't expecting another chapter so soon! But I enjoyed it! Loved loved loved this one too.

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AN: I feel as if I’m on a roll with these new updates. I don’t know, I think I’m spoiling you guys with these multiple chapter postings. I guess I can understand that I probably won’t be posting much updates after this week so I’m really trying to make this week count for updates. I’m currently getting ready to post up a new chapter of The Monsters Within and maybe finally post up the beginning of Papillion since I haven’t been able to give any of those stories any love yet. Cyber Paradise will probably not be updated until tomorrow or sometime later this week. I just don’t have the chapter I’ve worked on with me so I’m not just going to start over on it when I can simply get home later and work on it then.

I’ve also found quite a few other novels of mine while exploring my files yesterday including two stories I very much enjoyed called My Competitive Nature and Why Alice Wonders. As you can tell, the last one is my take on a story of Alice in Wonderland so yeah, you guys just might be interested in checking those out. We’ll see, I might just post it on my word press blog for my penname so you guys can check it out if you want there. There’s quite a few writings up already that aren’t featured on this forum so if you want, go ahead and check them out!

Anyway, let’s move on with the story shall we. I’m sure you’re dying to read more. Well, some of you are at least considering the many demands I got for updates :P Hope you guys enjoy! Remember the rules and just have fun ^_^

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Eleven:

   A smokescreen rose up into the salty air just above Bravo Beach as the two teens made their strides up the mountain path, carefully maneuvering around the scattered debris from the crash. With every step they took, their excitement doubled to the point of overload. Abby had to be held back with Dustin in order to keep her from charging forth into the site with no defenses prepared. The boy simply kept his grip strong on her arm as they came to the final rock, his blue eyes squinting into the dark cloud in hopes to see anything.

   “I can only begin to imagine the possibilities of what this pod could be!” Abby squealed beside Dustin. “Maybe a bomb? Or maybe a homing device? Maybe they are just really tiny aliens and this is one of their ships?”

   “Or how about its just some meteor that fell from the planet?” Dustin countered, avoiding the daggers for eyes that Abby had moved into his direction. “You know, I’m starting to think that this isn’t anything to be worried about at all. I don’t see any heroes here. I would think that to be strange if what you were saying was true. It doesn’t seem to be so dangerous. Heck, we haven’t even run into anything strange yet. We’ve just found a massive wall of smoke from the crash.”

   “For someone who craves the spotlight of a hero, you have no sense of imagination here,” Abby mumbled with a frown, tugging her hand away from Dustin’s grasp and beginning to move into the smokescreen. “Where’s your sense of adventure? Maybe you should have taken more lessons from that boy Finn. Look, just because you can’t see it now doesn’t mean there isn’t a threat lurking in the shadows. For all we know, the pod could actually be some form of alien from that strange planet. We could end up being that alien’s first happy meal on earth. You’re the main meal and I’m the sweet dessert for after.”

   Dustin couldn’t help but chuckle at the girl’s words, staying close on her heels as they approached the shattered Cliffside. He had to admit; he had many different theories himself as to what could be hidden within the smoke. However, he still found it weird that no hero had showed up to explore the possible menace lurking there. It just seemed strange; weren’t they supposed to be the first ones to the scene? Not two idiot teens who were trying to prove themselves.

   The brunette had begun to venture too far into the smoke and Dustin’s protectiveness got the better of him. Without a word, Dustin shot his hand out and gripped the girl’s wrist once more, yanking her back to his side. The girl fumed at the sudden move, trying to break herself free from her trap.

   “I’m fine so let me go already! I’m going to investigate that pod,” Abby fought to be released but Dustin’s grip only grew tighter. “Rude Boy, I mean it!”

   “My name is Dustin! I know you know it,” the boy snapped back before continuing his stare into the smoke. “Look, don’t rush into this. Last I remembered, your goal was to find those Misfit Players.”

   “Yeah, and?”

   “You’re currently trying to dive blindly into a smokescreen of death to see if there really is a deadly alien monster hiding in there,” Dustin gave a smirk as Abby’s eyes widened. “Thought that might change your mind. Let’s look at the situation from here, Abby. So far, this item of unknown status crash-landed into the mountain and yet no hero has come to check it out. It can’t be a bomb because it would have destroyed most of Bravo Beach and Orchid Bay upon impact. I would believe the best bet here is that it’s a homing device.”

   “But how can we be so sure there isn’t any movement down there? In case you haven’t noticed there is a giant wall of smoke blocking our field of vision quite a bit.”

   “So diving blindly in there to go look is the best idea you could come up with?”

   There was a silence between the two of them as Dustin smirked, knowing he had won the argument. Abby relented after a few minutes and gazed back at Dustin, seeking answers.

   “Well, what do you think we should do now? We came here to prove ourselves. We came here to show the Misfit Players that we are meant to join the team. What do you think we should do?”

