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October 07, 2022, 02:39:42 pm
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The Official Forum Rules and Guidelines Thread.

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Author Topic: The Official Forum Rules and Guidelines Thread.  (Read 1863 times)
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« on: May 22, 2010, 12:39:43 pm »

Changelog at December 13, 2014: Gutted out some of the rules that are no longer necessary due to inactivity. I don't know why I bother. It's late at night, I had surgery, you know what I should do? Revise the forum rules! Yeah, great idea! Bluh.

I decided to make a whole new thread for forum rules. This digs deep and makes everything crystal clear. If you hate reading, at least skim through to each bold and underlined word.

Rules of the Game Forum

1. Don't spam. Spamming includes:
  • Registering to the forum for the sole purpose of advertising your site;
  • Posting multiple threads of the same topic when there is a larger, active thread for that topic already;
  • Multiple one-word responses, especially if they make no sense or off-topic. Especially if your sole-purpose is raising your post count.

Try to avoid double-posting. If you just thought of something else to say, and nobody has made a post after you yet, use the Modify function on your post and add in what you had in mind. It's recommended you use the word "EDIT" before the addition. You may also use the Modify function to change what you originally had, for typos or something.

However, you ARE free to double-post within your own fanfic/fanart thread (to update it, say), and also when a thread hasn't been updated for a long period of time and you want to "bump" it.

2. Don't go off topic.

3a. Be polite. This is split into two parts:
First and foremost don't, whatever you do, insult people. This is called flaming and will land you in heaps of trouble.
Second, when you do debate someone try avoiding language, polite that it may be, that is designed to offend. Condescension and needless heat will only land you neck-deep in a rather heated argument. This, while not technically against the rules, will make the mods upset. Upset mods are Bad.

4. (technically 3b) Don't troll. Don't be a diĘk. don't purposely provoke people into arguments. You see where I'm going with this.

5. No-one likes posts that make your eyes bleed. Avoid posting animated GIFs (unless it's a fanart thread or a thread for animated gif pics), overuse of smileys or writing in odd colours.

6. Restrict the size of your signatures. Nobody likes to see a giant image taking up the majority of the paage.
Example of a decent signature image:

This applies to Youtube videos in the signature, as well. If you really, really, REALLY like a certain video than you may put just the one in your signature.
Or you could make a thread to show off the video.

7. Don't steal art. This is one of the most heinous crimes to most artists. Please get permission from the artist or at least credit them before you use their work in your signature, avatar, ect.
Also, don't take anyone's art, change it a bit and then post it as your own. That's also theft. This also includes fanfictions.

In short, don't plagiarize.

8. If you have any troubles on the forum, or you don't know how to do something ask an admin or mod. It is (one) of the jobs of a administrator/moderator to assist members.
Also remember: if you see someone break one of these rules it would be appreciated if you'd use the 'Report' button on the offending post. We know how to handle trouble-makers (a lethal combination of automatic weapons and exotic martial arts in case you were wondering).

8-b.Please do not abuse the report button! If your thread was locked, do not report the mod/admin that locked it claiming it was wrongly closed. If your claim is false and there is, in fact, a rule broken that required a quarantine, you will receive a warning.
This goes for reporting people 'just because you don't like them' or because their opinions are different than your own.

In short, if it's not against the rules, don't report it.

9. Do not ask to be a mod or admin. We will decide who gets promoted based on their maturity, activity, and their influence on the community.

10. No heavy swearing. We do have a swear filter that is a bit... overly-sensitive.
(Disclaimer: Ultra set it up.)

11. Do not ask an admin to give you fake posts to your counter. There is no point in emulating your post count just to have some fancy stars if you did not earn them by contributing to other threads.
This rule also applies to admins. Do not give yourself fake posts just to be 'higher' than other members.

12. Have fun or I swear to every God I will bake you a cake
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