   “Well, first things first, we need to get rid of the smokescreen somehow,” Dustin stated as he pondered how to accomplish this task.

   “The smoke huh?” Abby whispered, stepping away from Dustin and nodding. “I know a way to accomplish that task.”

   “You do? What way do you mean?”

   “I didn’t want to do this in front of you but,” Abby paused a moment before continuing. “I’ll do it. But don’t you dare say anything mean about this or I’ll personally end you! Got it?!”

   The black-haired teen gave a subtle nod in response, fearful to even comment on what could happen. Abby sighed as she stood straight up, her breathing falling still as she closed her eyes. The only sounds in audible range were the waves colliding with the rocks below. Dustin felt the world around him suddenly grow peaceful, scanning the cliffs in hopes to understand what was happening.

   “Unlock,” Abby’s words signaled a strange spark of light, the brunette wincing as shimmering forms sprouted out from her shoulder blades. The forms began to flutter about and Abby’s body rose into the air gracefully, a blush forming on her cheeks  as Dustin gasped. The forms resembled fairy wings, glittering in the moonlight as Abby hovered above Dustin. “This is so embarrassing…”

   “It’s a real-life Tinkerbell?!”

   A twitch of the eye and a fist to the head was the response to Dustin’s comment, his unprepared skull quaking with the impact. The black-haired teen stumbled backwards as he nursed his throbbing cranium, his eyes narrowing at the fairy girl fuming in the air beside him.

   “What the !@#$ was that for, huh?!” Dustin growled under his breath. “Jeez, it wasn’t anything mean! I just meat you looked like a fairy with those wings! I wasn't trying to be mean!”

   “You should be careful of your wording then. I assumed you were being mean like the rest of them though, so my apologies,” Abby stated simply as she rose up, disappearing into the smoke. “Linger there for a bit while I take care of the smoke.”

   Dustin kept silent though his thoughts were loud within his mind. ‘Like the rest of them’? What did Abby mean by that? What was this girl anyway? She just suddenly sprouted fairy wings from her back. Dustin frowned at this, knowing that the girl once again had an advantage in their quest. She had an ability that was beyond human and could easily become a hero with such powers. What did he have? A slight head wound and a ring around his neck.

   “Here I go!”

   Dustin broke from his thoughts in time to witness the smoke before him begin to twist into a funnel, rising up from the mountain and into the open air. His blue eyes widened as Dustin realized the fairy girl was right in the center of the smoke funnel, her own body acting as its center. With a final rapid spin, the smoke migrated itself higher into the sky leaving the Cliffside completely visible to them both. Smiling in approval, Abby lowered herself down to Dustin’s side, carefully placing herself on solid ground.

   “You did that? You actually were able to…?”

   “Of course I did that, I’m a hero!” Abby mumbled, her green eyes trained on the pod cased within the rocks. The pod itself seemed to leak out some type of green matter, which was splattered all along the rocks. However, there didn’t seem to be any threats at all. Simply a pod by itself. “This is it? I was sort of hoping there would be some sort of threat here. But oh well, I guess that’s for the best right now. I agree with you, it must be some sort of homing device.”

   “We should disarm it then if it is,” Dustin retorted as he passed the brunette, beginning carefully down into the crater. “I guess I’ll do it. You’ve already showed off enough for one day. At least let me seem remotely useful.”
   Abby giggled at the boy’s comment, watching him intently as he progressed downward into the crater. Dustin slipped a Swiss army knife out of his jean pocket and gripped it tightly, keeping the small weapon at the ready as he reached for the pod. It seemed safe enough to tough, but Dustin still wanted to be careful.

   “Wait a minute! The green goop!” Abby’s voice broke the boy’s concentration. “Rude Boy, that green goop is boiling! Get away from there now!”

   Dustin’s aquamarine orbs glanced around the crater frantically, watching the green matter begin to boil and sink into the sandy ground around him. The boy stumbled backwards, feeling the earth beneath his feet begin to crumble and quake.

   “Dustin! Run!”

   Dustin gawked at the scene before him, the rocks and sand becoming melded together by the green goop. The creation rose before him, now in the form of a giant beast. Blood red eyes opened as the creature roared out, advancing its claw towards the terrified boy.

   “Of course you would be right about the alien form,” Dustin got out between breaths, his knife at the ready as he tried to back up. “I can’t die yet…I can’t…but what do I do now?!”

*End Chapter Eleven*  

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I'm going to try and update it again later. I'm currently working on a few other projects right now including updates for Cyber Paradise and Monsters Within. We'll see if I can post more. I hope you guys enjoyed the updates though ^_^

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Chapter eleven is another amazing chapter Alice, great job! -claps- The Tinker Bell part was funny. :D

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How can you work on so much stories at once?! xD I've tried doing that and I would get more interested in the other and just abandon the other. Lol, but you do it so well too, which also baffles me! Well written, great stories, amazing job! I do look forward to reading the cyberspace Paradise one!

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AN: I’m just full of updates this week! First there was The Monsters Within, and then I updated Cyber Paradise yesterday! So then today I was like…you know what, lemme just write this new chapter of Misfit Players so we can finally bring in some action with Team 6 xD I remember I actually posted up to Dustin and Abby meeting all of Team 6 in the original story before I did the massive rewrite session on it. So I’m going to try and crank out as many chapters as possible these next couple of weeks so I can finally give everyone NEW CONTENT! Well, technically, there has been quite a bit of new content already seeing as I added in Baki’s characters and such. I just mean making it actually into the war chapters with all the wonderful actiony goodness! :D

More news on my other stories, Monsters Within Chapter Two has been basically written last night. However, I’m not sure when I’m going to be done with my edits and posting it. I’m not making any promises but I might be able to post it tonight or tomorrow. We shall see! Papillion, yeah remember that story I was telling you about? Well, I keep forgetting to share it with you guys. I’ll be posting that up pretty soon as well. Also, My Competitive Nature might make its stance on the forums as well, just have to see if I’m up for it xD

If you want to read more stories from me, I have a writing blog on wordpress; just ask for the link and I’ll provide it to you. Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy the story! NO FLAMES! Constructive Criticism is welcome.

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Twelve:

Stumbling backwards, Dustin kept his knife brandished towards the creature that now advanced for him. Abby’s screams echoed over the scene but the fear within the boy seemed to drown out all the noise around him. All Dustin could hear was the crunching of the creature’s footsteps and its grunts it released as it closed the distance between them.

“What do I do…?” Dustin breathed out again, his aquamarine orbs wide and nervous as they locked with the red slits glaring down at his shivering body. “What do I do now…?”

“That’s simple, silly! Duck!” An unfamiliar female voice chimed in from behind the creature, Dustin crying out in fear as a blast of rocks surrounded the unsuspecting creature. The rocks caved in around it as the creature let out a shrill of shock before being buried without a care. The teen was left there to cower in the farthest reaches of the crater, his eyes locked on a slender silhouette beyond the rising cloud of dirt and dust from the burial site. “Aw, he went down so easily? That’s no fun at all.”

The barrier of dust finally lifted after a few moments, Dustin catching a glimpse of a redheaded girl with a playful smirk at her lips. Her green eyes flashed with excitement as she glanced over towards Dustin, breaking her fighting stance and skipping over to his side. Her red curls bounced with every step she took, a pair of purple studio headphones managing to keep the curls from cascading over her face as she leaned over to examine Dustin’s cowering form.

“Hehe, you’re pretty interesting mister!” The girl giggled as she spoke, reaching a hand out towards Dustin. “You just drove right into here without any hesitations it looked like. The expression on your face when that monster rose up…priceless! You’re a funny one!”

“Uh…yeah,” Dustin stared at the hand offered to him cautiously before accepting it, eyeing the girl with interest and confusion. However, as the rocks behind her began to crumble and rise, Dustin gasped and pulled her out of the way. “Move! He’s not down yet!”

“Huh?” The girl peeked over her shoulder in time to see the creature breaking out of its rock-covered grave. Hissing in anger, the creature lifted up a boulder from the crater and tossed it towards Dustin and the girl, the boy crying out and preparing for impact. However, the girl just stared at the rock as it inched closer, remaining as calm as before. “Oh yay, I get to have more fun!”

With one swift movement, the girl turned her body to face the rock, one hand outstretched towards the incoming threat while her other began to fumble with something strapped to her belt. Dustin managed to catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of his eye, gasping as he noticed the mp3 player being adjusted. This girl, though close to becoming the victim of this horrible creature, was fumbling with her mp3 player and picking a new song off her playlist. Was she insane? She was about to die!

“What are you doing?! We need to…!” Dustin began to reach for the girl but she shook her head, a loud beat reverberating from her headphones as she smiled. “Huh?”

“One second, mister! Almost done!” The girl paused before thrusting her hand forward, the creature suddenly being forced backwards as it cried out in pain. Dustin’s eyes grew wider at this, knowing that the girl had not made contact herself with the creature. She had somehow used some power to force back the creature onto the other side of the crater. “This song has a good beat for beating up your opponents.”

“How did you…?” Dustin began to start his flood of questions once more; however a hand on his shoulder broke him from his focus on the new girl. The teen glanced over his shoulder to see Abby standing there, the girl determined to get them both out of the crater and away from the monster. “Abby.”

“Come on, we have to get out of here,” Abby frowned as she yanked the boy out of the crater and out of range from the flying rocks that now were flying from the battlefield. “You’re not going to be much help down there I’m afraid. Did you catch the girl’s name?” 

“I was more focused on us not dying! You think I actually did a full introduction down there when that thing was pelting boulders at us?” Dustin snapped as they managed to move a safe distance from the battlefield, the two of them watching curiously as rocks continued to fly. “So I take it you’ve never seen or met this girl. She’s not one of the heroes but she just forced that thing back with some sort of power.”

“That just confirms it, she must be a part of the Misfit Players,” Abby concluded, straining her forest green orbs to get a better look through the barriers of rocks and dust clouds at the fight. “This is so exciting! Aren’t you excited, Rude Boy?”

“I almost died!” Dustin growled as he rested his hand on his chest, trying desperately to catch his breath. “I’m starting to regret even coming out here. This is getting too real for me.”

“So you are a coward, after all?” Abby questioned, a slight smirk on her lips as she took a step forward towards the fight. Almost immediately, Dustin reached forward and gripped her arm, holding the girl back from approaching the crater. “I just want a better look; lemme go.”

“Not a chance, this is too dangerous for us,” Dustin said as he pulled Abby back to his side. “Even with your powers, that thing is too dangerous. Let’s leave it to whoever this person is.”

There was a pause between the two of them as Abby frowned, glaring daggers up at the boy before she relented and nodded. They both watched at a distance as the creature suddenly was flying through the air, wailing in shock as it began its descent down the Cliffside and towards the sandy beach below. The girl managed to pull herself out of the crater and escape the looming dust cloud, pressing pause on her mp3 player as she turned to wave at the two teens waiting off on the sidelines.

“Heh, that was so easy!” The girl cheered as she smiled over towards Dustin and Abby. “Sorry if you wanted to fight him, I just couldn’t help jumping in and taking him out! I was hoping he would be more of a threat though…”

“Naw Mae, the punk’s still got some fight left in him from the look of it. Honestly, if you just let me and Chomp have the first go, we would have sent him out of commission for good,” a male’s voice spoke up as an identical figure came beside the girl, bringing a fist down upon the unsuspecting girl’s skull as she whimpered there. “Sorry if my twin scared you there, dude. She’s a moron. She sometimes doesn’t know the meaning of holding back her attacks when there are innocents around. Control isn’t one of her strong suits. Now, if you’ll  kindly beat it while we handle things here that would be greatly appreciated. Leaving the rescuing Bravo Beach to the real heroes now.”

“Real heroes…?” Dustin growled at the newcomer’s attitude, though he fell silent as Abby stepped forward to speak.

“Please tell me, are you two apart of the Misfit Players?” Abby stuttered as she stared at the pair across from them.

“Huh? Someone actually knows about our group?” The male teen smirked, lowering his duffle bag down on the ground before examining the two across from him. “What do ya know, our reputation precedes us apparently. Hey, those things sprouting out of your back real?”

Abby blushed slightly, realizing that her wings were still quite visible to all around her. Dustin nodded from beside the girl and patted her shoulder, giving her the encouragement she needed to address those she dreamed of being a part of.

“Yes, they’re real. I have always dreamed of becoming a part of the Misfit Players. I know I can be a valuable member of the team.”

“Oh wow, do you see that Lex?!  She’s like a fairy princess!” The female twin suddenly chimed in, pointing towards Abby as her smile grew larger. “That is so cool! I never thought I’d get to see a real fairy before!”

“Mae, shut up!” The one called Lex snapped at the girl as he slammed his fist on her head once more, his twin blushing at her sudden outburst. “Sorry about that. But look, we have a job to do right now. You guys should head off to the rescue sites. We’ll chat with you later, Miss Fairy.”

“No, I don’t want to be brushed away like that! I assisted in the discovery of that creature down there,” Abby snapped back, realizing that her words were being ignored. “I’m staying and helping you take care of that creature. I’m going to prove myself a valuable addition to the Misfit Players! Understand?”

Lex was about to argue with the girl’s outburst when his twin raised a hand up to silence him. The one called Mae glared over at her brother, the two of them seeming to have a silent argument with each other. After a few moments, Lex groaned and nodded, waving over towards Abby and Dustin.

“Fine, you can stay Miss Fairy,” Lex grumbled before switching his glare towards Dustin. “And you? You sticking around too? You a Mister Fairy?”

“My name is Abby,” the girl interrupted, stepping in front of Dustin as she spoke. “And this is Dustin. He is my friend and he will be remaining here with us as well. He would also like to join the Misfit Players.”

“Hey,” Dustin was ready to argue but Lex’s glare silenced him. 

“What’s his abilities, then? From his display earlier, it looked like his only ability was cowering in a corner like a baby,” Lex alleged.

“Aw Lex, stop being mean to the Mister! I’m sure he’s got some super special abilities,” Mae chimed in from her brother’s side, smiling over at Dustin. “Well Mister, what’s your abilities?”

There was a pause over the group before Dustin finally spoke up with a frown, “I have a knife.”

The silence returned as Dustin held up his Swiss army knife to show the twins, the two of them staring at the teen for a good moment before sighing.

“Yeah, maybe you don’t belong out here,” Mae waved as she spoke. “It was nice meeting you Mister but that thing would probably only be useful for being a toothpick for the monster after he eats you.”

“Gee thanks,” Dustin mumbled before peeking over to Abby, the girl shockingly giving him a reassuring smile. “Look, I might not have powers and all…but I can be helpful somehow.”

“You almost got yourself eaten in that crater buddy,” Lex frowned as he spoke. “We don’t need inexperienced people out here, all right. Our team has been working for this chance to prove ourselves to the heroes. You guys are nothing but amateurs. So I’m telling you for the last time to beat it.”

“Not a chance!” Abby retorted, watching Lex as he fumed and knelt down to fumble with his duffle bag. “What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna show you idiots how a pro does things,” Lex growled as he carefully undid the zipper of the bag. “I’ll show you punks how a real hero does things. If you can’t even remotely stand up against this guy on your own, then you’ve got no reason to be here. Now…”

A long, black chain began to slither out of the bag, wrapping itself around Lex’s now-standing body. The redheaded boy smirked as the chain continued its journey, a large black ball now resting on his shoulder.

“This is unbelievable,” Dustin whispered over to the girl beside him. “This guy is a jerk. His sister’s pretty nice but a bit of a space case it seems. How can these two be heroes?”

“Traits in personality such as being a jerk or a bit of a ditz does not categorize someone as a hero. It is their abilities and how they use them that qualifies them,” Abby retorted as the chain came to a halt around the boy, the black ball seeming to snore on his shoulder. “It’s hard to believe but these two are heroes that are lost in the shadows of those like Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls. The Misfit Players are finally taking a huge stand here by fighting against this new menace.”

“Seriously? But these two…” Dustin went quiet, noticing Mae beginning to examine the chained creature on her brother’s shoulder. “Now what…?”

“Lex, I think Chomp-Chomp fell asleep again,” Mae giggled as she pestered and poked at the chains, her twin trying not to unleash his aggravation on her. “Wakey-Wakey Chomp-Chomp! It’s dinner time!”

“Mae, quit talking to him like that! He’s not a kid! And Chomp, wake up or I’ll beat your head into the cliffs!” Lex growled as the black ball rose off of his shoulder. Dustin and Abby shuddered as blood red eyes peeled open, a wicked sharp toothy smile curling as the ball cackled. “Nice of you to join us, now do you mind? I want to finish this thing up before Steel and the others get here!”

“Blah blah blah, all right I’m going Punk! Don’t rush me!” The ball hissed from his partner’s shoulder, its red eyes locked onto the two standing across from the twins. Dustin’s eyes were now as wide as saucers as he gawked at the creature, unable to fully understand what all was true in his life at the moment. “Am I eating them? They don’t look monstrous. The fairy’s a major babe though!”

“Stupid punk, they’re not the enemy! Shut your trap!” Lex slammed his fist upon the ball, the creature growling at his partner’s reaction. “We’re here to take care of a monster which is down the cliff, thanks to Mae! We need to get down onto the beach! These two are just here to see the show!”

“Then stop hitting me and get down onto the beach, ya Punk!” Chomp bared his fangs at Lex as the redheaded boy rolled his bright green eyes and began to stumble down the sandy cliff. “Is that any way to treat your imaginary friend, ya Punk!”

“Just shut up and get ready! The monster is a mixture of sand and rock, plus some green goop from that weird planet from the sky,” Lex answered as he dodged a boulder that was launched at him, the pair realizing that the monster down below had noticed their attack. “Whatever that goop is, it seems to have the ability to turn things into monsters.”

“Heh, sounds like a pretty decent entrée, can I have that fairy for dessert?!” Chomp smirked, unable to avoid Lex’s fist colliding with his forehead. “Dang it! It was just a joke!”

“Just shut it and get ready!” Lex glanced back at the group with a smirk. “Watch closely, you two! I’m going to show you just how a real hero does things!”

*End Chapter Twelve*  

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Hey guys, keep on the lookout! New chapter coming this week :)

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Awesome! Can't wait ^^

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AN: Lol sorry I got a little behind there guys! I know I promised new chapters like 2 weeks ago but I had some things I had to take care of and real-life takes precedence usually over updates on chapters :P Getting ever so close to the war chapters! *cheers* it’s really exciting because it’s going to be so packed full with action :D Anyway, I’m pretty excited already because we’re actually starting to move past where the original chapters left off at. And that means it’s getting close to time to feature more CN Characters!!! YAY! Anyway, I’m not going to ramble on, remember NO FLAMES ALLOWED! And Constructive Criticism is welcome (: Thanks and Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Ok, so I don’t own Cartoon Network, its characters or shows. I just own this fanfiction as well as my original characters.

Chapter Thirteen:

There was little time for Lex to react as another boulder sailed through the air, narrowly missing his shoulder blade. The redheaded teen hissed as Chomp raised high and snapped his jaws at the monster’s ammunition, shattering it and spitting out the crumbled rocks. His red eyes were narrowed at the creature threatening his friend, ready for him to give the signal.

“It’s clear we got his attention,” Lex muttered with a smirk, managing to skid to a stop before he reached the monster’s level. “All right, now’s the time to make a move buddy!”

“I thought you’d never ask!” Chomp exclaimed as he launched forward off of his partner’s shoulder, slithering down towards his prey with a toothy grin. “Hope you’re ready to become lunch, Ugly! Grow grow grow!”

His black chain wrapped around Lex’s arm as he began to grow in size, his red eyes burning themselves towards the stunned creature. The prey moaned in fear as it watched the black ball, itself showing a slight tremble as the imaginary friend went from the size of a soccer ball to the size of a large truck.

“Holy-!” Dustin’s gasps from the top of the cliff could be heard at the low levels as Chomp hissed and lunged forward, slamming its head into the creature. The fight lasted only a few seconds as the imaginary friend lived up to his name, slamming the creature down several times before swallowing his prey whole in one bite. “He-He just…How did he-?”

“Chomp’s just your everyday, run-of-the mill imaginary friend, silly,” Dustin and Abbey both glanced over at the smiling girl to their right, shocked at how calm she was taking everything. “My brother played a lot of video games while we were growing up. One day, he imagined up Chomp there. He’s like a metal snake that can change his size on the drop of a hat. He also eats basically anything that gets in his way so I’d avoid his mouth region when he’s on the move. They do argue a bunch but I think that shows how much they care for each other; they both want to keep the other one as safe as possible without saying it to their face.”

Dustin held his tongue as he nodded, unsure of what to make of it all. He had heard of imaginary friends and seen them from time to time but that was the first time he ever saw one created with such a violent mindset. Not only that but the most innocent girl twin beside him seemed to hold some great power within her that was able to send the creature flying. But how, she had no weapons whatsoever; just a pair of studio headphones resting snug around her neck. She had the attitude of an everyday girl with a somewhat clueless, carefree attitude; what kind of power did she have lying dormant within her?

“Mister, you ok?” Mae’s voice broke the teen from his thoughts, Dustin quickly giving a nod in reply. “Oh good, you seemed like you were worried about something; I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“He’s probably just quaking in his boots, Mae,” Lex’s voice hissed from the Cliffside as the giant snake slithered up beside the group, the male twin mounted atop his companion’s head as he fumed. “Now why in the world are you all still here? I would have figured you two would be running-or flying- for the hills about now. You can already see that this warzone is no place for the likes of you so beat it!”

“Your display simply charges my hopes in joining the Misfit Players even more,” Abby said simply with a light smirk, the girl reaching over and touching Matt’s hand. The teen tensed at the soft touch, eyeing her with curious eyes as the fairy continued to speak. “So stop with your high-and-mighty attitude; we acknowledge your strength and determination as great and we simply want to fight alongside you. Is that really so much to ask for?”

“I’m getting tired of repeating myself!” Lex howled in anger, him and his imaginary friend glaring daggers at the two newcomers all while his sister panicked in place. “We don’t need amateurs out here who are just trying to prove themselves; this war is serious and requires experienced fighters to handle things. We’ve worked hard to get to this point; we aren’t about to babysit a bunch of kids who think they’re the **** when they really can’t handle things! I mean, look at you Miss Fairy; I’m sure you have some power in you but you and your buddy couldn’t even handle that one creature on your own. Your friend doesn’t even have anything special about him! What makes you think you could even make a dent in this fight?”

“Lex, please st-,” Mae began to interrupt but her brother hissed at her attempts.

“If you two don’t back down and hit the road, we’ll just have to force you back ourselves,” Lex fussed as Chomp slithered forward, his fangs bared at the two newcomers. “Mae, you’re going to help too! Get ready!”

“What are you doing, Lex? They’re innocent people!” Mae exclaimed as she stepped forward, her hands raised up protectively before the two teens. “We can’t just attack them because they won’t back down; please stop this now! I’m sure we can work something out!”

“Mae, now!”

“But Lex, I-,” Mae’s words were cut short as the redheaded girl was yanked backwards, her head colliding with the rocks as something entangled her leg and pulled her backwards towards the Oceanside.

“Mae!” Lex shouted at the sight of his sister being yanked away, the blood leaking from her head wound causing him to go pale. “Mae! Something has Mae! Chomp!”

“What is that thing?” Chomp gasped as he was held back by the male twin, the group all watching as seven tentacles wrapped themselves the rocks of the cliff. An eighth tentacle held up the unconscious sister as the other tentacles pulled at the rocks, a large squid-like creature with greenish skin and blood red eyes emerging from the depths of the ocean. It seemed to have its eyes fixated on Lex and the imaginary friend in his possession. “Lex; what do you want me to do?”

“That (Censored)’s got my sister; what the hell do you think I want you to do!” Lex shouted in reply as he put his lip, trying his best to formulate a plan. If Mae wasn’t at risk of being dropped towards the jagged rocks below, Lex wouldn’t mind going all out against the creature standing against him. As much as he wanted to send the creature to hell himself, Lex wasn’t about to risk his sister’s life in the process. “Chomp, is there any way you can get her out of his grasps while taking him on?”

“I wouldn’t be able to attack the monster and save Mae if she drops,” Chomp growled his response, feeling how tense his partner had become. “I’ll attack the monster if I need to but someone’s going to have to get Mae when she drops; I don’t want to take any unnecessary actions right now, buddy, but this monster is going to come after us next if I don’t do something now.”

“What the hell am I supposed to do to save her; that thing has her dangling over the water and rocks!” Lex snapped back, his eyes wavering in panic. “It’s not like I have wings or anything like that; how am I supposed to get to her?”

“Have you honestly forgotten about us already?” Lex gasped at the girl’s voice, the male twin turning his head to stare at the newcomers. Dustin gawked in horror at the scene before him while Abby stood there with a smirk, her fists balled up and ready to attack. “I have wings!”

“I guess you do,” Lex muttered to himself, a look of hesitance befalling him before he sighed and frowned at the girl. “Fine, Tinkerbell, just quit with that cocky look of yours and listen up! You help with my sister and you and your boyfriend can get a spot on the team at your own risk; deal?”

“My name’s not Tinkerbell! And he’s not my boyfriend!” Abby snapped in response before lifting up in the air and aiming for the monster. “This will be easy though so deal; steer clear Dustin!”

The male twin nodded in approval and leapt from his mount, the imaginary friend rearing and charging towards the monster before him. His fangs pierced into the closest tentacle clinging to the rocks and it let out a piercing cry of pain and disapproval. However, it stayed firm at the side of the cliff as it lifted up another tentacle and aimed it directly for Chomp, the imaginary friend narrowly escaping the attack as it weaved around the pounding tentacles that now pursued him.

“Thanks for distracting him,” Abby muttered to herself as she rose up towards the dangling girl, the monster yet to notice her actions. The fairy smiled before lifting up her hands, the brunette taking a few deep breaths as she prepared for what was to come. “Steady hands; don’t let her fall. Remember, you’re a hero.”

Abby’s eyes began to glow silver as she focused her power to her hands, the glow returning to her fingertips. The glow took the form of two orbs of light within the fairy’s hands, themselves launching forth as they gathered enough energy for the attack. The orbs dashed through the air and collided with the monster’s tentacle, itself letting out another cry of pain as it released Rae. The unconscious girl plummeted downward towards the waves, Abby quickly reacting as she dove after her. Within seconds, Abby had a hold of Mae’s ankle and was lifting her up towards the safety of the cliffs. She caught Lex’s stare and smirked over at him; Abby knew she had done herself and Dustin proud for her actions.

“See? I’m worth having around after all,” Abby said with a chuckle as she placed the unconscious girl lightly on the ground, Lex running over to check on his sister’s state while his imaginary friend kept on the offence.

“I’m thankful and all but you do realize that the monster is still alive and kicking right?” Lex muttered over his shoulder as his hand graced his sister’s cut forehead, sighing as he noticed it wasn’t a terrible wound. Abby fumed in place but nodded, knowing the male twin was right; the creature was still alive and strong. “I’m going to have to get her to the others; Chomp, is there any way you can finish him?”

“I’m-I’m trying,” Chomp howled in pain as he was thrown back by the tentacle, unable to retaliate as the three more tentacles followed up with an attack of their own. “Ah!”

“Chomp!” Lex gasped as he watched his imaginary friend roll back in pain, cascading down the beachside of the cliffs. “Oh no!”

“Ah, hang on!” Abby stepped forward and raised her hands again, this time an invisible shield forming around the group as they watched the creature’s tentacles collide with the force field. “I can’t hold him for long; you guys should get down to the beach and run for the piers!”

“We can’t just leave you here!” Lex exclaimed with a frown. “This is supposed to be Mae and mine’s responsibility; I would be punished for leaving amateurs alone here! Why doesn’t your boyfriend take Mae down to the beach?”

“I’m not her boyfriend!” Dustin retorted with a frown of his own, himself standing strong behind Abby. “I’m not leaving my friends here to be thrashed around by this punk! I’m staying here!”

“Dustin-,” Abby began with a weak smile over her shoulder but suddenly gasped as something caught her eye. “Dustin!”

The teen blinked at the girl’s sudden panicked tone before stumbling at the sudden feeling of a burning sensation at his chest. Reaching a hand up, Dustin felt the ring that was looming on the chain around his neck that his father had given him. The silver was burning at the touch, Dustin yanking his hand away as he hissed in pain.

“What’s going on?” Dustin questioned through gritted teeth, Lex turning his head towards the boy in shock. Where the ring rested on his chest, a strange symbol appeared there on his skin and glowed through his shirt. It seemed to break out from the ring’s location and spin out further along his body, burning into his skin as he cried out in pain. “This hurts! What’s going on?”

“We were hoping you could tell us,” Lex muttered as he held Mae up in his arms, the male twin getting to his feet as he heard Chomp stir from down below. “I thought you said you didn’t have anything special going on with you.”

“Like I knew this was going to happen!” Dustin exclaimed with a panicked tone, the teen howling in pain as the marks continued to spread over his body.

“That ring,” Abby interrupted with her soft voice, the fairy continuing to hold the barrier despite being distracted. “Did you father give you that ring?”

“What?” Dustin glanced over at the girl through squinted eyes, managing a slow nod at her question. “Yeah, he gave it to me before I came after you!”

“He must have known this would happen,” Abby whispered as she recalled speaking with the man, remembering him saying that she would see the object soon enough with that cocky grin of his. “Dustin, remain calm, your father gave you that ring for a reason; this is supposed to happen! Just bear with it and it will be over before you know it!”

“Easy for you to say,” Dustin got out as he howled in pain once more. “You have no idea how much this hurts! And why are you acting so confident; do you know what’s going on?”

“No, I don’t know what’s going on,” Abby said with confidence as she returned her attention to the pounding tentacles, her barrier almost succumbing to their strength. “All I know is that your father would not simply give you something that would hurt you for no reason; he’s doing what he feels is best for you. Whatever it is; it’s meant to help you.”

Dustin paused as he repeated the girl’s words in his mind, believing them to be true. His father gave him the ring for a reason; he went back to the house to retrieve it so it must have been very important. It was obviously not normal; the markings on his skin and the painful sensation flowing through Dustin’s veins were proof of that. But what did it all mean? All Dustin wished for was answers.

“Ah!” Abby hissed in pain as her barrier was shattered, the tentacle now aimed to collide with her. “I can’t get away in time!”

“Abby!” Dustin gasped as he stepped forward, hoping to push the girl out of the way of the tentacle’s path. However, the markings began to glow even brighter as the pain seemed to coarse through his entire body. It seemed as if something bright was emerging from the markings, the substance seeming to surround Dustin’s body and building up into a large form. It was as if Dustin had become the core of a large, glowing creature, his howl of anger echoing over Bravo Beach as it bashed the tentacles away from the fairy.

“Dustin, you-!” Abby stumbled backwards as she stuttered, her eyes wide as she stared at the creature that encased her friend. “Can you hear me, Dustin?”

Dustin’s figure could vaguely be seen within the creature, his eyes glowing bright along with the markings painted over his skin. Though his mouth was not moving, his words could be heard within Abby’s mind.

“I-I-I can hear you,” Dustin’s thoughts echoed as Abby sighed in relief. “What-What happened to m-me? I don’t und-understand what’s going on right now! Abby, what’s going on?”

“You saved us is what’s going on,” Lex’s aggravated tone of voice sounded from the beachside of the cliffs as he stood there with his sister still knocked out within his arms. He frowned as he examined the glowing creature before them, the tentacle monster seeming to momentary retreat towards the ocean. “You lied when you said you weren’t anything special; when were you going to tell us about this power you have? This sort of thing should not be kept secret!”

“It’s obvious he didn’t know about it!” Abby snapped in retort to the male twin’s prying, her hand reaching forward and touching the glowing creature’s skin. It was solid and warm to the touch; it was almost as if it were a living, breathing creature. “Dustin, this is amazing; that ring of yours is truly made for a hero.”

“Now’s not the time for that!” Lex growled as a tentacle reached up once more, the squid pulling itself up to face Dustin once more. “You better figure out how to work that power of yours, buddy; if you don’t hurry, the monster’s going to get you for sure!”

Dustin inwardly gulped at Lex’s words, his vision focused on the squid as it fully pulled its ugly self onto the cliffs. He had little time to question his newly found powers; he had to make a stand against the creature and end things quickly. He had his life and the life of his new friends on the line.

*End Chapter Thirteen*

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OT: I will DEFINITELY be working on the next chapter in the next month or so. I have to keep writing for Fusionfall, I have to keep the magic alive that was brought to us through that wonderful game.

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OT: I can't wait to read your next chapter, Alice! I'm so glad that you have decided to continue this story. ^.^

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OT: Just gonna go ahead and say that I've been working a small bit at a time rewriting this story from the original script and will hopefully have something tangible to present to you guys this year. I'm not even going to give myself a month deadline because I won't be able to keep it lol. But this story isn't dead to me. I have a lot in the queue that just needs to be revitalized in the new format I did for the posted chapters here. Anyway, I just really wanted to let you guys know that. Also I miss Fusionfall. Found some old photos from the game in my files and I went down memory lane. So I really wanted to spark this story back up and maybe write a few drabbles in memory of the game before the network execs ruined it. :P